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Chapter 1160 spoiling is also for me

[so, Shi Xiaonian, marry me! ]When

the brain of Xiaonian is blank.

Nothing can be said.


After so long, Gong Ou proposed to her.

When Xiaonian stupidly turned his head, she saw Gong Ou standing beside the mermaid statue. She could not see his appearance, but saw him raise his hand towards her and shake something like a remote control.

The hologram appears in the water little by little.

It's all fragments of her relationship with him.

A little bit from the mermaid statue next to appear, around the statue rotation, like the memory of walking lamp, keep all the time.

In every picture, she laughs so happily.

From two to four, to five.

Nothing brings her more happiness than time.

When Xiaonian watched the hologram rotating in the water, looked at it, and there was a fog in front of her eyes. She tried to resist it. Suddenly, her hands were held and people were taken out.

She couldn't tell the direction and just swam along with him.

Her fingers glided over the stone wall and once again touched the hard carving of the thousand paper cranes. The sharp wings pierced her palm


When Xiaonian was led out of the sea, she found a foothold, and people were directly picked up by Gong ou.

For a long time, she was put in one place, her goggles and oxygen were removed, she was not used to the outside air for a while, and she sat in a reclining chair on the beach.

Gong Ou stood in front of her, dressed in a diving suit, reached for her wet hair, and looked at her directly with black eyes. Her expression was unique.


When Xiaonian looks at him quietly.

"You have nothing to say?" Gong Ou stared at her with low eyes and said that he could not hide his pride.

Submarine sea proposal, engrave their names on the dating wall of the ancient sunken island.

He promised that she would never forget the experience.

When Xiaonian silently looked at his handsome face, which was more profound in the dark. She closed her red eyes. "If I say, I hate you, can I?"


Gong Ou stood there, the expression on his face solidified, and the water flowed down the outline of his face.

When Xiaonian smiled, "Gong ou, you have done everything I want to do, and none of my ideas have come true. Do you think I should hate you?"

Gong Ou didn't seem to understand her. He didn't move when he stood there.

"In fact, Shengya Bay It's the place where I'm going to propose. " When Xiaonian looked at him, his eyes were getting red.

"You want to propose to me?"

Gong Ou obviously didn't think she had these preparations. Her eyes were stagnant and she was like a child.

"Yes, but not now. You don't know how many ideas I have. I want to move you and make you happy..." When small read red eyes said, "I really think a lot."


Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows and looked back at the sea where the glowing sea creatures gradually retreated. He said, "if you refuse, try again, then I refuse again, I will try again."

He is required to propose.

But she can beg to play.

Smell speech, when small read to lose smile, "what ah, propose how can be so playful, and, I can't ask again."


Gong'ou pursed her lips discontentedly.

Shi Xiaonian gets up from the reclining chair. The whole person stands on the reclining chair. The person is higher than Gong ou. She looks at her and her eyes are red.

A few seconds later, she reached around his neck and leaned over. "Gong ou, do you know what you hate most?"


"What I think is not as touching as you give me. I will never be able to compare with you." When Xiaonian hugged him, she buried her face in his neck and murmured, "I think Shengya Bay is a holy land, but I can't find it. You found it. People of the Alva family said that it was blessed by God. I thought it was just a legend, but you found the love wall."

She thought, she couldn't do it, she gave up.

It turned out that he did it for her.

She's the one who's always in favor.

"That's it? It's OK. I can pretend to be moved. " Gong Ou doesn't care.

"I did too little, too little." When Xiaonian's eyes got wet, he felt very guilty when he buried them on his shoulder. "I'm always not as good as you pay. Am I too bad for you, Gong Ou?"

It's not so much hating himself for paying too little as hating him for doing everything first.

"What do you want to do with all this?"

Gong Ou chuckles.


"You just have to be by my side." Gong Ou releases her, holds her up like a child, and stares at her with black eyes, "shixiaonian, you just have to be there, which is what Gong Ou needs most from you."

As long as she's there, as long as he can see.


When Xiaonian looked at him with wet eyes, tears could not help but flow down. She looked at him with low eyes, and her voice trembled. "Gong ou, you will spoil me like this."

"Spoiled is also for me to see, afraid of what?" Gong Ou lifts up his lips. No matter how evil it is.

When Xiaonian is in tears, she laughs when she is in tears.

