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Chapter 309 is alimony broken up

The door is opened.

the driver came in from the outside and bowed his head respectfully to Gong Ou at the back. "Young master, I'm clear. What she rented was room 605, one room, one hall, 55 square meters, and the rent was 2400 yuan per month."

"55 square meters?" Gong Ou's face sank instantly. "How can I live in such a small house?"

Is Xiaonian crazy to live in such a small house.

It's still for rent.

I won't buy one Wait a minute. It seems that he didn't give me some money.

hit! In his eyes, money is just a bunch of figures. He only cares about the cost and benefit figures, but never thinks about what else money can bring.

It was always a woman who asked him and Feng de for gifts and money. He never met anyone who didn't take the initiative to fight for his own interests, so he forgot again.

But the break-up contracts have been signed.

Gong Ou's long fingers are placed on the tablet computer. His black eyes look at the driver coldly. His thin lips are slightly lifted, and his words are stiff. "Is there any alimony?"


The driver nodded, in some countries, after divorce, the husband should give his wife a certain amount of alimony.

"Is there a severance payment?" Gong Ou asked again whether it would be seen to give more money at this time.


Break up alimony, did you invent it by yourself.

The driver is silent.

The weather is fine. After the room is ventilated, the smell is very good.

In the small house, Mr palace is cleaning the glass. When Xiaonian picked up his wallet and looked at Mr palace, he said, "I'll go shopping. You're at home."

"Master, don't you need me?"

Asked the R palace.

"No, robots are always so eye-catching on the street." When Xiaonian smiled, reached out to pick up his hat from the coffee table and put it on his head, put on his sunglasses and went out.

It's not just Mr palace. In fact, she's not eye-catching, but she can't recognize it with a little disguise.

When Xiaonian goes to a large supermarket near the community, he pushes his car to walk among the shelves and selects daily necessities.

It's a long time since she chose these things by herself. The best daily products are in the imperial castle.

Oh, what does she want to do.

When Xiaonian put everything in the cart and strolled slowly, suddenly he heard two girls chatting there -

"I said that Xiaonian and Gong Ou would not last long, but they were so short."

"Please, when I was reading the news, I thought Gong Ou must be blind."

"In other words, I thought there was something wrong with Gong ou. Now I'm breaking up, it seems to be quite normal."

"It's just for fun."

When Xiaonian stood aside, her legs seemed to be stiff on the ground, and her eyes were dark behind the sunglasses.

Everyone thinks so. It's normal for Gong ou to break up with her.

But she still thinks that Gong Ou is not ordinary. He really loves her. For her, he can give everything.

Only when there were many scars did she really understand the power of Qi Da Fei even.

When Xiaonian continues to move forward, his eyes skim over the front clothing area. Under the bright light, loose pieces of guards hang on the hanger.

She stepped forward and reached out to the sweater.

It was her favorite style of dressing before, but now it feels so rough.

Originally separated from Gong ou, she had to adapt to more than one man.


When Xiaonian looked down at her skirt, she was still wearing a famous brand long skirt, elegant and beautiful, and the texture was as comfortable as silk.

This skirt is better than the sweater, but it doesn't belong to her.

When Xiaonian looked at the clothes on the hanger, he took three of them according to his model and threw them into the cart.

Now that she has been hit back to the prototype, she should do her best to get back to the original.

When Xiaonian pushed a full load of things to settle the account, she stood there in some trouble, how to carry so many things back?

It's silly to be pregnant. How can she bring it home when she buys so much.

When Xiaonian frowned, he was thinking that the cashier over there put down his mobile phone and called to her, "that lady, that lady..."

When Xiaonian turned to look at her doubtfully, the cashier smiled politely at her. "Look, you should be dressed nearby. If you have something heavy, you can buy the cart back. Today we have a special feedback activity."

"Really?" When small read a happy, "how much?"

"Ten dollars."

As soon as the words came out, Xiao Nian was not very good. The group of people waiting in line for the check-out went crazy and shouted to buy a cart, which would soon cause a riot.

Seeing this, Xiaonian hurriedly paid and pushed the cart away.

The people in the back are about to fight for the cart.


When Xiaonian pushed the cart out of the supermarket and looked at the full cargo inside, he was really disappointed in the love field. Was he lucky?

