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Chapter 242 the means are too gentle

"You know she didn't, but I'm far behind." Shi Xiaonian said that Mrs. Gong only asked for her at the request of the young lady of the palace, and even did not increase the difficulty.

But in this way, she also climbed the ladder hard.

"That's not allowed! What could she do but look down on you! " Gong Ou said, with her brows tightened, she took her hand and walked out. "Go, I'll take you out for a walk. It's silly to read!"


When Xiaonian was stunned, she was dragged away by Gong Ou before she realized it. She couldn't fight him at all, so she could only follow him.

"Young master, Miss Shi..."

Feng de stood there and looked at their backs helplessly, which made him and his wife how to deal with each other.

It's very tiring for him to have such a wilful young master.

Feng de shook his head and turned away.

In the blooming garden, the flowers are tight and colorful, and the bodyguards are standing around.

Two servants stand by the white swing.

Luo Qi sits on the swing bench and shakes gently. She is wearing a long skirt of tulle. Her body is enchanting. Her face looks beautiful and graceful in the sun. She turns a book in her hand.


Feng de came over and bowed to Luo Qi.

"Didn't you come?" Luo Qi didn't lift his head, and his voice showed a light sense of alienation. "I'm afraid I'll eat his little girlfriend?"

"No, I didn't meet them when the young master took Shi and the young lady out to relax."

Feng de replied with his head down.

"Well, I know my son's temper. You don't have to cover it up for him." Luo Qi's eyes are drawn back from the book.

When Xiao Nian fainted, Gong Ou put all the accounts on her head.


Feng de stood there without saying a word.

When Luo Qi closed the book, a pair of beautiful eyes had shallow sorrow, and after a while, she said, "I also saw that in these two weeks, Miss Shi did have some advantages. She was willing to work hard and bear hardships, and could control Gong Ou's temper."

In addition to Gong Yu, Luo Qi has never seen anyone who can make Gong Ou keep his temper under control. Even she always hides the possibility of his anger.

But these days, Gong Ou is dissatisfied with his servant's actions. He smashes things there and gets angry. When Xiao Nian just holds them in the past, Gong Ou calms down.

It's like a beast meeting a trainer who tames itself.

When she saw that scene, Luo Qi was shocked.

Since the death of Gong Yu, Gong Ou's temper has become more and more bad. A little upset is to smash things and scold people. Unexpectedly, a little thought made Gong Ou change so much.

"Yes, since the appearance of Miss Shi, the young master has restrained a lot." Feng de stands aside and speaks for Xiao Nian.

"If I were only a lover of Gong ou, I would never say a word." Luo Qi said with a sigh, "but Gong Ou is going to straighten her up. How can it be. If she is a famous family, even without Lancaster's background, I can go back and persuade the master to agree, but she is a adopted daughter whose parents are unknown. "

He also severed his relationship with his adoptive father's family.

Career is just a small cartoonist, how to enter the Palace door.


Feng de stood there, frowning at his words.

Miss Shi thought that if she tried to improve herself and be worthy of the young master, she would be able to change her wife. But she forgot that the rules of the aristocracy were all inherited rules of death, which could not be changed.

The lady just used some means to let her back, but the young lady just took it for granted and tried her best.

"It seems that my method is too gentle. I have to let Miss Shi quit." Luo Qi thought to say, a beautiful face is full of sorrow.

Hearing this, Feng de was shocked and said, "madam is kind-hearted..."

"What about my kindness?" Luo Qi said in a gloomy voice, "Feng De, do you think it's ok if it's really the master who deals with this matter?"


Feng de lowered his head and stopped talking.

If the master comes out to solve the problem, I'm afraid miss Shi's life will be ruined.

Luo Qi said, "well, Feng De, if you go to find out about Miss Shi, if she is willing to leave and become Gong Ou's little lover, I will not force her."

If it doesn't work, she can't be more gentle.

The master is not a person with good patience. He will not let this matter drag on.

"Yes, ma'am."

Feng de nodded and frowned slightly. Miss Shi was also a stubborn person. How could she be a lover without name or share.


Gong Ou buys another konisek.

When Xiaonian found that Gong Ou liked this sports car very much, and specially modified it. He would drive this sports car when he went out.

The Roadster is on the road, the convertible is open, and the wind is blowing head-on with a slight warmth.

"Where shall we go now?" When small read to ask, some worry, "I don't see Aunt really can?"

"I said yes!" Gong Ou said, holding the steering wheel in his long hand and stepping on the accelerator, he hurried forward, "where do you want to go?"

"Just hang out."

When small read casually said, she has no mind to go shopping, but has come out, walk is also good.

