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Chapter 636 I saw him yesterday


When Xiaonian was scared, he stepped back two steps, opened his eyes to see the bookshelf move away, and took a breath of cool air.

It's not the lock of the safe, it's the mechanism.

The bookshelf is moved aside and stacked in front of another bookshelf, like a sliding door. There is still a room inside, and the floor is of the same color. The bookshelf should be used to separate a study into two places.

The light inside is dim, and it's all borrowed from the outside.

When Xiaonian walked two steps forward, he looked into it, and an indescribable cold came out of it, which made her excited.

There are a lot of medals standing on the cabinets inside. They should be the ones that the palace Lord was awarded. It's so many.

Gong Jue has done many things for the fame of the palace family. When Xiao Nian unconsciously went inside for two steps, he saw a golden partition door. The room inside was very dark, but there was cold and quiet light emanating from the partition door.


When small read sipped lips, light hands and feet to go inside, probe wait-and-see.

It's getting colder and colder. Won't it freeze to death here?

When Xiaonian finally knew why Gong Jue's watch was so cold, she continued to walk in, slowly, blocking the world at the other end of the door into her eyes.

There are many flowers from the garden on the ground. When Xiao Nian thought that Gong Jue was a flower lover, he saw a corner of a dark wooden box with complicated patterns on the wood. The box glowed with cold light.

That kind of light is not like the light that can be seen at ordinary times. It's quiet and frightening to watch.


When small read cold embrace oneself, look at that side doubtfully.

No, it's not a wooden box. It looks like Coffin?

Study? Coffin?

When he realized this, Xiaonian opened his eyes in fear and did not dare to approach again. He turned around and ran away. He saw many ghost films of ancient castle in his head, and his face was sweating.

No, she will tell Gong Ou right away that the palace is really weird.

Make sure he comes back to check.

Gong Ou has been away from home for many years without knowing anything.

Scared, he stumbled out.

On the other side, the afternoon sun is just right, warm and appropriate. Feng de leads the horse to Gong ou, who pulls the reins to get on the horse, dressed in a cowboy suit that is easy to move, and with a shotgun in one hand.

Gong Yu rode his horse slowly to his side and said with a smile, "I still like to hunt in the forest at home. I have no sense of direction here."

"To lose is to lose. What's the excuse?"

Gong Ou sneers at the tunnel, and glances at him with black eyes. Suddenly, the corners of his eyes leap violently. His eyes are changeable, and his face follows the gloom.

"What's the matter?"

Gong Yu thought he had something important in mind.

Gong Ou pulled the reins and said coldly, "my eyes jumped."

“so?” Gong Yu didn't understand what he wanted to express.

"Fengde, the call of Xiaonian." Gong Ou asked coldly to hand the gun to the servant.

Gong Yu rubbed the horse under his body, but he didn't understand after hearing, "what's the relationship between this eye jump and Xiaonian?"

How does this topic jump over, jump directly from the eyes to Xiaonian? Will the span be too large.

"In China, there is a saying that the eyes jump." Gong Ou's deep tunnel, staring gloomily at Fengde, impatient tunnel, "get through? Why so slow! "

"Eyes leaping?" Gong Yu was stunned and laughed, "when did you superstitious about this?"

"After I met you."


Gong Yu sat on a white horse and smiled helplessly, watching Gong Ou bent down impatiently to grab his cell phone and call himself.

Gong Ou's anxious and angry appearance makes Gong Yu's smile solidify slowly. It's better to be paranoid as a human being. You can do whatever you want and express what you want. You won't think too much about it. It's all voluntary. This life will be less regretful.

When the phone finally connected, Gong Ou asked directly without hesitation, "shixiaonian, do you have anything to do?"

There was a tension in his tone.

Gong Yu laughs. Xiaonian must be confused on that side. It's really a disguised show of affection. He pulls the reins, stoops down and takes the shotgun from the assistant's hand. He moves on slowly.

"Read and talk!"

Gong Ou sat in a hurry, unable to get Xiaonian's answer. He became more nervous and his face became more solemn.

"I'm fine. What can I do?"

Xiaonian's quiet voice sounded in his ear.

"What are you doing?"

Asked Gong ou.

"Me?" I hung a new picture in my study. You can see it when you come back

"Well, I'll take a nap in the afternoon if I have nothing to do." That way, I have energy to deal with him in the evening.

"Oh, yes."

When confirming, Xiaonian is OK. Gong Ou hangs up the phone and throws his cell phone to Fengde. Then he holds the reins and runs forward to catch up with Gong Yu.


