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Chapter 1063 press conference in progress

This is the first time that Shi Xiaonian saw Lancaster George in reality. The last time she saw it through video when she was arrested, she now remembers the faces that were going to kill them.

When small reads subconsciously to the palace Europe's bosom relied on.

Gong Ou held her tight and said in a low voice, "what are you afraid of? He's a loser. "


When Xiaonian nodded, George in front of the car suddenly raised his head and looked straight at them. His short blond hair was slightly floating, and his eyes were very deep. It was clearly a pair of blue eyes, which were so deep that people thought it was a dark hell.

The gas field is powerful.

"Mr. George, the interests of the Centennial cooperation plan are all returned to the palace. Are you committing to the palace?"

"Why do you suddenly talk about cooperation? You didn't say that in front of the media. "

"Can you talk about what kind of resentment there is and why it can be quickly resolved?"

No matter how powerful the atmosphere is, these journalists are desperate to work. They are eager to put the microphone on George's face.

When Xiao Nian looked at Gong ou, he saw that Gong Ou looked at all this contemptuously, which obviously meant watching a good play.

He doesn't hide at all.

When I was reading the black line, George over there had come up under the protection of the bodyguards. He looked at them with deep eyes. He walked steadily and looked very healthy. He was not as sick as he had been told before.

The bodyguards stopped the media under the steps.

George stops three steps away from the palace and Europe, and his eyes fall on the waist of the palace and Europe. He says coldly, "master Gong is a good way."

Hearing this, Gong Ou chuckled, "if you want to scold, just scold. You can't hold your breath until the end of the conference."

So vicious.

So crazy.

When Xiaonian watched George's face change at the moment, it was like a black cloud covering the top, and the blue tendons were looming. She had no doubt that George would hit him next second.

But George didn't. He stood there and quickly lowered his face. He looked at him with a sneer and said, "when you accused me of kidnapping, did you think about today?"

Gong Ou's feet step forward, when Xiaonian stops him, smiles instead of angry, smiles gently, and looks calmly to George's line of sight, "our purpose is never the same. You want to kill more, Gong Ou wants to stop killing."

"It's very clear."

George sneered.

"It's better for Qinggao Pervert, do you think so? Mr George. " Xiaonian said with a smile.

George's face was ugly again.

"Well said." Gong Ou looks at shixiaonian admiringly, then at George, "no nonsense, please."

"Where is Enid?" George asked.

When Xiaonian frowned, he opened his mouth and asked Enid. She didn't even say a word about bith. She was so light.

"I'll show you." Palace Europe cold tunnel, cuddle small read side body, "this way please."

When Gong Ou hugged him, Xiao Nian walked towards the building and walked in front of George, ignoring him. George stood there, clenched his fist with his hand hanging over his body, and walked up for a long time, followed by his team.

The hall of the government building is arranged as a temporary venue. At a glance, it is very large. Countless seats are full. Under the double staircase, there are meeting tables. The staff are checking the final microphone to make sound. The bodyguards are very busy to ensure the safety of each channel.

When Gong Ou hugs Xiaonian, he stops in the middle of the first row, stares at the seat with black eyes, and says coldly, "who is sitting around?"

This is shixiaonian's seat.

In order to ensure the safety of Xiaonian, all around us will be our people, and no one will be close to us

"Where are the Lancaster people sitting?" Asked Gong ou.

Feng de pointed to the side of a circle, "Lancaster now supports George's people are not many, not many, will let them away from small read some, five rows later is the media seat."

Hearing this answer, Gong Ou was satisfied with his jaw, holding Xiaonian's hand and saying, "the conference will start immediately, and I will sit with you for a while."

When Xiaonian sat down with him and watched some people take their seats one after another. Gong Ou took over the document and looked at the contents of today's press conference again.

She sat there and watched today's spectacle. The light in the hall was so bright that the whole hall was magnificent.

After a while, Xiaonian's mobile phone vibrated. It was a short message from the doctor.

The baby is hungry. Shall we make milk powder?

The little pumpkin is hungry. When Xiaonian turns her eyes to Gong ou, who is reading carefully, she leans over and whispers, "the little pumpkin is hungry. I'll see him. I'll come back later."

"Out of my sight again?" Gong Ou frowns discontentedly and stares at her with black eyes. "Why don't you think I'm hungry?"

"Are you hungry?"

"Not hungry." Gong Ou stared at her. "If you're not hungry, you can forget about me, just about others?"

And flying vinegar.

