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Chapter 583 I'sm so sick, Gong ou

"I'm sorry."

When Xiaonian wiped away tears, but tears came down again.

Gong Ou takes a pen to sign, the signature is handsome, suddenly his back sinks, and the pen he mentions is askew to the edge of the paper.

When Xiaonian suddenly bent down and held his shoulder from behind, the whole person pressed on his back and held him tightly, his voice choked heavily.


Gong Ou sits there, looking at the crooked strokes and opening his mouth to scold something. Her tears fall on his clothes.

He suddenly lost his voice.

When Xiaonian stood there and held him tightly, his body trembled badly.

She's too stupid to do so many wrong things. Fortunately, he's still there.

When small read, if you miss such a man, you really die.

"What's the matter with you?"

Gong Ou frowns and looks at her.

When Xiaonian still held him hard, tears could not help running down, she whispered, "Gong ou, I only know today that I did a lot of things wrong."

"What is it?" Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows. "Where have you been in these three hours?"

When small read to lie on his shoulder shook his head, "I am so afflicted, Gong ou."


Gong Ou listens. He raises one hand and tries to push her away. After thinking about it, he stops. His fingers are used to touching his sleeves and the cufflinks on them.

"Gong ou, believe me, I will be able to do well to your Mrs. Gong." Shi Xiaonian said, "whether you want my housekeeper or you want to take care of your family wholeheartedly, you need to use marriage to make N.E warm up again. In short, what kind of wife do you want me to be? What kind of wife am I?"

All of a sudden?

Gong Ou sat there, letting her hold her tightly. Black eyes looked at the crooked handwriting on the document. What did he think of her?

Gong ou can't think of it.

When Xiaonian held gong'ou for a long time, she got up and wiped her tears when the secretary came to urge gong'ou to do the next activity. "Then sign it, and I will go back to supervise the construction of the garden."


Gong Ou glanced at her with a look of perplexity, and then he swallowed the words. He took the pen and began to sign.

"Then I'll go. Come back for dinner early in the evening. "

When Xiaonian packed up his papers and held them in his arms, he bent down and kissed him on the face. His eyes were still swollen, and he squeezed out a smile. "Goodbye."

With that, Xiao Nian left with the document.

Gong Ou sits at his desk, his fingers touching his face, and for a long time he has maintained such a sitting posture.

When Xiaonian came home.

Gong Kui and Gong Yao have just finished their home lessons. One is sitting in front of the chessboard to study the international elephant sign. The other is running around with a balloon. When he sees it, Xiao Nian comes in. Both children look at her. Gong Kui's eyes are timid.

When he saw the two children doing their own things, Xiaonian was so confused that he didn't pay attention to them, so he walked through the living room.

Gong Kui looks at Xiaonian and leaves. Suddenly, she has no fun. She hands the balloon to the maid and sits cross legged on the ground beside Gong Yao.

"Is mom still mad at me?"

Sunflower's face drooped gloomily.

Since the discovery of the sugar stealing incident, shixiaonian has educated her. She hasn't smiled at her for several days. Even if she accompanied her in reading, she won't laugh.

She knew that mom must still be angry with her.

"She cried."

Gong Yao sat there and said, cool little face without expression, little hand holding a piece of chess on the board.

"She's still crying?" Gong Kui looks at him in surprise. No wonder that mom's face is wet and her eyes are swollen. In this way, Gong Kui rubs her small hands nervously, "what should I do? Mom must be pissed off by me. She doesn't love me anymore. "

Gong Kui has been nervous for several days.


Gong Yao turns her eyes to her sister.

Gong Kui nervously grabbed his hand and shook it. "Holy, what did we do wrong? She won't forgive us, will she? "

Gong Yao was so shaken that all the pieces in her hand fell down. Seeing the expression of crying on her face, he stood up from the carpet and said, "then I will apologize to her and ask her to forgive me."

"I'll go, too."

Gong Kui hurried to his feet.

When Xiaonian went back to his room, he fell on the bed and had a headache like a blow up.

She was lying on the bed, the sun was shining in from the floor to ceiling window, when Xiaonian put her cell phone in her ear, and a voice came from Fengde. "Xiaonian, I think walker is right. The young master has always been arrogant. Let him know that he has been played by a woman for four years. With his character, either he will never admit it or he is hysterical. It's better not to let the young master know for a while."

"I understand that I will accompany Gong ou and wait for his character to become natural." When Xiaonian was lying in bed, touching his swollen eyes with his hands, "but what about Mona? I really can't stand her doing such a thing. Do you know my adoptive father? I wish I killed her now."

Her voice was full of hate.