Gong Ou reaches out and holds her in her arms. When I read it, I hit him on the back. "Gong ou, I'm really bothering you."

“……” Gong Ou laughed wildly. "Do you want to agree to my proposal?"

"What do you say?"

"I want to hear your answer."

When Xiaonian buried his whole face in his chest and said, "who can I marry if I don't marry you?"

Ask clearly.

"Let's get married, then."


"In the future, all my personal property will be in your name."

"Then I'm not a millionaire?"

"It's OK. I'll take care of you!"


After a long time with Gong Ouni, Xiao Nian was shocked by the proposal, and found that there was no one on the beach.

"What about people? They're all back? "

When small read some surprised, is they in the sea for a long time, how all gone.

"No, they are waiting for you in another place."

Gong Ou Dao.

"Wait for me? What are you waiting for me to do? "

When Xiaonian looked at him puzzled.

"First change your clothes and dry your hair." Gong Ou played with her wet hair and said, pushing her to the wooden house. They were barefoot on the beach.

When Xiaonian looked back, he saw that the beach was full of footprints of two people. They were askew and askew, but they were very sweet together.

Once the man beside her stepped on her footprints all night.

Now, it's for two.

When Xiaonian smiled and hugged Gong Ou's arm, Gong Ou looked down at the smiling face with tears, "you are a kitten, crying and laughing?"

"Not really." When Xiaonian shook his head.

The cabin will arrive soon.

Gong Ou shakes his feet, shaking the sand on his feet. "You open the door."


When Xiaonian walked briskly, reached out and pushed open the wooden door. It was dark inside. She was about to turn on the light. A light suddenly lit up in the dark center.

A white wedding dress stands in the middle of the wooden house.

Retro style, special fabric.

Layers of white yarn, dreamy and holy.

The diamonds in the setting sparkle in the light, like countless stars.

It's a wedding dress sewn by the ancient craft of Shengya Bay, but it's hundreds of times more beautiful than the blue dress she wore in the Alva family before.

An unrealistic wedding dress.

For the first time, she felt that what the ancestors of the Alva family said was true, and that the holy tooth Bay really had God's blessing

"Gong ou, what do you mean?"

Her eyes could not leave the wedding dress at all.

Gong Ou stood behind her, and her proud magnetic voice sounded in her ear. "I don't know if there is a small family wedding ceremony in your proposal."


"We've got big pictures all the way."


"Those stumps are the viewing area."


Shi Xiaonian admits that she was completely defeated and in a mess.

After that, she didn't have to think about anything, just enjoy it. He always thought more than she did, too much.

When small read step by step forward, in the face of that beam of light, eyes more moist.

Fingers gently touch the skirt yarn, like being taken into another world.

There is plenty of sunshine and flowers.

There are gong ou, children and a bright future.


A month later.

S City, imperial castle.

Finally on the way back, the whole castle cleaning is a big project. When Xiaonian folded two small dust caps, he asked two children to join in the cleaning.

"Not without a servant."

Gong Ou opens the curtains to let in a lot of sunlight, which is dazzling.

Floating on the sea for a long time, now, finally landed.

"You can't teach children that. You have to teach them to do their own things." At that time, Xiao Nian put on a small cap for Gong Kui and Gong Yao, and said, "go and clean the furniture over there. Be careful not to bump into it."


Gong Kui excitedly made a military salute, and took Gong Yao to clean the furniture.

When Xiaonian folded another dust-proof cap and looked for Gong ou, he sat on the sofa, moved his mobile phone, and played out the small wedding video previously held in Shengya bay through holographic image.

"What do you do?"

When Xiaonian went to the back of the sofa and hugged him.

"You said, do your own thing, I'm watching the video." Gong Ou's answer is reasonable.

“……” When I was young, I said, "how many times have you seen this passage? Also look, come to clean up and see what the family looks like. "

Gong Ou patted her hand, and her face was young and handsome. "Come here and watch with me."


"Hurry up." Gong Ou urges her, "come here. Look at you. When you said the oath, you would have been stuck. If I hadn't rounded it for you, you would have laughed and shed tears. "

When small read speechless ground to look at oneself rigid in the video, depressed tunnel, "this can blame me? Everything is arranged by you. Suddenly you want me to say an oath. How can I know what to say? "

She was the last to know about the engagement ceremony and the wedding ceremony.

Why is she so passive.