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Chapter 970, Xiaonian finally comes out

He didn't like the taste of paint very much since he was a child. Besides, it's OK to draw a big witch.

But it's too late. The deep red paint has been sprayed on mu qianchu's hair.


When Xiaonian frowned, without thinking much, she put out her hand to wipe his hair and the red of his hand, but she didn't wipe off the paint on his head. She didn't want to wipe it.

Mu qianchu keeps away her hand. When Xiaonian is stubborn, he is also stubborn.

The two people are so persistent, suddenly, mu qianchu does not move, when Xiaonian tiptoes to wipe his hair, how can not let the strong taste of paint erase.

Mu qianchu didn't like the smell when he was a child, but now he just stood there and smelled it. He didn't even cover his nose.

The wall behind him is full of graffiti. It's not a blank wall at all. He wants to remember the contents of every wall here and enlighten her too much.

When Xiaonian looked at the color on his hair that could not be wiped off, he slowly lowered his hand and said bitterly, "maybe from the beginning, I should have a good chat with you."

After that, she closed herself up and was more reluctant to talk with mu qianchu. In fact, mu qianchu knew her better than the psychiatrist. Maybe she could talk earlier and she would not be like this.

Words fall, mu qianchu suddenly pours at her and hugs her.


When Xiaonian stood there with his eyes open and his hands hanging in the air, he forgot to push him away.

Mu qianchu held her tightly, without a word. He put his hands on her back and hugged her more and more tightly.

She did not know why mu qianchu hugged her, nor could she ask.

In the night, fireflies fly among a broken wall. Maybe they are lost and forget how to get out.

The night is as cool as water and the wind is slow.

I don't know when mu qianchu let go of her. They sat down on the grass in front of the broken wall, as if the hug had never existed.

"I have reached the edge of my ability to bear the events of the hill tribe before. In that place, I feel nervous every hour, and I cannot live like death. I finally think I am saved. But when I wake up here, I realize that everything is the situation of the palace and Europe. I think that all he has done to me before is to let me pass the next period of time safely. ”"I admit that I've been hit and deeply shadowed, especially after I know that both children are not very good," said Xiao Nian in a low voice, leaning against the broken wall

This is the first time when Xiaonian has fully disclosed his heart to people since he came here. Before, he always accepted a little like this, and could not fully admit himself.

"You should talk to someone." Muqianchu said that he knew that he was not the best candidate, but Gong Ou left Luo lie to her.

Smell speech, when small read a wry smile, "who am I looking for?"

Who can she look for in this place?

"Dr lo."

"I know that he is a good doctor. He is very able to think from my point of view. He thinks it's Gong Ou's problem, but every time he mentions Gong Ou's problem, I don't want to listen." When small read oneself ridicule way, "I am very strange contradiction?"? Maybe Gong Ou appeared here at that time, and I would scold him severely. But he was not here. I wanted to hate him for being arrogant and domineering, but I didn't want to listen to others when they said he was. "

She loves Gong ou. She knows that Gong Ou is more paranoid and crazy about her, so she can't blame or hate it.

"So you're like walking around in a maze, not finding the right exit." Then she put all the problems down to herself.

"Then I can't get out." When a cool wind blows, Xiaonian whispers against some cold walls, "in fact, I watched myself become what I am today."

She was awake to see herself come to this point.

Mu qianchu listens, with a heartache on his face. "Xiaonian, you have met many things since you were a child. If you give up yourself completely this time, the one you are most sorry for is yourself."


Xiaonian's heart was shocked.

"I'm sorry for the one who knows how to use painting to eliminate negative emotions since childhood. I'm sorry for the one who can't break down no matter how much experience I have had." Mu qianchu's voice line is gentle, "if you give up yourself completely now, you will draw the worst period for the past one."

She lowered her eyes. "I know that I should not hate, be cowardly, or let myself be like this. I should do well to see Gong Ou off, take care of the children, give birth to a baby, be mature, but I can't control myself. At the beginning of the millennium, I have no confidence in myself. "

She had no idea what self-confidence was.

"You will have self-confidence. You are not broken when you break off the relationship with your family. You are not broken when I forget you for six years. You are not broken when you are loved by Gong ou. You find your own happiness from it. How can you not have self-confidence? You just give up thinking." Muqianchu said, "you shouldn't be like this. It's not Xiaonian that I knew."

