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Chapter 133 you dare to go with this man

When Xiaonian is pushed away and falls heavily on the ground, her left arm lands on the ground, which makes her cry, "ah"

this cry makes both men turn around. Gong Ou's red eyes have already killed a touch of heartache, and her feet move.

Mu qianchu quickly stepped forward, stumbled forward, and when he lifted himself from the ground, he said, "come on, get up."

When small read pain can't say words, can only stand up by the power of Mu qianchu.

As soon as her right hand met mu qianchu, she heard Gong oshi yelling, "you dare to touch him again! I'll kill you! "

Did she dare to touch the man when he died?


When I was afraid.

At this time, from the side suddenly out of a group of high-ranking bodyguards, toward mu qianchu bowed his head, "young master."

Mu qianchu looks at them, and the bodyguards rush to subdue Gong ou.

Gong Ou raises his foot and kicks it over. He swings his iron fist across the bodyguard's face. His moves are fierce. His eyes are sharp and his whole body is full of the spirit of killing and stabbing.

Seven or eight bodyguards went up at the same time, but they could not get close to Gong ou for a while.

Bodyguards simply no longer strive for victory, but stop in front of Gong ou, and don't let Gong Ou get close to Mu qianchu.

"Let's go. I'll take you to the doctor."

Muqianchu looks at shixiaonian and says.

When small read pain has been some loss of consciousness, weakness, can only let mu qianchu support.

Mu qianchu hugs her and leaves.

Gong Ou kicks over a bodyguard, wants to catch up with him, and is surrounded by other bodyguards. His face is so blue that he shouts at her back, "come here, shixiaonian!"

When Xiaonian's body was stiff.

"Let's go."

Muqianchu was also injured. He hugged her and left. Suddenly he spat blood on the ground. A tooth mixed with blood fell to the ground.


It can be seen how ruthless Gong Ou is.

"I'll give you one last chance!" Gong Ou is blocked by bodyguards. He yells at her, "last time! You dare to go with this man, I want you to die without burial place! "

He roared like a madman.

"Don't listen to him, let's go."

Mu qianchu wiped the blood on his lips with the back of his hand and helped her to leave with pain.

When Xiaonian stood still and stared at the tooth on the ground.

"Xiaonian..." Aware of her stiffness, mu qianchu's scarred face showed a touch of panic, he firmly embraced her, "follow me, Xiaonian."

Don't hesitate.

She can no longer hesitate.

"I can say it and do it!" Gong Ou is like a wild animal. His eyes are red and he stares at their backs. He is hysterical. "If you dare to leave, I will dare you to Regret living in this world!"

When Xiaonian stood there, looking at the tooth mixed with blood, her consciousness became more lax. The pain on her arm made her pale face sweat.

This time it's teeth. Next time?

Is it really the bones of her and mu qianchu?

She can't let mu qianchu bury her. She is his life-saving straw, not the straw that killed him.

No, No.

"Xiaonian, don't......" Mu qianchu realized her idea and became more and more flustered in the face of Gong Ou's calm face.

"Forget it, qianchu." When Xiaonian looked at Xiangmu qianchu, he tried his last will power to show a smile, which was bitter. "I can't go with you."

"Follow me."

Mu qianchu stubbornly said, "if you go back now, he will only hurt you!"

Hearing this, Xiao Nian turned to Gong ou, who was surrounded by bodyguards.

Gong Ou stares at her, his eyes are like beasts in the night, showing frightening fierce light.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, he just suppressed his fear and said with a smile, "in fact, Gong Ou is very good to me. I'm not sure that I can go with you and get a better life than being around Gong ou. I like being around Gong ou."

She was so sore that she could hardly speak.


Gong Ou stares at her.

Although it is known that her words were made up for him not to pay mu qianchu in the future, his chest was still shocked.

He stood there and stopped fighting with his bodyguards.

Mu qianchu listened to her words and thought she was stupid. No one would believe her words.

Can listen to her say the palace Europe is good, his body pain intensifies.

"Come with me, Xiaonian." Mu qianchu turned her shoulder and forced her to only look at herself. He stared into her eyes and said sadly, "don't hesitate any more when I beg you."

From the moment he regained his memory, he waited for the moment when she followed him.

But she hesitated again.

"Qianchu, you won't force me, will you?" When small read to smile to ask a way, the voice is laborious one word meal, "you will never, right?"

People around her are holding a set of theories to force her, or expel her.

He alone will not.

He will only let her choose and let her do anything according to her heart.


In this sentence, he crucified mu qianchu and made his flesh and blood blurred.

He looked at Xiaonian and smiled bitterly. Tears flashed in his narrow eyes. "I don't force you, of course I don't force you."

How can he be willing to force her.

