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Chapter 139. I tied this to myself

When she finished numbly, Gong Ou opened his mouth and kissed her slender fingers. The other hand wrapped in gauze was not idle. He pulled the zipper off her skirt

She shivered under him.

He came at her like a devil.

In the huge bedroom, the night is just beginning.


When Xiaonian forgets whether he slept or fainted.

Gong Ou did not torture her, but he had a terrible obsession with the existence of Mu qianchu. One night, his jealousy was completely revealed.

Kissing her lips, he would ask, "has moqian ever touched here?"

Kissing her fingers, he would ask, "has that man ever kissed you like this?"

When he possessed her crazily, he was still asking, "that man has been here?"

She forgot how many denials she had made.

Gong Ou's jealousy not only drives him crazy, but also drives her crazy.

In the middle of the night, when Xiaonian had a nightmare, he dreamed that he was walking a very long staircase, with no end.

She goes, she goes, she goes.

Forgetting how many steps she took, she finally looked at a little light of dawn.

She thought that she finally went to the light, but when she went up, she stepped on the empty space, and the whole person fell from the high place.


Xiaonian screams out in surprise and wakes up from the nightmare.

She sat on the bed sweating, her eyes looking forward at random, and she saw another nightmare. She was startled. "Ah"

there was a dim yellow light suitable for sleeping in the bedroom, while Gong Ou squatted beside her in silver gray pajamas, barefoot, with a noble head lowered, and a pair of black eyes staring at her directly. There was no expression on her handsome face.

"Am I so horrible?"

Gong Ou frowns discontentedly.

"What are you doing there in the middle of the night without sleeping?"

Are you a ghost?

When Xiaonian was scared, she got up and picked up her cell phone at the head of the bed.

Three in the morning.

Oh, my God.

At three o'clock in the morning, he stayed up, crouched on the bed and stared at her.

When small read reached out to wipe sweat, then helplessly looked at his deep facial features, "Gong ou, it's three o'clock, do you sleep or just wake up?"

"No sleep."

Gong Ou said in a deep voice, staring at her with black eyes.


When I read, I choked.

He just squatted there and looked at her straight? No wonder she has nightmares.

"Why don't you ask me why I don't sleep?" Gong Ou has a deep voice.


Ask her.

"Why don't you sleep?" he asked

"Can't sleep!" Gong Ou stared at her, and his voice was sharp. "When I think of you and mu qianchu, I want to strangle you!"

When hearing the words, the chill on Xiaonian's back came out even more.

When she came back from the amusement park, she was almost ready to be torn apart by Gong ou. But this evening, though he was angry, he didn't take her much.

She was relieved.

But as he is now, the more he thinks about it, the more angry he is. Do he think he can't just let her go?

He doesn't really want to kill her in the middle of the night.

When Xiaonian looked at him in fear, a pair of bleary eyes were full of fear at the moment, and she moved back.

"What are you afraid of? I tied this to myself! Can't kill you! "

Gong Ou squats there and slowly raises his hands.

When Xiaonian found that his hands were tied with a self-locking leather rope tie, and the black leather rope tied his wrists tightly.


I read a black line when I was young.

In order to control himself, he strangled her in the middle of the night and tied himself up?

Which normal person can do such a thing.

"Still looking? Help me out! " Gong Ou roars at her, and there is a look of embarrassment in her black eyes.

Would he have tied himself up if he had not been afraid of thinking crazy?

"Untie? What else do you want to strangle me? "

When small read blurt out.

"I don't want to strangle you! I'm hungry! " Gong Ou said impatiently, "untie it for me now!"

This night, he squatted beside her and stared at her soft white face. He was hungry.

"Oh, all right."

From want to strangle her to hungry, this is a kind of magic span.

Shi Xiaonian sits up from the bed and kneels in front of him. He reaches out and pulls the leather rope on his wrist. He can't pull it apart. The leather rope is tighter and tighter.

"This kind of lock is more and more tight, take the knife!"

Gong Ou stares at her.

This woman is so stupid, but she is so stupid that he can see her.

"Oh." When Xiaonian got out of bed, there was a raw pain between her legs. She couldn't help frowning and turning over the drawer. "I didn't find the knife."

As soon as she looked back, Gong Ou picked up her cell phone on the bed with her bound hand.

He turned on the location system on her cell phone.

"Remember, I'll find it 24 hours later, or I'll install a forced system in it, and it's useless if you turn it off!" Gong Ou is tired of looking for her.

Play for him whenever you can.

Every time he thought she would have an accident.

"I see." By this time, shixiaonian didn't expect to be able to break away from him. She repeated, "I didn't find the knife."

"Go to the kitchen."

Gong Ou is crisp and neat.

