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Chapter 837 this time, she came to save him

"And my father?"

"He should pay for his bad deeds."

"No." Lanxiaoqi immediately shook her head. "I like my father. I want to be with him."

"But he hit you."

Shixiaonian said inconceivably that no father who really loves his daughter will be violent.

"I have only one father. I can't live without one. He missed his mother when he hit me." LAN Xiaoqi naturally said that she was excused for her father.

When Xiaonian grabs her small hand, "Xiaoqi, you are still young. You don't understand that your father is wrong. You won't have no family. Auntie is your family. Is it not good for auntie to take care of you?"


LAN Xiaoqi shakes her head.

"Auntie will be your mother."

When Xiaonian blurted out, lanxiaoqi froze and looked at her stupidly, "you want to be my mother?"

"Don't you like it?" Asked shixiaonian, looking at her face painfully.

LAN Xiaoqi stood there in a daze, then went to hold the doll in her arms, held it tightly, and finally nodded, "I like it."

Tell the truth.

If you don't tell the truth, your aunt will ignore her.

"That aunt takes you out, later, no one will beat you, no one will force you to see your mother." Shi Xiaonian said, the voice is soft like water, "OK?"

Every word of her is like a warm flowing into lanxiaoqi's body, which makes a little heart crazy.

"Really?" LAN Xiaoqi asked, eyes showing yearning, "what about dad? I can't do without dad."

She repeated this sentence.

"Auntie and you go out first, and then wait for you to be safe, and then ask Dad why he did this, so he can't hit you, right?" When small read soft voice said.

LAN Xiaoqi thought and nodded, "well, I can't let dad know I told you that. He will be angry."

"Then will you cooperate with your aunt?"

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Good." Lanxiaoqi is full of trust in her eyes.

"Then you..." When small read words to the mouth and swallow back, this time what kind of decision can she make to let everyone leave safely.

Lanting is too hypocritical. He can be so cruel to his daughter. Even if he pretends to kidnap lanxiaoqi, it doesn't have any effect.

If you want to go out, you have to think of a foolproof way.

When Xiaonian had a bad headache, Gong Yao was still in the dark outside. Gong Ou was seriously injured. Now she knows that Lan Xiaoqi has been living such an inhuman life.

She has always been the one protected, but today she is going to save everyone.

Before coming up with a specific way, the door was suddenly pushed open. Lanting stood at the door and looked at them with a smile, "how is Xiaoqi? Are you still crying? "

When small read in the heart a startle, subconsciously retreated.

Lanting smiled innocuously. Seeing that Lan Xiaoqi was no longer crying, she couldn't help but look at her admiringly and read, "she really likes you, so soon she was coaxed."

When Xiaonian looked at him, he couldn't imagine how Lanting's Sven face turned into a devil who beat children.


LAN Xiaoqi has been used to Lanting's appearance. She cried out naturally without any abnormality.

When small read also very quick reaction come over, stand up from the ground, light smile, "in the end is a child, mood come and go quickly."

"That's good." Lanting breathed a sigh of relief, looked down at the time on his watch, and said, "it's not early, I'll take you back."

Send her back.

When small read bite lip, Mou son is rotating in the eye socket, pondering the method, she looks down to LAN Xiaoqi, an idea slowly generates in the heart.

Maybe, try it.

"Good." When small read smile to answer a way, "but since I have come, as soon as small Qi sleep I go, I coax her."

"You're not in good health."

Lanting is a little guilty.

"It doesn't matter." When small read light tunnel.

"Thank you so much. I'll get down and drive."

Lanting looked at her deeply, still smiling, turned around and left, taking the door up.

At this moment, Shi Xiaonian finally understood why she couldn't stand Lanting's eyes from the beginning, because his profundity and Gong Ou's completeness were unspeakable.

As soon as Lanting left, Xiaonian took lanxiaoqi to bed, opened the quilt to let her lie down, stared at her, and said solemnly, "Xiaoqi, Auntie asked you, do the servants at home know that you were beaten by dad?"

Lanxiaoqi shakes her head. When her father hits her, he locks her in the room and never lets anyone know.

So, in the eyes of others, Lanting is a good father and father who dotes on his daughter.

"Listen, little Qi, Auntie is giving you a task now." When Xiaonian looked at her and said, "an innocent uncle is also locked here. He is a good man. Go to see him and tell him in a low voice, let him pretend to kidnap you, and he will take you away."

“……” LAN Xiaoqi thought and asked, "it's my brother's father."

