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Chapter 97 the unwarranted doubt of President Gong

With this sentence, the movie ends in a beautiful song.

"Very touching."

When Xiaonian looked at the figure of Mr Jiang robot made of fine steel on the screen, he said with emotion.

"What's so touching." Gong Ou is there disdaining to say, "there's no technology in science fiction movies. It's all about love."

In his eyes, the film has no merit.

Technology is blind to death. Is that how robots are made? Ridiculous.

"The point here is not to talk about science fiction, but to talk about Mr Jiang's omnipotence, his tenderness and deep feelings, and his unlimited tolerance for another person, which can not be achieved between people in real life." When Xiaonian reached out and scratched the robot on the screen, "if only when science and technology developed to have this kind of intelligent robot, it would be great."

"What's good about it."

"That shows that Mr River really exists." When small read soft voice said, eyes exude yearning.

That can make people believe that there will always be someone in the world who will always be there when you need it, who will never leave, who will always have a shoulder to rely on.


Gong ouleng hisses and takes a look at the screen.

On his screen, the movie only accounts for one in five, and It's all her face and her eyes are full of yearning. Does she like robots so much? It's not hard.

Shi Xiaonian recovers from the emotion of the movie, looks at Gong Ou's face on the screen and says, "I'm almost at dawn here. Can I go to sleep?"

Wen Yan, Gong Ou frowns, "you don't want to contact me so much?"

It's not like contact, it's called long chat, it's called greasy crook. When

, Xiao Nian silently Tucao in his heart, his mouth said, "no, I really should sleep, otherwise I will not draw pictures tomorrow."

"Forget it. I'll let you go." Gong Ou twisted her eyebrows, and finally sheen let her go. "The mobile phone keeps turning on for me all the time. When I want to talk with you, I must pick it up at the first time."

"Oh, I see."

When small read answer way, reach out to want to turn off video, see on screen, Gong Ou is looking at her deeply.

His eyes are deep like the sea, his lips are thin, and he looks at her one by one and says, "when Xiaonian, I'm really hungry. I want to eat your food."

His voice was deep and magnetic.

His eyes are telling of missing.

Shixiaonian, I'm really hungry. I want to eat your food.

She stared at the handsome face on the screen. She missed a beat in her heart. She cut off the video. Gong Ou's face disappeared on the screen.

But the difference in her heart did not disappear.

When Xiaonian reaches for his heart.

What's the matter with her? Gong Ou just said a word. He has to say so many words every day. What can she touch.


when Xiaonian closes the notebook, he lies down on the bed and blinks his eyes, but he can't sleep any more. The last eyes of Gong ou are all in front of him.

The eyes told her that he missed her.

When Xiaonian patted his head, put the quilt over his head, and forced him not to think nonsense.

The night passed.

When small read until the afternoon to get up from bed, the night did not sleep is the end of the headache.

As she pressed her head and walked out, the two maids were cleaning the house carefully. When she came out, she bowed her head respectfully. "When you get up, miss, we've simply made something. If it doesn't suit you, we'll do it again."

When small read still can't adapt to someone to serve oneself, Leng Leng just nodded, "thank you."

She walked into the dining room and looked at the delicious food on the table, which made her blush. It was just a simple thing to do.

By contrast, what she did before was to abuse Gong ou.

When Xiaonian found that he couldn't mention Gong Ou casually, and he couldn't even think about it, because when he thought about it The life-threatening phone is here, like now.

When Xiaonian picked up the vibrating mobile phone, looked at a string of numbers on it and helplessly put them to his ear, "hello."


Gong Ou's lazy and magnetic voice rings in her mobile phone. She is not sleepy and has a good spirit.


When small read to answer.

Needless to say, she also knew that it must have been two maids who had informed, otherwise, how could he have called at such an opportune time.

"What time is it over there?" Gong asked, obviously there is no chat content to talk about.

When small read to take a look at mobile phone time way, "afternoon 3 o'clock."

"Go eat."

Gong Ou orders her.

"I was about to eat, so I hung up first." Shi Xiaonian said that he was going to hang up, only to hear Gong Ou's displeased voice, "eat your meal, who will allow you to hang up."

"How can I eat without hanging up?"

"With headphones."


She must be on the phone for dinner. She may be the first time in the world to die of over time radiation.

The dispute is far away from Gong Ou in the UK. When Xiaonian had to put his Bluetooth headset on his ear, he began to eat at the dinner table and chat with Gong Ou perfunctorily.

