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Chapter 935 is the child

After walking for a while, Xiaonian squatted down with his stomach in his hands and cried out in pain, "ah It hurts. My stomach hurts. "

"Get up and go! Hurry up! Or I'll shoot you right away! "

The foreigner holding her is in a hurry.

"I can't walk even if you kill me. I really hurt." When Xiaonian squatted on the ground holding his stomach and refused to leave.


The man is angry.

A person next to her holds Xiaonian's hair and forcibly pulls her up. "Don't give me any pretense. I want to wait for help. Dream. We don't care if you are aborting now! Go! "

"Let go, don't touch me."

When small read desperately struggles, uses all means to drag time, on the face is fan several slaps, fan all dizzy.

"Let's go. If you want to delay our time, I'll lose one of your son's arms!"

One of them grabs Xiaonian's lifeblood and holds Gong Yao's hand, which is about to break down.


When small read compromises to follow them to leave from the channel.

The long passage seems to have no end. It is empty and quiet. There is only a little light in the dark, so people can't see the way out.

Suddenly, some ethereal sounds came from afar, like someone was knocking something.

When Xiaonian walked forward in a dazed and passive way, listening to the sounds ringing back and forth in the long channel, like a ghost.

The foreigners panicked. "What's the sound? Is it coming? "

"No way. We only know about this escape way. Let's go."

When several people pushed hard, Xiao Nian walked forward.

"I want to be with mom. I don't want you to hold me. I don't want you to hold me."

Gong Yao suddenly started to make a scene. Seeing this, he carried his angry and badly defeated tunnel, "make another scene and kill you!"

"I don't want it, I don't want it, I don't want it!"

Gong Yao is very excited to resist.

"Let him follow me, we'll catch up. Can we still run under your eyes?"

Smell speech, those a few people think to think that she says have reason, throw Gong Yao down.

Gong Yao rolls around the ground and quickly gets to Xiaonian's side. When Xiaonian grabs his hand and moves forward, Gong Yao picks her palm as he goes.

There was only footsteps in the long passage, and the long and short knocking sound came from afar.

When Xiaonian pressed his stomach and reluctantly lowered himself, Gong Yao whispered in her ear, "it's the sound strike code, dad taught me."

Voice code?

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Yao in the dark, how could Gong Ou teach Gong Yao so many strange things?

So Gong Ou came to save them.


"What do you mean?" When small read low voice said, with a strange posture to walk forward, the stomach is very affected.

Hearing this sentence, Gong Yao was silent and walked forward holding her hand. For a long time, he stood on tiptoe and said in her ear, "I forgot, I don't remember whether to wait for help or to ask for a signal."

The two sounds are too close.

He really can't remember.

Gong Yao's voice was full of strong self reproach. When Xiaonian held his small hand, "it's OK."

"What are you muttering? Let's go! "

When Xiaonian's leg was kicked hard, she almost fell down because of the pain, so she had to walk forward with her head hard.

Waiting for help and asking for a signal mean too much, which makes her what to do.

It's not to wait for rescue. You don't need to tell them to wait. Gong Ou surely doesn't know where she is hiding now. She is eager to know her whereabouts.

It should be the second.

So she had to leave something all the way.

Gong Yao shook her hand a little anxiously, while Xiaonian soothed him in a low voice, "it's OK, I'll find a way."

But now she has nothing. What other way can she leave things? She can only use the old way.

When Xiaonian looses Gong Yao's little hand, he forcibly tears the wound that has just healed, and the pain of the tear dances on the wound fiercely.

Dare not let the blood fall to the ground to have a sound, she just wiped the wall with the wound all the way in the dark, the pain suddenly doubled violently.

Until they got out of the channel, Gong Ou's people still didn't catch up.

Outside the passage is not a familiar place. It's a strange place. There are several cars parked there, even the lights are not on.

"Get in the car."

The three of them were wheeled into a car that had already been parked there.

One person, one car, they are not allowed to be together.

As soon as he got on the bus, Xiaonian pressed his index finger against his tongue when they didn't pay attention, opened the window and vomited, "vomit --"

before he vomited out, he was pulled back by a foreigner, "what are you doing? What evidence do you want to keep! "


When Xiaonian suddenly vomited in the car, a sour smell spread in the closed car. She was still vomitting, and the foreigners around almost jumped up. She didn't even take the gun. She took off her coat and gave her, "vomit here, vomit here!"

When Xiaonian spits up rudely.

