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Chapter 643 Gong Ou's anger

Luo Qi sat there, her beautiful eyes staring at Gong ou, her face showing embarrassed color, her breathing began to get heavier, and she stared at Shi Xiaonian painfully and angrily, "I shouldn't let you go!"

With that, Luo Qi grabs the antique phone on the table and stands up and smashes it at shixiaonian. Shixiaonian subconsciously shrinks his head. Gong Ou quickly turns his side to block her. He is smashed severely on his back. When he wrists his brow, he doesn't even hum.

"Gong Ou?"

When Xiaonian looks at Gong Ou in astonishment and apprehends him anxiously.

"Gong ou, are you ok?" See his son was hit by himself, Luo Qi hurried to check his injury, "I'm sorry, my mother didn't mean to, let me see where the injury is."


Gong Ou said in a deep voice, pushing aside Xiaonian's hand, turning to look at Luo Qi. Her eyes were deep, "mother, announce to the public, bury her father."

It's not the best way to hide.

When Xiaonian looks at Gong Ou's back, his coat is hit with a trace.

She knew that she didn't confess everything with Gong Ou at the first time. Gong Ou was angry with her, but she was facing the injury. Gong ou still blocked her conditionally.

"Public announcement?" Luo Qi murmured and repeated Gong Ou's words, slumped down on the chair like losing all his strength. "No, it's not the time yet."

"Do you want to keep your father frozen?"

"Lancaster is making a lot of trouble now. Your father is together now. With their solid foundation in this circle, it is easy to kick us out. Now he can still be afraid of your father." Luo Qi said, firmly disagree with the public announcement.

"It's just a noble saying. It's not so important! He Lancaster dare to do that, I can make them more difficult to survive year by year! "

Gong Ou said in a deep voice.

As expected by Luo Qi, Gong Ou is so arrogant. He only thinks what he thinks is important, and the rest is totally ignored by him.

"Gong ou, what you see as dust is what your father has fought for all his life." Luo Qi said, sat there and said bravely, "I know, I can't change you, you can ignore, I'm in charge of the palace now, I'll decide everything."

"No, I have to bury my father. Don't play such a boring game of one man and two horns!"

If you play any more, Luo Qi will be possessed.

Luo Qi confronts Gong ou and says, "OK, now go to your father and make an oath that you are willing to pay the best you can for the honor and disgrace of the palace family next, and you are willing to inherit the palace family. I will let you announce it to the public."

Gong Ou was just about to speak when a quiet male voice sounded behind him, "mother, I'll come."


Gong Ou's body is sluggish and his hands are tightly clenched into fists.

When Xiaonian listened to the voice, he closed his eyes silently and felt guilty. Gong Yu still chose to stop playing, which was her fault.

Luo Qi sits at her desk and looks at Gong Ou's back with wide eyes in astonishment. Su Yan's face is full of disbelief and the fine lines around her eyes are shaking.

Gong Yu came out from behind Gong ou, took off his sunglasses and mask. He had a slight injury on his face, and his eyes were red. He looked at Luo Qi deeply.

Luo Qi was completely shocked and looked at him stupidly. Her lips trembled for a long time and she couldn't say anything

It was a terrible shake.

When Xiaonian quietly stood aside, Gong Yu watched Luo Qi, slowly walked around the desk to Luo Qi's side and knelt down.

Luo Qi couldn't believe looking at him. For a long time, she reached out her hands and stroked Gong Yu's face. She stroked Gong Yu's face gently with her thumbs on his face. She stroked his eyebrows and eyes, stroked his nose, and asked in a trembling voice, "is that you? Is it really you? "

Why does this man look so like her son? How can it be so like him.

"It's me." Gong Yu knelt on the ground and said, "mother, I'm late."

Hearing this, Luo Qi's tears fell down completely. She reached out and held Gong Yu in her arms. Her hand was firmly attached to his back brain, as if Gong Yu would suddenly disappear as soon as she let go.

"My son, my son is back."

Luo Qi choked.

When Xiaonian stood there, she had never seen Luo Qi cry so recklessly. Luo Qi has always been a beautiful woman, elegant, graceful and beautiful, but now her face is full of tears.

All of a sudden, Luo Qi cried and beat Gong Yu. She thumped him hard. "How can you behave like this? How can you not contact with your family for more than ten years? I thought you were dead. I thought you were dead, you bad boy."

"I'm sorry, mother."

Gong Yu knelt on the ground and said nothing, leaving Luo Qi to fight.

"How can you do this? I can't bear you much. How can you do this?"

Luo Qi cries and scolds again, beating and reluctantly hugging Gong Yu.

