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Chapter 404 a stranger


"If, as you said, you will have an accident one day, then I will still be by your side, but you haven't been better to me for a day, aren't you more upset?" Mu qianchu said with a chuckle.


When small read low eyes stare at him, already can't find any word to refute.

Mu qianchu squats there, continues to knead her ankle, carefully and attentively, as if he is treating a valuable work of art.

In the end, mu qianchu was involved by her.


The city of S is very prosperous with brilliant lights, neon lights and endless traffic. People walk in the streets.

There is a big news broadcast on countless TV screens -

the world-famous ceremony of noble engagement will be held in s city of China, at which time s city will be under martial law.

This is an explosive news.

The marriage and engagement ceremony of the two foreign nobles was held in China. All parties speculated about the reason. The media said that Gong Ou attached importance to the huge market in China. Some said that Gong Ou set N.E in S City, which clearly meant to settle down in China. It was normal to hold the engagement ceremony in China.

However, this move will bring a new look to s city.

Numerous international celebrities will gather in s city at that time. How many international exchanges and economic cooperation will be driven by that time is also a matter of heated discussion in the news. Even the guest list has become a hot topic.

Numerous products are launched in the city, such as the cartoon characters of Gong ou and Mona, the robot cartoon version of Mr series, and the same style of Gong ou are very popular in the market, which is called President's hair style.

Before the engagement ceremony, the city became the most popular tourist destination in China.

In such a grand engagement ceremony, many unrelated people are immersed in it and look forward to that day.

At the same time, the disaster of shixiaonian came one after another.

Just as Gong Ou is flying now, she will be in a state of decline.

During the period before Gong Ou's engagement, Shi Xiaonian was frightened many times. Sometimes when she was walking well, there were cars coming to her. Sometimes when she was eating outside, there were inexplicable people coming to her.

The pattern of the other side is endless.

Mu qianchu and the eyebrow scar doctor have been keeping by her side. If not for them, Xiao Nian really doubts that she can escape several times.

Time flies.

Gradually, shixiaonian has nothing to do with Gong ou.

There is no intersection.

No meeting.

He will appear in front of the media, holding Mona, confident, arrogant and invincible;

and she, accompanied by mu qianchu, will travel around and publicize. Mu qianchu wears a mask to protect her like a bodyguard, but often fans will ask if they are lovers. At first, she would explain, slowly she also no longer solemnly clarify, smile and pass.

He's trying on his engagement dress;

she's going to the propaganda ground in her neat and easy clothes.

He was checking the flow of the engagement ceremony;

she carefully guarded every stranger around her.

He told the world that engagement was his new start;

she quietly publicized, and the number of publicity sessions gradually decreased, she knew that this was the end of her career.

They live in the same city, in the same neighborhood, but they are like two worlds apart.

The distance between them is getting farther and farther. Like two people running against each other, they are getting farther and farther. Even if they look back occasionally, they can no longer see each other.

Occasionally, Xiaonian will see Gong ou and Mona appear in the same frame on TV. Seeing that everything is well and his complexion is getting better and better, the wound on her forehead can hardly be seen, she can face it with a smile.

On one of the city's tall buildings, the windows on the ground reflect the gorgeous fireworks all over the sky.

Because of the sudden increase of tourists, the whole city often puts off fireworks at night, looking out from the French windows, which is very beautiful.

When small read to wear a simple and neat clothes, sitting on the sofa in front of the French window, turned his wrist.

The tea table in front of her is full of comic books. She is signing, and both pens have been cancelled. Just downstairs, she finished her last signing meeting.

A sensational scene.

A lot of fans who didn't wait were calling from below, so Xiao Nian signed a little more upstairs and asked the staff to take it down to everyone.

She decided to close the pen. How much can she do for her fans.

When Xiaonian turned her wrist and looked out at the fireworks, which were blooming in layers of different shapes, colors, layers, and beautiful.

"Still signing?"

From a gentle male voice.

When Xiaonian turned his head, he saw mu qianchu, dressed in elegant clothes, coming from a distance on the ground of light, holding two cups of coffee in his hand and two bandages on the wrist of one hand.

"Is your hand all right?"

Asked shixiaonian.

This is a new injury yesterday. During the publicity backstage, someone accidentally splashed the hot lunch box and soup at her. Mu qianchu pulled her, but his hand was scratched on the side of the wall.

"Don't worry about small things." Mu qianchu reached out and handed her a cup of coffee. Seeing that the sofa beside her was full of comic books, he sat down on the single sofa on her left hand side and said, "you've signed for several hours more. That's enough. Let's go back."