There is clearly not so much to talk about between the two people. Gong Ou wants to occupy her time.

I can't feel the existence of freedom.

When Xiaonian put a piece of rice cake into his mouth, he suddenly heard a strange voice coming from his ear. He was talking to Gong ou, "second young master, it's time for you to go out."

Second young master.

When small read Zheng next, she this is the first time to hear others call Gong ou the second young master.

Gong Ou also has a brother who died in a car accident on his way to his appointment. It's only in his birthplace in England that we call him the second young master.

"I see. Get out."

Gong Ou drives people.

"You're going out?" When small read to ask, in the heart has a small happy, finally can hang up the phone.

"Well." Gong Ou's tone was not very good, and suddenly said, "shixiaonian, should you prepare a gift for me? You've never given me a present. "


When I was in a daze, I suddenly talked about the gift again.

"I've been away for a week, so long, you have to prepare presents for me!" Gong Ou needs to be upright when he wants a gift. "I will see it when I come back."

How can this man think of it.

If you want to make a phone call, you can't let her sleep in the middle of the night. If you want to see a movie, you have to synchronize the pictures. Now you want a gift.

When small read chews the rice cake of thin mouth, looking for the excuse way, "but you are not to let me go out less, how do I prepare the gift."

She has her own business to do.

"You are allowed to go out for a gift." Gong Ou Dao.


"Of course, the phone has to be on all the time." He wants to control her time and everything.

“……” When small read smell speech head more painful, "palace Europe."


"Do you want to call me for a week in the week you want to leave?" When Xiaonian seems to understand his intention.

Gong Ou quickly replied, "shixiaonian, you are finally enlightened."

When Xiaonian's heart broke down again and again, "why?"

She didn't understand why she had to be on the phone.

Does other people imprison her physical freedom or her spiritual freedom? Does he want to be so perverted.

"Who knows what you're going to do when I'm not here, in case you find a man?" Gong Ou said that his tone was still upright, and he didn't think his behavior was excessive.

"I can't find a man."

"I'm not sure if I don't stare."

When Xiaonian fully understood, "I understand. You don't have so much to talk to me at all. You just think that I will mess around when you are not here."

She almost thought last night that he had been pestering her to make phone calls, watch movies or something.

He was doubting her, so he wanted to control her.

“……” Hearing this, Gong Ou's silence is the default.

"Gong ou, don't you think it's too much for you?"

When small read straight out.

He didn't have any evidence to prove that she was lying around, so he wanted to occupy her time 24 hours, which was terrible.


"If you don't trust me, just drive me away. Don't be so tired?"

"Not tired." Gong Ou Dao.

"But I'm tired." When Xiaonian sat at the table and said, "put down the chopsticks, and his face is full of depression." you doubt me for no reason, I can't breathe. "

How about a week on the phone.

"Then I'll give you artificial respiration." Gong Ou is totally dismissive of her depression.


"Well, where can I complain so much? I want you to do what you want. A phone call won't kill you. " Gong Ou then said in a domineering way, always in a high voice.


Shi Xiaonian can't speak. He doesn't know what to argue with a paranoid paranoid.

"I'll go out first." Gong Ou's voice was low and absolute, "call me all the time, I want you to respond to me. This week, you have to choose a gift for me. I will give it to me when I come back. Do you hear me? "

The woman didn't even feel the need to give him a present.


When small idea more painful, a word do not want to say.

In the next few days, shixiaonian wore Bluetooth headphones on her ears, and she didn't even have the chance to take them down. She wore them for eating, sleeping or even going to the toilet.

Her ears are hot with headphones, so she can't take them off.

Gong Ou once told her that if she didn't respond in time, he would be furious and lose his temper on the phone, saying how to deal with her when he came back.

She could only comply with him and kept on talking.

It made her feel out of breath.

At first, she thought that the happiness of freedom and liberation had already disappeared. Now she is nervous even when she sleeps. If there is any sound in her ears, she will wake up, and her mouth will respond to it faster than her brain.

She's in a state where she can't even sleep well.

Let alone do other things.

Unfortunately, Gong Ou is busy in England, not chatting with her every minute.

Often he seems to turn off the microphone and keep talking, but she can't hear what he's talking about.


The night of the city always has a charming prosperity.

The lights are red and the wine is green.

The moon is as cold as water.

When Xiaonian was walking alone in the street at night, it was her first time to go out this week and choose gifts.