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Chapter 350 I want to read

Several maids stood by, their heads bowed quietly.


The door was forced open.

Gong Ou came out of a room with long legs, messy shirts and blood marks. His handsome face was covered with scars, a big blue face, blood stains on the corners of his mouth, and obvious tear marks on the drooping ears.


When Luo Qi saw Gong Ou beaten like this, she was so scared that she covered her mouth and her hands were shaking.

Gong Ou comes out of it.

One, two, three.

As soon as his legs were soft, the whole man fell to the ground heavily. The blood of the wound was dyed red. His eyes were covered with blood. His black pupils looked straight ahead.

"Gong Ou!" Luo Qi rushes over painfully, and helps Gong Ou up from the ground. "Did your father whip you with a whip?"

What her husband hates most is who takes the reputation and prestige of the palace family for granted.

On the night of the oath, Gong Ou suddenly left and didn't come back. If Mona hadn't spoken well for him, the Lancaster family would have torn their faces.

It made her husband extremely unhappy.

Her husband seldom touched the whip, not to mention the gifted Gong ou. The last time Gong Yu said he was going to learn music and make music.

"Cough, cough"

Gong Ou fell to the ground, almost dying, with blood all over one ear.

"How can I play so hard."

Luo Qi cried bitterly, holding Gong Ou in her arms and shouting to the servant, "don't be shocked, go and ask someone to help you, and call my doctor right away."

Gong Ou falls into her arms, covered with bloodstains. The blood on her earlobes drips into her hair and onto Luo Qi.

He had a pair of eyes open, but no look of pain.

He is like a puppet without a soul.

No sorrow, no joy.

There is no sense of injury.

"Gong ou, how are you? Don't scare your mother. Talk to me." Luo Qi looks at Gong Ou vaguely with tears, watching the blood on his ears flow continuously, but she can't do anything, so she can only watch helplessly, even her earlobes are torn, which hurts a lot.

Gong Ou fell there and suddenly straightened up to stand up. His pain made him fall back powerless.

"Don't move any more." Luo Qi said heartily.

Gong Ou suddenly reaches out and presses her hand. Her thin lips move. The blood on the corners of her mouth is almost frozen.

"What are you going to say, son?"

Luo Qi bent down to listen to him.

"When looking for it, Xiaonian, keep looking. Let Fengde look for it." Gong Ou said hoarsely, pale.

"Well, I'll let Feng de continue to look for what you said."

Luo Qi nodded and looked at Gong Ou in such a way that she was scared. She couldn't be as ruthless as her husband. Her son, she couldn't even hurt a single hair.

"When I want it, I want it."

Gong Ou is like a child who has lost his beloved toy. He grabs Luo Qi's clothes with one hand and repeats it repeatedly. He doesn't care if the blood flows into his lips. He repeats it repeatedly hoarsely, "I want to have a little thought, I want to have a little thought."

He won't leave her.

He only lost her once and paid such a heavy price. He had not seen her for half a year.

He didn't dare. He didn't dare any more.

"Well, well, as long as you take care of the injury, you can get whatever you want from your mother." Luo Qi hugged Gong ou and said obediently. Then she turned her eyes to look at the closed door sadly and said loudly, "is the family's reputation and prestige more important than your son's health?"

How can he beat the child like this.

I don't have a son. Do you really want to kill the last one?

The door remained closed.

No one responded to her.

"I want to see her. I want to see her right away."

Gong Ou only repeated this sentence.

He can't stand it.

His father's whip down, he did not feel a little pain, but when he thought about it, Xiaonian disappeared again. His chest was like being trampled and trampled by countless feet.

"Good, good." Luo Qi accepted him blindly.

"Madame, here comes the doctor."

The maid arrived with the doctors.

Mona came after her. Her blonde curly hair was beautiful and dazzling. When she saw Gong ou, she fell into Luo Qi's arms with blood all over her body. She was so scared that she lost color. Her blue eyes were full of fear. "How could it be like this?"

Said, Mona rushed to squat down and looked at Gong Ou anxiously.

Gong Ou lay dying there.

A body of blood.

"It's not because he left the day you took the oath. His father felt sorry for your Lancaster family." Luo Qi said.

"What?" Mona was shocked. "Didn't I already explain it?"

"Mona, I know you're a good girl, and it's good that you speak for Gong ou. Otherwise, the injury is far more than that." Luo Qi sighed and said, "give Gong ou to the doctors to help her up. She squatted on the ground and said nervously," you are all light, don't you see that the young master is all hurt? "

The doctors helped Gong ou to leave.


