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Chapter 810 misunderstood as a flower plucker

"Is it?"

Is it really just how much she thinks? No, even Gong Kui is not as happy as before. It must not be her illusion. Gong Yao has something wrong. He has something on his mind.

"The fruit is gone!"

Gong Ou's voice suddenly reached her ears.

She looked at it, and then she was stunned. She saw that there was only one empty plate left for the fresh cut fruit. She was stunned. "It's only two minutes, isn't it? How did you eat it all? I'd like to give holly and Xiao Kui some more. "

He actually ate it all, but he didn't eat enough.

"They're all in a bad mood, don't divide them!" Gong Ou said domineering.

"You are the elder." There are no elders who are haggling over the children's food.

"I can allow them to eat your meal with me now. It's the best fatherly love! Isn't it moving enough? " Gong Ou said bluntly.


It's so touching.

A common person can't understand the three views of eating goods.

When Xiaonian looks at him helplessly, then stands up with an empty plate and prepares to cut some more fruit. She deliberately walks by the wall and wants to shout Gong Yao to get up and eat some fruit. It's not good for her to sit cross legged.

When she approached Gong Yao, she heard Gong Yao's little whisper as soon as she was about to speak.

When Xiaonian was stunned, she stood there quietly and listened. Gong Yao's voice was so small that she could only hear some intermittent voices.

"I am, I am."

"I'm not, I'm not."

"Nonsense, nonsense."

What is it? It's not what?

When small read really can't see through this small child, she can only hear these words, he said you nonsense, really still mind being wronged?

When Xiaonian walked into the kitchen and peeled the apple on his hand, he felt thoughtful in his eyes.

It's not over yet.

Can Gong Ou's means be too strong and cruel, so Gong Yao doesn't let go. What he needs is someone else's sincere apology, isn't it through such a way?

What can she do for Gong Yao now.

He refused to talk with Gong Yao. She was afraid that his bad talk would make him feel worse.

When Xiaonian stood at the dinner table cutting apples, he suddenly felt powerless for his son and couldn't help his son. This is probably the most sad thing for every mother.

In the afternoon, when Gong Ou was dealing with business, Xiao Nian sneaked out and went to Huahai tunnel to cut some wild flowers and decorate the villa.

There are flowers in the air. I hope Gong Yao will be happy.

In the sun, when Xiaonian stopped his bicycle at the side of the road, he took out an apron with rural color from the car basket, put on a sleeve, and tied up a long hair with a headscarf, so that his hair would not be dirty.

When Xiaonian picked up the flower basket and scissors and walked over, squatted down at the flower beach, carefully cut the flowers and put them in the basket.

An antique car with a green mailbox slowly stopped at the side of the road. The man in the car had a straight face, narrow eyes, and smiled to untie the safety belt for his daughter and let her off.

"Dad, there are people there."

Said the 7-year-old daughter at his side.

Lanting raised her face and looked over. She saw a young flower picking woman squatting in the lace, cutting flowers. Her slender figure shrank into a small group. Her head scarf rolled up her long black hair, and the sun fell on her little cheek. She was white outside.

Her whole body was shrouded in the sun, a little unreal.

Lanting came down from the car, looking at the slender figure, his heart was severely shocked.

When small read is cutting flowers, suddenly a childish voice came, "Hey! Who asked you to cut the flowers? No one can pick the flowers here, you know? I'll have you thrown into the sea to feed the sharks! "

When hearing this, Xiaonian turned around in amazement and saw a little girl dressed like a little princess standing there, holding a doll in her arms and holding it in her hands, staring at her with such hatred.

Shi Xiaonian never saw a little girl with such eyes. It can be said that Vicious.

"Who are you?"

Asked shixiaonian in bewilderment.

"Who hired you to pick flowers? I don't know that the Huahai tunnel here is a protected area. It's not allowed to pick. " A pleasant male voice came.

When Xiaonian heard the sound, he saw a man coming here, white shirt and black suit, clean dress, good face, narrow eyes.

His eyes are clear and calm, but I don't know why in the sunshine, Xiaonian feels uncomfortable with those eyes.

This face is a little familiar.

By the way, Gong Ou's puzzle that day is this face. It really seems.

An antique car with a green mailbox.

When Xiaonian suddenly remembered the car he saw when he came out of the woods that day. Father and daughter, they were the father and daughter who misunderstood Gong Yao's stealing?

Man is Lanting.

Lanting, 35, divorced, often lives in langhuayu with her daughter, LAN Xiaoqi. She is a rich man. Except for a few tourists, the economy of langhuayu is from him.