"Yes, he is." Shi Xiaonian said seriously, "you just need to say this to him in a low voice in the past. What can you do, right?"

"And you?"

Lanxiaoqi wants to go with shixiaonian.

"Auntie is going to hold your father in check."

What she has to do is not to let Lanting receive any news from the LAN family. If the servants can't contact Lanting, they will surely consider that Lanting dotes on her daughter and let Gong Ou leave.

This is the best opportunity.

"What is containment?"

LAN Xiaoqi asked in bewilderment.

"In a word, when you go out with that uncle, my aunt will come to see you. Yes, and that brother. I will bring my brother to see you too." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Brother?" LAN Xiaoqi looked at her. "Do you know my brother, Auntie?"

When Xiaonian leaned over to her and whispered in her ear, "let me tell you a little secret. Aunt can not only bring her brother to see you, but also make you friends."

The atmosphere suddenly became less tense with this sentence.

LAN Xiaoqi looks at Xiaonian in a dazed way, and then shows her expectant eyes, "really?"

"When did aunt cheat you?" Shi Xiaonian said, reaching out and clasping her finger, "remember, you must go to that uncle. Only he can help you to leave."

"OK. But will uncle help me? That uncle hates me, too. "

Same as that brother.

"If you have a word with him, he will help you."

"What's the point?"

LAN Xiaoqi looks at her puzzled.

"If one day my son is in danger, I will save him and you will save me."

When small read a word said, articulate, enough to let lanxiaoqi hear every word.

When Gong Ou asked her this sentence in the morning, she couldn't answer it. Gong Ou himself did.

She knew that it was a joke from him, but I'm sorry, she was serious when she was young.

So this time, she came to save him.

When Xiaonian didn't dare to let Lanting wait for too long, for fear that he would suddenly turn back and hear something, so he hurried out of the room and went downstairs after the confession.

LAN Xiaoqi pushes open the window according to Xiao Nian's meaning and listens to the sound on the window.

There has been the sound of the car starting. She rubbed her hands nervously. Aunt said, wait ten minutes for the car to start, wait ten minutes for the car to start.

She ran to the dolls again, picked up an alarm doll and stared at the time on it.


How long is ten minutes? What do you think of this?

LAN Xiaoqi is confused.


In the night, everything is calm without any disturbance.

A green mailbox antique car is driving on the road. When Lanting personally drives Xiaonian home, she is still grateful for her care on the way.

If it wasn't for those scars, Xiaonian couldn't think of another side of this man.

About 5 minutes after leaving, Xiaonian pressed his stomach and said, "I'm sorry, Mr. LAN, I'm not feeling well. Can you pull over and stop?"

She made a look of vomiting.

As soon as Lanting heard this, he stopped the car and asked nervously, "are you ok?"

"I don't know."

As Shi Xiaonian said, he pushed the door open and went down, making a nauseous look. Lanting came down from the car, walked to her side, and looked at her anxiously. "Isn't it hard? Or go back to my house and ask the doctor to come and have a look? "

"Nothing." When Xiaonian waved and said with a pale face, "I feel dizzy in the car, just blow the wind."


Lanting is so good that she reaches for her forehead.

The intimate action made Xiaonian feel a little disgusted. She turned her face conditionally and whispered, "I'm ok, thank you for your concern."

"My wife used to like to be brave like you, but at that time I thought she was really OK and really didn't need my company." Lanting smiled bitterly.

As if with Lanting, he could see his wife's shadow from her anytime and anywhere.

His wife's death gave him a lot of excitement.

"Is it?"

When small read light tunnel, a gust of wind blowing, she raised her hand to rub his arm.

Seeing this, Lanting did not hesitate to take off her coat and put it on for her. When Xiaonian hurriedly said, "this is not very good, Mr. LAN, you will also be cold."

"I'm a man. What are you afraid of? Wear it." Lanting gathered up her coat.

"Thank you."

When Xiaonian smiled and thanked him, he naturally put his hands into his coat pocket and touched the mobile phone, which is also used by Lanting.

This kind of mobile phone has one thing in common, that is, the mute key is on the side of the hand key.

She reached out and tapped the mute key to mute the phone.

In this way, I can't hear the call.

Lanting accompanied her to stand in the moonlight to blow her hair. Her eyes were staring at her deeply, and they did not move.

Shixiaonian didn't like the look in his eyes. She couldn't leave now. She had to drag Gong Ou out for a while. She smiled at Lanting and said, "Mr. LAN has a deep love for his wife. Why did he divorce?"