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Chapter 642. My father died four years before he told me

For more than ten years, the people here are not Gong ou. They can't recognize Gong Yu with one action, one figure and one voice.

The sun is warm in the whole castle. There are many kinds of strange flowers and plants. All of them are taken care of by specially assigned persons. The sound of horses is heard from afar.

When Xiaonian turns her eyes to Gong ou, Gong Ou walks beside her. There is no expression on a handsome face. It's so cold that people are afraid. A pair of black eyes look straight at the front.

He didn't hold her hand.

When Xiaonian's heart sank, he couldn't say what he wanted to say, so he could only walk them forward in silence.

In front of Gong Jue's study, Charles is waiting with the key. He only receives a call from Shi Xiaonian saying that everything is possible to get better. He thinks that it must be Shi Xiaonian who persuaded Gong ou.

Seeing them coming, Charles did not recognize Gong Yu, but bowed his head respectfully and said, "second young master, no matter what, please think about it for your wife."

Madame thinks that Gong Ou is rebellious by nature. Knowing that Gong Jue has passed away, she refuses to manage the palace well. Sometimes Xiaonian's help should be much easier.

"Open the door."

Gong Ou's voice is as cold as frost.

"Yes, second young master." Charles took a look at it. He went up to open the door of the study and asked them in.

Gong Yu follows him in, and Charles quickly reaches out to stop him. Xiaonian looks at Charles and says, "let him in."

"Young madam, although I don't object to you telling this to the second young master." Charles frowned. "You should understand that it's not suitable for too many people to know that without a comprehensive solution."

When Xiaonian even let outsiders know.

It shouldn't be bad.

"Let them in!"

Gong Ou's voice was speechless.


Charles looked at Gong Yu in surprise. For a while, he still didn't recognize him. He only thought it strange. Gong Ou said something, but he didn't say anything. He only regretted discussing with Shi Xiaonian.

This kind of secret thing is that the less people know, the better. Once they make a fool of themselves, the lady will be destroyed.

Charles went inside, took the books off the shelf, reached out and twisted them. The shelf opened slowly in front of them like a door.

A cold chill fell on my face.

Gong ou and Gong Yu stride in. Gong Ou bumps into Xiao Nian's body. She looks up and sees Gong Ou's gloomy face. It's really a bad feeling.

Gong ou and Gong Yu walk into the other end of the partition door. Flowers are all over the floor. In front of the heavy cross relief, a few white candles are lit. The light is cold and quiet in the whole cold room.

As soon as Gong Ou walked past, he saw the specially made heavy coffin glowing, his breath was stagnant for a moment, and his long legs were stiff and walked to the side of the coffin step by step.

Above the coffin was a glass like transparent coffin cover. Inside lay a figure that the two brothers could not be more familiar with. He was wearing a valuable suit, coat, straight tie, and a watch on his wrist. The time of the watch had stopped. The ring finger was still wearing a wedding ring. A half blood face was covered with white frost. His eyes were closed and his face was white 。

It's Gong Jue.

Once they blamed their brothers for the death of a feigned father and the death of a distant father.

The room is cold, the atmosphere is oppressive, there is no sound at all, only the light of the white candle is gently swaying.

When Xiaonian stood next to the partition door, a pair of black and white eyes looked at Gong ou, lips pressed tightly, hands on the side of the body clenched.

Gong Ou stood there, and looked down at Gong Jue, who was lying in the ice coffin. The look on his face was so deep that it was impossible to guess.


Gong Yu suddenly knelt down in front of the coffin, kneeling in a muffled voice, hands folded on the coffin, his head resting on it.


Charles looked at Gong Yu in surprise. Why did this man kneel?

Gong Ou stood there, glanced over the coffin, reached for a button and pressed it. The glass coffin cover automatically moved back. He bent down and turned the watch on the hand of zhuangong Jue

The time on the watch is gone.

"Yes." Charles nodded. "It was Madame who stopped the watch."

Gong Ou looks at the time with low eyes. This is a long time ago style. It's very old. There's time on it. When he looks at that time, he suddenly smiles ironically and closes the coffin.

Gradually, Xiaonian saw his eyes turn red.

The next second, he stares at Charles, walks over to grab his collar, and screams hysterically, "four years! My father died four years before he told me? Who gives you courage! "

The fire in Gong Ou's body was suddenly hooked up, his eyes glared at him fiercely, and he wished to tear Charles at once.

No one can stand such concealment.

