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Chapter 657 the last wish of the imperial court

Smell speech, Luo Qi nodded, sad tunnel, "yes, it is this point, let me for decades can not really die for him."


"If he hates me, and there are other women, I will die, but he is cold to me, colder and harsher to others. I always expect that I am different from others, and that I have been extravagant for decades." Luo Qi raised her eyes and looked at Xiaonian's calm face. "Women are so suspicious, aren't they?"


When small read agreed to nod, she did not have all kinds of suspicions to Gong ou.

When Xiaonian's words fell, both of them lost their voices. Luo Qi sat there and didn't rush to go to the engagement ceremony any more.

For a while, she looked at shixiaonian and asked incredulously, "do you really cultivate that soil and that flower for me?"

For decades, Luo Qi was unable to accept that Gong Jue cared about herself.

"Or I can't think of any other reason." Shi Xiaonian said, looking at Luo Qi with clear eyes, "I believe that if you think about it carefully, there are many things that father does for mother, but they may be ignored."

Smell speech, Luo Qi sits there suddenly some nervous, "still have a lot, can?"

She is like a woman who has just stepped into love. She is lost in the net, unbelievable, self abased and eager.

When I cheated such a woman, Xiaonian felt a little guilty, but still said, "well, if I asked someone about this flower, I didn't know that it was so difficult to grow. My father did things for you without saying more."

"And what else do you see in the journal?"

Luo Qi asked, looking at the eyes of small read is so looking forward to.

When Xiaonian shook his head, "only your activities are recorded in the log, I can't see too much, but I think my father's ambition in his life is that he can't give up you except for the palace."


Luo Qi's eyes darkened.

"Didn't father leave you anything when he went?" Asked shixiaonian.

"It's just a palace, a double. You can see it." Luo Qi smiled bitterly, "except for these, he left me nothing."

"Is it?" When small read lightly should a, "I thought father such disposition person will leave behind what to give you silently certainly."

"No." Luo Qi shook his head. "When he left, he was very ill. Except for me, there was only one watch he liked best. There was nothing."

So how can she not complain, but again complain that the man is her own hard work to marry.

"Is that the watch my father is wearing?" Shixiaonian asked, "why does father like that watch so much? Was it from my mother? "

"I did buy it, but he liked it because it was collectible, had a date, and had the right time."

Luo Qi said.

When hearing the words, Xiao Nian smiles gently.

"What are you laughing at?" Asked roach.

"I think Gong Ou is a very duplicative person. Every time he says that my shopping is not good, it's not good, but he likes it. He always takes it with him." Shi Xiaonian said that he didn't make it too clear.

Luo Qi is a smart woman. If she speaks too white, she will arouse suspicion. If only half of her words lead her to think.

This is what Gong Ou taught her.

But when small read do not know whether they can succeed, can only secretly wait.

Sure enough, Luo Qi was stunned for a while when she heard this. She stood up suddenly and left. When Xiao Nian pretended to look at her in amazement, "where are you going, mother?"

Luo Qi stops, turns her eyes to look at her, and says, "come with me, too."


Shixiaonian follows.

Luo Qi went all the way to Gong Jue's study, opened the bookshelf and went inside. The air conditioner inside still made Shi Xiaonian shrink unconsciously.

Luo Qi hurried into the other side of the partition door, pressed the button, opened the glass coffin cover, reached out and took off Gong Jue's watch.

"What are you doing?"

Asked Shi Xiaonian, pretending to be perplexed.

"This watch has been worn by my husband for a long time, and has become a symbol of him. It's not very similar to the appearance of the double. It's easy to distinguish it. So I let the double wear a watch when meeting people close to each other, and it's not easy to recognize when turning around or turning around." Luo Qi said.

"So it is."

It's no wonder that the double saw that she was wearing a watch last time. It's estimated that she was also a person close to Gong Jue. Knowing this watch, she hurriedly picked it off Gong Jue's hand, so it was so cold.

Luo Qi put the cold watch in her hand and looked at it carefully. After a long time, she was disappointed and said, "I can't see what words will be left."

She was a little self mocking.

Any woman who falls in love with a character like Gong Jue will become extremely insecure.

Xiaonian stands beside Luo Qi and reaches out to take the watch in her hand.

