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Chapter 295 he sleeps in separate rooms

"..." Gong Ou is silent.

"I don't expect you to be so gentle, at least you can be normal! Do you regret proposing to me as a commoner? It's no use regretting! Beg is beg, I promise is also promised! Eat your meat! Don't talk nonsense, will you? "


Gong Ou looks at her and doesn't speak. Her thin lips are tight.

"Eat your meat! Don't vent your pressure on me any more. You are a man. Learn to solve it by yourself! Do you hear me? Eat meat! "

When Xiaonian gets angry and talks fast, he stares at Gong ou and says a big thing. He stares at him angrily. He wants to fight with him.

Gong Ou looks at her, looks a little weaker, and squeezes a word out of her throat, "Oh."

Just eat it. A woman is angry.

As he spoke, he obediently picked up his chopsticks and picked up a shrimp and put it into his mouth.

Then there was silence on the table.


Feng de and his bodyguards were standing at the back. They couldn't help opening their mouths when they saw this scene. They were all like seeing aliens.

Miss Shi is powerful!


Gong Ou didn't say a word again. He ate meat silently. It took him a long time to react.

Damn it!

What does she mean? Why did she attack him?

Once out of the "Han" restaurant, Gong Ou began to talk about breaking up again, which made Xiaonian feel terrible.

They didn't go on a date, so they went straight back to the imperial castle. On the way to the castle, Xiao Nian called for a stop. Gong Ou couldn't stand it. They walked alone on the road.

She admitted that she was upset by Gong Ou's inexplicable attitude these two days.

Without taking a few steps, Gong Ou comes up from behind, grabs her arm, firmly holds it, turns her around, and stares at her with black eyes, "shixiaonian, I'm talking to you!"

"What do you want to say?" When small read now to him in addition to speechless or speechless, "this time is not satisfied with my left foot to walk first, or not satisfied with the length of my hair?"

On the long road, two people stood on the side of the road, and the light of the street lamp hit them.

When Xiaonian's arm was tightly clenched by him, she stared at him fearlessly.

Gong Ou glares at her with low eyes. At last, he forces four words out of his lips and teeth, "not satisfied!"


When small read very want to send a service word to him.

I didn't expect that in this way, he could take over the conversation, talk about breaking up, and talk about how many of them could be in this world?

"I want to break up!"

Gong continued.

"Gong ou, are you saying goodbye for the first time?" When small read to ask a way, then again self mockingly smile, "shouldn't ah, you used to have so many women, how to calculate is the first time, can only say you used to rush, then I should feel honored?"


Gong Ou stares at her.

"Well, if you don't, you can get rid of me. Anyway, I can't do anything about you." Said Shi Xiaonian.

He really wants to drive her away, and she has no strength to resist.

"I want to break up peacefully!" There are plenty of reasons for Gong ou.


When small read to him is simply willing to bow down, she is sure that he has nothing to exhaust, all want to break up still manage and not peace.

When Xiaonian took out his hand and turned to walk forward, "I'm tired. I want to go back to sleep."

She didn't want to talk to him at all.

"Shixiaonian, you don't care about me so much? Can you be serious! "

Gong Ou comes forward and grabs her wrist again.

All talk about breaking up, still mention don't care? Who doesn't care?

When Xiaonian turned to look at his sullen handsome face, "how old are you gong Ou? 3 years old? 13 years old? What kind of wind do you have? Is it OK? "

What hand?


At the beginning, I used to chase her. Without her, the whole world would collapse. Now I want to break up again.

"I didn't get wind!" Gong Ou said in a deep voice.

"Then why did you break up?" Shi Xiaonian asked earnestly, looking at him with one eye.

The light of the street lamp fell into his eyes, which made his face shine very clear and handsome. Gong Ou looked at her. "I said the reason for the night, you can choose any one."

"I'll pick another one?" When Xiaonian felt a deep sense of powerlessness, "Gong ou, please stop fighting. I can understand that you are under a lot of pressure recently, but now I am a pregnant woman. I also have a lot of emotional problems. Can you stop fighting with me?"

Still make this kind of inexplicable break-up.


Gong Ou also said that when Xiaonian stood on tiptoe, he kissed his lips without hesitation.

As soon as the warm and soft touch approaches, Gong Ou's eyes suddenly straighten. He habitually hooks her waist with one hand, kisses her mainly and reversely, deepening and lengthening the kiss.

Wild as a beast.

When Xiaonian hooks his neck, he lets Gong Ou kiss him and caters to his kiss. His enthusiasm cannot be concealed.

She was trapped in his kiss and her calves were raised.

The light of the broken gold is all over the ground.

