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Chapter 1021 the contradiction of small thoughts

There is no sign of intruders. Take Shi Xiaonian away from the underground water channel in a hurry. You can easily avoid the view of the palace family and lock him up with bit. These two people are completely disappeared in their monitoring, which is incredible.

The possibility is getting smaller and smaller. Not many people can do such a thing.

Gong Ou lowers his head and grabs the drawing. Suddenly, there is a burst of blackness in front of him. His head is blank. He is sleepy and crazily attacking his head.

First, first

Gong Ou hurriedly stood up to get his head. Before he could stand up, he fell heavily on the bed. He fell asleep again. With one hand on the drawing, the blood on his fingertips was still pouring out. There was no sign of stopping.

The computer screen in the room is still on, playing back and forth the situation of Xiaonian's account login.

That sentence was knocked out again.

Gong ou, are you ok? I miss you so much, really

Gong Ou lies there, with a faint light on his face, his eyes closed tightly and he fell into deep sleep.


The next day, the sun is shining on the calm lake. The water is sparkling and the breeze is blowing. The leaves beside the lake are fluttering. The sky is as blue as washed. It's very beautiful.

When Xiaonian went to the lake in a black skirt, the bottom of the skirt was very big and swayed with the wind.

The skirt is provided by an old maid. She can't wear the clothes that are too tight now. The style is a little old-fashioned. The maids like her very much now. Because of her existence, the insult to the maids is much less.

When small read a single hand to grasp their left arm to walk slowly forward, in the lake on the big stone sat down, a pair of eyes looking at the front of some loss.

Bith now has two sides. One is the extreme teenager who occasionally punches and kicks the maids together. The other is the simple teenager who smiles at her.

In biter, she will see some of her own shadow, and some of Gong Ou's shadow. The longer she can get along with each other, the more she knows biter, and how contradictory this teenager is. It's heartbreaking.

Yesterday, she input all the words. As soon as she sends Gong Ou's skills, she will be able to save her and destroy all the research results.

But in the end, she still deleted all the words, and even she could not send out any words, which would alert Gong ou.

They won, at the cost of a young man's life. The young man smiled at her with a face full of unprepared. He always wanted to be her younger brother and was happy when he said it.

She thinks again and again, if Xi Yu is alive, how can she do harm to her relatives? In the face of a boy who wants to protect her, want to get close to her and want to be her brother, she can't do it, really can't do it

But what should Gong ou do? He must be very anxious. He may be too anxious to eat. He is thin and despairing in disappointment.

What should she do.

A gust of wind blows over her long hair, and Xiaonian's eyes become more and more confused.

"When I read it!"

An excited voice came.

Bit's voice for her was still a little stiff, with an inflexible English accent.

When Xiaonian turned his head, he saw bit3 and 2 running towards her quickly. His short brown hair was blown, and a big smile hung on his white face. There was no impurity in his sea like eyes.

"Don't blow if you have a bad injury." When small read Cu Cu eyebrow to say, in tone involuntarily care even her own all startled.

Bit smiled even more happily, sat next to her, gasping for breath.

When Xiaonian reached out and patted him on the back, "what's the rush?"

"You know what I found?" Biti said excitedly, "I ran to the place where you suddenly appeared in the early morning, and searched there for a long time. I really found a secret road in a bunch of weeds. I threw the stone down and heard the sound of the road was very open. The secret road should be very big, and you were brought from there."

"Big secret way?" When small read stupefied, "is it the huge underground water channel of No. 13 district?"

"Underground water system? It used to be, but it stopped before it was finished. The system is all in a period, and almost all of them have been scrapped. It is said that there are still filled out, how can they be used? " Bit asked in disbelief.

Bit's statement is the same as everyone knows. No one knows that the underground where she and Gong Ou stay is a section of underground water that has not been abandoned.

If the secret road is really an underground waterway, it's all looked at by the palace family. I should have found her long ago. She's too sensitive. When I hear the secret Road, I think of the underground waterway.

"I'm just saying that." When small read light smile, "then I can leave from the secret way?"

She can't bear to hurt bit, so she gave up the chance to defeat the Lancaster family. She didn't help Gong ou. What she can do now is to return to Gong Ou early.

