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Chapter Is Chapter 399 asking me to test for you?

"They say we have our own show of love background music. What kind of music is that?" Gong Ou would like to know, stop and stare at her with black eyes.

Just after his voice fell, music sounded on the radio of the supermarket, which is an old song of Liang Jingru. That unique voice sounded in every corner of the supermarket --

"happy break-up, please be happy, don't make mistakes to meet the right..."

Then, when Xiaonian saw Gong Ou's face black, it was almost the same color as the mask.

Maybe the music was misplaced. The radio soon cut off the music and sent some advertising sounds of preferential promotion.

But Gong Ou's face never looked better, and his whole body was full of anger at the edge.

"Well, let's go and keep buying."

When small read chat up ground to say.

"The food in this supermarket is stinky! Go! "

Gong Ou pushes the shopping cart to the side directly. When he pulls it, Xiao Nian turns around and leaves. He doesn't go back. He doesn't want any food.

Two people run over three supermarkets to buy all the dishes. Once the supermarket plays sad music, Gong Ou turns around and goes, no matter how many dishes he likes.

That's it. It's ten o'clock in the morning when I've finished shopping.

Without bodyguards and assistants to follow, Gong Ou put the shopping bag in the car.

When Xiaonian sat on the copilot with a bag of warm steamed buns in her hand, she fastened her seat belt, then opened the paper bag. The hot air in the bag came out with the fragrance, which made her feel restless.

Gong Ou closes the door, and Xiaonian hands the paper bag to him, saying, "it's ten o'clock. You haven't eaten breakfast yet. Have some buns to cushion your stomach."

It can't be done so soon.

Gong Ou glanced at it, his eyes full of disgust. "Don't eat."


Hard to serve.

I'd rather be hungry than eat.

When Xiaonian was about to seal the paper bag, he suddenly thought that Gong Ou didn't have breakfast, and she didn't either.

Steamed buns are hot and fragrant, and Xiao Nian is hungry.

She took off the mask on her face, blew the hot air, reached out and took out a small bun, put it into her mouth and took a bite. It was juicy and thin, with a good taste.

When Xiaonian was about to take a second bite, she suddenly felt numb on her face. She turned around and saw Gong Ou's hands on the steering wheel, and her eyes were staring at her directly, or rather at her mouth.


When small read chewing action can not help but stop.

In the next second, Gong Ou snatched the steamed bun, and took a bite from the place she had just eaten. The thin lips moved and tasted elegant. There was no oil stain on the lips.

"Baozi has more."

When Xiaonian handed him the paper bag, she bought a bag of baozi.


Gong Ou is still disgusted with him.

"All right."

When Xiaonian didn't force him to eat, he reached out and took a bun and took a bite. Before he tasted it, Gong Ou grabbed the bun in his hand. He took two out of three.

She looked at him helplessly, handed the paper bag to him again, "you eat it completely, why do you eat it I bit?"

How unsanitary.

"No." Gong Ou doesn't even look at the paper bag. He stares at her directly. "Do you want to eat it?"


He just likes to eat human saliva, doesn't he?

When Xiaonian tasted another one, she only took one bite and was robbed by Gong ou, as if the steamed bun she had eaten was the delicacy of the world. When Xiaonian looked at him silently, "are you asking me to test your poison?"

He won't eat until she has a bite.

"You mind me."

Gong Ou snatches a steamed bun from her hand and puts it into his mouth again. He chews it. Looking at him like this, Xiao Nian suddenly realizes something and feels uncomfortable.

When small read silently bite baozi, until can let him eat almost half full, then stop not eating baozi.

She doesn't eat, neither does Gong ou.

He picked up a wet tissue to wipe his hands, dried them, and drove away.

Returning to the port of heaven, Gong Ou carries his things upstairs and six heavy shopping bags. When he doesn't need to use them, he shares one point.

As soon as he entered the door, Fengde came out to help.

Next, Gong Ou goes to exercise.

Feng de cleans the house.

When Xiaonian went to the kitchen alone, took off the white apron and tied it, and then began to process the ingredients. He soaked the vegetables in water and washed them.

Time passed quietly.

It's not easy to prepare ten dishes and two soups for one person. Several pots are fired at the same time. The soup makers are in the pot, the stir fried dishes are in the pot, and the steamed ones are in the pot.

When small read in front of the flow straightening table busy, face gradually exudes sweat.

Suddenly, she saw a figure, Gong ou, leaning against the kitchen door.

She didn't go to see him, just staring at pots.

"How many dishes have you cooked?"

Gong Ou's deep inquiry came.

"Three fried dishes are ready." Shi Xiaonian said, put a dish out, put it aside, cover the lid, keep the heat out, and then continue to make other dishes.

"So fast."

Gong Ou said, go to the refrigerator, take out a bottle of ice water from the inside and drink two mouthfuls, then stand there and stare at her cooking, and make a dissatisfied voice from time to time, "you cook too fast, slow down, what's urgent."