So, at three o'clock in the morning, two people got up from bed and walked to the kitchen to find a knife to open the leather rope on Gong Ou's wrist.

At that time, Xiaonian really felt that with Gong ou, she lived miraculously every day, and was frightened.

The kitchen is very quiet. When Xiaonian turns on the light, he finds a brand-new pair of scissors from the drawer.

"I cut it."

When small read cut down.

Gong Ou moves his wrists. There is a red mark on his wrists. He is masochistic.

When Xiaonian threw the leather rope into the garbage can, he asked doubtfully, "why do you have this leather rope?"

Normal people who will put this kind of leather rope in their bedroom to tie their hands and feet at any time?

Hearing this, Gong Ou's black eyes are deep, his face is cold, and there is no good way to say, "nothing, you don't need to know."


When Xiaonian didn't ask again, he turned to go out and heard a strange sound.

It's the sound of hunger.

From the president of palace Europe palace.

When Xiaonian looks back, Gong Ou stands there, stares at her coldly, raises his legs and walks out.

Don't you want her to cook?

"You're hungry. I'll cook for you." It's hard for her to speak up.

"I'm crippled and want to go to the kitchen. Get out of here."

Gong Ou looks back at her.

For her food, he is overeating. When she can't cook, he would rather not eat it even when he is hungry, unless he is too hungry to add some.

Is he really not afraid of stomach trouble?

"I'll cook some noodles, just one hand." Shi Xiaonian said, "you cut vegetables."

"I cut?"

Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows and suddenly thought that before tonight, he was going to learn how to cook for her.

But there was so much going on that night that he had left it behind.

"How is it?"

Asked shixiaonian.

Gong Ou looks at her. Does she care about him? Does she care if he is hungry?

"For the sake of you begging me, you are allowed to cook a noodle." Gong Ouwei raised his chin and said, "thank you.".


Who asked him.

Shi Xiaonian starts to wash vegetables such as tomatoes with one hand, and then gives them to Gong ou to cut.

Although his hand was injured, he was more flexible than her, and the bandaged hand could hold the kitchen knife.

But three minutes later, Xiaonian regretted it.





a tomato falls on the ground and a tomato flies to the ceiling.

She washed five tomatoes. At last, President Gong Da cut them into a bowl, and only one small lump, one small lump and one small lump could be used

When Xiaonian looked at the little tomato, she wanted to say that she would cut it. Although her left arm was not flexible, she would not make the kitchen look like the scene of the war.

"As the first cook, am I very good?"

Gong Ou asked, with a high attitude, not feeling that he had behaved badly.

He is such a man that he can be picky about other people's food.

"Yes, it is."

When small read against his will to say, will he cut vegetables into the pot, began to cook noodles.

"Cook more bowls."

"How many bowls?"

"Three, no, five." President Gong Da is a big stomach king.

The smell of noodles came out, and she was a little hungry.

They sat at the super long solid wood table with a bowl of noodles and began to eat.

Gong Ou's eating style is always elegant and dignified, but at the same time, he is very fast. He quickly sweeps a bowl of noodles with chopsticks, and then attacks the second bowl.

He began to overeat again.

When Xiaonian looked at him, she also began to eat noodles. What she ate was a small bowl.

"By the way, how about Bob?"

When Xiaonian suddenly thought of Tang Yi's mother and son, Gong ou should have known Bob was not his son by this time.

Gong Ou's action of eating noodles was to chew and swallow it elegantly before he said in a cold voice, "he's not my son. His parents and children have identified him."

Sure enough.

Xiaonian's eyes turned around in her eyes. She didn't want to explain that she had learned from mu qianchu, so she pretended to be surprised and said, "how could it be? Tang Yiming said... "

"How can you trust people so easily that you don't trust me?" Gong Ou interrupts her discontentedly, "the woman has escaped from the cabin while no one is in charge! She's a liar. Who knows which man she had the baby with! "


When small read stunned.

Then, she couldn't help sneering, "I thought Tang Yi cared about Bob sincerely at least, but she cried that she couldn't separate her mother from her son. She was afraid of being found out by you, and that she would run away regardless of her children."

Is this still a mom?


Gong Ou takes a look at her and listens to her saying, which means that he believes what he said. His face is a little Ji.

"How can there be so many irresponsible mothers in the world?"

When small read suddenly pour out appetite, put down chopsticks, eyes did not focus to look at the table.

Now that the baby is born, why can't we take good care of it.

Gong Ou takes a deep look at her and opens his thin lips slightly. "There are more bad people than good people in the world. Just throw them into the crowd like you and they will only have bones. It's your wisest choice to stay with me."

He took the opportunity to instill in her that she could not leave him.