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Chapter 125 if it doesn'st happen

"Miss Shi needs a name?"

"It's like I'm greedy for fame." "When small read can't help but wry smile," seal housekeeper, say so, I need a simple home


"I don't know if you can understand that I was abandoned by my own parents at birth and then expelled by my adoptive parents." When small read bitter way, "if I can't have a family of my own in my life, I think, I will not be willing to die."

She is so eager to have a home.

This desire has been growing up in her body since childhood, and she is not so easy to change.


To die will not be reconciled to a desire is to have a home.

It's a very simple wish, but it can't be realized here, unless we delude ourselves that the lover's home is also home.

Obviously, Miss Shi doesn't think so.

When Feng de looked at it, he said nothing for a long time.

There was a lot of rain outside.

Both were silent.

For a long time, Shi Xiaonian heard Feng de say, "I think if it doesn't happen, the young master might not marry for the sake of Shi miss."


When small read Zheng under.

That thing What do you mean?

Feng de sighed and said, "do you know about the young master and brother?"

"I know." I nodded.

Gong Ou's brother was killed on the way to his appointment.

"The relationship between the young master and the big young master has always been very good. The young master is irritable. The only one who can pacify the young master's mood is the big young master." Feng de said, "in that year, the eldest young master liked shooting stars best. He asked him out. Unexpectedly, the eldest young master had a car accident."


Hearing the story again, Xiaonian still felt sad.

But it's hard for her to imagine what Gong Ou's personality and a good relationship would be like. Would he control his brother too?

When Feng de thought of the eldest young master, he couldn't help but reach out and draw a cross in front of himself, praying secretly.

After a while, Fengde said slowly, "there are only two sons in the palace family. The responsibility for the marriage of the family naturally falls on the young master's shoulders. What's more, the young master has always been worried about the death of the old young master. If he doesn't say it, I know that he's guilty."

Shixiaonian understood, "you mean him..."

"I have a strong sense of responsibility. The young master is taking the responsibility for the young master, just like making the unfinished N.E system the first in the world. "


I was shocked.

These are things she doesn't know.

For this reason, she even said that Gong Ou was so grand for the happiness of the whole people. There was another reason.

"I hope Miss Shi doesn't misunderstand the young master's feelings for you any more. Some things are really beyond her control." Feng de sighed, "if Miss Shi can't guide the young master, at least don't provoke him again."


"I'm the old man who asked you."

With that, Feng de made a deep bow and bent 90 degrees.

When Xiaonian was shocked, he quickly stood up and said, "don't do this, housekeeper."

"If I depend on the old to sell the old, please promise me." Feng de can't get up with his waist bent. Several strands of white hair between his hair pricked Xiao Nian's eyes.

At that time, Xiaonian could not see his age pleading for himself. He moved his lips and said, "OK, I know."

She will work hard.

Try not to get angry.

"Thank you, Miss Shi." Feng de stood up straight, smiled a little, and continued, "please don't stimulate the young master about Miss Tang's mother and son."

He really didn't want to go out and order new furniture.

It's all about his old bone.

"Well, I don't know how not to stimulate him."

"Miss Shi knows better than me, doesn't she?"

Feng de smiled.


When Xiaonian is silent, she knows, maybe, as long as she doesn't always try to get rid of the relationship, Gong Ou won't be stimulated.

What about her?

Will she lose her freedom forever.

"Since childhood, the young master has been following the wind and the water, but his responsibilities are not understandable to everyone. Please don't add too much weight to him."

Feng de entreated her sincerely.

"He's so bad tempered, would you like to speak for him like that?" Xiaonian asked, looking at the white hairs on his head.

Does housekeeper do what Housekeeper should do?

"In the British palace, there are more than one housekeeper. There are often internal fights. I don't like fighting." Feng de smiled mildly and said, "when the young master left, he only took me away. Since then, I have identified the young master."


"The young master has a bad temper. That's not what he wants. It's like a person who is ill and has pain, because it's not under his control."

Feng de did the housekeeper's duty so well that she could not refute it.

"Young master now shut himself in his study. Please go and talk with him."

"Let me see."

As he said that, when Xiaonian went out, he leaned against the wall, and his ear echoed the words of Fengde: "do you know, Miss Shi, the young master is the first doctor who has been invited to the British palace. He has never been invited to the British palace since he was ill."

"Maybe in Miss Shi's eyes, what the young master has done is far from enough. But in my eyes, young master and young lady have changed a lot. "

"The young master is taking the responsibility for the young master, just like making the unfinished N.E system the first in the world."

