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Chapter 720 is Su Yaoyao a daughter?

"Are you afraid to listen?" "I want to tell you what we've got to do, to bump my sister's head against the wall, to push her off the tower, not to feed her, to mistreat her, to live like a dog," ekla said

"Enough! According to Kela! Don't say it! "

Feng de said excitedly, with great resistance.

"Why can't I say it?" Ekla roared, holding Feng De's collar with both hands, and said, "I saw my sister and crazy horse locked in a wooden house with my own eyes at that time. Do you know how many times my sister was trampled on? I want to go in and save her, but I can't. I can only see the horse step on her again, again, again! "

At the end of the day, ekla was almost mad.

Feng de listened stupidly. His face was more desperate and colorless than the gray.


When I was young, I listened stupidly and became a vegetable in this way? This is to destroy people to death. The adoptive father said that as long as Angelina is still alive, she thought, the adoptive father must not think so now.

Maybe death was a relief for Angelina at that time.

"What's the last thing my sister said to me, you know?" She said that she must save her life. If she dies, our family will be moved; if she dies, you will have a bad conscience. Only if she lives and lives as a heavenly daughter can everyone be good! "


Feng De's shoulders were bleeding. There was no proof of his life on his face. He was more like a dead man than a woman in the crystal.

When Xiaonian couldn't imagine what Feng de was thinking at the moment, but she was afraid that he would not survive.

"Oh, yes, my sister told me that she doesn't blame you. She doesn't blame you at all!" Yikela said with a smile, "she did everything she could to give birth to a child for you. Before her body could recover, she would bear many cool punishments and force herself to become a heavenly daughter!"

"Then why do you have to ask her to suffer?" Feng de yelled, and suddenly he reflected what ekla said. His eyes were shaking like death. He looked at ekla stupidly. "What do you say? What do you say? "

What's to do everything to give birth to a child for him?

What kind of kid.

Where's the kid from?

"Don't you know? You don't know? " When ekla shook his fist, he hit Feng de in the face. "My sister was pregnant with your baby when you left! She asked for a one-year deadline to have a baby in secret! What's the use of penitence here? You have no idea how many sins my sister has suffered for you! How much suffering! "

Feng De is hit to the ground with a fist and his pupils are constricted.


How could Angelina have given birth to a child for him.

"Impossible, impossible!" Feng de was continuously impacted by the truth, bound, and he still rushed to ekla, almost all the blue tendons on his face burst out, "you nonsense! It's impossible! How could she have children? She didn't tell me, she didn't tell me! "

If she had a child, he would have taken her with him even if he died. How could he let her stay alone.

Yikela is pressed on his body by Fengde, and hears a sneer, "impossible? It's impossible. The child was secretly saved by our family. I sent it out secretly! Such a small child was sent away by me after not staying in our house for two days! "

Because they can't let the child stay, they will only aggravate the old master at that time. They have to let the child go.

They have no choice.

"And the child? Where is my child? "

'asked Vader, hysterical, pressing ekla.


When Xiaonian sat by and leaned against Gong ou.

Later, the adoptive father had a child on the island, and the child was sent out secretly. How familiar is the story? She was stunned and suddenly turned her eyes to look at Su Yaoyao in the corner.

Do you mean

Su Yaoyao sat there sobbing all the time. At this time, she suddenly raised her head and looked slowly at Fengde. She said word by word, "the child was sent out of the island and fostered a Chinese couple. They are very kind-hearted people. They treat the girl as if they were their own and take her back to China. Decades later, the girl finally knew her own life experience. She saw the letter from her mother, so she wanted to go to the island to find her mother, which took a lot of trouble. "

Hearing this, yikela and Fengde were stunned and looked at Su Yaoyao in shock.

Su Yaoyao stands up from the ground, her hands are still tied by ropes, her half face is swollen, and the corners of her mouth are still bloodstained.

When Xiaonian looked at it in surprise, it was true, but it was not right. Su Yaoyao was not the right age. She was too young to be the daughter of her adoptive father.


Definitely not.

"You?" Feng de looked at her stupidly, but he could not accept so many blows. "No way, you are too small. It's not you. It must not be you."

She won't be his daughter, No.

