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Chapter 632 go to see Master Gong

"Have you thought about it?"

She asked.

"Well." Gong Yu nodded, looked at her with her eyes, and a faint smile appeared on her face. "Xiaonian, you are a good girl. Make Gong Ou happy, and don't hurt him again."

When Xiaonian nodded, she would definitely try to do it.

"And when will you leave?"

He asked again.

"The day after tomorrow." Gong Yu gives you a time when you can't touch it.

"So fast? Your injury is not good. " When small read can not help but say, Gong Yu smile, "this injury is nothing, is really no need to continue to stay."

When small read quietly watching his face smile, that smile with clear bitter.

"Then..." When I was young, I thought, "what about my mother? You don't want to go back to visit? "

"Xiaonian, I can't go back." Gong Gu looked at her and said, "you're not me. You don't know what kind of environment I lived in since I was a child. You don't know what that means to me. It's the purgatory map written by those painters. Every day, countless ghosts come out to torment me."

“……” Shi Xiaonian couldn't say anything but said, "OK, I see. Then you have a good rest. I'm going. "

She turned slowly.


Gong Yu stops her.

When Xiaonian looks back at him, Gong Yu looks at her and stops saying, "forget it, it's nothing. You can go."

When Xiaonian looked at him, "well. Goodbye. "

She turned and left.

From the hospital, Fengde and his bodyguards stood there. When he saw it, Xiaonian came to Fengde and immediately opened the door for her. When Xiaonian saw Gong Ou sitting in the car.

It turns out that he hasn't left yet.

When small read to walk to sit into the car, the first time to check Gong Ou hand injury, said in a low voice, "still hurt?"

"Did I just look ugly?"

Gong Ou stared at her and asked, looking a little embarrassed.

"No, President Gong is always handsome." When small read a light smile, holding his hand, "since you forgive your brother, why don't you have a good chat with him."

"Who said I forgave him?"

Gong Ou said coldly.

"Why duplicity?" "Everyone can see that you forgive him," he said


Gong Ou looks out of the window.

"He's going away, never to come back."

Shi Xiaonian said, the words fell, her hand was clenched by Gong Ou at once, and when Xiaonian hooked his lips, she said that she didn't forgive and didn't care. She looked at Gong ou and said, "he will leave the day after tomorrow. It's better for you to think about it and don't leave any regrets for yourself."


Gong Ou looks out of the window, indifferent.

Once he got back to the palace, Gong Ou was hardly dazed. He stood at the window for two hours. He didn't even hear Xiaonian calling.

Is it to stay, or to say goodbye, or to turn a blind eye?

Shi Xiaonian stares at his figure and secretly thinks what kind of decision he will make. According to her understanding, Gong ou should choose to send off. He can neither retain nor turn a blind eye.

This is Gong Ou's own decision. No matter what he chooses, she will accompany him silently.

When Xiaonian looks at the figure of Gong Ou standing in front of the window, and then silently retreats, closes the door and gives him a space to think.

This time I came to England to have their wedding ceremony. I didn't expect that the wedding could not be completed, but there were many things happened.

When Xiaonian walked in the corridor, even Xiaokui missed the domestic soybean milk and oil sticks, and she began to miss the domestic life.

There was no sense of belonging for her in such a large palace castle. Every plant, tree, painting and utensil was heavy and oppressive to her.

When Xiaonian went into the kitchen, he was ready to make some desserts to make Gong ou feel better. As a result, when he went in, he saw two maids come over with soup cups, sighing.

Seeing them like this, Xiaonian didn't even think about it. "Mother didn't drink it?"

"Yes, every time we bring something to my wife, she asks us to take it." The maid nodded. "The second young master gave it to his wife, but she drank it. We dare not bother the second young master."

I don't drink medicine soup, how can I be healthy.

When Xiaonian frowned, Gong Ou was also upset at this time. It's not easy to disturb him. The whole Gong family can persuade Luo Qi to drink soup except Gong ou. There is only one person left.

After thinking about it, Xiao Nian resolutely turns around and leaves.

She walked upstairs, holding the old handrail in her hand, and her shoes made a dull sound on the stairs.

Two bodyguards stand at the door.

It's Gong Jue's study. I heard that he always works here.

When Xiaonian stood there, biting his teeth, took a deep breath and walked forward. Two bodyguards stopped her and bowed their heads towards her expressionless, "little lady, what can I do for you?"

"I want to see my father for my mother."

Xiaonian stood there and said.

"I'll go in and report."

Said the bodyguard, knocking at the door and entering.

When she was waiting at the door, Xiaonian was inexplicably embarrassed. She remembered that she had always heard Gong Jue in Gong ou and Feng De's mouth. She had never seen Gong Jue in person.