"Fuck, pregnant women are in trouble. It's not over yet?" "I can't stand the smell," the man said, blowing his nose desperately

With that, the man opened the window beside him.

When Xiaonian was dying, he turned to the back, his face was white in the night, frightening, "I want to blow, retch, blow..."

"Good! Blow! "

The man could not bear to press down the window for her. When Xiaonian immediately fell down on the door, quietly raised his wounded hand and put it on the window. He clenched his fist and let the blood fall down.

Gong ou, find her. Be sure to find her.

When Xiaonian's face became more and more ugly, her head became more and more dizzy. At the end of the day, she didn't even have the strength to clench her fist. The whole person seemed to pass out, with only a little consciousness.

She could not remember the way as it was staggering.

I don't know how long it took for her to hear a lousy Mandarin ringing, "I want Mr. Lancaster to have foresight and prepare a way out early. I didn't expect that this gong'ou had two abilities. So soon, I found the hill tribe that Mr. has been planning for so long."

Back off.

There's still a way back in s city. It's amazing.

"Gong ou can make him hate this way. He can't have no ability." Two people you a speech I a language to chat.

When Xiaonian tried to listen, but she had a bad headache. She couldn't get any strength. She put her hand over her bulging stomach.

Sorry, baby.

You've suffered, too.

"Here we are! Looks like we're out of it! "

The car stopped.

When Xiaonian subconsciously looked up to the ground, but found that there was no blood on the ground, and then looked at his wound, the wound was no longer bleeding.


When Xiaonian was annoyed, she wanted to smoke her mouth. In this case, how can Gong Ou find them? How can she not even do this little thing well.

At the end of the day, when Xiaonian was living in regret, she turned her eyes and looked around. Here is a community. Those people got off one after another and all the guns were put away.

When Xiaonian took a look, there were about 9 people in total.

Compared with the blockades of the hill tribe, there are too few people here.

But how about less? She and two children can't escape.

One of the leaders said, "all of them will be divided into three parts and put into separate custody."


It's thoughtful to think about it. In S City, hill tribe is used as the base camp. It's not unusual to see it on the outside. Once something happens, they immediately move into the community in pieces. No matter how smart the police and the palace family are, they must be looking for groups with many people. How can they think that several families are connected to terrorist groups.

Are you going to be imprisoned again?

She can. What about the two children and Gong Ou?

"Let's go, get in the car." The leader observed the surroundings and said, "dress up as ordinary residents, don't disturb the residents, live according to their own house number respectively, wait for everyone to gather and then act, and don't act rashly until then."


All of a sudden, there was a roar in the silent night sky.

"Ah --"

heartbreaking cry.

When Xiaonian leaned on the window and looked forward with her eyes raised, she saw a foreigner standing there suddenly covering his eyes with death, a short arrow peeped out from the crack of his fingers, and A lot of blood.

The moon became especially cold.

"Who? Who is it? "

Those 9 people stood in place immediately flustered up, and then there was another scream, another person covered his eyes and jumped up.

And then there's another one.

When Xiaonian opened his eyes in astonishment, Gong Yao?

She didn't dare to think about it. She hurriedly pushed the door open with all her strength. She tiptoed on the cotton flowers for a while. When Xiaonian didn't dare to delay, she picked up the car and walked forward, trying to get close to the two children.

Several people in the open space are all in a mess. They are all looking at the dark arrows. But you can see them at the gate of the community. You can't see anything.

Originally in the escape, there were few people, and they were hidden, so they were even more disordered.

All of a sudden, it's another one's trick. He shouts with his eyes covered.

When Xiaonian couldn't imagine how Gong Yao dared to shoot so calmly, she struggled to walk in the confusion, and suddenly someone rushed into the car and touched a gun and let it go.


There was a loud, deafening noise in the night sky.

Gong Kui's cry followed this sound, and then there was a crazy scream. The scene suddenly became more chaotic, and those people kept throwing guns into the sky.

It's a mess.

One by one, the lights in the community came on.

"Little anemone."

When Xiaonian rushed forward in the sound of gunfire and opened the door of a car, only to see Gong Kui sitting alone crying and screaming, covering his ears with his little hands desperately, "ah ah."

"Xiaokui, Xiaokui, I'm my mother."

When Xiaonian reaches for her.

Gong Kui just sat there shivering all over, covering his ears with both hands and screaming desperately, as if the shots would not ring again.

When Xiaonian leaned in to hold her, he suddenly heard a voice saying, "it's the child! It's the kid! Kill him! "