When Xiaonian sat on the grass and stared at mu qianchu, I don't know why. Every word mu qianchu said touched her heart.

He said it over and over again, and she thought that she had been brave, and she had lived desperately.

"But what else can I think about? What else can I do? Gong ou will think about it for me. If I think about it more, it will only hinder his layout. " When small read low eyes, tone humble into the grass.

Doing more will affect others.

Words fall, mu qianchu suddenly faces her, one eye "looks" at her, "of course, you have something to do, do you hear the gunfire? It's likely that lancas is testing our position, and we have to come up with a plan. "


When small read to look at him in amazement, this word and she say what mean.

"Now Gong Ou is gone. I'm not Gong ou. I didn't decide to kill him. I need someone to discuss with me and decide how to do it together." Muqianchu looked at her and asked seriously, "Xiaonian, would you like to?"


When Xiaonian was stunned, she didn't expect mu qianchu to tell her so. She couldn't answer. She just wanted to escape subconsciously.

"The history of the hill tribe will not be repeated. I will not let all your hard work turn into a premeditated futility. The children are yours. You should stand up bravely and be responsible for them." Moqian saw her for the first time and continued without speaking, trying to stir up a little hope of her weakness.

When Xiaonian is still sitting there in silence, mu qianchu's tone is more and more persistent, which makes her panic, her eyes twinkle uneasily, and she wants to run when she stands up.

Mu qianchu listened to her voice, grasped her wrist accurately, and said anxiously and loudly, "Xiaonian, I promise you that I will never let the people around you leave you again!"


Xiao Nian looked at him in astonishment.

"I can't guarantee that everyone won't be hurt, but I can guarantee that no one will leave you, and you won't watch the people around you die!" Mu qianchu grabs her hand and stands up. His voice is hoarse. "If so, can you cheer up and really face the future?"

She was just afraid that she would be tired again. He would break her fear. As long as she passed the gunshot, she would regain her confidence.

Everything will be OK.

"How can you promise?"

He asked in a daze.

"With all the guilt I have for you." Mu qianchu said firmly.


When Xiaonian looks at him foolishly, the mu qianchu in front of her is not the same as the mu qianchu in every stage she used to know.

"Try it, be brave for yourself, for your children, think again, and do something more." Mu qianchu persuades her, "believe me, it will not be useless, it will not only affect others."

When Xiaonian stood in the night, a firefly stopped in her corner.

Every word mu qianchu said was madly bewitching her, desperately saying that she was useful, not useless.

But soon, a little sign of Mars ignited by shixiaonian was doused with cold water. She looked down at her bulging stomach, and the crazy guilt hit her. "It's too late, the thousand, too late."

She has hurt the baby in her stomach.

How can she come out? She's betraying pumpkin.

When Xiaonian forcibly broke away from his hand, turned around and left. Her teeth were biting her lips. She should have talked with mu qianchu earlier, and earlier.

Now it's too late

"Do you really think Dr. Luo dare to take off your child?" Mu qianchu's voice suddenly sounded in the night, "that's just a procrastination plan he wants you to use to arouse your mother's nature."

Hearing this, shixiaonian stopped and looked back in disbelief. "What do you say?"

What does that mean?

Mu qianchu followed her voice and came forward with a smile and a brisk voice. "The medicine he gave you is all vitamins. Don't you feel it when you swallow it? He thinks you will regret after taking the medicine, arouse motherhood, and maybe even get well from heart disease. "

When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, he couldn't believe it for a while

Her little pumpkin is still there?

Her little pumpkin can still be born well?

"Why should I lie to you?"

"But I faced Gong Ou at that time..."

"It's just a psychological effect. Dr. Luo said nothing wrong. You are very clear that you are mentally weak. It's not bad. At least you can control yourself. So after you mistakenly think that you have taken tranquilizers, you will have a good attitude." Mu qianchu said with a smile.

When Xiaonian listened in a daze, he reached back and grabbed his hair. He couldn't tell what his mood was at the moment, but it must not be too bad.

There is even the ecstasy of lost and recovered. This ecstasy suddenly breaks everything away, as if everything is OK.

It turns out that she is always contradictory.