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Chapter 123 clean up


When small read again silent down.

Forget it.

It's her stupidity to think twice that she can argue right and wrong with a paranoid.

She is too naive. She remembers to eat or not to fight. This is not the first time.

"Remember, either don't piss me off, or Learn to run. "

Gong Ou said in a domineering way that she should learn the law of coping by herself.

As he said this, he fed a mouthful of rice into her mouth. His movements were outrageous, but his strength was surprisingly gentle.


When Xiaonian had nothing to say to him.

She understood that he might have found his conscience now and regretted explaining it to her afterwards.

He hasn't been completely bad for her, but she can't stand it.

Paranoia is terrible.

After eating, Gong Ou goes out with his plate in person. When Xiaonian continues to take out his mobile phone and input the password to open it.

In the message, besides Gong Ou's, there are also Shidi's. as soon as she opens it, it's all kinds of abuse of Shidi -

shixiaonian. Do you think you deserve to be a sister and rob her husband.

Do you think you're in a powerful position now? You're stepping on gong'ou and qianchu boats. I tell you, qianchu loves me. He is just confused for a while now. He will come back to me.

I warn you not to provoke qianchu, or I will not let you live.

I'm in a hurry. I can do anything.


Looking at these messages, Xiaonian burst out a trace of anger.

Is it her three wrong views or Shidi's three wrong views? Why can Shidi say it's all her fault so seriously?

She quickly typed in the text message, half of it, and she deleted it a little bit.

What can I say.

What if she wins the dispute with Shidi? Is she still expelled by Shijia?

That day, at Mu's group, she said that when Di asked for fans, her adoptive parents stood by and didn't even ask.

Go to the flute any time.

In any case, it's not good for Shidi now because she is so fond of qianchu. She doesn't need to talk about revenge any more.

Shixiaonian deleted Shidi's SMS and then blacklisted Shidi. Then he went to see mu qianchu's SMS --

Tang Yi called me and said that everything is going well, that's good.

How are you doing? Tang Yi said you were hurt? Serious? Are you all right? Call me back. I'm worried about you.

Tang Yi has no news. Xiaonian, what are you like? If you don't reply to me, I will go to Gong Ou directly to confront you. I'm really worried about you.

I admire the beginning.

It's just a losing battle against Gong ou with his current strength.

When Xiaonian was sitting on the bed, he put his thumb and fingertip on the mobile phone to input the text -

I'm ok, don't worry, you don't want to come, and don't call me again recently.

She replied.

Mu qianchu's message was sent back soon --

How about you? Are you seriously injured? Answer me, and I'll stop.

When Xiaonian looked at his last words, his eyes suddenly became sour.

She said don't send text messages, he cares about her body and needs to fill in a sentence to stop sending.

He followed her too much.

When Xiaonian blinked his astringent eyes, he entered the speech Pavilion --

just fell down, nothing to worry about.

He still has the mess of Mu's group to clean up. She can't let him worry about her.

Muqianchu said to do it.

When her answer is sent, he doesn't send any more messages.

When Xiaonian reached out to delete the text message, his eyes fell on the mobile phone screen, and he decided to put it on the sentence "Tang Yi has no voice.".

When she came back from tianzhigang, she didn't seem to have seen Tang Yi.

Tang Yi is not a good person, but he knows how to be a man and face. At this time, he must come to visit himself.

But Tang Yi didn't come this time.

Is it because I sent the message to cheat her in the park, and I knew I was wrong and hid? Impossible. When she was framed three years ago, Tang Yi could continue to talk and laugh like she pretended to be OK.

How can Tang Yi know his own fault.

How could it be that there was no news

When Xiaonian thought of the fierce quarrel with Gong Ou before, and the gloomy eyes when Gong Ou talked about Tang art, a chill rose from his back.

Should not

When small read hurriedly opens quilt to get out of bed, ran out.

In the living room, Gong Ou sits gracefully on the sofa, with one leg on stilts and a document on his leg. He is looking down and reading it. His voice asks coldly, "how long will it take to recover?"

He speaks English, fluent and sexy.

In front of him stood several blonde foreigners, and one of them replied, "it's almost a month if you can rest properly."

Gong Ou takes the inspection report of Xiaonian and asks questions. Suddenly, Xiaonian runs out to the guest room.

What did she run for? Don't take a good rest.

Gong Ou frowns.

After a while, Xiaonian ran back and looked at him pale. "Where are gong ou, Tang Yi and Bob?"

Several foreigners are private doctors of the British palace. At the moment, they are all curious to see and read.