His voice is gentle and gentle, with a strong pain.

"I'll sign what I have here and go." Xiaonian smiled and said, "anyway, we will leave tomorrow. I can sleep on the plane."

Tomorrow must go. The day after tomorrow is the engagement ceremony of Gong ou. The transportation of the whole city will not be convenient.

Originally, she was not in a hurry to go, anyway, wherever she went, she would be stared at and brought disaster.

She wanted her mother to take Xiaokui back to Italy first, but her mother seemed to be aware of something, and resolutely refused to go back alone. She had to go with her and not let her stay alone.

When it comes to going back, mu qianchu's eyes are deep, and he said, "you said last time that you asked me to pay attention to the Xi family, which is a low-key secret family. But recently, I received the news that someone has paid attention to the Xi family."


When hearing the words, Xiao Nian's eyes darkened.

As expected, without any information, she started to pay attention to the host's family. This is not Luo Qi's style of work. She will not be cruel to this extent.

I'm afraid that master Gong has already known about Xi Yu, so she and Xi's family are being watched at the same time.

She knew the truth would be revealed one day, but she didn't expect it to be so soon. Is it Mona who feels that the time is ripe to get rid of her eyesore and informs the palace family?

"Xiaonian, what's the matter? The palace family still has to stare at the banquet family?" Moqianchu asked, holding his coffee cup.

"In fact, there is nothing to say about it. I want to rot it in my stomach." When small read to say frankly, she can't say the thing of Xi Yu to the outside.

This is her brother's privacy.

Hearing this, mu qianchu did not force her to say anything, but said, "now it seems that it is not the safest to go back to Italy, only one step at a time. But it's strange to say that none of the hands that the other side is throwing at you are full of fanfare. It's like trying to cause an accident. "

But they are not stupid. There are many accidents. Who will take them as accidents.

When Xiaonian took a sip of coffee, the bitter taste melted in her mouth. "I'm gong Ou's ex girlfriend. If I was killed suddenly before and after the engagement ceremony, what would I think of it? How could it be an accident?"

What's more, Gong ou can't say anything when he gets an accident.

In addition, master Gong also tried to seal the past of Xi Yu and Gong Yu, so that the people of Xi family could disappear quietly in the world, so that he would not have to make much noise.

"It's a close call."

Mu qianchu mocks the tunnel.

"The Gong family was in a low position at that time. Later, it was in the master's hands that they got better. He didn't have any means to make the Gong family prosperous. Soldiers come to block and water comes to cover. Well, if you don't say that, I will continue to sign. " Shi Xiaonian said, put the coffee cup aside, move his knuckles and continue to sign.

Muqianchu was browed by the bitter taste of coffee, and casually said, "the coffee here is really bitter, and even there is no creamer."

"I have it in my bag."

At that time, Xiaonian immediately handed the bag to Mu qianchu, and then bent down to sign it.


Mu qianchu is stunned. She opens her bag and sees that there are many small bags of milk sugar and milk essence in it with a transparent blessing bag.

"You are obviously afraid of hardships, but you love coffee. Recently, the places that accompany me to run publicity are instant coffee, which can hardly be added with sugar. So I brought you a big bag, and you can watch it yourself." When small idea also does not lift ground to say, bow head to sign attentively.

Muqianchu picked up the blessing bag and put it in his hand, looked at it firmly, then looked down at Xiaonian. She signed carefully, put the head of the ball around, and a wisp of hair hung beside her cheek, which was particularly charming and lovely.

His hand held the bag with some force, and his lips drew a curve. His narrow eyes were full of laughter.

"Xiaonian, when you get to Italy, I'll show you some famous paintings in history. They have the most intense atmosphere of the Renaissance. You will like them." Said Mu qianchu in a low voice.

When Xiaonian looked up at him and smiled, "OK."

Then she lowered her head to sign.

Mu qianchu looks at her affectionately. "Xiaonian, you know, as long as you are by my side, I can care nothing."

"Well? What were you going to worry about? "

When small read a side to sign side to follow his words to ask a way, did not put on heart.

This word is really ugly.


Mu qianchu said lightly, looking down at the blessing bag in his hand, the radian of his lips was deeper and deeper, and the gorgeous fireworks outside the window reflected their two faces.


At night, the car is parked in the underground parking lot of tianzhigang.

When Xiaonian sat in the car tired to sleep, but as soon as the car stopped, she still opened her eyes sensitively, only listening to Mu qianchu's voice ringing in her ear, "the harbor of heaven is not strange? OK, let's get out of the car. "