This is the information found by Feng De.

When Xiaonian didn't get back to her mind, the little girl rushed over and savagely knocked all the flowers out of her hands, staring at her with hatred, "they said you are not allowed to pick these flowers! You bad woman, I want you to feed sharks! I want you to die! "

It's a strong tone.

Is that how the little girl used to say that day? No wonder Holly is so depressed.

When I saw Xiaonian, I didn't speak. Lanxiaoqi rushed up to hit her again. Xiaonian stood next to her and said coldly, "I know this is a protection area. I'm also doing protection work."

"You're picking flowers and you're talking about protection?"

Lanting asked, went to lanxiaoqi's side, did not blame her daughter's bad temper.

This makes shixiaonian feel absurd.

"The wild flowers here are not well cared for all year round, which leads to the dense growth of flowers on some branches, which is not good for this flower sea. I cut some of them, which is more conducive to their growth." Said Xiao Nian coldly.

Lanting stood there, looking at a sea of flowers behind them. He was surprised. "Do you understand that?"

"Know something."

This is what Luo Qi taught her.

"Then cut it."

Lanting said, did not stop her.

When Xiaonian looked at him strangely, which made sense. She thought Lanting was also a shameless person holding high and trampling low, so she would plant holy with her daughter. But now it seems that Lanting is not unreasonable.

Why did they quarrel with Gong Yao and Gong ou that day.

"Why? What did she do when she cut the flowers? She's a bad woman. I'll hit her! "

LAN Xiaoqi stood aside and jumped up angrily to fight.

When Xiaonian saw this, he grabbed her hand and looked at Lanting, who was still motionless. He asked incredulously, "you don't care about her?"

How can anyone else be a father like this.


"Then why do you make my daughter angry?" Lanting looked at her, still indifferent to what her daughter had done.

What did she do?

When Xiaonian felt that she met a barbarian, she grabbed lanxiaoqi's hand, looked at Lanting and said, "you must have offended many people like this?"

"No one dares to offend my father and me on the island!"

Lanxiaoqi's toes were high.

When Xiaonian looked down at the little girl's powerful face and thought of her son sitting beside the wall, he frowned and said, "no matter how much you publicize, you need to know the right and wrong points, but I think you are seven or eight years old, but you don't understand the right and wrong at all. It's not difficult for you to hurt others, right?"

Smell speech, orchid small Qi Leng next, immediately more loudly tunnel, "you this dead woman, I just don't want you tube!"! How wordy! "

When Xiaonian couldn't believe that a little girl's exit was like this. In the face of such a person, let alone holly, she would be depressed for a long time.

"I can't imagine you growing up as a child like you."

When I was young, I thought coldly, and then I threw away her little hand, picked up the basket and left. She was still pregnant. If this kind of child can't really attack her, the parents won't care. It's too dangerous.

Just as she turned to leave, the little girl suddenly cried out excitedly, "Hello! Where do you live? "

When Xiaonian looked back, a sneer appeared on her white and clear face, "why, do you still want to come to my house to scold me?"


LAN Xiaoqi is stunned again. She's wrapped in her mouth and doesn't know what she's thinking.

Lanting took a look at her daughter, and then looked at Shi Xiaonian. "You are not a resident of langhuayu. You are a hired flower plucker. Come to work in LAN family."

A flower plucker.

She is like a flower plucker.

Shixiaonian looks down at her apron. Well, she has nothing to say.

"My daughter likes you very much. Starting from tomorrow, I will pick a basket of flowers for breakfast and go to the gate of LAN's house. I will pay you handsomely." Lanting said that he was rich.

When Xiaonian thought he had heard it wrong.

"Your daughter likes me?"

I'm just about to rush up and hit her. I don't like it.

Oh, she remembered that the little girl was probably pestering to play with Gong Yao in the same way, right? It's strange to be liked.


Lanting should take it seriously.


When Xiaonian didn't care about them, she turned around and left. After a few steps, she stopped again, and beichi bit her lips gently.

If we could get close to this little girl, let her realize the mistake and sincerely apologize to holy, would holy's depression be solved?

Whether it's OK or not, a mother has to do something for her son, doesn't she?

When Xiaonian turned to Lanting and said directly, "I can send you flowers, but you have to make sure your daughter doesn't hit me."

"I don't care. I don't care what my daughter does."

Lanting said.


A doting father, there is no limit.

In this way, it is estimated that Lanting himself apologized under the pressure of Gong Ou before. There is no matter about this little girl. He will not let his daughter apologize unless she wants to.