Where is her hurry? She does it at normal speed.

When I was young, I couldn't understand what Gong Ou was doing. I simply ignored him and made my own dishes.

Gong Ou has been criticizing her.

"Look, the beef brisket is not cooked, and the soup is not thoroughly boiled. When I read it, would you cook?"

"Do you want to eat the meat when it's cooked?"

"Why don't you stir fry that dish for a while? Why is this dish so simple? Would you like to put your mind on it?"

"My palace and Europe always pay attention to food. You can carve a pattern with vegetables. It's not too complicated. Just carve a picture of the river in the Qingming Festival."

Take the vegetables and carve a picture of the Qingming River.

Why didn't he let her carve the Great Wall.

When small read busy nearly three hours have not finished, a forehead of sweat, thinking how to cook too late, but also by a layman constantly in the ear, read her ear pain.

She finally can't stand it. She turns to gong'ou with a shovel and says, "gong'ou, if you can only make fried rice with eggs, don't command me, will you? Even if I don't know how to cook, I must be a little better than you. "

When she finished, the whole person froze there.

I saw Gong Ou standing in front of her in a pure white sportswear, with a bottle of water in his hand, short hair wet, slightly messy, no expression on his handsome face, eyes straight at her.

His eyes It's red.


When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly.

His eyes turned red.

When the breath of small read suddenly hold, the position of the heart is suffused with slight pain.

She suddenly understood that he said so many accusations and so many accusations to make her cook slowly so that she could stay longer.

The fourth course has been finished. She will leave soon.

"Look what I'm doing. Keep cooking!" Gong Ou didn't realize that his eyes had betrayed him. He said maliciously, "do well! Don't do anything about it! "

"I see."

When Xiaonian takes back his sight, turns around and goes to the pot, turns off the fire, and reaches for the pot.

"What are you doing!" Gong Ou grabbed her arm and pulled it back at her. He stared at her and said, "you are crazy. Grab the pot!"

When Xiaonian is held back by Gong Ou in time, she doesn't get hurt, but her hand still touches a little bit, which is very hot, but she dare not show it. She just smiles lightly, "lost her mind."

She was going to get the plate, but she grabbed the pot.

"If you lose your mind a little more, you will lose your hand!" Gong Ou glared at her and scolded her fiercely. He was full of rage and poked Xiaonian's head when he reached out his hand. "You don't cook well. What's in your mind? Is it shit

When Xiaonian was stabbed in the head by him, he went to the side of him, without returning his hand, and said in a low voice, "less swearing."

"Well, next time I won't talk about mojichu." This is too dirty.


When I was young, I said nothing.

Gong Ou grabs her hand and tightens her brow. "How about a burn?"

When Xiaonian hurriedly took back his hand, raised his eyes, looked at the red in his eyes, and shook his head, "no, I didn't burn it. You stand aside and I'll keep cooking. "

"Why, I'm standing in the way?"

Gong Ou's face is not calm.

"I didn't."

"You have it!" Gong Ou stares at her. "Make your meal, I'll stare at you here, so you won't mess!"


There's nothing wrong with her.

When Xiaonian sips her lips, she picks up the plate and begins to serve.

The dishes were cooked one by one, and the morning passed quickly.

When Xiaonian first began to pay attention to the plate, she cut the vegetables into the shape of maple leaves and pasted a circle around the plate.

She couldn't carve a picture of the river during the Qingming Festival, but it took a lot of time to make the dish, but it still had time to make it.

Just like between her and Gong ou, there will be a day when she will be completely entangled.

This kind of end, no hate, no resentment, no deep misunderstanding, just see clearly, understand, will end.

Gong Ou once said that he wanted them to break up peacefully. This time, it's really peaceful.

He doesn't make a noise, she doesn't make a noise.

When Xiaonian looked down at the plate in front of her, she put the last piece of vegetables cut into maple leaves on the plate, and Gong Ou's voice sounded behind her, "is it over?"

"Well, it's over."

When Xiaonian picked up the plate and put his red eyes on it, he stood there, like a child who was wronged but dared not cry, looking at her with red eyes.

She lowered her eyes and went out with the dishes, putting them on the table.

Feng De is still rubbing the post with a cloth, looking at the restaurant from time to time.

The bright dining room is quiet and silent. The dishes on the table are delicate and beautiful, with fragrance floating. Gong Ou sits at the table and looks at the dishes on the table.

Xiaonian takes two pairs of chopsticks and hands them to Gong ou. Just as he is about to sit down, he listens to Gong Ou's deep voice, "who told you to sit down and eat?"


When Xiaonian stood there.

"You can go."

Gong Ou said in a cold voice.


When Xiaonian looked at him in amazement, she thought that his cooking would also include making her accompany him to eat, but there was no such item?