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Chapter 1041 what do I live for

When Xiaonian wants to argue with Gong ou, Gong Ou has opened the letter in his hand, took out the letter and opened it. His face sinks.

She knew that it was no longer time for her to argue with Gong Ou about the child's name.

She sat there and watched Gong ou. Gong Ou's eyes crossed a line of words. Her thin lips slowly raised a cold smile, "interesting."

"What's the matter?"

Asked shixiaonian anxiously.

"They put forward negotiations, that is Reconciliation. " Gong Ou sneers and puts the letter on the table.

When small read Zheng for a while, "reconcile again? It sounds like a conspiracy. "

For this reason, the palace family has lost a lot, and N.E has also been dragged down. The Lancaster family has lost a lot, including the loss of manpower, the lack of mining industry, and the internal struggle for power. Even George is angry to cure the disease. Is it because the loss is too much to start to recognize the reality?

But according to the other side before that ruthless posture should be never give up just right.

"You know the plot, too?"

Gong Ou looks at shixiaonian with a smile.


She couldn't understand.

When Xiaonian stood up and took a look at the letter paper. It was printed with the family emblem of Lancaster family. The paper was thick and delicate.

After reading the above words, Xiaonian looked at Gong ou with a little worry. "He asked you to take the bits with you and let you go."

The writing is very gentle, but in the end, it's the only meaning. It sounds like a huge concession and compromise, but it proposes to be bit.


Gong Ou's jaw, reached out and took a sip of the water cup on the table.

"I can't go. The family has never regarded bit as their own person. How could they suddenly make such a big concession? It must be to let bit go back to Mr palace. " The last time I played like that, I didn't know what was going on all the way. Mr palace disappeared, but I couldn't find it later. Maybe it was where I was placed, and I was taken back by Lancaster.

"It's not quite like that." Feng de stood aside and looked at the writing on the letter and said, "their retreat intention is very obvious, and it also suggests that they can give several major mining industries, which is also a fatal loss for Lancaster. It is more important to have their own property than to bring down N.E."

when I listen to you, I can't help but feel a little anxious when I look at Gong ou. I can't help but see that he's indifferent. "That can prove their evil intentions more There must be a trap. Maybe someone has already laid an ambush waiting for us to go. "

"It's said that the location can be decided by us temporarily. They can't arrange defense in advance."

Feng de said again.

Xiaonian frowned tightly and looked at gong'ou. "Gong'ou, you won't take bit to trade with you, will you?"

"Why not?" Gong Ou said with disapproval, "it's worthwhile to trade their people for their property and surrender."


When Xiaonian suddenly stayed there, some could not accept it. Suddenly, she felt something. As soon as she turned her head, she saw bit standing beside a pillar not far away.

He was wearing a clean white shirt, the whole person looked young and fresh, so he stood there, his face was completely dull, and there was no look in his blue eyes.


When Xiaonian looked at him anxiously and then at Gong ou, "Gong ou, Lancaster has lost so much that it is impossible to surrender easily. Don't believe it."

Gong Ou looked at her across the table and didn't speak.

"Really." When Xiaonian saw his careless gesture, he was even more anxious. "Bit has never been liked by the family. This time, he helped me to go back and maybe he would be beaten, not maybe, but he would be. He's only 16! "

Bit stood by the pillar and looked at them without saying a word, his hand hanging down on his side clenched his fist and his lips tightened.

Gong Ou looks at Xiaonian's face anxiously, not jealous. For a while, he says coldly, "now you take shixiaonian as your haven?"

Finish saying, Gong Ou turns head abruptly, capture the direction of bit accurately.

Bit stood there, his face white and blue. He came out from the pillar slowly. He turned his eyes and looked at Gong ou. Then he said, "when I came to you for help, I knew that I would not go back to the family."

"Yes, you can only rely on me to live now." Gong Ou's words are realistic and mean.

When Xiaonian wanted to talk, bit had already said, "but I at least saved your wife. I don't need your gratitude, but can you let me go?"

"I'll lose a lot if you leave." Gong Ou leans back, his eyebrows and eyes are all in the posture of bullying people.

Wen Yan, bit clenched his fist and said, "I advise you not to be so naive. They can't really surrender to you for me. As Shi Xiaonian said, they will set up a trap to hurt you. It's better not to go."

"The three-year-old taught me how to do things?"

Gong Ou looks at him with a funny tone of disdain.

"Gong ou..." When Xiaonian couldn't see it anymore, he walked to bit and stood still. He clapped his arm and said softly, "I'll talk about it. Go back to your room and rest. Believe me."

