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Chapter 653 I hate that man

Hearing this, Gong Ou looks at her and sees a flash of light in her eyes. The dumb and sullen voice roars out of her throat, "yes! I blame him! What is he? What else did he see except the fame of the palace family? He didn't let us go when he was alive, and now he's dead or he won't let us go! "


When Xiaonian was roared by him, his eyes jumped.

"For four years, he even thought of using a double to keep himself alive when he died! It's not funny! " Gong Ou angrily exclaimed, "to say good is ambition, to say bad is selfishness! Did he ever think about his mother, who had been with him for so many years, and who would support the palace in his name if he died! "



"I hate that man. If he can get out of the coffin now, I will beat him!"

Gong Ou shouts.

The man never took their family seriously. He was crazy like a madman to grow the palace tree, whether they wanted to soil and fertilize it or not.

When Xiaonian looked at him, he let out the depression. She knelt on the bed, stretched out her hand ring to live in Gong ou, and said softly, "OK, I won't talk."

When Gong Jue died, his family should have been sad, but Gong Yu and Gong Ou had no time to be sad because they had to deal with the problems left by Gong Jue.

Gong Ou sits on the bed and leans against her bosom, suppressing his anger, and his voice is dumb. "When Xiaonian, am I really a fool to say that?"

People are dead. As a son, he doesn't follow his will but tries to overthrow it here.

"No." Xiaonian whispered and lowered his head to kiss his hair.

It's said that when people die, they hope to leave their children a rich legacy so that they can live a comfortable life. However, Gong Jue's legacy is not only heavy but also heavy for his sons.

"When I read it."

"Well." When small read light voice way.

"I want to go back."

Gong Ou suddenly said, there is no anger and ferocity just now, only fatigue.

When he heard this, Xiaonian let go of his hand and knelt down in front of him. His eyes looked at him carefully, and his brows were slightly wrinkled.

"Me too, Miyo." Shi Xiaonian said, "I want to go back to China. I want to go back to s city."

Gong Ou stares at her deeply. Her eyes are dark. She reaches out and touches her face. Her voice is deep. "If this engagement ceremony can be held successfully, I will take you away!"


Can he give up so easily?

When Xiaonian saw that he didn't speak, she was too clear about Gong Ou's character, he would not give up so easily, he didn't give up what she didn't feel, but she was worried about what happened before he was forced to get engaged.

He can always do something amazing.

So, she had to find a way to break through Luo Qi before she got engaged. She had to find a way to make Luo Qi change her mind.

"What kind of eyes do you have? You don't believe I will take you away?"

Gong Ou stares at her.

"Believe it."

I just don't know when that time is. Shixiaonian smiled and said, "OK, go to bed. Mother has arranged for us to try on the dress tomorrow."

"I don't want to try!" Gong Ou pulled up the quilt and lay down on the bed. "When I think about that York, I can spit out yesterday's meal."

"Where did she offend you?" People just follow their parents' orders to get married.

"Too ugly."

“……” When Xiaonian lay down with him, he said, "who can judge the likes and dislikes by their beauty and ugliness?"

"Everyone is like this. If you were not beautiful, I would like to see you?"

Gong Ou Dao.

"I'm not so beautiful." Shi Xiaonian said that she was beautiful in his eyes.

"If I'm not handsome, can you think of me when you are young?" Gong Ou gives another example.


When Xiaonian found that he was speechless.

"Besides, that woman is not only ugly, but also very hot tempered. Do you know how many times she has had a hot temper in front of her brother? Brother almost didn't bring her shoes for the marriage. "

Gongou cold tunnel.


When Xiaonian listened quietly, she also heard that Miss York had not discussed a marriage since she was over 30 years old because she had a strong personality. She needed everyone to respect her as the queen and often beat and scold servants. She was not a pleasant person since she was a child. She thought those were just rumors.

If Gong Yu really wants to marry such a person, her guilt in her whole life will not be washed away.


In the middle of the night, Xiaonian wakes up in Gong Ou's arms. She is thirsty. She takes Gong Ou's hand and gets up from the bed. She goes to the table and pours a glass of water.

I saw that the diary was left under the curtain by Gong ou. When Xiao Nian went to pick it up, she moved the curtain away and looked out at it casually.

Their bedroom floor was not high, so she could see a figure clearly downstairs.

It's Luo Qi.

She was wearing a white nightdress and long hair. Standing in front of a cluster of flowers, she cut a flower with scissors. The moonlight flowed like water on Luo Qi's body. The picture was very beautiful.