"I hope Miss Shi doesn't misunderstand the young master's feelings for you. Some things are really beyond her control."

I can't help it.

After talking with Feng De, Xiao Nian changed a lot about Gong ou.

I don't know if her three views have become incorrect. She thinks Gong Ou is also human. He doesn't just want to enjoy the same happiness.

But his humanity and involuntarily ran counter to her principles.

She didn't want to be controlled by him. She wanted to leave.

Gong ou, it's hard to like him and hate him It's not easy.


Xiaonian sighed and thought for a long time. He left for the kitchen, fried two dishes with one hand and put them on the plate.

The maid followed her to the study with the dinner plate.

At the door of the study, Xiaonian takes out the universal room card of fengdena to open the door.


the closed door is opened.

"Get out of here! Said don't bother me! "

A roar came, accompanied by a Book smashed at her feet, only three centimeters from her toes.

When small read silently feet back, lifting eyes to look in.

In front of the long desk, Gong Ou was sitting there, his face was livid. When he saw it was Xiaonian, there was a flash of consternation in his dark eyes. His eyes swept her feet for the first time.

She didn't get hit in the foot.

Gong Ou then moved his eyes away and said coldly, "go out!"

"I want to talk to you."

When small read mouth, voice light.

"What else can you say? It's just that you've found the child. You can retire and let me let you go!" Gong Ou stares at her coldly.

When Xiaonian stood at the door, he was a little surprised.

She thought he was thinking about whether Bob was his son. How could he be thinking about this?

"And will you let me go?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Dream your dreams!" Gong Ou roars out, stands up from the desk, raises his hand and sweeps the documents and books on the desk, including the contract she signed with her.


"When Xiaonian, I tell you that the contract states that it is to hand over the child you gave birth to for me! Leave? Don't even think about it! " Gong Ou roared out her unexpected answer, "let's not say if the woman's son is mine. Even if it is, you can't condemn me for it."

With that, Gong Ou smashes all the things that can be smashed on the table out again, venting his anger in his body.

Convict him?

When did she convict him.

Shi Xiaonian took the plate from the maid, carried it with one hand, assisted by his left hand, and walked in a little laboriously.

She didn't walk a few steps and he yelled, "you stop for me, I'm afraid I can't hit you, right?"

I can't get away from seeing him lose his temper.

Would she like to go up against the wind.

"Then don't blow it." When small read lightly said, continue to walk in.

Gong Ou is about to smash down a book in his hand. Seeing that she is so determined to come over and put the book back, people are furious. "You go out!"

When Xiaonian put down the table on the table, free his hands.

"Who asked you to cook?" As soon as Gong Ou saw the dishes, he knew they were made by her.

Didn't she make a lot of trouble with him? Why did she cook for him all of a sudden?


When small read ask.

"No! You go out! " Gong Ou snorts, but black eyes stare at the dishes.

"I want to talk to you about Bob."

"Don't talk, don't let you go!" Gong Ou said that his voice was so arrogant that he looked like a child who didn't understand.

"What's the point?" She wants to talk about Bob, not about her.

"The point is that you have to go. I don't want to let it go. It's that simple."

Gong Ou's chest is attacked by an unprecedented restlessness. He sits heavily back in his chair, his face is cold and ugly. His eyes pass over the dishes in the plate, and his chest is inexplicably comfortable.


Does he just want her to leave at this time?

How afraid he was of her leaving.

Thinking of Feng De's advice, Xiao Nian sighed and said nothing. He bent down to pick up the information on the ground.

Gong Ou rushes over, grabs the information from her hand and stares at her coldly. "Will you sit down while you lie down? Don't move me! "

She hurt her hands like this and still moved! And cooking!

Do you want to hand it or not.

When Xiaonian sips her lips, she looks at Gong Ou in front of her. She is domineering, and her black eyes are tense.

Sometimes, she is really lost in the net. She doesn't know whether to hate or sympathize with Gong ou.

She could see that he wanted to be nice to her, but his temper was really hard for her to bear.

"What are you looking at?" Gong Ou stares at her.

When Xiaonian takes back her eyes, Gong Ou pulls her arm, pushes her to the chair in front of the desk and sits down, facing her directly on the desk.

He straddled his long legs and stepped on the arms of the chairs on both sides of her.

When Xiaonian was almost surrounded by him between his legs.

This posture is not elegant at all.

Gong Ou looks down at her face and says in a cold voice, "what else do you want to talk about besides the things you left?"