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Chapter 871 Gong Ou's reanimation

"My money is managed by professionals."

Gong Ou tries to show a fairly good image.

He did well. When Xiaonian sniggered, he left gong'ou alone and let him talk with his aunts. He stayed in the base all day thinking about data, procedures and optimization.

In addition to being able to attract his eyes with the baby in his stomach, he can only rely on these aunts to let Gong Ou put aside his tense work temporarily.

It's not difficult to communicate with Gong ou, so a group of aunts immediately opened the conversation box, and a lot of problems poured in.

"Mr. Gong, that's strange. I'll call you Xiaogong."

"Xiaogong, what are you drinking? The rich people all live delicately. I have that Longjing tea in my house. I'll bring it to you if you want. "

"Xiaogong and Xiaonian are really a natural couple. They are all approachable. I thought the rich people had eyes on their heads."

"You look good, you have a good character, you take care of your wife. There are too few men like you."

Little palace.

Gong Ou sits there, reaches out his hand and presses his brow and heart. His black eyes stare in the direction of the kitchen.

Shixiaonian, he's going! He's leaving now!

Obviously, when Xiaonian could not hear his call, he kneaded the dough vigorously with his aunt.

"Xiao Gong, my son adores you very much. He likes playing drums and computers all day long. I say it's playing with things and losing his mind. He says I don't understand it at all. He says his idol is you. He will be like you in the future."

"Xiaogong, when you were little, you played games on the computer every day? Can this really make a big deal and make a lot of money? How about you teach us some sons? "

"I mean, what are you waiting for if you don't worship the Buddha? Hurry up, I'll call my son back from school. This kind of teacher can't pay for it. "

"Yes, yes! I'll call my daughter back from school, too! "

The aunts are so busy.

Gong Ou sits on the sofa with split skin. He stares at the coffee table in front of him, his long fingers clenched into fists.

I want to fall! I want to break it!

Gong Ou's brow is blue and cramped. For about an hour, the living room is filled with a computer that is different from the old one, just like a small Internet bar.

In front of Gong ou, there are college students, senior high school students, junior high school students and primary school students. They are all looking at him nervously and excitedly. At the end, there is a little boy who is still drooling. He is less than 3 years old.

Gong Ou stares at the child and explodes the house. "Does he also learn computer?"

The little boy's mother stood aside and said with a simple smile, "not all of them say that Mr. Gong is a genius. I also want to see if my son has the talent to let him learn from you. Anyway, he has taught everything. It's nothing to teach one more."

When did he promise to teach?

Did you ask him for his opinion in the whole process?

Just a bunch of hooligans!

Gong Ou clenched his teeth and tried his best to bear it. He stood up and walked towards the kitchen. When Xiao Nian was standing in front of the kitchen table and learning how to make pancakes from his aunt, there was a pile of pancakes she had made on the plate beside him. The aunt was not upset or angry and continued to teach her with a smile.

"It's better to add some salt now, isn't it?"

When small read to ask a way, one hand is moistened with the wet and mushy flour, haven't put salt the person was gong Ou from behind one clenched past, she looks at him doubtfully, "what's the matter?"

"I want to go home!"

Gong Ou roars out angrily. His eyes stare as if they are going to fall.

Looking at him like this, Xiaonian couldn't help laughing, "don't you get along well with aunts?"

"If I had not given you face, I would have lifted this place!" Gong Ou stares at her, "I want to go home! I want to go home! "

This resentment

"Our president has been wronged?" "I thought you would be very happy," said Xiao Nian

"I'm so happy!"

"You see so many fans in the countryside, shouldn't you be happy?" When Xiaonian looked at the people in the living room, they were all waiting for Gong ou to teach. She turned her eyes and said, "when I was in a bad mood that day, it was the work that aunts put in their hands to accompany me until the evening. I asked my adoptive father to give them gifts. They were all dead and alive. They were really good people."

"So you take me to thank them?"

Asked Gong ou, gnashing his teeth.

What is his Gong ou, thank you?

"I don't mean that. I'm really here to distract you." When Xiaonian raised his all white hands and said, "then I'll tell them you're tired and can't teach. We'll go when I learn how to make cakes."

Gong Ou looks at her hand.

When Xiaonian left with a smile, just turned around and was pulled back, Gong Ou stared at her, "OK! Make your cake! I'll go! "

"Gong Ou?"

He compromised?

When Xiaonian smiled, she knew that Gong Ou was a hard spoken and soft hearted person. Gong Ou snorted coldly, turned around and walked out. After a few steps, she turned around and pointed to her hand and said, "can you do it with a glove?"

