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Chapter 471 am I pissing you off


The people at the bottom were listening with their ears up. They didn't hear the quarrel between the president and his fiancee. They were disappointed.

I really want to be the president of personal governance.

Gong Ou stares at her, reaches for his chopsticks and starts eating. He drinks a lot of soup as she says, fast but elegant.

"Or take a rest in the afternoon?"

Xiaonian stood beside him and said that he didn't like to see his eyes full of blood.

"No, you go to my office. I'll be right back."

Gong Ou rubbed her thin lips, and a pair of black eyes looked at her.

"I'm here with you." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Gong Ou glanced at some of the men and said, "no, I don't need to! I will come! "

His tone is heavy.

When small read a bitter smile, nodded, not stubborn, as if in front of Gong ou, she has never been able to stubborn success.

"I'm out."

When Xiaonian left with a tray, he returned to the president's office alone.

The sun is warming.

She stood in front of the French window and looked at the whole bustling city. Her face was indifferent and expressionless. Gong Ou's eyes were burning when she doubted her, as if she was looking at a woman who had cheated.

She knew it wasn't from his heart.

But I still feel uncomfortable.

When Xiaonian sat down on the floor and looked out quietly, there was a little bit of pain flowing in her heart, and she was suffering a little bit.

She lay down on the floor, hands open, eyes slowly closed.

It will be OK.

Everything will be OK.

Everything will pass.

When Xiaonian is so hypnotic, suddenly, she can feel the light in front of her eyes disappear and fall into a dark.

As soon as her heart tightened, she opened her eyes.

But she saw Gong Ou standing in front of her, lying on the ground, she could hardly see his face and expression, only saw a tall outline.

She sat up from the ground, and Gong Ou quickly squatted down.

Actions at the same time.

When Xiaonian almost bumped into his face and stared at him, Gong Ou squatted in front of her, his arms on his knees, a pair of black eyes staring at her straight, like obsidian, thin lips pursed, lips slightly downward.

She looked into his eyes and sat with her legs on the ground without knowing where to swing them.

"Am I making you angry?"

Gong Ou suddenly asked, with a deep voice.


When small read stupefied next.

"You just got angry." Gong Ou stared at her deeply, as if to find out something from her face, "why don't you yell at me now?"

She used to yell at him when she was angry to a certain extent.

"Roar you?" Xiaonian chuckled, "are you a masochist, Gong Ou?"

He was clearly expecting her to shout at him.

"I remember you used to like shouting. When did you stop swearing?" Gong Ou stared at her face, crouched in front of her and thought seriously, "when did it start? Why can't I remember? "


Xiaonian's smile froze on her face.

From engagement.

It began with the discovery that he was getting worse.

She's the only one left in knowing his ideas.

"Why don't you yell at me?" Gong Ou said.

"Why do I yell at you?"

"Because you are angry."

"Do you care about my anger?"


When small read low smile, looking at his black as ink stone eyes, said, "that don't want to make me angry, in the afternoon to rest, also let everyone rest, in order to catch a ghost, make up and down panic, is not good?"

Smell speech, Gong Ou's face sinks down, stare at her coldly, "why do you have to speak for N.E's staff these two days? Who are you talking for, the man who spoke to you in the tea room yesterday? "

The man looks like a brown embryo.

"Don't be so suspicious, will you?" She did not.

"Then why do you speak for them all the time?" Asked Gong Ou unhappily, his face getting worse.

"Because I'm afraid they will complain to you." When Xiaonian sat in front of him, he said softly, "let them have a rest, even if it's only half a day."

"Who are you talking for?" Gong Ou turns around on this issue.

"I didn't." "I love you. I'm thinking about you."

"I don't need to rest. I'll get the insiders out as soon as possible to make sure that N.E. doesn't get upset. Then I'll save your father!" He doesn't have much time to rest, and the people below can't rest.

When small read frown, "Gong ou..."

"Well, don't say, I'll do something. You can have a nap in the sun!"

Gong Ou interrupts, gets up from the ground and walks to her desk.


When small read sit in place, five fingers buried in the hair, and is unhappy.

In his world, she should be the most listened to, but because other men looked at her a few times, she spoke for the staff, he even doubted her involuntarily.

She could not persuade.

Nothing can be done.

She turned her eyes to Gong ou and saw that he began to work hard again. She didn't give herself a break. She fell back and lay on the floor again.