Mona went up to help Luo Qi politely and thoughtfully, only to see her clothes stained with a lot of blood, and said, "Auntie, you go to have a rest, I'll take care of Gong ou."

"Then how can I? You are a distinguished guest of our family."

Luo Qi said.

"Gong ou and I have sworn that Lancaster's cooperation with Gong Jia will begin." Mona, holding Luo Qi, said gracefully, "in my eyes, I am gong Ou's wife. No matter what happens, I will love him, respect him and help him."

Smell speech, Luo Qi's face shows a happy smile, look at her and say, "Mona, I believe that a girl like you will move Gong Ou sooner or later."

Mona can't find anything wrong with her. She is very calm and generous.

"I believe it, too."

Mona nodded, confidently.

"Then go ahead, I'll change my clothes and let the servant tell me something." Luo Qi claps her hand and says that there is virtual fatigue between her eyes and eyebrows.

I thought everything could be passed peacefully, but I didn't expect it to happen again.

"Yes, aunt."

Seeing off Luo Qi, Mona stood there and bowed her head in the direction Luo Qi left for a long time, until Luo Qi left her sight completely, she hurriedly ran to the direction of Gong Ou's room.

In a 17th century English style room, doctors are urgently dealing with Gong Ou's wounds and cutting his valuable shirt.

Gong Ou lies on the bed, his long eyelashes quiver, then closes his eyes, like sleeping in a coma.

The nurse cleaned Gong Ou's ears. As soon as she turned around, Mona saw a centimeter and a half long tear on his earlobe, which was shocking.

It's said that master Gong is strict in running his family, which can make his two sons outstanding.

It turns out that this is not a fake.


Mona went in and stood quietly, gazing at Gong Ou's pale face.

Even with all his scars and bloodstains, he looks so handsome.

Half a year ago, when she was tortured by Gong ou, she almost wanted to give up her love for Gong ou, but suddenly one day, Feng de told her that Gong Ou decided to marry her.

She also knew that Gong ou could not make such a decision without special reasons.

But she was so clever that she chose to ask nothing and agreed.

As long as the engagement is real, she doesn't care about other reasons.

This is a confession of her secret love and hard work for five years. Finally, she is Gong Ou's fiancee. She still won, isn't she?

"You should take the best medicine. You can't leave scars."

Mona went over and told the doctors.

"Yes, Miss Mona."

The doctors nodded.


Italy's edge city, a window can be opened to see a distant sea, there is light like a diamond in the blink.

When she woke up two days later, she woke up from her bed and looked at the whole Renaissance style room. Her head ached, and then she recalled everything.

Why did muqianchu give her medicine?

She is too tired to persuade her to have a rest.

Why do I have to take medicine? She is a pregnant woman. How can I take care of two children after taking medicine.


By the way, she hasn't seen two babies yet.

When Xiaonian got out of bed, she didn't know how long she had been lying down this time, but she didn't feel the pain when she woke up before. She went outside and the whole building was very big. She went forward and groped a little uneasily.

Which is the house where the babies stay?

"Miss Shi, are you awake?"

The eyebrow scar doctor did not know where to come out, appeared in front of her again.

Every time she wakes up, he appears in front of her for the first time.

"Where is my baby?"

Asked shixiaonian.

The eyebrow scar doctor a light smile, look at her kindly, "when miss, my boss is enjoying lunch, I take you over?"


"No, I want to see the baby first."

Shi Xiaonian said that she had not seen the babies since they were born. She must go to have a look, otherwise she always felt that a heart was hanging.

"Miss Shi, would you like to have dinner first?"

The eyebrow scar doctor insists.

"Why don't you let me see the baby all the time?" When small read some strange looking at him, before also is, mu qianchu also interrupted her to find the baby idea, told her her her life experience first.


What does the eyebrow scar doctor want to say? Suddenly, two maids dressed up walked by. They didn't see them. They just talked in a low voice, "the baby can really drink."

"Yes, although it hasn't been opened for a long time, it's lovely. It's funny. It won't cry except for eating."

Said, two maids toward a room.

The two spoke Italian.

When Xiaonian looked at the eyebrow scar doctor, he stood there still looking at her calmly.

He may think she can't understand what the maid is talking about.

But when she was in the imperial castle, Madame tuogong's blessing learned a lot of languages. Although she only knew fur, she could understand the words "baby" and "smile".

In this way, Xiaonian turned around and ran to the maid.