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Chapter 157 did he torture you


When small read to look.

Several security guards rushed forward and held her arm. "This woman's disturbing the signing site. It's serious. Call the police."

When small read refused to go, eyes are still looking at the big screen.

Security forces dragged her away.

On the screen, at the signing site, mu qianchu suddenly put the pen back into the cap gracefully, then stood up, smiled on a soft face, and spoke English modestly and politely, "I'm sorry, Mr. Agger, today's signing can't be carried out, I'm very sorry, and I'll give you an explanation later."

After that, Mu turned around and left.

Leave behind a crowd of shocked people.

Not only the signing site, but also the people of moose group are shocked. Everyone knows that Ogg is the last straw of moose group. Once signed, a large amount of money will flow into moose group and the stock market will return to Wenzhou.

Mu qianchu even left in the middle, giving up this life-saving straw.

The security guards were all stunned. They all looked at shixiaonian in shock. It was because she said that Mu would not sign?

Reporters are more sensitive to the touch, quickly turn the camera to small read, frantically shoot.

When Xiaonian hurriedly turned around and wanted to leave.

A voice rings behind him, "Miss Shi."

When Xiaonian looked back, he was mu qianchu's assistant.

Assistant Alan came up to her and said, "Mu is always waiting for you. Come with me."

Shixiaonian nods and follows him in.

The reporters shot like crazy.

Xiaonian put her hand over her face and walked in with Alan.

Allen always takes Shi Xiaonian to a side door of the Mu's group building, which is empty. There is only a white Porsche parked there. Mu qianchu leans beside the car with his hands around his arms.

When small read to walk in the past, mu qianchu raised his eyes to see her, a soft face expression complex.

As soon as she wanted to talk, mu qianchu came over from the front of the car, hugged her in her arms and hugged her tightly. "You're OK."

When small read to stay.

She thought mu qianchu would ask her why she stopped signing the contract. Unexpectedly, his first words would be: you are OK.

She reached out to push him away, suddenly smelling the Potion on him.

What a strong taste.

"And you, how are you?" Shi Xiaonian asked anxiously how the Potion on his body tasted so strong.

Her voice was hoarse as soon as she came out.

Muqianchu frowned, reached out to let go of her, and gazed apologetically at her. "He shouted hoarse."

"It's hard to hear, isn't it?"

When Xiaonian smiled bitterly, she knew that her voice was like an ugly duck.

"Your voice is very pleasant." Mu qianchu smiled gently and said, "let's go. This is not the place to talk. In a moment, there will be more and more media. We can't go."


When small read nods, suddenly think of a thing, turn around to look at Allen, "my car is still outside the group, you go to come, there are three laptops on it, must take over."

Xiaonian hands Alan the car key.

"OK, I'll go right away. Mr. mu, is it the port of return to heaven? I'll see you later. " Alan asked.

"Go to Mu house."

"OK." Alan turned away with the car key.

Mu qianchu bypassed the car, opened the door for her and coughed a few times.

"Why go to Mu house?"

When small read to ask doubtfully, walk to sit on copilot.

"At least the security of Moya is OK." Mu qianchu sat in the driver's seat, put on his seat belt, and looked at her tenderly. "Surely Gong Ou didn't let you go when you came here in such a sweat?"


When small read down eyes, default.

Mu qianchu is very smart. He guessed that she came here secretly. It's also true that if she goes back to the harbor of heaven, she will soon be found by Gong ou.

"Did he torture you? How are you doing? What did he do to you? "

Mu qianchu looks at her and asks three questions in a weak row.


Smell speech, when small idea buries lower, have deep guilt.

How can she say that she has a good life, and even has been moved by Gong ou. A heart is leaning towards Gong ou At this time, he was attacked by Gong ou.

For more than a month, she never suspected Gong ou.

She believes in Gong Ou completely.

In fact, if you think about her, you should understand that Gong Ou's personality is paranoid, manic and irritable. How could she easily let go of muqianchu.

"He's not good to you? Do you have any injuries? "

When moqian saw her for the first time, he didn't speak. He thought that she had a bad time in gongou. He became anxious and coughed continuously.

"No, no, I am very good around Gong ou. He is very good to me." When small read hurriedly said.


Muqianchu looks at her, his eyes are dim.

“……” When small read lips.

Mu qianchu smiled bitterly and looked at her and said, "what's the matter with me? I can't stand his being bad to you. I can't stand his being good to you."


"Well, I'm driving."

Mu qianchu coughs a few times and starts to start the car.

When Xiaonian looked at his hand on the steering wheel, there were bruises on the back of his hand, all of which were tiny pinholes.

"Are you seriously ill?" He asked anxiously.