These days she has been trapped in her study, study, study, study, she is a bit of a silly trend.

"Take a day off and stroll again. You're too weak. You're so skinny that you're left with bones!"

Gong Ou ponders for a moment and makes a decision. He holds the steering wheel in one hand and points twice on his mobile phone in the other. Then he says coldly, "go and book a hotel."


There was a sound coming. Then Xiao Nian saw a bodyguard car behind her and drove out of the car to cross her face.

"Why book a hotel?" He asked in confusion.

Shouldn't rest go back to Empire castle.

"No learning, no meeting with my mother!" Gong Ou turns her eyes and looks at her. Her black eyes are deep. "Remember, my parents are really hard to deal with, but as long as you are by my side, you don't have to be afraid of them!"

"I'm not afraid."

When small read softly tunnel, eyes turned, eyes down.

She's not afraid, she's just stressed out.

"Anyway, you remember, it's OK in the imperial castle. You can't leave me for half a step when you leave. Do you hear me?" Gong Ou warns her.

"Another 24 hours?" Asked shixiaonian.


"Well, I see." Shi Xiaonian has been honed by Gong ou to have no idea what personal time is.

Gong Ou takes her to a high-end hotel. As soon as she gets to the door of the hotel, Xiao Nian sees some guests coming out of the hotel with their luggage.

And Gong Ou's bodyguards came and opened the door for them.

Which is the hotel reservation? Is it the hotel?

Money is more willful indeed.

When small read helplessly thought, untie the safety belt to get off the car, reached out to press the temple, she was really a little tired, heavy headed.

"What's the matter, not comfortable?"

Gong Ou comes to hug her body, and her black eyes stare at her.

When Xiaonian shook his head and smiled, "no, go in. I'm just going to sleep."

She hasn't really had a good sleep these days.


Gong Ou looks at her and then reaches for her to walk in.

The lobby manager of the hotel takes them directly to the presidential suite on the top floor and opens the door for them. "Mr. Gong, do you need a maid and housekeeper?"

"No, go down!"

Gong Ou cold tunnel, let the manager directly back, and then mercilessly in front of him heavily closed the door.

When Xiaonian looked inside, the presidential suite was very luxurious, but I don't know if she was used to the magnificent and amazing advanced design sense of the imperial castle, and she didn't have much feeling about such a presidential suite.

"Gong ou, are you a traitor?"

When small read to go inside, looking at a strange environment said.

"I built the imperial castle. I need to escape?" Gong Ou snorts.

He just didn't want to see her tortured by his mother.

He can't drive his mother out of the castle, just take her out to rest.

"Then I'll go to sleep."

It's hard not to study. When Xiaonian suddenly felt very comfortable and sleepy, she pushed open a door and found a bedroom.

"Then take a rest and I'll take a shower." Gong Ou said.


When Xiaonian nodded to go to the bedroom, pushed open the door, looking at such a large room, was about to open the quilt, the mobile phone vibrated.

She picked up her cell phone. It was a call from Fengde.

When Xiaonian stood at the same place to connect the phone, "manager Feng, is aunt angry with me?"

To see her, she ran away.

Completely disrespectful to Madame Gong.

"Madame is not very angry." Feng De's tone was gentle, "but madam has a word for me to ask you."


When small read stupefied next, madam today seeks her to ask a question.

"Is the young master by your side?" Asked Feng de cautiously.

When small read looked at an empty door, "he is in the bathroom, seal housekeeper have words may as well say."

"Madam said that she has seen your efforts for the young master, and she appreciates it very much, but after all, the background is very different, which is not up to the efforts of Miss Shi." Feng de beautifies Luo Qi's original words.

Smell speech, when the eyes of small read stagnate, the body is a little stiff, "what do you mean? That is to say, all my efforts in this period of time have been wasted, hasn't it? "

"It's not like that. Miss Shi, madam means that she has a very different life experience. Miss Shi can't step into the Palace door, but if you want to step back, madam is willing to step back."

"Housekeeper Feng, she wants me to be gong Ou's lover, right?" When I was young, I couldn't even understand the meaning of the words.

"Miss Shi, you should stop thinking about it." Feng De's voice was gentle and kind, "so that we don't have to be tired."

What do you mean by this? You don't have to be tired.

What does that mean.

"I don't want to go against my morality, and I don't want to be a lover." Said Shi Xiaonian directly, his teeth grinding his lips.

"Miss Shi, you can see how much effort the young master has made to get your heart, and even defied the family openly." Feng German advised her with a long focus, "but the palace family won't agree with that. Sandwiched between the family and Miss Shi, the young master is bound to be in trouble, isn't it?"