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Chapter 208 one day we will fight

Mu qianchu suddenly turns around, grabs Shi Di's neck and pushes her to the wall. His eyes are full of hatred, staring at her and saying, "Shi Di! If you and your father hadn't given me medicine, Xiaonian and I would have been together! We are probably married at this time! It's all in your hands! "

If there is no memory loss in those six years, he and Shi Xiaonian have been together for a long time, and what's the matter with Gong Ou?

Don't go to gongou to kiss today!

And all of this is caused by Shidi and Shizhong!


when the flute was suddenly grabbed by his neck, he looked at him in fear and reached out to hit him on the arm. Did he want to kill her?

She wanted to talk, but she couldn't say it.

She was terrified, only to see the eyes of Mu qianchu were full of hatred, and the eyes were all trying to kill her.

"Don't admire me, young master." The agent on the other side cried out in fear, "it's no use playing the flute now that you've killed it."

Hearing this, the hatred in Mu qianchu's eyes gradually faded. For a while, he slowly released his hand and said coldly, "leave my house! I don't want to see you again! "

"Cough, cough..."

When the flute covered his neck and coughed, it was like being reborn.

She looked forward, looking at mu qianchu's cold back, and couldn't help saying, "why don't you think there's something wrong with Xiaonian? Still for her, don't you think about your situation? She is with Gong Ou now. Will Gong Ou let me and you go? "

Under the bright light, mu qianchu stops.

When Di knew his words, he heard them, so he walked quickly to Mu qianchu. "Qianchu, when did I hurt you except for the medicine?"? But then Xiaonian, there is a gong Ou behind her, and that man will let us die without burial place. "


Mu qianchu looked at her coldly, and waited for her to go on.

"Today, Lingde's president's wife ran to the media and slandered her husband and I for having an affair. Now it's widely spread. There are few countries that can launch Lingde into the water." "It must be gong ou," said Shi Di

"The other side used your means, unbalanced?"

Mu qianchu stood in front of her and sneered.

When the Shidi family arranged him and shixiaonian in front of the media, they said more about body painting and color painting.

Listening to his words, Shi Di's face was a little embarrassed. "This is not the point, qianchu. It shows that Gong Ou is dealing with me. Sooner or later, he will deal with you. Don't forget that when Shi Xiaonian was in trouble, Mu said that Shi Xiaonian seduced you."


Gong Ou wants to deal with him?

Mu qianchu's eyes sank. It's no surprise that Gong Ou has made him half dead.

Now for Gong ou, he is just like an ant. He can knead to death if he wants to.

"At the beginning of the thousand, we must protect ourselves and fight back, otherwise we will only be killed." The flute once again grasps mu qianchu's hand.

"What do you want to do?"

Moqianchu asked coldly.

When he asked, Shidi thought there was a play, and immediately said, "I discussed with my brokerage team. We issued a statement to compound it, saying that it was played by shixiaonian. You changed your mind and finally recognized that I am your favorite person."


"We first retrieve our image, and then point to shixiaonian for help. Finally, we uncover Gong Ou as the gold master of shixiaonian, saying that he is revenging on us for his lover."

At that time, they will be in the position of being pitied again.

Even if Gong Ou is the president of N.E, when the public opinion grows up, people will not be able to suppress it if they want to.

"That is to say, I pretend to be reunited with you, and order Gong ou to be the gold master of shixiaonian, and then win public sympathy?" Mu qianchu summed up her plan indifferently.

It has to be said that Shidi eats the meal of entertainment circle.

How to guide public opinion she plays around.

"Qianchu, you know I don't want to pretend." When the flute's eyes flashed with water light and stared at him deeply, "you know, whenever I encounter danger, I always think of you, do you remember the past, how do you protect me. Will you protect me again? It's also about protecting yourself. "

They have to be strong and United.

Otherwise, she would be said to be a promiscuous person alone, and he would be said to be a cheating man alone. Only when they united to prove that love is stronger than Jin can they have a chance to turn over.


Mu qianchu looks at her coldly.

When the flute slender beautiful hand across the shirt slowly climbed up his chest, concave and convex body close to him, "qianchu, you don't want to think about that little read, OK? She's killing us now. I'm the one who loves you the most. I don't care if you are down or rich. I really love you. "


Moqian does not say a word at first, and looks coldly at her teasing hand.

"Even if there are a hundred gongou in front of me, I will not empathize like Xiaonian, because I love you. I like you since you were raised in my house, qianchu." When the flute said, a drop of transparent tears fell into his eyes.

Even crying, she cried beautifully.

Even if there are a hundred gongou in front of me, I will not be as empathetic as Xiao Nian.

