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Chapter 820 when will it be full

When Xiaonian looked at Lanting strangely, he looked along his eyes. He was looking at the corner that was not covered with wild flowers.

"When do you say it will be full?"

Lanting suddenly asked, his tone became a little dignified.

"When small read cannot help but say," now is already long full, the photograph also won't affect completely

Who cares if there are some flowers missing in that corner.

"Of course not!"

Lanting said fiercely, turning her eyes to look at Xiaonian, those long and narrow eyes are very deep, but that kind of deep makes people have a kind of gloomy illusion.

When Xiaonian was looked at uneasily, what was he talking about?

Of course not?

I can't do anything. Can I connect with her last sentence.

Aware of the surprise on Xiaonian's face, Lanting converged his eyes and smiled lightly, "I'm sorry, I'm a little obsessive-compulsive, so I hope these flowers can grow all over the tunnel, so it looks more perfect."

"Is it?"

When small read to chat up a smile, should be with his words, the heart feel that there is something wrong, but also can not say.

"You..." Lanting looked at her and said, "I hope you can think about Xiaoqi and me."


When Xiaonian heard the explosion, he could only smile and say, "Mr. LAN, you really misunderstood me. I'm really married and I'm pregnant."

Say, when small read to caress oneself or flat abdomen, light tunnel.

Lanting looked at her in shock. "Pregnant?"


I nodded.

"He's your cousin." Lanting looked at her incredulously and took a step back. He seemed to understand something. He asked, "do you hate me, the way I teach my daughter?"

When Xiaonian stood there in tears and laughter, did she say so sincerely as if she was looking for an excuse?

But on Xiaoqi's question, Xiaonian couldn't help saying, "Mr. LAN, you didn't teach your daughter, you were doting on her."

Wen Yan, Lanting quietly looked at her and said, "I know what you want to say, children will grow up, and we can't accompany them all their lives. My current doting will affect her future very hard."


When Xiaonian looked at him, he understood that.

"Xi Nian, I understand the truth." Lanting smiled faintly.

"But you don't want to change it?"

When Xiaonian asked naturally, Lanting's posture was in front of her. He knew everything, but he liked to spoil. Nobody could stop him.

Lanting looked at her with deep eyes. He raised his hand and extended it to her. His fingers were clean. Xiaonian took a step back without hesitation. The rejection in his eyes was obvious.

She has turned it down more thoroughly.

Lanting looks embarrassed, takes his hand back and says, "if you want to enter our family, you can educate Xiaoqi in your way. I think she likes listening to everything you say."

He hasn't seen his daughter like a person so much for a long time. He likes to listen to everything.

"Why didn't Mr. Nalan teach himself?"

Asked shixiaonian in bewilderment.

Lanting looked down at the wild flowers in the field, and it took a long time for him to pull the corners of his lips, saying, "I'd rather not."


When small read stupefied.

"Yes, I hate it." Lanting said with a smile, he still looks like a good man. He is reluctant to educate his daughter.

This logic makes Shi Xiaonian puzzled. She wants to know something. What's the flash in Yu Guangzhong? She turns around and sees Gong Ou driving his car to bring Gong Yao and Gong Kui.

Gong Yao and Gong Kui are huddled together in the co pilot's position. According to the situation, Gong ou should drive very slowly all the way, so it's now.

At last.

Today, she doesn't have to hide the embarrassing identity of the flower picking girl.

Over there, Gong Ou pushed open the door of the sports car with a cold face, and walked down from the car. He changed into a gray blue coat, wearing a sweater inside. Such elegant dress still can't cover up his fierce breath. Just watching, you can feel his incomparable.

"Get out of the car!"

Gong Ou claps the car door and says to his son and daughter. His voice is cold, but his eyes are on Xiaonian's direction.


How can the picture of this woman standing with other men be so eye-catching!

"It's mom!"

When palace Kui discovers small read, excitedly say, push open the door to want to rush past.

"No way!" Gong Ou's voice stops her.

Gong Kui looked at him wrongly at once.

"I brought you to class today! Repeat the subject! " Gong Ou has no soft heart, and his voice is still cold.

"Yes." Gong Kui said weakly, "try to understand that little sister's heart."

To understand what the little sister's heart is doing.


"Do you know?"

Gong Ou stands in front of the sports car and looks at Gong Yao coldly. Gong Yao comes down from the sports car and nods his head expressively.

He knew what he had promised to read.

In fact, he doesn't care about the injustice of his little sister at all, but he knows that Xiaonian has worked hard for him. If he works hard, Xiaokui will complain about his mother's absence.

