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Chapter 1154 love you with one breath left

When Xiaonian put down the thousand paper cranes in his hand, just about to open his mouth, he heard a dumb voice coming from outside the door. "Are you angry, shixiaonian?"

The tone was a little frustrated.

It's Gong ou.

It seems that there is no reason for her to lose her temper. Shouldn't he be furious? How can it be such a tone.

When small read some surprised, step by step to the door, hand touch the door handle.

Gong Ou didn't use his usual style to break through the door, so he stood outside quietly, "shixiaonian, I can't blame you, Gong Yu. What's the most important thing to say at the beginning? It must be copied perfectly!"


When Xiaonian stood in his study and stayed, I see. That's all right.

No wonder she feels that today's scenes are all familiar, evoking her worst memories, and even Gong ou can't see them well It was deliberately arranged.

What is Gong Ou doing?

Also perfect copy, let her experience those times again, she is afraid that she will be depressed.

"Why don't you talk all the time?" Gong Ou knocks at the door again. The voice that has always been strong is weak at the moment. "It's Gong Yu. He did it on purpose! I want to cut him off! "


When Xiaonian almost lost his smile, how could he find his elder brother who was willing to break off the relationship?

"When reading, when reading." Gong Ou's voice gradually became agitated. "Don't talk to me, just take care of me. I'm serious. You come out and I'll break off with him now!"

Is he here to apologize?

Even if you don't have a word of sorry, you know how to express your apology by scolding brother.

When Xiaonian snickered, he cleared his throat and said lightly, "don't put any responsibility on brother. He suggested that you should carry out it? You are clearly trying to stimulate me. "

Hearing her words, there was a moment of silence outside.

For a long time there was no more sound.

Be quiet.

It was as if there was no such person outside.

When small read suddenly some flustered, he left? Reaching out to open the door, Gong's hoarse voice rang, "I just thought about it a lot."

“……” What did you think?

"Those memories are a disgrace to you. I wish they were wiped clean." There was a whisper, Gong Ou seemed to lean against the door, "but I didn't think of it before."


"I only know that in my place, no matter how terrible the memory, as long as you are good and happy."


My heart was pounded.

When Xiaonian stood at the door, some words seemed insipid, but he could not touch the ground to ravage his heart.

Any worse memory, just have her? Don't you feel pain even when you've twisted it?

Seeing that she didn't speak, Gong Ou spoke again, with a low voice. "Shixiaonian, do you hate me so much? Why don't you forget these things?"

He even played the past that she hated again, even the details were clear.

She must hate him.


When small read Zhang mouth, do not know what to say.

It's not hate, it's just uncomfortable to see those situations reappear.

"Do you remember why I asked you Asked Gong ou.

When Xiaonian leaned towards the door, a lot of things appeared in front of her. How could she forget? At that time, he asked her --

"Why are you Xiaonian?"

"Never forget?"

She always felt that her name was a joke, and no one would ever forget another.

"In this life, I will never forget everything I am with you. I will never forget the good and bad love and hatred." Gong Ou's voice is deep and magnetic, and his tone is firmer than before. "But if time can go back, I will beat myself to the point where I can't take care of my life, I can't beat myself to death, and I will love you in one breath."


A warmth ran through the lips.

When small read hurriedly wipe away, she did not know when she actually shed tears.

This man even talks about love is earth shaking

Seeing that she still doesn't open the door, Gong Ou is in a hurry. "When Xiaonian, why don't I show you the back flow of time to beat people?"

When small read had no time to dry the tears moved on helpless smile.

This man is really I want to fight.

She opened the door and stared angrily at the man at the door? That's self mutilation! "


Gong Ou used to lean against the door. When the door opened, he stood up quickly and looked at her with gentle eyes. He was weak and domineering in peace.

Luo Qi can't recognize her son if she wants to be here.

When Xiaonian stood there, "how can you stay with me and ask me to serve you?"

Gong Ouding stared at her, "your eyes are red."

It's as red as a rabbit.

"I'm angry!"

When Xiaonian bit her lips and turned her head angrily, but she didn't hold on for two seconds. She rushed to Gong ou and threw her head straight into his arms. Her voice choked, "I can't get angry, Gong ou."

In the face of throwing herself in the arms and giving her a hug, Gong ou can't help but hold her tightly and lift her whole body, hoping to be embedded in her body.

He lowered his head and buried his face deep in her neck. His thin lips were warm and trembling.