What she wants, he would like to hold to her, how he willing to force her.

"You know, I hope now that you remember everything but forget me." When small read softly said, the voice trembles and labors.

She said, step by step, people step back.

He did not remember her, he would not be like this, for her injuries, pain.

She is not worth it. She is not worth it. She is not worth it.


Mu qianchu looks at her step by step backward sadly, and the strength in her body is slowly exhausted.

Her words are contradictory.

He can't remember everything but forget her, because from the moment she rescued him in the snow, she was everything to him.

When I was young, I didn't dare to look at him more. If I wanted to cut off, I would just cut off.

She resolutely turned around and walked towards Gong ou.

Gong Ou stares at her with red eyes, breathing heavily.

"Let's go."

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, he had a light smile on his face, and his face was very white.


Gong Ou stared at her with sinister eyes. He was fierce and suddenly reached for her hand.

When Xiaonian was clenched to a frown.

The bodyguards let the way.

When Gong Ou holds it, Xiao Nian moves forward. The voice of Mu qianchu says, "Gong ou, if you dare to hurt Xiao Nian, I will not let you go!"

Gong Ou turns her eyes and looks at mu qianchu with a grim smile. "Just you? I can't help myself. "

With that, Gong Ou opens the copilot's door and pushes shixiaonian in.

When Xiaonian covers his left arm, he bites his lips with pain and dare not make a sound.

Gong Ou sat in the driver's seat, stepped on the accelerator, turned 90 degrees and drove out.


Mu qianchu falls on the ground with exhaustion, and looks at the departure of the car with eyes open.

"Young master --" bodyguards immediately walked towards mu qianchu and scolded themselves, "all blame us for being late, driving, driving."

"Help him in the car."

A sweet voice with a baby voice.

The bodyguards looked up and saw a white sports car parked there, while Di and his agent got off the car.

When Di ran to him, he looked anxiously at Xiangmu qianchu and helped him up. "Look at you. I said that Xiaonian was not a good thing. What did you become for him?"

She got mu qianchu's itinerary. She had come to find mu qianchu to regain her old love.

But I didn't expect to see that.

"Thank you, no more."

Facing Shidi, mu qianchu is indifferent to the tunnel, pushes away her hand weakly and is supported by a bodyguard.

"Well, get in the car first. I'll take you to the hospital." When the flute pretended not to understand the indifference in his tone, he continued to support him to the car.

Mu qianchu still wants to push her away, but the bodyguards are all in a hurry and help him to the car.

He can't resist.

"Qianchu, I will take good care of you."

Said Shi Di with a worried face.


When Xiaonian sat in gong'ou's car, gong'ou drove the car very fast, and the speed on the dashboard increased constantly.

Outside the crazy amusement park, Xiao Nian found that Gong Ou sent many people, dozens of cars parked along the road, and countless bodyguards were searching along the street.

Xiaonian looked at the people in shock.

It turns out that Gong Ou brought so many people.

Her decision is correct. If she chooses to leave with mu qianchu, she will not be able to live with mu qianchu because of Gong Ou's crazy personality.

She couldn't think what would happen next.

At least for the time being, she let mu qianchu pick up a life.

Feng de stood on the side of the road and shouted to the bodyguards, "hurry up, quickly find Miss Shi and see if the doctor has arrived. The young master is worried that Miss Shi will be injured accidentally."

Gong Ou's car roared past Fengde, as fast as a gust of wind, leaving Fengde's voice behind.


When Xiaonian sat in the front passenger seat, his ears echoed the sound of Fengde, which was not pleasant.

It turns out that Gong Ou brought so many people to find her.

She turned to Gong ou.

Gong Ou drives the car expressionless, at a crazy speed, rapidly surpassing one car after another.

When Xiaonian's body rocked, the pain from her arms tore her heart and lungs.

"Slow down, Gong ou. I hurt my arm again. It hurts so much." She couldn't help asking.


If Gong Ou doesn't hear about it, he steps on the accelerator to the end and drives on the road crazily.

When Xiaonian was sweating with pain, he was already wet through his hair. "Gong ou..."

"Pain? Do you know what pain is? "

Gong Ou sneers sarcastically, his eyes are grim.

Pain is that he looks for her all over the world, afraid that when she has an accident, she and mu qianchu will roll in the sand;

pain is that he buys food for her in the supermarket, plans to travel with her to relax, and she and mu qianchu will roll in the sand;

pain is that when he drives into her, she is in front of Mu qianchu.

She doesn't hurt as much as he does.

His chest had been completely torn open, and he was accidentally stabbed by her forcefully. The wound was torn raw and bloody.


Smell words, when small read down eyes, no longer speak.

"You must have been a butcher in your last life." Gong ou could not help saying a word. His voice was particularly gloomy in the car.