It's a long time since Gong Ou let her go. People have retreated to the street lamp, leaned against the lamp, and stared at her with low eyes. It's obvious that Yu Wang was looking at her.

"Gong ou, you don't want to break up with me."

When Xiaonian looked at him and said earnestly, she could feel it from his kiss, she could see it from his eyes.

Gong Ou looks at her with low eyes. Her clean and pure face is reflected in his eyes, which makes him jump off his chest, like being stabbed by something.

He quickly turned his face away from her. His thin lips were pursed, and his voice was dumb. "I want to break up, but I don't want to."

Still points.

Isn't he tired? One side wants to divide, one side kisses her to kiss again to put into extremely.

"Well, let's go back and go to bed, shall we?"

Shi Xiaonian said, holding Gong Ou's hand, he walked forward, thinking in his eyes.

No, she must change a psychiatrist for Gong ou. Gong Ou didn't get so stressed before. Mona must have a problem.

Things in the field of psychology can't be prevented.

Gong Ou reluctantly is pulled away by her.

All night, Xiaonian was really tired. She went into the bathroom and took a shower. She changed into a pajama and came out, wiping her long hair with her hands.

As soon as she came out, she saw Gong Ou standing on the edge of the bed, folding the quilt askew, putting the pillow on the top, holding it up to go.

"What are you doing?"

When small read is stupefied, look at him in astonishment.

"I moved to the next room to sleep." Gong Ou stood there, his black eyes staring straight at her.


When Xiaonian stood there, his hand with a towel fell down, and his heart sank with him.

If she used to be a joke about Gong Ou's emotional instability, now she doesn't feel it either.

Gong Ou really wants to break up with her.

"You know why." Gong Ou said, holding the quilt and pillow and leaving, "I asked Feng De to send you a new set of quilt and pillow."

"Then why don't you use a new one?"

"The new one doesn't smell like you!" Gong Ou blurted out, then realized that he was speaking fast again, and twisted his eyebrows.

"Don't you feel conflicted, Gong Ou?"


Gong Ouli is strong and straight, holding the quilt and striding away.


Only the quilt and pillow with her taste can sleep, and then they can sleep separately? Separation? Break up?

What was he thinking?

When Xiaonian is confused, he loves her, doesn't he? Why make such a fuss.

The more she did not understand what was wrong with him.

When Xiaonian frowned, then folded her wet hair, picked up a coat and went out. She took the elevator downstairs and knocked on the door of Mona's guest room.

"Here we are."

Mona's voice came.

Mona opens the door from inside, and when she sees it, Xiaonian is stunned and smiles, "it's Xiaonian. What's the matter, what's the matter?"

"What did you do to Gong Ou? It makes him weird now. "

Asked shixiaonian.

Since Mona didn't show up, she and Gong ou have been fine.

Mona was wearing a bright colored nightdress, and she was leaning against the door with charming eyes. She was staring at her with blue sea water. "Don't make me wrong. I have written Gong Ou's disease record report every day to ensure the accuracy and safety of the treatment. PPD Research Institute and Gong Jia are always in charge."

It's impossible to make a mess.

When Xiaonian looked at her coldly, "OK, I'll fire you now."

As he spoke, Xiaonian turned to go.

"Gong Ou doesn't want to fire me. You're just his girlfriend, not his wife. You have too much power to drive." Mona leaned against the door, smiled contemptuously, then added, "but I can solve your doubts."


When Xiaonian stops, he doesn't turn back.

"You should have read the report I handed in. Gong Ou's situation is developing well. At this time, because the paranoia generated by paranoia is interwoven with his original real ideas, which will form a certain confusion." Mona said speciously.

"Are you fooling me? I haven't heard of psychotherapy. "

When small read said indifferently, a handsome face without expression.

"Do you know or do I know something about psychotherapy? If you don't believe it, you can ask some psychology experts. " Mona looked at her back with disdain and said, "you think Gong Ou is strange because he seems to love you and not to love you, and his vision will not stay on your face for more time, right?"


When Xiaonian's body was stiff, his eyes were shocked.

All right.

What Mona said about Quanzhong is the same as seeing the current situation of her and Gong ou.

"That's because in addition to the symptoms, the real self in the bottom of miyou's heart is recovering." Mona smiled and said, "I've said that real Gong ou can't love you, because a normal person will weigh a lot and won't be paranoid."

"You talk nonsense."

When Xiaonian turned around, he glared angrily at Mona and clenched his fist with his hand hanging from his side.

And that's all.

"I'll know if I've got any nonsense. Xiaonian, admit it, you are just an emotional pet when Gong Ou is ill. Now Gong Ou's illness is slowly getting better. What he needs is a person who really wants to communicate, not you. " Mona said, in a mockery.

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