"I don't have another time, I promise!"

Gong Ou hugs her.

When Xiaonian climbed onto his back with his hands, his eyes were even redder. "That Gong ou, I promise not to regard those past as shame, but as getting the pass you need to break."

There is no gain without hard work.

"Silly!" Gong Ou holds her head. "You can't break through anything if you get me. Just say it!"

Even one look is enough.

Let him know that she has been paying attention to him. He has nothing to ask for.


When Xiaonian turned his face and kissed him forcefully, "I love you, Gong ou."

Hearing this, Gong Ou felt that his pores were open all over his body, and he was like a young man holding up his beloved girl in a straight Circle. He was so happy that he didn't know why.

"Gong ou, I feel dizzy..."

"Just stare at my face!"

"I can't see it. You "Well."

A strong kiss came down.

I closed my eyes when I was sinking.

Well, I can't feel dizzy with my eyes closed.


The process of rekindling passion is messy, but the result is unexpectedly perfect.

"I love you", Gong Ou's mood soars to the sky.

As soon as he was in a good mood, the whole cruise ship was in a good mood.

Gong Yu's mood should not be very beautiful, because every time he has a rest, some people throw peas in through the cracks under the door. The sound is small but disturbing.

The servants look at the young master every day to hide and seek a place where they can rest peacefully At

, Xiao Nian also pondering over why these things suddenly came back to us at the beginning, saying that it is to rekindle passion. In her opinion, he is too idle.

You have to do something for him.

Finally, without the answers from various experts, Shi Xiaonian decided not to waste any more time and put the ancient map of sheepskin in front of Gong ou.

"Have you changed your map now?"

Gong Ou looks at her and asks, grabbing her hand uneasily.

The two men returned to the same life as honey.

When I read the black line at one end, "what do I draw a map for? I want to find this place. Next stop, I want to go here - Shengya Bay."

They've been out for a while.

She wants to make Shengya bay the destination of their journey around the world.

"Then tell the cab." Gong Ou doesn't think so. He stares at her directly. Is her dress too conservative today?

Two buckles should be undone.

It's better to wear a nightdress. It's more convenient.

It's convenient. When do you wear your nightdress and take it to the bathroom for a bath.

What's the reason to cheat her into taking a bath during the day?

Well, it's a question worth thinking about.

"Gong Ou? Gong Ou? "

When Xiaonian's hand was shaking in front of his eyes, his face was puzzled.

Gong Ou returns to God, with deep black eyes. "How?"

"Didn't I hear you?" When Xiaonian looked at him puzzled.

"What did you say?"

“……” When Xiaonian was helpless, "what do you think? I said that Shengya Bay is a floating island. At present, I don't know where it is, or it may sink."

Gong Ou's line of sight drew back from the button of her dress and looked down at the map of sheepskin. "It's a very old map. How do you suddenly want to go to this place?"

"I've heard from the wives of the Alva family that it's beautiful, so I want to see it." When small read a way.


Gong Ou agrees.

"Well, I don't know if I can find it." If she can, she really wants to find this place through her own efforts, but unfortunately, her ability is limited.

No matter how hard you study it, there will be no results. Gong ou will suffer from her neglect

"As long as you want to go, there's no place I can't find!"

Gong Ou just got right, picked up the map of sheepskin and observed it carefully.

The attitude is wild.

"Not necessarily." How many years have the Alva family been looking for.

"Combine this map with the current map, check the recorded historical crustal movement after the location is closed, and a location can be found through calculation, which may not be accurate, but it will be the nearest place to Shengya bay at present." Gong Ou said, pointing across the map.


Shi Xiaonian looks at him in shock. She studies where she still wants to start these days. How does he figure out the time?

This man is so far away from his brain.

Gong Ou turns his eyes to her, "what are you doing staring at me?"

"I want to see what's in your head." How can I be so different from her.

"When you know what I have in my head now, you will regret it."

He was still thinking about how to coax her to take a bath during the day.


When I read it, I couldn't understand it.

Gong Ou starts to work after he gets the sheepskin roll. He doesn't think about other things anymore. Even Gong Yu is liberated.

All kinds of information flew into his mailbox like snowflakes.

Several big computers are doing high-density actuarial work at the same time.

When Xiaonian often stood behind Gong ou and looked at the computer screen, the little red dot could hardly see the sign of moving on the world map

Gong Ou stared at it.