This sentence deeply touched mu qianchu.

If shixiaonian can say the same thing with him firmly, he will die.

He stood in front of Shidi and watched her hand cling to his chest. Shidi slowly stuck to him and raised his feet on tiptoe and raised his face to kiss his lips.

Mu qianchu's eyes suddenly turned cold and pushed her away.

When the flute was wearing high-heeled shoes, she didn't stand firm. The whole person was pushed to the ground. She was shocked and looked at mu qianchu. Her face was hurt. "Qianchu..."

He pushed her away. Why?

"I will not cooperate with you. I will die." Mu qianchu looked at her with low eyes, said coldly, and raised his feet to leave over her.

"Why?" When the flute some excitedly asked, "we are not united only wait for death!"

"Gong ou and I will fight one day, but I will not fight with Xiaonian's reputation." Mu qianchu said indifferently.

What he wants is time and thought, not to fight with time and thought.

When Di sits on the ground, tears break down when he hears this, sobbing, "you just think of shixiaonian, then I, do you think of me, if you don't save me, I will be shaped into a Yin baby Slut by Gong Ou! You can help me, qianchu. Now nobody can help me except you. "

"It has nothing to do with me."

The voice of Mu qianchu is cold to the bone.

When Di listens to despair, it also seeps into every bone. She laughs at herself, but her tears keep falling. "Qianchu, how can you do this to me? It's me who accompanies you these years, not Xiaonian. Weren't we happy then? Why is it like this? "

At that time, she accompanied him in his ward every day, watched the sunrise and sunset with him, and went to know the world with him.

Wasn't they happy enough then?

Why does he only think about shixiaonian? What's better than her? Everyone likes her. What is Xiaonian?

"Why? "Ah."

Mu qianchu sneers and slowly turns to look at her. "Because these years, I'm just an idiot with blank memory. You're playing with me. Now I'm the real mu qianchu."

Now he just wants to read back.

Others, he doesn't care!

Finish saying, mu qianchu also does not return to leave, leave when flute a person to sit on the ground, tears continue to slide down beautiful cheeks, sad to the end.

Mu qianchu steps out of the main house, reaches for his mobile phone, and slides his fingertips to the interface of the address book.

She didn't give him a phone call or a message.

So don't you want to contact him?

He said a dear friend, she really did not save a bit.

A servant came up to him, and moqianchu said coldly, "bring some wine to my house."

"Yes, sir."

Mu qianchu walks alone in the night, turns off his mobile phone and holds it tightly in his hand.


Imperial castle, cool as water at night.

When Xiaonian took a bath, he went to the infirmary to change medicine and straighten his ankle.

The wound in the arm is very shallow and is healing.

Coming out of the infirmary, Mr palace came from the opposite side, holding a bottle of water in his hand, "master, the water you want."

"Thank you." When small read smile, took water to drink a mouthful, "go, go back to sleep."

It's late.

"OK, then I'll recharge."

The R palace gentleman nodded at her, and then walked to the charging place.

When Xiaonian took out his mobile phone and scratched it while drinking water, his fingertips crossed the address book, and his eyes fell on the three words "Mu qianchu".

I admire the beginning.

I don't know how his injury is now. I wonder if she can ask the same question.

She hesitated to think that this is what happened between men and women. After one refused the other, she dared not even care, for fear that even caring would hurt each other.

Mu qianchu says that she wants to break up with her. Will she care for him now? Will it make him more uncomfortable?

When Xiaonian hesitates for a moment, he turns off his cell phone.

Mu qianchu should be OK. If there is something on the news, there will be.

I hope he will be all right.

When Xiaonian went to her room drinking water, her ankle was twisted, but she still walked a little bit sloppy.

It's close to the room.

I saw a tall figure standing in front of the closed door. It was gong ou.

Gong Ou looks even thinner in a black bathrobe. He stands facing her door and stares at her door without knowing what he is looking at.

"What are you looking at?"

Shixiaonian went over and asked questioningly.

Gong Ou glances at her. Her short hair is wet. The water drops down her handsome cheek. With his sexy voice, he has a deep magnetism. "There's something wrong with this door!"

"What's wrong? What's the matter? " When small read stunned, "the gate of imperial castle is not to choose the top kind of wood, will there be a problem?"

Gong Ou fixed his eyes on the closed door. "Yes!"

"What's the problem?"

When Xiaonian looked at the door and reached out to touch it, he didn't feel any problem.

Oh, with Gong Ou's critical paranoia, if you want to find a problem, do you want to blame the housekeeper again?

The Chamberlain is so old, Gong Ou is still bothering him.