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Chapter 361 Gong Ou's car accident

At that time, Xiaonian didn't stop at all. Her eyes seemed to be covered with the fog of England.

So thick, I can see nothing but hatred.


Gong Ou screamed out, with fear in his eyes.


At that time, Xiaonian's eyes were red and completely blinded by hatred.

"Stop and read it!"

Gong Ou roars, a pair of black eyes look at her face, only to see that her face is full of hate, like suddenly changed a person, eyes even have murderous spirit, such as people into the devil.

Is that how she hates him?

I hate to die with him.


At the last moment, the security guards opened the electric door in time. The red sports car flew out like an arrow without stopping.

The security guards stood on the side, was blown a strong wind, then looked, the sports car has disappeared in the night, even the shadow can not see.

God, how fast is the car going.

"Hurry up, call the police. There will be an accident at this speed."

The security guards looked at each other and thought of calling the police.

At three o'clock in the morning, there are very few vehicles on the road, only listening to the wind whistling by, the red sports car rushes out and performs a thrilling speed on the road.

"When reading! You stop the car for me right now, do you hear me! "

Cried Gong oshi, reaching for her arm.

When Xiaonian sat in the driver's seat, he shook his arm away. He held it tightly. She swung even more. She could not hold the steering wheel with one hand, and the car was going awkwardly and quickly on the road.

The tempo at which things happen.

Gong Ou takes it back.

"Stop! You will die! "

Gong ou could only roar desperately in her ear. The fear in her eyes was more and more strong, and her long eyelashes were shaking.

He thought of the scene of Gong Yu's accident.

He is afraid of traffic accidents.

Stop! Stop!

Like something exploding in his body, his face began to look ugly, his long fingers touching the door, his fingers trembling and twisted, looking for some kind of protection.

At that time, Xiaonian couldn't hear him at all. All she could think of were those sad and funny pictures.

She said fiercely, "Gong ou, why do you do this to me? What do you want? I've been dumped by you. I've been imprisoned. You've robbed one of my children! Is it because I haven't suffered enough, so you have to pester me like this! You don't want me to get over it, then let's not get over it! "

She's not a prisoner, but she's going to provoke her.

All dead.

Dead quiet!

No one can make her suffer!

As he said this, Xiaonian stepped on the accelerator more desperately and drove forward recklessly.

She turned on the high beam. In the distance, there was only a section of construction site with a lot of things piled up.

And she went crazy straight ahead.

"When reading! You stop fucking for me, do you hear me! " Gong Ou screams out in tears. There is no way to take her.

She will die.

She would die in front of him, like his brother, with a totally different face.

"Gong ou, I've had enough of you!"

Red sports car rushed to the construction site.

Seeing that it's too late, Gong Ou's eyes suddenly shake. People directly cross the gear and stretch out their long arms to grab the steering wheel control with her. When Xiaonian grabs the steering wheel recklessly.

In the early hours of the morning, the road was rickety and askew, rushing forward.

There was a car passing by and it scared me to reverse and back up.

Gong Ou grabs the steering wheel and looks at the situation in front of him, shouting, "stop! I'll do whatever you want! I'll give you my life if you want! As long as you live for me! Stop! Do you hear me! "


When hearing this, Xiao Nian's heart and mouth were severely stagnated, and his eyes were stagnated, as if he had been severely slapped.

Her hand slipped off the steering wheel.

But it's too late.

The sports car pounced on the construction road like a beast.

"Step on the brake!"

Gong Ou cried out loudly. When he was facing, Xiao Nian rushed to him. It was totally a subconscious reaction. He touched something under the seat with one hand and lowered the driver's seat.

It took him less than two seconds to do the sequence.

He was all over her, holding on to the handle with one hand, not letting his weight completely suppress her.


A loud noise.

One corner of the sports car hit the heavy object hard, and the other corner suddenly sank in.

This is not serious. In the last second, Xiao Nian stepped on the brake.

But the car still ran over.

When the car body shakes severely, Xiaonian's body seems to be thrown aside, strangled by the safety belt and blocked by Gong Ou's broad body.

Gong Ou's control was still shaken by the impact of that moment. He hit the steering wheel and hit his head against the window.


The voice was loud.

When Xiaonian suddenly woke up, the whole person half fell on the seat and looked at the man in astonishment.

Gong Ou's hand is still holding the handle, and the window has been hit by a broken crack, like a transparent snowflake.

Gong Ou's head is leaning against the window, his eyes are staring at her directly and deeply.