"It's not serious, it's just pneumonia, just a few days of infusion."

Mu qianchu said with a smile, understatement.

"But the media says you are very ill." Shi Xiaonian said, "don't lie to me."

Mu qianchu laughs, "fool, the media all like exaggeration, you don't believe those."

"But you..."

"I'm really OK, just a little tired." Said Mu qianchu, driving smoothly.

The car arrived at Mu house.

Mu house is a large manor. Mu house has been prosperous for hundreds of years. The manor is designed with cultural atmosphere. There are running water, rockery and bamboo forest everywhere.

Along the way, several villas seen along the road have a Chinese retro flavor, very similar to the architecture of the Republic of China.

Mu qianchu parked his car in front of a villa and said, "this is my house. It's a quiet place in the manor. Generally no one will come. Take a bath and change your clothes first. "

"Change clothes?"

When small read stunned, fingers touched their own clothes, suddenly came to understand.

She drove so long, yelled and yelled in front of moose group, and her skirt was already wet.

Fortunately, she was wearing a dark color, otherwise it would be embarrassing.

"Go in."


When Xiaonian took a simple shower in Mu qianchu's house, he came out of the shower and saw a black shirt of a man in the closet.

This was brought to her by mu qianchu.

But the man's shirt looks too ambiguous. She will come back this time just to save mu qianchu, not to involve other feelings.

At gong'o's place, she had a fall.

She's lost in love.

When Xiaonian stood there, turned his head to look at the hair dryer, and an idea came into his mind.

She washed her clothes in the bathroom, then dried them with a hair dryer and put them on her body.

A dry dress is not as comfortable as a dry one.

But she still insists on wearing her own clothes. She never likes ambiguity.

Shi Xiaonian walked out of the bathroom. In the living room, the sun was warm. Mu qianchu sat on the sofa and looked at three laptops. Assistant Alan stood by.

Hearing the footsteps, Mu smiled and raised his head. "Are you bathing so slowly now?"

He raised his face and saw that the skirt on her was not wearing the shirt he had given her.

"Why don't you wear the clothes I gave you?"

Asked mu qianchu, with dim eyes.

When Xiaonian smiled, "I'm not used to wearing men's clothes. I've washed and dried the skirt. I can wear it."

"Dry clothes are uncomfortable to wear."

Mu qianchu said and coughed twice.

"It's OK, it's good." Said Shi Xiaonian indifferently and walked towards him.

She insisted again and again, as if trying to get rid of the relationship.

Mu turned to his assistant and said, "go and buy some women's clothes."

"Yes, Mr. mu." Alan stood aside and looked at Shi Xiaonian. "Miss Shi, can you tell me the size of your clothes?"

She quickly said hoarsely, "no need, I wear it like this..."

"Xiaonian --" Mu qianchu interrupts her and blames her in the eyes. "Can I buy you two clothes now? Cough, cough... "

A word just finished, mu qianchu coughs violently again.

Then Xiaonian had to say, "well, I'll write down the size."

Assistant Alan took the size she wrote and left. When Xiaonian went to the sofa on mu qianchu's right hand side and sat down, he looked at him anxiously. "Have you ever had a little bit of it since you are so ill?"

"The doctor will be here in a moment."

"Go to bed and lie down. You need to keep sick." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"OK, I'll go in a minute." Mu qianchu smiled and held out his hand to press the keyboard on the laptop. "Gong Ou really hates me very much. He actually made all the means by himself."

Wen Yan, when Xiaonian turned to the laptop, "what do you see?"

"Ogesger is a virtual company of Gong ou. He started to build ogesger a month ago, throwing a lot of money, waiting for me to enter this trap, and the news of ogesger's disintegration will appear immediately." "Mu qianchu smiled bitterly," once I step in, Mu will be completely destroyed in my hands, carrying huge debts, and I will also be arrested. "

Murdoch group is now no worse, not to the point of negative assets.


When Xiaonian opened his lips in amazement.

She didn't know much about the competition in the mall. She didn't expect it to be so serious.

"Gong Ou is really an expert in the market." Mu qianchu looks away from the computer and looks up at her. "Xiaonian, you saved me once more."

Smell speech, when small read look gloomy go down, "you say like this can only let me be embarrassed."

Because of her, Gong ou will deal with him.

She is because.

"Don't be a fool. It's not your fault." "With the records of this computer, I can make up for some loopholes," Mr. Mu said

"Really, can it be remedied?"

Asked shixiaonian.


Mu qianchu nods.

When Xiaonian sat on the sofa and watched mu qianchu deal with business there. From time to time, he tapped something on the keyboard, and from time to time called back to the company to order people to do things.