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Chapter 61 take her with you

She did not want to.

She would never.

When Xiaonian fell into a chair, he tightly grasped the knife and fork with both hands, and his heart was in a mess.

In the end, she was dragged to the company by Gong ou, his company.

Tianqingqiqing, N.E building is located in the science and technology area of S City, magnificent.

The president's office is on the high floor of the building, in a large floor window, Gong Ou works at his desk, holding the mouse in his hand and checking the technical report on the computer.

n. E. the hidden danger of mobile phone software is solved perfectly.

Gong Ou put down his mouse and pressed his fingertips on his eyebrows to relieve his fatigue. He turned his head slowly, only to see Xiaonian sitting beside the white desk he had added for her.

She sat there with a brush in her hand, the tip of which was against the white paper, but nothing was drawn.

"What are you doing?"

Gong Ou opens his mouth in a low voice and looks at her with black eyes.

When Xiaonian is called back to her mind, she looks up at Gong ou. The profundity in his eyes makes her startled. She looks away.

His morning's confession kept emerging in front of her. For the first time, she saw someone's confession loudly and fiercely. After being told for the first time, she felt only panic.

"What do you mean, not back to me?"

Gong Ou's tone immediately became sullen and frowned.

"That's what I do when I draw comics. When I think about things, people are more empty." When small read to look down at white paper, light tunnel.

"Cartoonists have a lot of problems, don't they?"

Gong Ou made a mockery, but said nothing more.

When Xiaonian sat there, holding the pen with some strength, sitting here, she could not draw anything.

At the thought that Gong Ou is upset with her now, she is bored to death.

She wanted to go back and forth. She didn't know which advantage she was attracted to by Gong ou. She wanted to blow her head off. She even wanted to rush to him and shout, "don't be interested in me, will you? I'll change it right away!"!

The short doorbell rang twice.

Gong Ou picks up the remote control on the desk and presses it. The door of the office that left for a long time opens automatically.

A secretary came in from the outside, holding a document in her hand. When she saw it, she was obviously stunned, but her good professional quality made her ask nothing. She just handed the document to Gong Ou's desk, "president, this is the information you want."


Gong Ou picks up the information and turns it over.

"President, there will be a lunch meeting between you and Feng in ten minutes. The car is ready." The Secretary said, "what else can I do for you?"

"No, get out."

Gong oudao, let her go.

"Yes, president."

The Secretary can't help looking back at shixiaonian as he walks. His heart is dull. How can the president bring the woman to the company?


Love Ren?

"What do you look at when I'm in the zoo?" Gong Ou noticed the Secretary's curious eyes, and his face suddenly turned cold and his face sank.

As his secretary, he shouldn't have looked around.

The Secretary stood in his place in fear, "president, I......"

She just took one more look.

"Go to the marketing department by yourself. Don't stay in the Secretary's office." Gong Ou said with a calm face.

"Yes, president."

The Secretary's tone was tearful and hurried out.

When Xiaonian sat there and looked at the back of the secretary.

Gong Ou looked at her and said, "why, sympathize with her?"

"No." Xiaonian shook his head honestly. "I just think this secretary is stupid enough. I know that you are a man who can't move and get angry, and dare to look around."

"You're talking about my bad temper."

Gong Ou sulks.


"I just have a bad temper, so what?" Gong Ou just admitted, "what can you do for me?"


When Xiaonian fell into a deep silence, she took out her mobile phone, looked at the time, and then stood up to clean up the painting.

"What do you do?" Gong Ou Dao.

"Pack up." When Xiaonian put the painting in a big bag, put it on one shoulder, and then looked at Gong ou and said, "don't you have a lunch meeting right now? I don't want to stay here. I'll go out and look for something to eat. "

Stuck here for half a day, she wanted to leave.

"Who approved you to go?"

Gong Ou stands up from the table, takes off her backpack and throws it on the chair.

He never respected her drawings.

When Xiaonian looked at his savage action and frowned, a small face was stained with thin anger, "then you go out to eat, I always want to eat, do you want me to stay here all the time? Is she really your dog? Should the dog be let out for a walk, too? "

Is he trying to keep her stuck here?

Hearing this, Gong Ou was amused, and Jun Pang's anger disappeared. His smile was full of charm. He reached for her head and said, "I'll go out and walk you now."


"I'll go to the lunch meeting and you'll wait for me in the car." Gong Ou Dao.

When small read startled, "why?"

Why did she wait for his meeting.

"Because I'm upset at the way you're trying to leave me." Gong Ou patted her head and her eyes were bright. "And I want to see you as soon as I finish!"

In the last sentence, he was very aggressive and autocratic.