Charles and Fengde stood aside. At this moment, Charles recognized Gong Yu. He was totally shocked. The master of the palace family died for four years, but he still lived with a double. The master of the palace family lived clearly, but it was thought that he had been dead for more than ten years.


Gong Yu's return made Luo Qi look sad for more than days, crying and laughing. Finally, she was willing to let the maid dress her up and sit on the sofa in the hall in a beautiful suit.

Gong Yu deserves to be the most harmonious young master of the palace family. A few words made Luo Qi laugh frequently.

"The older the rest of the women are, the younger the mother is, just like when I left."

"At that time, I was standing on the shanrier bridge, watching the female models coming, so ugly that I turned around and left."

"I have a picture with penguins here. How about it? Is it good?"

Gong Yu sits beside Luo Qi and takes her hand to tell her about her experiences over the years. She talks vividly. Luo Qi smiles and listens. Her eyes, wet with tears, stare at him and touch his face from time to time for fear that the suddenly appeared son will become a fake.

When Xiaonian and Gong Ou sit beside him, he turns his eyes to Gong ou. His face is very ugly. A pair of black eyes have been staring at Gong Yu and Luo Qi. They don't know what they are thinking.

When small read purses lip, reach out to hold him, haven't touched, Gong Ou drew out the hand, put on own knee.

It's like an unintentional action, but Xiao Nian's heart beats hard. It's not a taste.

"I don't think you'll make such a feint to escape. You used to be more secure than Gong ou." Luo Qi stroked Gong Yu's face. She complained, but her eyes were full of her mother's love for her son.

It's just fine.

Just live.

"At that time, I was very young, so I thought of such a way to run when I was stressed." Gong Yu smiled lightly and said gently, "I'm old now. I know what to do and what not to do."

"What do you mean?"

Luo Qi looks at him in surprise.

"I come to manage all the internal affairs of the palace, and Gong Ou's temperament is not suitable for dealing with those people, is it?" Gong Yu said, "besides, I am the eldest son of Gong family. Gong Ou has no right to fight with me."

Smell speech, when small read to Gong ou, Gong Ou's face more ugly.

"Do you really want to run the palace?"

Luo Qi asked happily, holding Gong Yu's hand firmly.

"Yes, I've had enough playing outside. It's time to come back and take over the affairs of the palace." Gong Yu nodded gently and reached for Luo Qi's long hair. "How can I make my beautiful mother grow old for these complicated affairs? I will not allow it."

It's impossible for Luo Qi to hear these words from Gong ou. Luo Qi said with a smile, "what are you talking about when you are old? It's good for you to come back and manage the palace well. Your brother can't be better inside and outside."

Money has.



The palace has everything.

"Yes." Gong Yu nodded and turned his eyes to Gong ou. "Gong ou, I think so. You go back to s city first. The news of father's death can't be announced to the public for the time being. After I start the affairs of the palace, you will come back to mourn."

Gong Ou's face grew darker.

Gong Yu said and looked at Luo Qi. "Mother, do you think this is good?"

"Well, how nice it will be for your brother to have a lot of business in and out." Luo Qi is very satisfied with this result. The palace family was originally to be inherited by Gong Gu.

Gong Yu is gentle and stable. Gong Ou is talented and intelligent. His intelligence is very high. It's hard for them to join up and others want to regret Gong's position.

"In this case, Gong ou and Xiao Nian, you can go back to s city tomorrow and come back when I get the news."

Gong Yu looks at Gong ou and says to Shi Xiaonian.

When Xiaonian didn't make a sound, he just looked at Gong ou. Gong Ou stood up from the sofa with a gloomy face and walked away without looking back.

Leave a room embarrassed.

When Xiaonian lowers his head to Luo Qi and Gong Gu, and then catches up with Gong ou. Gong Ou enters the room and smashes the door severely in front of Xiaonian, who is blocked out.

When Xiaonian looked at the door, his heart was as uncomfortable as what was buried, and his eyes were sour.

She adjusted her breath, pushed open the door and walked in. Gong Ou fell on the bed, his hands on his head. Suddenly he sat up, grabbed a pillow and smashed it out.

The pillow fell on her feet.

When Xiaonian stood there silently and looked at Gong ou, she knew that Gong Ou was angry with her, but she didn't know how to explain. He just knew that his father had been dead for four years, and he still needed to digest this matter.

She stooped to pick up the pillow, patted it gently, and said nothing.

When Xiaonian sat on a chair beside him with a pillow in his arms, he quietly accompanied Gong ou.

Gong Ou's restraint is really much stronger than before. In the past, he would have torn down the whole bedroom, but now he just threw a pillow.

Gong Ou sits on the bed, takes off his shoes, throws them to the ground, turns his eyes and stares at Shi Xiaonian, only to see her sitting there with a pillow in her arms and shouts, "why don't you discuss with me?"