In the hospital, there are many men in black leather clothes standing in the corridor. The eyebrow scar doctor is standing at the door, with a dark scar on the eyebrow corner.

Inside the door.

"Well, now open the other eye."

An Italian doctor is doing an eye test for moqian Chu.

Mu qianchu sat in front of the instrument, wearing a white shirt, a handsome face with distinct features, clear and handsome.


The doctor nodded to him, "Mr. mu, I'll let you know when the examination results come out."


Muqianchu stood up in front of the instrument. His dark brown eyes were narrow and charming. He looked down at his hands, which was becoming more and more unclear.

He picked up the suit next to him, put it on his arm and walked out.

As soon as he opened the door, Dr. eyebrow scar bowed his head to him, "Mu Shao, that man is waiting for you in the doctor's lounge at the end."

"I see."

Mu qianchu's cold tunnel, raised his legs and walked to the front, "how about Shidi?"

The men on both sides bowed to him.

When Xi Jitao had an accident, the Xi family now respected him and people became more and more respectful to him.

"Madam now trusts Miss Shidi very much. In addition to Xi Yu's affair, madam now does not believe Gong Ou more and more. She puts all her hopes on Mu Shao. Madame is now slowly drawing the people sent by Gong Ou away from her side. "

Dr. eyebrow scar said that he had to admire Mu Shao's plan. Everyone arranged in a mess, but when things happened, they all came into use.

For example, Miss Shidi.

At first, he didn't know what was the purpose of Mu Shao's taking Miss Shidi back. Now he knows that it was to control his wife, add the wind, and put the newspaper in front of her.

"The Xi family is kind to me, and I am not going to kill them. As long as my uncle and aunt are in my hands, I will not do anything to them." Mu qianchu said in a cold voice, "I need real power to be invincible."

"Yes, not much." Doctor eyebrow scar nodded, thought and said, "but if the eldest lady doesn't follow Gong ou back to China, she will speak in front of her wife. She has a pure temperament. I'm afraid she will reuse Gong ou. Maybe she will send someone from Gong ou to receive the whole meal."

Gong Ou's hours in mushou's office made him sweat for fear that he would see something.

At that time, their plan will be a disaster.

"She will go back with her, because in her eyes, Gong Obi needs her more."

Mu qianchu sneers.

"That's what Mu Shao expected, too?" The eyebrow scar doctor is astonished, "what to call Madame Gong Obi to need eldest lady more?"

Mu Qichu gave a cold look at the eyebrow scar doctor on his body, reached out to open the door of the rest room at the end, and said, "well, you are going to ask this big miss Lancaster."

In the lounge, the whole room is bright with sunshine. On the black leather sofa, a tall and beautiful young woman is sitting there with a glass of red wine on her hand. Her slender legs are close to each other. Her posture is charming and flirtatious. Her long blonde hair is dazzling, and her long hair is a beautiful and generous face, especially her blue sea eyes Breathing.

It's Miss Lancaster: Mona.

When moqianchu first found out the recurrence of eye disease, Miss Mona came to moqianchu's door, and she was in touch with moqianchu.

One is good at planning layout.

One is good at psychological research and knows Gong Ou's privacy.

It's not difficult for two people to set up a game.

Seeing them coming in, Mona sat on the sofa and looked at mu qianchu more. The appearance of this Oriental man is not vulgar, but there is still something less than Gong ou.

"Congratulations, young master." Mona shakes the glass in her hand, and her red lips curl up. "The Xi family is in your hands."

"Is it too early for this congratulations?" Mu qianchu threw the suit aside and looked at Mona indifferently. "Gong Ou has quickly fixed the leak. Maybe he will come back in the next moment, like a tiger rushing at me."

"Master Mu's plan is so messy and perfect. It seems that everything is irrelevant. How can Gong Ou guess that you and I are behind the scenes?"

"He's not a fool."

Moqianchu cold tunnel.

As for the Xi family, Gong Ou began to doubt him after hearing only one sign. If there is no later move, Gong Ou would have been attacking him at this time.

"I came here to have a glass of celebration wine with young master mu. Since it's celebration, it means that we can succeed."

Mona said with a smile, her voice full of charm.

"Sure to succeed?" Mu qianchu sneers, "I don't think so."

"Master Mu is so good at planning. In just a few months, he can make the overall arrangement. By the way, he made himself a seat family, which opened my eyes."

Mona said that she took the glass gracefully and tasted it. The taste of red wine flowed into her lips. It was very mellow and charming.