The second young master is the first time to use them in England for a woman.


Gong Ou looks at her gloomily.

She suddenly ran out in a hurry to find Tang Yi. She cared about that old classmate so much?

"Gone?" At that time, Xiaonian's face became paler, "what's the call?"

She would not simply think that Gong Ou just drove Tang Yi's mother and son away.

If it is to drive them away, mu qianchu should find them easily, instead of saying that Tang Yi has no news in the text message.

"They're gone."

Gong Ou's eyes are low, lips are thin and light, and she continues to study her physical examination report.

"Impossible!" When Xiaonian came to him and asked excitedly, "Gong ou, what did you do to them?"

It must be gong ou.

"Are you questioning me?"

Gong Ou's tone suddenly changed. He looked up at her, and his black eyes forced his anger.

"What on earth have you done to them?" When Xiaonian asked nervously, "the whole thing is out of my mind. It has nothing to do with their mother and son, especially Bob, you know?"

In fact, she was just worried about Bob.

Children are too young to be involved in this bureau by their adults.

"I don't know." Gong Ou said coldly, "I only know that a woman with a child still wants to climb into my bed. It's ridiculous."

Is he so hungry.

It's a joke to choose this kind of woman to relieve myself.

"Where are they? You must have done something to them. "

"I can't do too much to that kind of person. My mother wants to climb other people's beds, and my son is also a wolf." Gong Ou doesn't care.

When hearing the words, Xiaonian was stunned and his mind was even more confused.

"Where on earth is Bob? What did you do to the child? Where's Bob? "

When Xiaonian asked at the end of the day, her voice seemed to tear apart and her heart beat violently. She tried to control herself from thinking in the worst direction.

She was afraid. She was afraid that her plan would hurt such a small child.

Gong Ou looks at her in a dim way. She is worried about others, but she has never been so hysterical and nervous about him.

What is he in her eyes?

"Go back to your room and have a rest."

For a while, he slowly spit out four words.

He wants to control his temper. She's still hurt.

"Where are they?" He asked excitedly.

"Go back to your room and have a rest."

Gong Ou has only these four words.

At that time, Xiaonian could not see any clue on his face. He was more anxious in his heart. Just wanted to ask again, he heard a sound of footsteps.

Fengde came in from the outside, holding a mobile phone in his hand and saying, "OK, you can drive out of the port of heaven, deal with it cleanly, don't be..."

When he got here, he found them all in the living room. Feng de stopped abruptly and bowed his head.

Clean up?

When hearing this, Xiao Nian was stunned. What's a better way to deal with it? Don't let her know?


No way.

When Xiaonian looked at Fengde in horror, he started to run out.

"When I read it!"

Gong Ou's eyes were sharp. He immediately threw away the inspection report and stood up from the sofa to chase out.


When Xiaonian ran out recklessly, the whole person could not help shaking.

No, it's impossible.

Gong Ou is not so cruel. How could he be so cruel as to kill people.

But there was another voice in her heart that told her that she had not been forced to die by Gong ou. Gong Ou was paranoid, and it was not unusual to do such a thing under the impatience.

Gong Ou is after her.

When Xiaonian rushed into the elevator, he immediately shut it down.

Gong Ou arrived a little late and could only watch the elevator door close in front of him. He shouted, "what are you doing? It's raining outside. Come back! "

She's not going to die?


When small read net if set smell.

She stood in the elevator and watched the numbers go down one by one, her body trembling with fear and fear.

It's all her.

She angered Gong ou, and then she became like this. Why should she provoke Gong Ou? Why can't she bear it

Bob is just an innocent child. He doesn't understand anything.

When I rushed out of the elevator, Xiaonian ran out of building A. It was still raining heavily outside. The rain was crazy.

In front of building a, a very long car stopped in the rain.

The bodyguards are carrying boxes to the back of the car in black raincoats and rain pants.

The sky was dark.

When Xiaonian rushed out, the heavy rain hit her all of a sudden, it hurt.

She ran forward and suddenly saw the bodyguards take out a white cloth and spread it in the car, "cover the head over there."


When small read suddenly stay, no longer have the courage to move forward.

She fell heavily to the ground, and the rain washed her bloodless face.


It's too late.

It's too late.


Why is it like this She is the murderer. She wants Tang Yi and Bob to participate in the plan. She lets Gong ou see through. She angers Gong ou.

"No..." When Xiaonian couldn't believe what he saw, he put his right hand on his shaking head and said, "I'm not, I'm not..."

She is not a murderer.

She's not. She just wants to be free. How can she become like this.

Suddenly, her hand was held.