Shi Xiaonian stumbled out of the cold room. Before he could figure out how to close the bookshelf, he saw another person in front of his desk.


When Xiaonian nearly fell down in fear, she backed away.

I saw Luo Qi sitting at the desk, not dressed, dressed in pajamas, wearing a righteousness, a long hair loose down, down to the waist, no makeup face looks haggard and weak, she turned her face, a pair of eyes to look at the small read.

When Xiaonian is shocked by her eyes, her heart is full of unspeakable fear.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. I just helped get a watch box."

Shi Xiaonian apologizes quickly. She subconsciously feels that she has broken the palace secret that she shouldn't have.

"You saw it all?" Luo Qi looked at her and sighed. "I thought that the arrangement was to go to Switzerland, and it was over. I didn't expect you to see it. I was going to come and close the study, but it was too late. "

When Xiaonian stood there, cold, looking at her in silence.

In fact, Shixiao didn't know what he saw until now.

"There is..."

When Xiaonian pointed to the bookshelf and asked.

Before she had finished speaking, the antique phone on her desk rang. Luo Qi answered the phone, cleared her throat and said calmly, "yes, I'm his wife. I know that you are willing to mediate the grievances between our palace family and Lancaster family. I'm very satisfied. I'll talk to Gong Jue about this. Good, good, bye. "

Finish saying, Luo Qi hangs up the phone, stands up from the desk, looks at when small read, "go, come in with me."


At the thought of the cold air and cold light inside, Xiaonian was afraid of it. She went in and followed LUOQI.

When the air inside is so cold, Xiao Nian circles himself.

Luo Qi slowly walked to the inside, reached out and pressed the light, which immediately became bright.

When I saw a bright room, the fear in Xiaonian's heart gradually decreased, and the room was not so terrible under the light.

Luo Qi went to the chest full of medals, picked up a clean handkerchief and wiped one medal after another, saying, "this medal was not long after I married into the palace, I accompanied my husband to the royal family to be granted."


When Xiaonian didn't know what Luo Qi wanted to say.

Luo Qi stood there, rubbing the medals over and over again, with sad eyes. "Whenever he is in trouble, he will come here to look at these medals, which is the glory of his life."

Is Luo Qi going to talk to her about Gong Jue?

A lifetime of struggle?

A lifetime?

"Come with me." Luo Qi said, go to the partition door, with a slight back.

When Xiaonian looked at the direction of the partition door, frowned, and walked towards the other side step by step stiffly. Under the bright light, the cold light there was covered by the census, and he could not see anything.

Luo Qi enters.

When Xiaonian hesitated to go there, the wall was a gray black wood carving, carved with a two person high Cross relief, and an extra platform came out in the middle, on which were books such as the Bible, as well as candles that had not been burned, and then there were a pile of flowers, which were extremely colorful.

She turned her head slowly, and then she saw what she had expected.

It's not a wooden box.

It's the coffin.

It's really a coffin. It's made of exquisite and thick materials. The cold and quiet light comes from inside. Luo Qi stands on the edge of the coffin and looks inside with low eyes. A light elegant smile floats on her face, and tears flow down.


When small read slowly walk past, walk to Luo Qi's side to look down.

There is a well-dressed corpse, which is a man's corpse. It's very elegant and luxurious. It has a watch that doesn't walk on time on its hand. It has curly brown short hair, closed eyes, deep mixed blood outline, and white frost on its face and hair.

The coffin is like a huge freezer, freezing people.

The man lies in it, even in this scene, he can see his handsome.

But Xiaonian couldn't care so much. She was scared. Her heart beat violently. People kept retreating, all the way to the wall, and stepped on the flower branch, making a slight noise, which scared her half to death.

Luo Qi is still standing there, calm as usual, except for tears on her face.

When Xiaonian looked at Luo Qi in fear and the huge Cross relief on the wall, "he, he is?"

Why is there a body in Gong Jue's study.

What's all this about?

What is Luo Qi's tears?

"My husband is called the palace baron."

Luo Qi said slowly, her voice was full of sadness.

Hearing this, Xiaonian opened his eyes in horror and blurted out, "no way, I saw him yesterday."

How could Gong Jue lie there.

"It's just a double we're looking for. A double that perfectly mimics my husband's voice." Luo Qi said, "training for a whole year, and for his cosmetic surgery, strive to be exactly the same, but there are still deviations, so we can only make him less exposed."