Bit stands beside Xiaonian, looks down, stands for a while and turns away.

When Xiaonian looked at him worried.

Bit left step by step, and Gong Ou's cold voice said, "you think I'll let you go, and you'll be at ease? Within a few days, there were more nameless corpses on the road or in the water. "

"Gong ou..."

When small read to stop Gong ou, don't say so exciting.

Bit's body was stiff, and then he went on in silence, all the way out the back door. There were trees full of flowers outside. The grass grew luxuriantly.

Behind the tree is a row of short houses.

He walked forward and sat down on a long stone bench behind the tree. A few petals of pear white fell from the tree and slowly fell on his shoulder.

The oblique shadow on the ground made him more solitary.

Bit brushed the petals off his body, and suddenly there was a shadow on the ground. He turned his head slightly. He was the disfigured woman, the owner of the house with almost no sense of existence.

She sat down next to him in an old grey dress, still wearing a big hat, almost covering the whole face.


Bit sat next to him, still feeling uncomfortable. Just about to stand up, the woman suddenly handed out a piece of fresh cake, held it with a paper cushion, and her hands did not touch the cake. This action is annoying.

Bit was stunned at the cake.

"Here you are."

Said the woman.

It's hard for bith to refuse sweets. In addition, when he just heard Gong Ou's words, he was very depressed. He was silent for a moment. He reached for the cake and put it in his mouth to bite.

Sweet taste in the tip of the tongue, with a strong fragrance.

Bit was stunned. "Was it shixiaonian who asked you to take it?"

This is the taste of shixiaonian's cooking. She cares about him very much. She makes cakes for him even after her big injury. She's afraid that he'll be sad and let this woman send them to him.


The woman sat beside him without speaking.

"It's a lot of work making cakes. She's not very well." Bit said and ate the cake, one mouthful at a time, always eating the cake to the last mouthful, holding it in his hand but never eating it.

"Don't you finish?" Asked the woman.

Bit looked at the last piece of cake, his eyes dim. "Do you know what a bereaved dog is?"


The woman sat beside him, her fingers quivering.

"I was born a bereaved dog and never had a home of my own." "I know that shixiaonian is very good to me, but how can she be good to me? She likes Gong Ou better. She can only give me a piece of cake. She can't give me a home."


The woman sat beside him in silence.

"Gong'ou is right. I was a dog who lost his family when I was alive. I was valuable only when I was used. After I died, I was just a nameless corpse." Bit stares at the piece of cake on his hand. "I don't know what I'm living for."

The words fall, his wrist is suddenly held tightly by someone, it is the woman who holds his hand, the finger is still shivering.

Bit looked at her inexplicably. The woman lowered her head quickly. The sadness remained in her eyes. Bit stared at the scar on her face and said, "are you sympathizing with me?"

Oh, now even a disfigured, unaccompanied woman without a family will sympathize with him? How failed did he live?

No wonder nobody looks up to him except for Xiaonian.

What can he look up to.

"Thank you for the cake. Don't tell shixiaonian these words. I don't want her to worry." Bit took her hand and stood up, turning to leave.

"Do you enjoy being with her?" Asked the woman suddenly behind him.

Her voice was very pleasant, completely different from her scars, and not offensive at all.

Bit stood there listening and understood that the "she" in the woman's mouth meant shixiaonian. He couldn't help but smile bitterly, "only she is really good to me, but she has a better person."

Shixiaonian is good to him, but the most important thing in her life is Gong ou. It's not him. Why should he make her embarrassed.


The woman stood still and watched him go away.

When bith went back, Xiaonian was persuading Gong ou that he could not be handed over. She wanted to protect him. He was not moved.

Gong Ou sits in front of the table indifferently. When he doesn't like it, he says something to Xiao Nian.

"Gong ou, will you listen to me? Lancaster can't give up for bith. He must have no intention. " When Xiaonian stood beside him and said, he would pinch his shoulder and thump his back. He would do his best to be attentive.

Gong Ou is playing with the tablet in his hand, pointing to the shoulder on his right side. "This way, beat it a little harder."


When Xiaonian knocked on his shoulder, kneaded and kneaded them. After a long time of hard work, he said that he didn't respond to Gong ou, and couldn't help looking at the computer in his hand.

The screen is full of data, red and green.

"What are you doing?" Did you listen to her.

"Count the number of times you speak for the opposite sex, and take a look at it later." Gong Ou opens in a quiet way.