When Xiaonian looked at him a little sluggish.

He said, "I want to see you as soon as I finish.".

Before, he used to tease her and scold her for nothing. Since last night's cruise night, he's talking now I don't want to hide my strong interest in her at all.

"Let's go."

Gong Ou said that he would go as soon as he grasped her hand and did not care about her wishes.

Shi Xiaonian was dragged away by him. His legs were heavy and he couldn't help saying, "can't you take my wishes into consideration?"

Since he likes her, shouldn't he respect her more?

Hearing this, Gong Ou stood still and looked back at her. His black eyes fixed on her.

Time seems to freeze.

After staring for a long time, Xiaonian heard him say with a straight face, "I can take care of it, but compared with my wishes, yours is not important! It doesn't matter! "


When Xiaonian looked at him speechless.

He was a paranoid, a paranoid with a terrible arrogance.

Gong Oula takes her to walk out quickly. His long legs and steps are very big, so Xiao Nian has to trot to keep up with him.

Outside the luxury hotel, a luxury car stopped at the door.

When Xiaonian sat in the back of the car, he was so bored that he counted his fingers.

Gong Ou has gone to the lunch meeting. She is the only one left.

She suddenly understood that Gong Ou didn't really press her before, and gave her a certain free life. Now he simply pointed out the words, and she knew what was forced life.

Today's life is really imprisonment.

He goes to work, she follows; he goes home, she follows; he talks, she must stay in the car.

What does she belong to Gong Ou now, Qing Ren? Girl friend? No, more like he said, she is his dog, pet dog, she has no time at all.

She lost her freedom mentally and physically. She can't afford the way a paranoid man loves her.

Which is like, which is love, clearly just want to possess.

Shi Xiaonian sat in the car more and more stuffy, so stuffy that she couldn't breathe. She pushed the door open to get off.

The driver hurried to get out of the car and said nervously, "Miss Shi, Mr. Gong said, you can't go anywhere."

"I'll stand here and breathe."

Shi Xiaonian said, pacing back and forth at the door of the hotel, wasting time on waiting.

Her stomach gradually emptied and hunger surged up.

She turned for a long time at the door of the hotel, and finally returned to the car, folded her legs, and pressed her hands against her stomach to resist the feeling of fasting.

"Mr. Gong, you are back."

The driver's voice rang and he opened the door for Gong ou.


Gong Ou answers lazily, stoops to sit in, throws a wooden bento box to Xiao Nian's lap.

Across the lid, Xiao Nian can smell the fragrance. She looks at Gong ou. He doesn't have a bad conscience. He knows what to bring to her.

When Xiaonian opened the box, he began to eat.

"Say thank you, or you won't eat."

Gong Ou is dissatisfied with the way that the woman is not polite at all.

"Thank you."

When small read to learn words rigidly, in order to lunch she forbear, she lowered her head and quickly put food in her mouth.

Gong Ou sat next to her, looking more and more disgusted, "can't you eat better? There are a lot of yours. "

Don't you think her eating is the same?

When Xiaonian's eyes suddenly brightened, he simply ate worse. He put a mouthful into his mouth before he finished chewing, and he looked at Gong Ou at the same time. His eyes were wide.

Look, look, look.

See how ugly she looks. He lost interest in her.


Gong Ou stares at her chewing lips. If she chews too much, she will have too much. His brows are tight.

See, when Xiaonian eats more violently, after swallowing a mouthful, she directly buries a prawn in her mouth. The body of the prawn is too big, so she can only hold half of it.

It should be uglier.

When Xiaonian was chewing in front of Gong ou, he was chewing all the time.

Her lips are getting greasier and greasier, and the prawn tail is sweeping on her lips like a kiss.

Gong Ou stares at her. He should be very disgusted. However, he envies the shrimp. The golden shrimp and her soft lips are in close contact, desperately stimulating his exclusive desire.

She is his.

Not everyone, even a shrimp.

As soon as his throat is tight and his black eyes are deep, he suddenly leans towards her, grabs the end of the shrimp that hasn't been eaten by her, and sticks his thin lips to her lips.


When Xiaonian opened his eyes in shock.

What's the situation?

Don't you dislike her food? Why did you suddenly kiss her? Which star dislike?

Gong Ou bites off the tail of the shrimp and holds her lips to ravage and kiss.

When Xiaonian was kissed breathlessly, he swallowed the shrimp in his mouth.

Gong Ou hugs her with one hand and kisses her. Suddenly, he lets her go, stretches out his long arm, grabs the bento box in her hand, grabs the chopsticks and starts to eat.

Get rid of this and his lip snatch.

When Xiaonian looks at him in shock, eat her mouth and rob her food?