From the beginning to the present, Shi Xiaonian marveled at the beauty of Luo Qi.

It's such a beautiful age. How outstanding it should be when you are young.

Sometimes she didn't understand that with such a beauty, how could Gong Jue only concentrate on Gong's family? Love was so contemptuous to ambitious men?

After thinking about it, Xiaonian put down the cup and diary, turned around and walked out of the room, went downstairs and into the garden, "mother."

Luo Qi is cutting flowers. Hearing this, she turns around and looks at her. She is a little surprised. "Haven't you slept yet?"

"Can't sleep and come out for a walk." When small read light smile, look at her hands red flowers, "for father pick flowers?"

Luo Qi looked down at the flower in her hand, with a soft smile on her face. "Well, this kind of flower only grows at night."

Said Luo Qi to bend down and cut flowers.

It turns out that the flowers beside Gong Jue's coffin were all cut by Luo Qi himself. When Xiao Nian stood by her side and looked at her, Luo Qi even cut the flower branches, which was elegant and noble. It seemed that people were enjoying a picture.

"Mother, may I draw a picture for you?"

Thinking about it, Xiaonian asked.


Luo Qi stood up to look at her and thought she had heard it wrong.

"In fact, I have always wanted to draw for my mother since I first met her." When small read light tunnel, "mother is a beauty who can't wait to write."

Any woman would like to hear a compliment on her appearance.

Luo Qi glanced at her and said, "is this the rhetoric of a painter when he finds a model? I thought you were always resenting me. "

Hearing this, Xiao Nian stood there and smiled, "it's false to say that no resentment. I really hated the palace when I was locked in the tower."

"And now?" Asked roach.

"Now? I can fix it for Gong ou and any enemy. " Shi Xiaonian said, "what's more, you are not my enemy, just a noble lady with less ruthlessness and softness."

In the night, Luo Qi looks at her. Her eyes are clear and softer than the moonlight. They are not aggressive, which makes people angry.

Luo Qi put down her scissors and said, "do you really want to draw me?"

"May I have the honor?"

Asked shixiaonian.

Luo Qi stood there thinking and said, "well, I haven't asked the painter to draw a picture for me for a long time. I'll let you do it sometime."

Now it's all photography. The last portrait dates back to Gong Ou's birth. He painted a family portrait.


I nodded.

With that, Luo Qi lowered her head again to cut flowers, cutting off the best blooming flowers one by one, and then went inside.

When small read don't want to let go of this and Luo Qi get along with time, so follow up.

Luo Qi turned her eyes and looked at her. It was strange, but she didn't say anything.

When Xiaonian followed her all the way into Gongjue's study, the bookshelf was opened, and a cold air came out. They were not dressed much.

When small read cold beat a shiver, follow Luo Qi into.

Luo Qi holds the flower and puts it on the coffin. She looks down at the man in the coffin, with a faint smile on her beautiful face. "Is the flower blooming very well tonight?"


When Xiaonian stood by and looked at her.

"In two days, Gong Yu will be engaged. It's Miss York. She is said to be more powerful, but I know she can get along well." Luo Qi and Gong Jue spoke in a very gentle voice.

"Do you really think they get along well?"

Asked shixiaonian.

Even if it is a marriage, it requires two people to get along peacefully. If Miss York is like the rumor, how can Gong Yu get along well with her.

"What do you mean?"

When Luo Qi looks at it, she reads.

"Just a sigh. Mother, how important do you think love is to a person? " When small read to go forward, standing in front of Luo Qi asked.

She was not afraid to see the coffin as she had at first.

Smell speech, Luo Qi low smile, "not important, only you and Gong ou can eat the so-called love. Do you have a problem with Gong Yu's marriage? "

Luo Qi is a smart woman. When Xiao Nian started, she knew what she was going to say.


When Xiaonian stood in front of the coffin and looked down at the man who was frozen in the coffin. Even lying in the cold coffin, the man was still like a king, dominating everything.

"Does mother really think love doesn't matter?" When small read low eyes to see the flowers on the coffin, "then why to pick flowers for father in the middle of the night? Isn't this flower the flower of your acquaintance? Why should I freeze my father for four years? I just want him to accompany you? Why did you do such a small act to marry your father? "

Smell speech, Luo Qi looks at her with some consternation, "how do you know?"

"I read Charles's diary and I've heard him say something."

Said Shi Xiaonian honestly.

Luo Qi stood there, his face suddenly became a little angry, "this Gong Ou is really more and more nonsense, how to pet you."