Luo Qi allows her to take it over. Looking at Shi Xiaonian, her eyes are full of expectation and trust. Shi Xiaonian understands that he is cheating a person who has been looking forward to feeling for decades. Guilt spreads in her heart.

She avoided Luo Qi's eyes, pretended to look at the watch in her hand, and said, "yes, this watch doesn't see any mechanism. Eh, what do these numbers on the back of this watch mean in English?"

Smell speech, Luo Qi looks, some lose tunnel, "is when I buy at the beginning let a person carve up, engrave our initials and date."

"I see." Xiaonian chuckled and said, "I thought it was the serial number of the library."


"Yes, I used to go to the library to read books, so did the arrangement." Shi Xiaonian said, "the front is the category, the back is the serial number of the vertical and horizontal bookshelves, which row which one looks like this."

"Sequence number?" Luo Qi's eyes were shocked, and she stared at her stupidly. Then she took her to the outside, took her out of the room, went to the front study, closed the bookshelf, and said, "my husband often stays in this study when he comes home. After his death, he hasn't moved here."


"Come on, read me. You know the layout of the library. See if you can find any books from this sequence number." Luo Qi said, put all hope on the body of small read when.


When Xiaonian nodded, Bei teeth bit his lips, looked down at the cold watch in his hand, and looked for it according to the English and numbers on it, pretending to look up, "this English letter should represent this area, and the letter can match it."

In the huge old study, Luo Qi looks at Shi Xiaonian nervously, follows her and asks, "and then?"

"This number classification is different from what I saw in the library. Maybe it's a different classification." "I don't know, mother, but if you follow the library's arrangement, it's one of these books."

Hearing this, Luo Qi quickly stood on tiptoe and took all the books down and put them on the desk.


When Xiaonian looked at her in such an urgent way, she felt a little uncomfortable.

Luo Qi stood there and quickly turned over the books. When Xiao Nian followed him, he helped to turn over the books, and his eyes fell on the pile of books.

That book is in Luo Qi's hand.

Soon, Luo Qi picked up the book and opened it. A piece of yellow paper fell down from the inside. Luo Qi was frozen there and looked at the folded paper with low eyes.


When Xiaonian stood there silently.

Luo Qi's delicate makeup can't stop her paleness. She raises her hand but shrinks back again. She doesn't have the courage to open it. "Xiaonian, look first."


"Look first."

Luo Qi said again, turning her face away again. There was a flash of water in her eyes. She tried to control her appearance.

"OK." When Xiaonian took a deep breath, reached for the paper and opened it, looked down at the handwriting on it. She and Gong Ou thought about each word. She thought about the content, and Gong Ou decided the tone. Finally, she asked a copy expert to write it.

It's a huge deception.

When Xiaonian took a look at Luo Qi, he slowly read out, "Qi, I'm sick. I didn't expect that I was suffering from such a disease at such a high age. How should you arrange it? How should the palace family arrange it in the future. Gong Ou is independent, but he refuses to give full play to his talent. If the palace family is defeated after me, how can you deal with it? There is no strong family to protect you from wind and rain, and how can you afford to marry me recklessly in those days. "


Luo Qi stood by and listened. She covered her face with her hands, and her tears continued to flow down.

When I was young, I continued to read, "no matter what, I must arrange everything for you before I die, so that you will not be looked down upon, and this family must be glorified, so that you can always have a place among nobles."


Luo Qi sat down in front of the bookshelf, already sobbing.

"It's over." Xiaonian looked down at her and said, "mother, it doesn't seem like a last word for you. It's just a moment's emotion from my father."

Luo Qi took the paper, her fingers trembled, and looked down at the handwriting on it. It was gong Jue's handwriting, but the handwriting was messy and hurried. "It should have been written when he was ill. He was always calm, even in the face of terminal illness. It turned out that he was also confused. I didn't even see it. I didn't see it all the time. "

Luo Qi said something incoherent.

"Don't do that, mother. Father will be sad to see it."

When small read light tunnel, the heart was tortured by their own deception.

"I always thought he didn't have me in his heart, only the palace family." Luo Qi said in tears, regardless of the image, holding on to Xiao Nian and saying, "but you see, when he was ill, he thought of me. He thought that only Guangyao palace family could make me live better, so he thought."

She didn't know.

She had never known that her husband was so confused when she was ill. She always thought about her future life.