"It's OK. You can eat dirty and not get sick."

When Xiaonian smiles and shakes his head, where can I get disposable gloves here? Besides, it's not bad to touch the batter directly. Besides Not very hygienic.

Gong Ou stares at her as she retreats. "Look at your hand!"

So beautiful hands are all batter, her hands are his!


It turned out that she cared about her hands. When Xiaonian was smiling, she couldn't hold back. She went to her aunt to continue her study.

Gong Ou goes back to the living room. A group of students with different height have all sat in front of the computer. They are all standing behind the children, telling them to study hard.

Gong Ou looks at that face and presses his temples.

I really want to hit people.

"What do you want to learn?"

Asked Gong ou with great patience.

"Learn to program." This is what college students say.

"Learn to animate." That's what high school students say.

"Learn to play blind." This is what junior high school students say.

"Uncle, I want to see the lambs bleating." That's what the drooling little boy said.

Gong Ou wants to kill people. Standing in front of them, he reaches out his hand and taps on a computer. With patience, he says, "OK, I'm going to teach the entry-level one today, and make the simplest game. Who knows the script and program language?"


In response to him was a blank look.

Gong Ou stares at the two college students. "You two don't understand?"

"We have read only theory, not practice." Said the two weakly.



He is not angry. He has a good endurance. When Mona shut him down for four years, he could not believe these children!

Gong Ou stood there and adjusted his breath. He said in a cold voice, "now, go to download a software on the Internet, open the web page, input..."

A pupil raised his hand weakly. "Uncle, what is a web page?"

Gong Ou's hand is momentarily pressed on a table. Will it be ugly when he lifts the table now? Is Xiaonian angry?

"You haven't played with a computer?"

Gong Ou asks, Gong Yao and Gong Kui both play computer games. Can this primary school student?

"I only play mobile games."

The pupils are weak.

“……” Gong Ou goes to him, opens the web page for him, and enters a line of web addresses.

There was whispering from the aunts behind.

"Wow, Xiaogong's character is so good. I'm so tired of bear child. He even teaches so seriously."

"Xiaogong's figure is so good. He can be a male model. Look at the waist and the bottom."

Gong Ou stares back coldly, "shut up!"

He doesn't want to hit people now. He wants to kill people!

"Yes, I do. You teach me. We don't talk."

Aunt shut her mouth knowingly.

The simplest little game making is just to let them do the most basic operation in a professional software, even if they haven't learned the fur, what does it have to do with him?

He just needs to get through this time.

But the good times are not long. With such basic operation, a group of people can find him all kinds of questions. Later, they will ask him if the tree can grow larger? Why is the picture so ugly? Then I asked if I could make that kind of 3D game.

A bunch of idiots.

Gong Ou stares at them. Just after solving a problem, two more raise their hands. "Mr. Gong, my picture is still moving."


Gong ou could only walk there, his slender ten fingers pounding on the keyboard, frowning, "what are you doing to modify the registration procedure?"

What a bother!

"What registration process? I didn't change it. I just jumped out of something and went blind. " Said the student.

"What do you know? How bad the anti-virus software is now! If you modify it, it will be all disordered. The computer of N.E system does not need other anti-virus software! "

n. E has its own antivirus program.

"But my friends' computers use anti-virus software. If you don't use it, you always feel unsafe. You have to kill anti-virus." Student way.

"Why are you so talkative?" Gong Ou stares at him impatiently, and suddenly his eyes change. "You say you like to kill poisons?"

n. E has repeatedly stressed that N.E programs do not need these.

"Yes, whose computer doesn't have an antivirus software."

Isn't that normal?

Gong Ou stands there and stares at the rubbish anti-virus software on the screen. Using this kind of anti-virus software is a violation of his computer, but people who don't understand it always think that anti-virus software is safe.

But when they use it, some people will occasionally delete useful things. N.E mobile phones and computers are OK. The technology has been quite mature. But the construction of the holographic era is extremely complex. It is not long before it is launched. Without one, it is easy to have security holes.

The problem is here.

Gong Ou picks up his mobile phone and dials out a number, giving orders in a cold voice, "stop all your work, and I want you to develop an N.E anti-virus software immediately. It should be easy to understand. It's the kind that computers and cell phone idiots can use!"

n. E's anti-virus programs are all run automatically in the background, not the proficient people don't understand at all, some programs will be damaged if they are damaged, and they can only wait for the update, optimization and repair, but this takes time. If we launch our own simple and easy to understand anti-virus software, these problems will be solved.