"I'll be back in a moment. You are good. Don't be jealous with your son. He won't hold me for long. I'll see your victory!" When Xiaonian raised his head and kissed him gently on the face, then stood up and left.

Gong Ou is very happy to be coaxed by her words, but he doesn't stop her any more. He just gives Feng de a look and asks him to take people with him.

Even if this government building is full of his people, he will never take it lightly on Xiaonian.

Feng de immediately follows Shi Xiaonian.

In the upstairs room, when Xiaonian let the little guy have enough to eat and drink, he carefully put the little pumpkin into the baby carriage, and the little pumpkin waved his little hand and yawned greatly.

After eating, I feel like sleeping again.

When Xiaonian felt funny, she talked with the doctors for a while before she left.

Feng de and his bodyguard were waiting outside the door. When they saw her coming out, they said, "the conference begins. Let's go down."

"OK, the security here is better."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Don't worry, it's impossible to break this place with Lancaster's men." Feng de said, glancing down at the watch in his hand, and then said to the bodyguard, "you can let Enid show up. Do you know which door to show up from?"


The bodyguards bowed their heads.

"This is the most important part. You must be careful before you sleep." The bodyguards bowed their heads again.

Seeing Feng De's face, Xiao Nian couldn't help saying, "father, don't be so nervous. Today will be very smooth."

Even the moonlight flowers are blooming, what is impossible?

She is calm now, and has thought of going back to embrace the pictures of Gong Yao and Gong Kui.

Feng de sighed and said, "if it's only a matter of protection, I won't worry. I'm tired that Enid has made several suicide dramas. There are so many tricks that they can't defend themselves, so I want them to be careful."

If Enid dies before signing the Centennial partnership, it's all ruined.

"Suicide?" When small read stupefied, "does she commit suicide again on the road today?"

Bituming sent her a message saying no, everything is fine.

"Yes, she always wants to take advantage of the chaos to end her life. The enemy is defensible. It's really hard to defend those who want to commit suicide. It's not good to stare at them for a second." Feng de shook his head.

Bith must be afraid of her worry. He must not feel good when reporting happiness, but when watching his mother try his best to commit suicide.

I knew that she would not be accompanied by Enid. This Enid, regardless of her son's feelings, wanted to be a mother and just thought about George.

"It doesn't matter. She signed soon. Once she signed, she knew that suicide was meaningless." When Xiaonian comforted Fengde.

"I hope you can't screw it up today."

Feng de said, raised his hand to wipe the sweat on his forehead, and hurried forward.

When a group of people returned to the venue, the press conference had already begun, and the media began to ask questions. Gong ou and George took turns to answer some important questions. Unlike the fierce fighting in front of the building steps, they were very harmonious, as if they were really cooperative parties with good willingness to cooperate.

When Xiaonian went to her place and sat down, she received a look from Gong Ou as soon as she sat down.

She looked up and saw Gong Ou sitting there, looking straight at her, answering questions into the microphone. "The Gong family will have a good cooperation with the Lancaster family for at least one hundred years, and Mr. George has given the greatest sincerity. The previous rumors will not break at this moment, and the cooperation of the two families will be witnessed by the whole world..."

Gong Ou answers freely. His handsome face is full of conceit. Mingming and George sit side by side, but he is more like a king.

It turns out that with George, Gong Ou's aura is stronger.

When Xiaonian thought, he looked at Gong ou with more admiration. A reporter asked, "how can you ensure sincere cooperation with such a long time span of the Centennial plan?"? Two, please. Thank you

George's lips moved and he was about to open his mouth when Gong Ou took the lead. There was a sinister arc on his lips. "It's very simple, because in our cooperation plan, the betraying party needs to pay a very heavy price. I am sure that Mr. George will not give up the great prospect of cooperation and choose to self destruct the city. "

George smiled a little stiff.

This Gong Ou really doesn't give face. When Xiaonian sat down and looked at it, she turned her eyes, and the position on her left side was empty.

This is where bits are left.

When Xiaonian frowns, she lowers her head and fiddles with her mobile phone to send a text message to bit.

Bith, why don't you come to the meeting, sit beside me and stop there.

Let a 16-year-old watch his mother commit suicide again and again, she worried that he could not bear.

Bit's message hasn't come back yet. Gong Ou's message comes in seconds -

who is texting? You don't want your cell phone anymore, do you.

When Xiaonian looked up at Gong ou, he saw that he was sitting there calmly answering questions. He put his long finger on the screen of the mobile phone, and saw that she saw it. He immediately stared at her, and then quickly took it back. He didn't stop talking, as if nothing had happened.