But there was no light in his eyes.

For a moment, his face was white, red blood flowed from his forehead, like a thin stream flowing down his handsome face, destroying all his greatness.

When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, his voice suddenly became hoarse, "Gong ou, are you ok?"


Gong Ou leaned against the window and said nothing.

"Gong Ou? Gong Ou? Gong Ou? "

He called out his name three times in a row. When Xiaonian suddenly realized something, he trembled with fear and slowly raised his hand to his nose.

And a little warm breath.

Not dead.

When Xiaonian's breath became rapid, "Gong Ou? Gong Ou? "

After several steps, she realized that he might have passed out.

But his eyes were still open, all the time, just looking at her.

The drops of blood on his face fell on her hands, like a flame burning on her fingers, burning her flesh and bones.

When Xiaonian half lies there, hesitates for two seconds, then reaches for his bag.

She dare not touch Gong Ou's body, her fingers are shaking.

She picked up her mobile phone and touched Gong Ou's blood on her finger. She called Feng de directly. She knew that Feng de was more efficient than anyone else.

The phone will connect soon.

When Xiaonian was trapped in a small car, he looked at Gong Ou's face with one eye, and his voice was trembling and hoarse. "Manager Feng, we have a car accident. The address is..."


In the hospital, Feng De, who was rushed by the news, was busy, guarding Gong ou for such an examination.

In the open and silent corridor, when Xiaonian stood there against the cold wall, her back was slightly bent, the light hit her face, her face was pale.

"Stop! I'll do whatever you want! I'll give you my life if you want! As long as you live for me! "

At the moment of collision, Gong Ou's whole body pounced on him.

She didn't get hurt except for the one that hit him.

But Gong Ou was knocked out.

He sprang up in a hurry. She watched his head smash into the car glass. She watched his head burst


Why do you do this? Why do you protect her.

He's not going to die.

He didn't care about her life and death for a long time. Why did he keep his eyes open until the coma, like the last guard.

The sound of the wheels rolling on the ground came.

When Xiaonian turned around, he saw Feng de and the doctors pushing the car.

Gong Ou lies on it. He is in a coma. His head is wrapped in a circle of white gauze. The blood on his face has not been completely wiped. There are spots of blood on his face. His face is white and bloodless.

Pushing the cart into the private VIP ward, Feng de and the doctors moved the comatose Gong ou to the huge double bed with careful movements.

When Xiaonian stood there, he looked down at Gong OU on the bed, his eyes stagnated, his heart and mouth seemed to be sealed, which was very uncomfortable.

"Thank you, Dean." Feng de reached out and shook hands with one of the doctors in a white coat.

"You are welcome, housekeeper." President Xie stood there and said, glancing at Gong OU on the bed, "Mr. Gong has been hit by concussion. He has bruises on his back and waist, but there is no obvious injury. First, observe for a while. You can rest assured that we will do our best to take care of Mr. Gong."

"Thank you so much." But please help me a little bit. Mr. Gong's accident can't be disclosed, which will affect his personal reputation and N.E

"Don't worry. I'll take care of it right away. I'll be full on the upper floor." President Xie is a smart man.

"Thank you."

Feng de nodded and sent the dean and the doctor away.

When Xiaonian slowly walked to the bedside, looked down at the man on the bed, he was in a coma, his face was all pale, with a strong smell of Medicine on his body.

He closed his eyes, his eyelashes were long and long, his nose was handsome, his lips were thin.

Why so desperate to save her?

She doesn't understand.

If she hadn't braked hard and crashed at that speed, he would have been dead, not just bruised and concussed.

At that time, did he take this into account?

You know you have to protect her even if you are dead.

When Xiaonian stared at Gong ou with low eyes, a pair of black and white eyes were dim, her eyes fell on his ears, only saw that the diamond earrings were a little askew, revealing a deep line.


When Xiaonian looked at it in amazement, he bent down to take out the earnails.

He didn't have a hole in his ear, just a nail the size of a finger cap.

As soon as the earnails were removed, Xiao Nian saw the dark scar under Gong Ou's earlobe, and she opened her eyes in shock.

How could this happen.

The scar on the earlobe is terrible. It's thin and crooked. It's like the ear is torn by someone. But who dares to tear his ear.

He is Gong ou.

The ineffable and maddening Gong ou.

He was the only one who bullied others. When was he bullied.

"Miss Shi."

Feng De is busy. He comes in from the outside with a stack of inspection documents in his hand. He is very tired.