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Chapter 673 re boarding Baha'si


When Xiaonian and Fengde look at each other in silence, they are very poisonous.

When Xiaonian walked into the study and saw her come in, Gong Ou immediately stopped his anger and smashed his mobile phone on the desk. Black eyes saw that the tray in Feng De's hand was deep. "Take it!"

"Who are you looking for? Isn't it up to the adoptive father to find Tang Yi? "

He asked in confusion.

Gong Ou stands at the desk, reaches for a cake and takes a bite. His black eyes look at her, "Don what?"

He has forgotten Tang Yi again.

Feng de stood aside and explained to Shi Xiaonian, "what I'm looking for is the president of a company. The holographic phone project needs a technology that has been patented. I'm going to find the other side."

"Isn't that supposed to be a good connection?"

Shi Xiaonian asked where the president of a company could go.

"The general manager Ling has always been immortal, but young master, I've got the news to know where to find the general manager Ling." Feng de stood there and bowed to the tunnel.

When Xiao Nian looked at Feng De, he was going to report this. His adoptive father was still looking for someone to be an expert.

"Where can I see it?"

Asked Gong Ou coldly.

"Mr. Ling will attend a banquet in a few days. The banquet master is also invited. However, the master may not be willing to go." Said Fengde, hesitating for a few seconds.

"I'll go to any party!"

Gong Ou said, biting the cake.

We need to work out the call project of hologram as soon as possible, and put it on the market. There is nothing for him to worry about in N.E. for the time being, so he can take his time to spend his honeymoon.

"It's the Baha'i banquet." Replied Fengde.


Gong Ou stood in front of his desk, a piece of cake stuck in his mouth, and his face suddenly became rather ugly.

At the thought of all the things that happened on the Baha'i cruise ship, Gong Ou would like to destroy the cruise ship. He was fascinated by the Don and so on!

He didn't want to go to that place again in his life.

When Xiaonian also thought of the past, it was because of the night on the Baha'i cruise ship that she and Gong Ou had an intersection, which made her feel like an afterlife.

"Isn't the Baha'i banquet held every three years?"

When Xiaonian broke his fingers to calculate, the last one should have passed for a long time. Should it be held at the beginning of last year or at the beginning of this year.

"The news I received was that there was a bit of internal conflict among the organizers, so it was postponed until now." Feng de said, looking at Gong ou, "young master, I have received the invitation. Do you want to reply?"

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou.

Gong Ou swallowed the cake and said coldly, "go down first."

"Yes, sir."

Feng de nodded and walked out respectfully.

Gong Ou takes the coffee cup in Xiao Nian's hand, raises his head and takes a swig, then puts it down heavily, turns to the French window and stands there.

The whole man was bathed in the sun.

When Xiaonian suddenly remembered that at that time she was standing in the position of Gong ou. It was not her who was obsessed with him that year.

The two were red in the face.

It's wonderful to think about it. They quarreled like that. They wanted to live and die. Now they even have children. Time is a strange play.

When Xiaonian looked at him, Gong Ou suddenly fell back and fell heavily on several thick white blankets, straight down, making a dull sound.

"Gong Ou!"

When Xiaonian was startled, he rushed to kneel on the blanket and asked nervously, "what are you doing? Does it hurt? Let me see. Is there any injury? "

Are you crazy? It's just a concussion.

Gong Ou is lying on the white blanket in a cross shape. The sun makes his face white. His long eyelashes are plated with light in the sun. His black eyes are deep, his thin lips are pursed, and he says nothing.

"Gong Ou?"

Xiaonian looks at him strangely.

All of a sudden, Gong Ou rolled over to the left, and another rolled over to her side.


Xiaonian looks at him in silence.

Gong Ou was lying there, suddenly propped up and looked up at her. Junpang was sullen. "I forgot about it, and I even mentioned it again! I'll break her up if I find Tang or something! "

Damn it, it's just a stain on his life.

"Are you struggling or not?" When small read to ask a way, stretch out a hand to hold his face, low eye gaze at his double pupil, "go, that is not your fault, you have what dare not go, the medicine is charming is not you, you are only infatuated with that one."

"Do you think I'll be happy if you say that?"

Gong Ou's face is black.


When small read lips.

"Use you to remind me that I was once forced?" Gong Ou glared at her fiercely and rubbed her face hard in her palm. "Shi Xiaonian, look at your indifferent appearance. You've been fascinated by your man. Don't you mind at all?"

