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Chapter 979 no one will disappear before you

When Xiaonian looked at him, he suddenly thought that he just pressed her head, she felt his body shake, he blocked her bullets, right?

"Doctor, my name is doctor." When Xiaonian turned to look at the group of people standing in dense anesthesia and shouted, "doctor! Get me a doctor! Hurry up! "

At the end, Xiaonian's voice broke.

Someone ran away in a hurry. I don't know if he went to the doctor.

"Xiaonian, don't worry. I feel OK. Really, it's OK." Mu qianchu sat on the ground and said with a smile, but after that, his Qi was obviously empty and he was very tired.

"The doctor is coming, qianchu. Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid. You will be OK." When Xiaonian kneels beside him, one of her palms is covered with his blood.

"Don't be afraid. I'm fine." Mu qianchu said with a smile, "don't you really want to see others?"

"I don't look. I'm here. I'm not going anywhere." When Xiaonian shook his head hard and refused to leave, "you will really be OK, you will certainly be OK."

The sun was a little harsh.

Mu qianchu slowly raised his hand, put it on her hand feebly, and smiled difficultly. "You are in a hurry. I said that no one will disappear in front of you. We are all wearing bullet proof clothes. We are all OK."

He talks more and more hard, more and more hard.

When small read to hear very hard, tears fascinated her to see his face, her voice trembled, "I know, I know."

He promised her.

He promised that he would not let anyone disappear around her and increase her psychological burden.

"You know it won't be so tense." Mu qianchu said with a smile and a pale voice, "if you don't believe me, I'll tell you more about it and see if I have anything to do."

"No, the doctor is coming, Chiu. Keep your strength." He shook his head desperately.

But he didn't listen to her. Sitting there, the blood between his hair seeped out more and more, but he seemed to feel no pain at all. He continued to smile, like a light breeze in the blood.

"When I was little, someone pulled me up in the snow. I always remember the temperature of that hand." Mu qianchu said laboriously, holding her bloody hand slightly with his fingers. "Later, in order to keep the temperature, I did a lot of wrong things. I wanted to get it, but the temperature became colder and colder with my hands."

"Don't say, qianchu..."

When Xiaonian knelt there almost begged him.

"Like a dream, many times I look back, I don't know what I've done." "I'm really happy that you said you'd let go of these things. I don't feel sorry for letting me die now," he said

"Chiu, please, stop talking." When small read some excited to shout out, "doctor? Where is the doctor? "

Mu qianchu listened to her voice, coughed for several times, and continued, "but I know that I can never make up for the damage I have caused you, because I still can't give you my parents."


When small read to hear extremely hard, she wants to stop him to continue to say, but she can only helplessly watched his blood flowed half a face.

The other half of his face was completely bloodless.

"Then I thought, a long time ago, I promised you that I would marry you, protect you, and live with you all the time. I forgot, I didn't fulfill my promise." Said Mu qianchu.

"I didn't blame you, Chiu. Please, stop it."

When Xiaonian bit his lips with blood.

"That's why I can't lose faith with you now, Xiaonian." Mu qianchu held her hand and said, "I said that you will not lose the people around you, and you will not lose Well, ouch. "

Finish saying this sentence, mu qianchu suddenly the whole person leans forward, the mouth gushes the deep red blood, the pain overflows in the speech.

At this moment, Shi Xiaonian finally understood that mu qianchu was in qiangshan. He had been in qiangshan since he was shot. He didn't want to die because he didn't want to violate his last promise to her.

She didn't dare to see the position of moqian junior high school. She couldn't accept it.

"Stop talking. I know you're in pain. Stop talking." When Xiaonian looked at him like this, she couldn't help it. Her body shuddered.

"I'm ok, really OK." Mu qianchu repeatedly stressed what else he wanted to say, but his mouth with blood opened, and he finally struggled to say nothing.

"Or you can rest on me, qianchu." When small read straight body said.

"I'm fine. I don't need a rest." Mu qianchu shakes his head. He leans heavily back to the wall of the fountain, which makes him vomit blood again.

His blood splashed in her eyes.

At that moment, when Xiaonian saw that the whole sky was dark and all the colors were so gloomy.

"Xiaonian." Muqianchu tried his best to take her hand and said word by word, "don't be sad, you won't watch others die in front of you."

"Don't say it if you feel bad, really don't say it."

Shixiaonian really wants him to have a rest. Maybe he will have enough strength.