"It's a joint decision of the master and his wife. I can't say anything as a housekeeper." Charles did not dare to fight back. He was directly pressed on the coffin by Gong ou. Looking at the Duke in the coffin, Charles couldn't help but say, "when the master died, the second young master and his family were in the worst trouble. Later, the second young master disappeared for four years as soon as he disappeared. It's helpless to think of this way."

If not, what hope is there for the palace family who has lost two children?

"Joint decision? What a joint decision! " Gong Ou presses Charles on the coffin and stares at him with black eyes. "The decision is to freeze my father's body for four years?"

Gong o holds Charles by the neck. Charles can't move.

"You don't want to look like this, Gong ou." When Xiaonian goes to pull gongou, gongou turns her eyes and gives her a sharp squint, which makes Xiaonian feel cold and subconsciously step back.

"Gong ou." Gong Yu knelt on the ground and raised his face to Gong ou. His voice was steady. "Don't be presumptuous in front of my father. Come here."

Hearing Gong Yu's voice, Gong Ou pushes Charles hard, which leads him to Gong Yu's side, and kneels down in front of the coffin.



Charles looked at Gong Yu in surprise, and there was confusion in his eyes.

When Xiaonian quietly looked at the two of them, he used to hear from Fengde that when he left the world, he had to see his children off beside him, which made his life complete.

She did not know if Gong Jue was waiting for the moment, but it was obviously four years late.

Gong Yu and Gong Ou knelt in front of the coffin for a long time before they stood up. Both knelt so that their legs were bent that they could not stand straight.

Two people go out from the study, Gong Ou coldly openings, "where is the mother?"

"Madame is checking the papers in the office downstairs."

Charles said, looking down.

Gong Ou strides downstairs, while Xiaonian looks at his back and looks down at his hand. Gong ou, who always likes to hug her, doesn't even touch her this time.

When Xiaonian's eyes darkened, he went forward and walked beside Gong ou.

The door of the office was opened directly by Gong ou.

It's rare for Luo Qi to sit at her desk in neat clothes, turn over a cow leather cover document on her hand, hang her long hair down, do not take care of it, and do not put any makeup on her face.

After quarreling with Gong OU on the wedding day, Luo Qi never took good care of herself.

Hearing the sound of pushing the door, Luo Qi looked up at Gong Ouhe and said, "it's you. Come in, Gong ou. I have something to say to you."

When Xiaonian slowly walked in with Gong ou, Gong Yu followed them, not being noticed by Luo Qi.

Luo Qi turned over the information on her hands and frowned, "I feel better today, so I came down to see what you have done for me these days. As a result, I found that you didn't pay attention at all."


Gong Ou goes to Luo Qi's desk and stands there. A pair of slightly red eyes stare at Luo Qi deeply. Her thin lips are tight and she doesn't speak.

"Let you help manage my internal affairs. You will be so perfunctory. In the future, you will receive the palace. Aren't you more perfunctory?" "Your father told me before he went to Switzerland yesterday that if he had not been busy, he would have scolded you personally. What would you do if your ears were torn again?" she said

There was silence in the huge interior room, only the voice of Luo Qi.

She's like playing a one-man show. The main character is herself. She thinks she deceives the audience.

"He's always been a heavy hand."

Gong Ou said in a low voice.

"You dare to be so perfunctory when you know that he is serious. Fortunately, I haven't showed him these internal affairs, or I will be scolded by him." Luo Qi said with a sigh, "your father was very proud when you went out to create an N.E

Gong Ou stood there, listened to Luo Qi's words and raised his face slightly, his eyes flashed twice, and his hands hanging on his side clenched his fists.

When Xiaonian looks at Gong ou like this, he wants to appease him, but he doesn't know where to appease him.

"By the way, before your father was in Switzerland, he asked you to try to take over the palace's management for a while, and you should stay in charge."

Luo Qi said, adding, "this is what your father ordered. You also know that he said the same thing. It's not easy for him to agree to your marriage, so you can stop it."

Gong Ou looks down at Luo Qi, who is sitting there. Her throat is tight and her chest is as stuffy as what is blocking her.

"Did you hear me? To quarrel with your father. "

Luo Qi said, still as if nothing had happened.

"Aren't you tired of playing two roles by yourself?" Gong Ou suddenly opens his mouth.


Smell speech, Luo Qi's body shape a stiff, raise a face to stare at Gong Ou stupidly.

Gong Ou took a step forward, put his hands on the desk, bent down, and stared at Luo Qi with red eyes. "When I came back, I sent a telegram to my father and talked with him about many things. You know that you need to scold me with your father's role and miss me with your mother's role. Aren't you tired?"

Gong Ou didn't realize until now that he had been dealing with Luo Qi all these years.

Immersed in two roles, does she have a clear distinction?