As if hearing a joke, Su Yaoyao raised her hand to wipe the tears on her face, turned her eyes to Gong ou, who was sitting beside her, sneered and said, "I'm just looking at the baby. In fact, I'm older than Mr. Gong."


Gong Ou sits there, with his back against the cold wall, and his black eyes look coldly at Su Yaoyao. His eyes are deep and silent.


When Xiaonian looks at Su Yaoyao in shock, is she older than Gong oudu? How could it be.

"Mrs. Gong, I reminded you about this. Look, you can become a college student by dressing up, and Mr. Gong can become a professor by dressing up, can't you?" Su said, "age is the most invisible thing."


When Xiaonian was speechless, how could it be? She always thought Su Yaoyao was just an ordinary student.

"You are my sister's daughter?"

Yikela can't understand Chinese, but he guessed one or two things from their expressions. He pushed away Fengde, stood up from the ground and looked at Su Yaoyao incredulously.

Su Yaoyao stood there, took a deep breath, looked down at Fengde, who was pushed to the ground, and began to say like an endorsement, "my dear daughter, when you see this letter, you should have your own family. You are a mature adult. I believe you will understand me."

Both ekla and Vander were stunned.

When Xiaonian sat there, he could hear that this was a letter from Angelina to Su Yaoyao. It must have been said that she would let her adoptive parents show it to Su Yaoyao after many years.

"I'm from Borg island. This is an island I don't like. I've heard from people outside. The outside world is very big and beautiful, so I hope you can live outside too, because your father yearns for the outside world so much." Su Yaoyao continued to recite, "your father said that there is the most beautiful sea and the most beautiful heaven and earth outside, but I can't go with him, because I have my own mission, I want to do something for you, your father and my family."

Ekla had been stupefied. Of course, he knew that it was written by his sister himself, because when she wrote it, he stood beside him.

He walked step by step into Su Yaoyao.

Su Yaoyao stood there and said, "if one day someone tells you that I'm still alive, please go to your father and let him meet me. Maybe in his lifetime, I can see his white hair."

"You are really my sister's daughter."

Yikela takes Su Yaoyao in his arms and is so excited that he can't help himself. "God, I can see you again."

"You sent the letter to me?" Feng de sat on the floor, embarrassed to the extreme, lifting his eyes and looking at Su Yaoyao.

Su Yaoyao looked at Feng de with a hint of hate in her eyes. "Yes, but I didn't expect you to ignore the letter completely. You didn't care at all."

"I just didn't see it."

'it sounds like a sinner's weakest defense of himself,' he murmured.

"You can send letters, why can you? I know the address of the slave. " If he had known the address of Fengde, ekla said, he would have killed and avenged his sister.

"Mother put his address in the letter by hiding it." Su said, "my mother also introduced some things about the island in her letter, so I know how she would become a heavenly daughter. I believe she is still alive and I want to save her."

"Help?" Yikela looked at Su Yaoyao blankly. "Oh, no, my sister has suffered, but she is now the messenger of God. She is the heavenly daughter. Her soul is connected with God. She is willing to come. She doesn't need to save. She will protect our island, you and me."

Smell speech, Gong Ou sneers.


Su Yaoyao was about to say something when he heard the sound of footsteps. A guard stood at the door and said, "guard chief, it's heaven's will."

"What Providence?"

Asked ekla at once.

"The heavenly daughter has been invited to throw them all into the sea. Lancaster will be our most powerful guarantee." Said the guard.


To put them into the sea is to kill them.

Shixiaonian really didn't understand how a vegetable gave them the Divine Providence, but obviously, their lives were already on the line.

"All into the sea?" Yikela was shocked and hurriedly took Su Yaoyao and said, "this young lady is only a informer. She doesn't need to die."

"The destiny of the four of them is given by the heavenly daughter." The guard said, and retreated. "I'll get the carriage ready."

As soon as the guard left, ichraton panicked and took Su Yaoyao's way. "No, I can't let you die. I'll plead, I'll plead with the master."

He said that ekla was about to leave, and listened to Gong Ou's indifferent voice, "you are really ridiculous. If you want to push your whole family into hell, you can go begging for help."


Ekla's steps froze.

Gong Ou stretched out his legs. The man leaned back and looked at him contemptuously. Yikela looked at Gong ou. "What do you mean?"