"I'm fine." Mu qianchu is leaning there, his eyelids are falling a little bit. If there is no blood, he is like a sleepy man. He needs sleep.

But he has been holding on, so painful, even breathing has become so weak and difficult.

When I was young, I didn't know how a person could have been shot for such a long time, but she knew that he was really hard, especially hard.

Just for a promise to her.

When Xiaonian kneels there, there is a whistling spiral wind over her head. She grabs mu qianchu's already feeble hand and puts it on her face, trying to restrain her choking. "Qianchu, listen, I and shixiaonian will cheer up, I will face life positively, I won't get to the top of my head again, I won't be so vulnerable..."

Tears fell on his hands.

Mu qianchu lowered his eyes and smiled, laughing so hard, "I know, I know."

"I will have a good life, I will face every day, if I don't start, I will draw a lot of pictures." When Xiaonian held his hand to death, tears had already soaked his eyes, "so don't worry, really don't worry..."


Mu qianchu said with a smile that he was very happy to hear her. The word "good" was much harder than before. He sat there and said, "Xiaonian, pull me. It's too cold in the snow."

When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly.

Is it too cold in the snow?

Where's the snow on such a hot day?

When Xiaonian's body was shaking badly, a sound of surprise came from him. When Xiaonian looked up, in the dim eyes of tears, several helicopters were hovering over the castle, and the wind was loud.

They are declining.


Mu qianchu is calling her name.

When Xiaonian didn't care whether those planes were enemies or friends, he wanted to pull Mu qianchu up to meet his wishes, and suddenly a rush of footsteps approached her.

"Madam, I'm here."

When Xiaonian turned his head, he saw a medical staff carrying a medicine box heading this way.

Finally saw the doctor, when small read suddenly excited, wiped a random tear, looked at mu qianchu way, "qianchu, the doctor came, you will be OK."

The doctor came at last.

"Pull me, it's really cold in the snow." Mu qianchu is already unconscious, murmuring in her ear.

When Xiaonian knew that he couldn't last long, he put his hand on him and turned to the doctor and shouted, "hurry up, please! Hurry up! "

She must save mu qianchu's life.

"Here it is!" The doctor quickened his pace and hurried towards her, opening the box in his hand.

When Xiaonian anxiously looked at him, and put all his hopes on the doctor.

The wind was howling in the sky.

Helicopters are getting lower and lower.

"When I read it!"

A domineering voice suddenly sounded in the roaring wind. It was clear that the wind was louder, but the voice was so clear in Xiaonian's ear.

Unique clarity.

When Xiaonian thought he had heard the wrong thing, he knelt on the ground and looked up into the air. He saw a tall man in bulletproof clothes standing on the helicopter, wearing dark sunglasses. Who else could Gong Ou be?

Still so thin.

It's still full of momentum. It's coming on the helicopter, like the king coming to the world.

As long as he is there, everyone will be humble to the dust, the whole world as if only him.

Why is he here?

How could he be here? Impossible, impossible

No, Gong Ou is here. He will help her with everything. He can save mu qianchu. He is invincible. He is invincible all the time.

At that moment, Xiaonian was so confused that he couldn't tell what it was like. He had both unknown anger and crazy dependence.

Very messy, very messy.

Subconsciously, she released her hand on mu qianchu and stood up. She wanted to call for Gong Ou's help. But next second, she saw Gong Ou holding a long gun in his hands. He slowly raised the gun and buckled the trigger toward the ground.


A cold shot.

Turn all the noise into a terrible calm.

At that moment, Xiaonian's heart stopped beating. She blinked, slowly lowered her eyes and looked forward. She was shot in the head of the doctor who was running towards her and fell to the ground directly, leaving a terrible blood hole on her forehead.

The doctor who saved his life died in front of shixiaonian, and his hand was still holding the position of holding things in the box.

There is a black pistol in the box.

This is also a traitor lurking in the palace.

No one can save mu qianchu, no one can save him.

When Xiaonian rushed to the doctor's body, he opened the medicine box. Besides the pistol, there were also some bottles and jars. Which is the medicine? Which is the medicine for hemostasis? Which is it? Which medicine can make mu qianchu survive?

"When I read it!" Gong Ou jumped down without waiting for the helicopter to land, ignored the people who had come to him, walked straight to Shi Xiaonian, and grabbed her arm. "What are you looking for, Shi Xiaonian?"