"Don't worry, I'll let Mr palace go down to explore the way first, find the exit, and then go out to have a look. It's completely safe for you to go." Bit said, "I don't know what kind of conspiracy the man who captured you is. If you go out like this, you will suffer too much. Mr palace can control the man."

Bit thought about it in a comprehensive way. It was all about her safety.

When Xiaonian looked at him, he saw that there was a layer of sweat on bit's head, and there were traces of sweat on his chest. He went to check it very early, just to send her out safely.

"If you let Mr palace find a completely safe way, you should go out in secret. If you meet the people of the palace, your whereabouts will be exposed." Said Shi Xiaonian.

He will do himself harm by doing so.

"It's OK. I'll use the computer to remotely control Mr palace in a moment. If I see people withdraw from afar, I'll be able to fight if I can't withdraw from Mr palace. These are all powerful functions designed by your husband." Bith said with a smile, his breathing hasn't been completely calmed down.

Really? But there is always something in case.

When Xiaonian took out a package of wet tissue, took it apart, took one and pressed it on his forehead, reached out and wiped off his sweat gently, with soft eyes.

Bit sat next to her, his body stiff, his blue eyes fixed on her, excited and happy, his lips pressed tightly, and he could not conceal the rising radian of his lips.

"Thank you, bit."

Said shixiaonian gratefully.

"You're happy, aren't you? You can go back as long as you find the way. " Bit stared at her clean face and said, in a tone that was inevitably a little lonely.

She went back and he was happy for her, but he would never eat her cake again.

When Xiaonian looked into his eyes, he wiped his sweat and said, "bit, after I leave, you have to remember several things."

"Are you telling me?"

Bith asked, what he had experienced since childhood was not gentle admonition, but the orders and orders of his brothers, sisters and father, as well as the submissiveness and business of the maids.

"First, don't let those people hit you again. Whether your research is successful or not, they are not qualified to punish you." Shixiaonian looked at him and said, "you can win this pure land. I believe you can use your own ability to force them to be polite to you. Don't let them beat you."

Even if it's a rabbit, it can't be forced too much.

"They were ordered by my father to urge me to hurry up. I knew he was in a hurry, and the earlier I studied it, the more I could fight for breath in front of him." Bit said.

George is too authoritative for bith. Bith's ideas and concepts were instilled in this family of blood supremacy when he was young. He actually hated this family, but what he finally showed was to beat and scold those maids who were inferior to him, rather than directly challenge the person who hurt him. Instead, he wanted to fight for breath and ask the person who hurt him most to prove him The sense of being.

People trapped in the situation will never know themselves.

When Xiaonian didn't excite him too white, he said, "bith, don't be humble in front of your father. You are never inferior, and your injuries are also painful..."

For example, the mother whose shadow faded in his memory.

But before she had finished, bit stared at her happily. "Is that you?"

When Xiaonian's mouth opened, before he could say it, bith opened his arms to her and held her tightly. He rubbed her like a pet on her shoulder for several times. "No matter what the purpose of that person's abduction is, in my eyes, that person is the messenger of God."

No one has ever been so kind to him, would care about him, would make food, would tell him

When Xiaonian looked at the young man on his body, she swallowed the words a little bit. She clapped his back and continued, "the second thing is, don't stay up late to work, rest when you need to rest, sleep when you need to sleep. You are only 16 years old. Don't let a breath of air pressure make you gasp now."

"Well, I promise you." Bit held her tighter. "Is there anything else? I promise you anything you say. "

He didn't know when he would feel such kindness again.

"And..." When xiaoniandun, then said, "don't hit them again. In my opinion, they are better to you than anyone in your family who is related to you. Work is not their original sin."

Smell speech, bit holds her body stiff, he leaves her, the young man's face is a little pale, "do you think I am very bad?"

When Xiaonian shook his head, "in fact, why are you only so violent to the maid? You know, I also know that I don't want to blame you. I just hope that when I'm away, you won't let those who treat you down."

"They're just working. If they want to get money, they're ready to be abused. They can leave. Isn't it for money?" Said bith coldly.

"Do you think so of your mother, too?"

When Xiaonian didn't want to mention his most sensitive place, he can't help but say so.