I don't know why. Obviously he also wants to take care of Xiaokui. But when Xiaokui says that his mother is too busy to ignore her, he is a little excited.

This time I was busy for him.

He is really not a good brother, Gong Yao thought.

So, we can't let Xiaonian ignore Xiaokui any more. He wants enough, well, enough.

"Where is the little sister?"

Looking around, Gong Kui suddenly found a girl dressed like a doll standing in front of a big tree, looking at them, not coming, holding a doll in her arms.

"Over there." The sleeve of Gong Kui Lala Gong Yao whispered, "but I don't like her very much. Do we really want to go there?"

Gong Yao looks at his younger sister. Her voice is tender, but her voice is older than her age. "Then you are here. I will go."

Gong Yao then walked towards LAN Xiaoqi.

Seeing this, Gong Kui hurriedly follows Gong Yao and holds on to his sleeve. "Then I'll go with you. You can't talk. What should you do if you are bullied! Sister help you! "

"You are my sister."

Gong Yao corrected her.

"You are my brother!"

Gong Kui insists.

"Tomorrow I will begin to do meditation with you." Gong Yao goes on.

"Brother, you are so handsome. You are more handsome than dad!"

Gong Kui immediately changed her position and joked. She ran out of the house and asked her to cross legged meditation every day. She would suffocate.


Gong Yao walks towards LAN Xiaoqi, and follows Gong Kui like a dog's leg.

One is cold, the other is sunny.

Lanxiaoqi stood there with her back against the big tree. She saw it when the sports car came over, but she didn't dare to go. She knew that the little boy didn't like her at all.

But he's really good-looking. He's a mess.

Do not like her people she do not rare, can not let him find himself like him, absolutely not!

But how did they come.

LAN Xiaoqi watched brother and sister Gong Yao come towards her. She grasped the doll with her little hand. She was nervous. She was afraid that her little careful thought would be found by this beautiful little boy.

Gong Yao leads Gong Kui to LAN Xiaoqi. They are shorter than LAN Xiaoqi.

But LAN Xiaoqi's cold eyes on Shanggong Yao are unnecessarily tense. She is afraid that her mind will be found. She is used to shouting, "Why are you two ugly?"

To say a word, LAN Xiaoqi quickly shut up, dare not say any more.

Aunt Xinian said that we can't say the opposite today. She lost even one mother when she said it. Her father must be very happy if she wants Xinian to be her mother.

Xi Nian is so like her mother.

Seeing that Lan Xiaoqi is going to be dirty again, Gong Yao's glassy eyes are colder. There's not a word. Gong Kui thinks that he's here to do his homework, so he gives LAN Xiaoqi a big smile, "little sister, I see you again. Are you going to play with us?"

And invite her to play?

LAN Xiaoqi looks at the two of them on guard. She holds the doll in her arms harder and harder. She dare not speak. She subconsciously looks at Gong Yao.

He didn't want to play with her last time, but he did after she wronged him for stealing?

Is it true that as aunt Xinian said, as long as you talk to people well and treat others kindly, others will like yourself?

But if other people don't like her, she won't lose face.

LAN Xiaoqi is very tangled.

Gong Yao stood there, watching LAN Xiaoqi's hand grasping the doll so that he could almost dig a hole. He said, "do you want to play with us?"

He doesn't like playing.

But he's going to end it and stop shixiaonian from doing it again.

"You really want to play with me?"

LAN Xiaoqi asked incredulously.

"It's not you, it's you." The neglected sunflower is a little depressed. She points to herself and says, "it's us. It's playing with us."

LAN Xiaoqi is still looking at Gong Yao. She is very happy. Seeing this, Gong Kui suddenly feels depressed and nuzui.

Gong Yaoji naturally grasps the hand of Gong Kui, then looks at LAN Xiaoqi and repeats the words for her sister, "well, would you like to play with us?"

Do you really want to play with her?

LAN Xiaoqi looks at Gong Yao incredulously. Her lips move for several times. She wants to promise and is afraid of expressing her wrong feelings. The 7-year-old is very hesitant.

Gong Yao didn't want to waste time, so he took LAN Xiaoqi's hand and left, holding a girl to play.

This scene was all in the eyes of Gong ou.

He was leaning against the sports car, staring at the children's scene, his face was indifferent.

All right.

It's done.

As soon as holly's problem is solved, Xiaonian can feel at ease. He turns his head to look in the direction of shixiaonian, and sees that two people are chatting with each other enthusiastically. While chatting, Lanting approaches shixiaonian.

The closer you get.


Gong Ou's face was suddenly blue, his hands were in his pockets, he stood up straight and walked towards them. His eyes were full of light. He wished that Lanting could be seen through.

Try a little closer.