"In fact, I can understand it. I can't help but take medicine." Shi Xiaonian said seriously, it's very tolerant.


Gong Ou's face was full of displeasure. He pushed away her hand.

When Xiaonian smiled and talked, "but I can't understand that some people used to be so promiscuous. What kind of people are Xie Linlin, Wang Linlin, Lu Linlin and Bai Linlin? They are conscious, right?"

Gong Ou's eyes lingered. Seeing that she meant to settle accounts after autumn, he rolled over to the other side of the blanket and coughed softly, "I don't remember."

Shit, she's not jealous. She's jealous. He doesn't know how to tell.

"Some time ago, you showed off your memory. You can remember any molecular structure." When Xiaonian moved to him and lay down, the whole person was bathed in the sunshine coming in from the landing window, hands folded on his stomach, "why don't you tell me how you feel when you are with them?"

Gong Ou lies on the blanket, stands up and looks at her, with a low voice. "That was before you."

"Yes, so I'm not angry. I'm just asking how you feel. Ha ha. "

When small read hypocritical smile.

"This is the most ugly smile you have ever seen."

"Ha ha." When Xiaonian lies there and looks at him, "say, I really want to know, what kind of feeling is it to communicate with so many sentimental people, only talking about sex but not love? It's too much. "

She was very honest about how she felt.

He doesn't think she doesn't care. She cares to show him.

Her tone is more and more unpleasant, quiet, eyes in the warm sun can not erase that cold.

Gong Ou understood that she was really concerned. Junpang's panic flashed away. He raised his hand to touch her face, looked down at her face, choked his throat, and his voice was magnetic. "Listen to me, I did have several women before, but I didn't have promiscuity, and I didn't do anything wrong with men and women. They were all for a while. As for the family at that time It's just because I'm too lazy to let them go. "

"Oh." When small read lightly answered a, "how many are that?"

"I don't remember. I only know that after I met you, all her women are ugly in my eyes." Gong Ou looks solemn.

"I'm not that good."

Shi Xiaonian said that she knows there are too many women in the world who are more beautiful than her. She can't count them.

"You are the best! No, you are the only good! " Gong Ou stares at her and raises three long fingers. "I swear!"


When Xiaonian watched him not speak.

"Can you believe me? I don't remember any of those women. I only remember you. You are the only one to die!" Gong Ou said, more and more urgent, to prove to her, a little bit closer to her body, the whole people are almost pressure on her.

"All right, all right."

When Xiaonian saw that he could not help laughing, he smiled and stroked his fingertips on his face. "Those are things that happened before I met. Everyone has a past. I will not let your past influence our present and future."

"A smart woman."

Gong Ou gave her a sharp peck on the lip.

"Since you said you have forgotten, don't worry about the overpowering drug. Go to the dinner party of Baha'i cruise ship, and deal with the urgent business as soon as possible, so that we can go on our honeymoon."

Xiaonian said with a smile.

Hearing this, Gong Ou suddenly sat up from the blanket, and his black eyes showed anger and gloom. "You don't understand. This is the most shameful thing I have ever lived to this age. I'm sure I won't encounter anything more shameful in my life!"

He was drugged by a woman.


If you think about it, you'll be furious!

"Now that it's all over, let's forget about it. I don't think Tang Yi can have a good time running around these years." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Don't mention that woman, I have the heart to kill!"

"Is the Baha'i going yet?" "I'm waiting for you to accompany me on my honeymoon," shixiaonian asked

"Go!" Gong Ou looked at her, hesitated for only a second, reached out and pinched her chin, "you go with me! Or I'll smash the whole cruise! "

When small read nods, "OK, palace big president."

A few days later, Shi Xiaonian accompanied Gong ou to the Baha'i cruise line again. In the warm spring season, there was a huge cruise line by the sea. It was magnificent. In the sun, countless bodyguards formed a humanoid parking line at the sea, commanding a luxury car to stop.

The black luxury car is parked by the sea.

When Feng de came down and opened the door respectfully, Xiao Nian and Gong Ou came into the eyes of all the people. Some big bosses and political people who were going to go on the cruise ship came back one after another and surrounded Gong ou.

Gong Ou wears a black suit, a silver tie with the same pattern as shixiaonian's skirt, and shixiaonian wears a twill evening dress. Her slim cut makes her figure look particularly good. She is slim and graceful. She wears a diamond brooch in the shape of candy on her chest, and a heart-shaped diamond ring on her slender ring finger.