He is like a legend. When Xiao Nian knew that he was a nobleman with the title of a knight. The descendants of the mixed race of China and Britain had experienced a low ebb. But in his hands, the fame of the palace family grew with each passing day. He treated his son severely and severely. He was desperate to stop her and Gong ou. He was extremely cruel and cruel.

She knew so much, but she had never seen him.

When she arrived at the palace, Xiaonian wanted to see Gong Jue formally several times, but she was refused to see him because he was busy. She thought Gong Jue looked down upon her background, so she gave up.

Shi Xiaonian was a little anxious.

For a long time, the door was opened from the inside. When the bodyguard came out of the hall, he said, "please come in, little lady."

"Thank you."

When small read nods, raises the leg to walk forward, cannot help but take a deep breath again, the hand that hangs at the side of the body firmly clenches the fist.

As soon as she entered the door, she was engulfed by a sense of repression that had never been felt before.

When Xiaonian thought of the movies in the old castle.

She went in with her eyes down, and raised her face slowly. This is a very large study. The collection of books is richer than Gong Ou's study, but all the furniture is old. It looks thick and heavy. There is a strong smell in the air.

It's like incense.

But it's not very fragrant, it's very strong.

When Xiaonian raised his eyes and looked forward, he saw a man standing in front of the bookshelf with his back to her. The bookshelf was close to the window. Almost all of his tribe was in the sun, and the backlight was not real.

The sun is shining.

When Xiaonian saw his curly hair, he bowed his head and said, "father."

"What are you going to talk to me about?"

Gong Jue stood in front of the bookshelf and opened his mouth coldly. The voice was indescribable. It was a powerful voice. Listening to his words, people could not help kneeling and submitting.

I don't know if it's because of the incense or if the Gong Jue's voice is too sharp. When I was reading it, I felt that I couldn't breathe.

She stood there trying to calm down and said, "my mother's health is not very good, and I don't want to drink those herbal soup. I want to ask my father to spare some time to accompany my mother in the busy time."

At that time, Xiaonian didn't know if Gong Jue was with Luo Qi on weekdays. Anyway, she didn't see her once.

"I see. Go down."

Gong Jue said coldly.

That's it?

"Yes, father."

She thought that Gong Jue had been dissatisfied with her for a long time. How could she scold her? When Xiaonian turned her eyes, she couldn't stand the fragrance here. When she spoke, she was ready to leave.

Just listen to "bang", the books on the bookshelf fall down and all hit the ground.

When Xiaonian looked at the book in astonishment, he did not want to go over and bend down, squatting beside Gong Jue to help pick up the book.

"Who let you pick it up? Get out!"

There was an angry voice above her.

Did you finally find the vent to scold her? She didn't think it was normal for Gong Jue to scold her.

"Back to you."

When Xiaonian squatted on the ground and handed the book to Gong Jue, his fingers crossed his wrists unintentionally and touched the watch on it, which made her shiver with ice.

She suddenly froze and looked at the watch. It seemed that there was some moisture on it, and the time stopped.

"What are you looking at? Common people have no rules. Get out! "

Gong Jue shook off her hand severely, which hurt her very much.


When Xiaonian didn't care about the pain, she squatted on the ground and raised her eyes to look at Gong Jue. The sunlight here was too dazzling. She could hardly see his face clearly, only vaguely looked at his outline.


Gong Jue kicked her, turned around and walked away towards the bookshelf behind her.


When Xiaonian was kicked to sit on the ground, there was not much anger in the bottom of his heart, but there was an unspeakable question.

Good ice.

She looked at her hand, and her fingertips were still cold. How could Gong Jue wear such a cold watch? It seems that it's strange for her to refrigerate it.

The time on the watch is obviously not going. What is he wearing?

Shi Xiaonian came out of Gong Jue's study and stared at his hand all the time.


At night, Gong ou, Shi Xiaonian and the twins sit in the garden restaurant.

Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian are both thoughtful. If nothing else, Gong Yao's little child is always cold.

Gong Kui, who loves to be lively and chatty, is choked. Look at this and that. He is too depressed to eat. "Can't you hear me?"

Gong Ou's eyes were sharp. She was holding a knife and fork and scratched the shell of a scallop, one knife after another.

"Are you going to eat this shell?" Gong Ou said in a low voice, "why didn't I know you had this hobby?"

"Ah?" When small read stupefied next, return to God, see oneself cutting fan shell, immediately some embarrassed, hurriedly put shell aside.

"What's the matter?" Asked Gong ou, with a magnetic voice.

When he had a meal, he was still distracted. Who was he thinking?


When Xiaonian shook his head and looked down to cut the dishes, she looked at Gong ou and asked seriously, "Gong ou, is there such a technology, that is, the rare watch is broken, just put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate it?"