Mona is a woman who wants to understand their separation, but after so many years of deliberation, she just wants to torture gong'o slowly.

It's no wonder that Mona didn't let Gong Ou stay with her for the past four years. She just knew that Gong Ou had been trained to be inhuman by him.

There was a long sigh from Fengde.

"Adoptive father, you know, I was just on my way, and I always had an impulse. I wanted to blow up Mona's video of promiscuity." Shi Xiaonian said and sat up from the bed.

"Do you really want to do that?"

Feng de asked with some concern.

"She is not benevolent and I am unjust. She spent four years training Gong Ou's restraint in this abnormal way, making Gong Ou miserable. I want her to be ruined!"

Shi Xiaonian said, besides, it's true that promiscuity happens, isn't it? She just announced it to Mona.

"That's a good way to say it." Feng de said over there, "but Xiaonian, after all, these are just the results of Walker's analysis. He doesn't know whether they are all complete. I think it's better to extract all the facts from Mona's mouth, which will help you better to help the young master."

"Can she tell the truth? Father, do you still want to believe her? " "When small read to ask a way," at the beginning I take promiscuous video to force her, she has not let go, still insist that she is in for palace Europe cure a disease all the time

Mona knows too well what a wicked thing she has done. Once she is known by Gong ou, she will die even worse, so she can't admit it.

"She lies because she hasn't been pushed to the bottom of the line. What if we push her to the bottom of the line?" Said van der.

"What do you mean?"

Asked shixiaonian in bewilderment.

"Mona has been married. The media said that she and her husband will come to the UK for charity and honeymoon in the past two days. I'll take this opportunity to see how to do it. " Feng de said, "I want you to stay with me."

"How can I do that, father? Don't mess about alone."

Said shixiaonian nervously.

Mona is still a lady of the nobility. What can she do with her adoptive father alone.

"Don't worry, I'm so old. You should believe that I'm doing things properly." Feng de said over there, "I'll see to it. I won't mess around."

"My adoptive father, Gong Ou just asked you to study there."

When Xiaonian tried to persuade Fengde, he took two steps forward. Gong Yao and Gong Kui came in and stood by the piano and looked at her.

She had to end the conversation with Feng de in a hurry, look at the two children in front of her, squat down and say, "what's the matter with you?"

Gong Yao's black eyes stared at her.

Gong Kui went straight to Xiaonian and fell over her. She tightly hugged her neck and leaned her head against her shoulder. "Mom, don't be angry, OK? Don't you don't love me. I know it's wrong. I shouldn't steal grandpa's sugar. I'm wrong. "

When Xiaonian didn't expect Gong Kui to apologize to her. These days, she was busy with the medical records and housekeeper's work, and she really wanted to teach her two children a lesson.

But she couldn't do anything about beating and swearing, so she had to stop laughing with cold face. She thought the two children were too young to notice.

When Xiao Nian pulled Gong Kui's little hand, let her stand upright, and looked at her with red eyes, "do you really know it's wrong?"


Gong Kui nods.

"Do you want to take other people's things or not?" Asked shixiaonian seriously.

"No, no, No." Gong Kui quickly shook his head.

"What if I take it again?"

Asked shixiaonian.

Gong Kui looked at her weakly and whispered, "then you will never love me again."

"Well, it's up to you." Shi Xiaonian says to hook Gong Kui's little finger and pull the hook with her, then smile at her, "Xiao Kui, you can realize your mistake, I'm very happy, mom still loves you two the most."

"Then stop crying." Gong Kui carefully looked at her, reached out and touched her face, touching her swollen eyes like a walnut. "I won't do anything wrong in the future, and you cry and I feel sad."

Gong Kui said that she would come up with emotion, her little mouth pursed, her tears fell down, her voice choked badly.

When Xiaonian understood why gongkui came to apologize, she was afraid of crying.

"Don't cry, little fool." When Xiaonian grabbed Xiaokui, wiped her tears, looked at her and said, "do you know why I named you Xiaokui?"

Gong Kui shakes her head in tears. She wipes her tears with her small hands. She looks sad and lovely.

"Because you are my mother's sunflower, sunshine, bright, full of hope. Every time I see you, it's like the most dazzling sunshine. When you laugh, it's the most beautiful light. " She said softly, wiping away her tears.

"Then I don't want to cry. I want to be the most beautiful sunflower."

Palace Kui listened to blink eyes, and then as if to understand, said while wiping tears.

"Well." When small read smile to nod, turn Mou to see to the side of the palace Yao, smile slowly cooling down.

Gong Yao stood there looking at the two of them without expression.

Gong Kui looked at her and Gong Yao, and hurriedly said, "Mom, don't be angry with holly. He didn't want to steal sugar."