She can buy ten yuan carts.

Xiaonian smiled bitterly and pushed the cart away.

When I got home, Xiaonian was about to open the door when suddenly there was a hair on the doorknob. It was short hair, not hers.

When she went out, she didn't see any hair on the doorknob. It was clean.

When small read some doubts to close lips, carefully open the door to look in, with alert, toes out, subconsciously ready to escape at any time.

"Master, you are back."

R palace is still standing there cleaning the window, hearing the voice turn around, black eyes scan her direction, say hello to her with electronic voice.

When I saw Mr Palace at home, I was calm.

"Has anyone come?"

Asked shixiaonian.


The palace replied.

"Oh." Xiaonian nodded and looked down at the door handle.

Maybe someone walked by her door and accidentally dropped her hair.

After thinking about it, Xiaonian still said, "Mr palace, call the landlord for me and tell him that I want to change the lock. The lock at home will be changed."

After so many experiences, she has a little more security awareness.

"Yes, master."

The R palace answers.

When Xiaonian came home, he was busy.

Clean up the room, clean up, wash clothes, ask people to change locks She has too much to do.

Busy, she found that her heart is not so stuffy, so she let herself more busy, until very late, when Xiaonian finally cook something to eat.

When Xiaonian was sitting on the dining table alone, while eating, he looked at a pile of drawings beside him and wondered how to draw next.

She returned to the lonely homestead life.

Eating, sorting, drawing and sleeping are all her life contents.

Same as before.

In the dark of the night, the house was full of lights. When Xiaonian sat at the dinner table, there were a lot of drawings on the table. When Xiaonian held a pen and wore glasses to focus on painting.

Suddenly, a piece of paper came into her sight.

It's her original painting. It's set as the original painting of the hero -

tall and thin body, long legs occupying a proportion, short hair is neat and neat, deep corridor. Only when you look carefully can you see the taste of mixed race. Dark sword eyebrows, a pair of dark eyes are very deep and bright, tall bridge of nose and thin lips.

When small read to take this picture paper to see definitely.

"Master, are you ok?" A voice of concern came from Mr palace.

When small read low eyes, there is a drop of water on the paper, she raised her hand to touch his face, it has been wet.

"I'm ok, I'm ok, I want to draw, I want to earn money..." "I'm really OK, I'm ok, nothing can't survive," he murmured

She said it over and over again. She said it to herself.

So I brainwashed myself. When Xiaonian felt that she was really OK, she could continue to work. She sat at the dinner table, wiped her tears, picked up the brush and continued to sketch the characters on the paper.

I don't know why, before her inspiration is endless.

But now she is facing the paper, her head is blank.

When Xiaonian knocked on his head with his hand, Mr palace stood aside and said, "master, it's ten o'clock in the evening. It's time to rest."

"Set it up and call me back at half past ten every night."

When small read headache to think of the content of the cartoon, said in his mouth, turning his pen.

"Yes, master."

The R palace nods.

When Xiaonian continues to sit at the dinner table and draw pictures, when there is a blank in her mind, she draws and throws one picture at a time, and paints and erases one picture at a time

Why does she just have no inspiration.

What lines should I give here? What should I say?

No way.

She has to draw, she has to live, otherwise how the baby is born depends on her, she has to work hard to live, breaking up can't change her anything.

Yes, so many people break up every day all over the world. What's strange? What's the big deal.

The sky will not fall.

Life still has to go on.

When Xiaonian clenched his lips tightly, his white fingers grasped the pen and drew a picture on the paper quickly.

When she painted, she was in a trance.

Then I looked at the drawing paper, when Xiaonian was stunned, I saw that she drew a rabbit with long ears on the white paper, and the rabbit was thrown into a litter bin.

Emotional pets.

Emotional pets.

Staring at the rabbit, Xiaonian's face turned pale. "Pa" she clasped the pen firmly on the table, and the whole person was lying on the table.

The pain in my heart is so great.

When Xiaonian was lying there, he clenched his teeth tightly to prevent tears from flowing down.

When reading, you can't forget, you can't forget, you don't care, you care about the four words of "emotional pet"

She cares too much.

She can't stand that she is just an emotional pet of Gong Ou all the time, not a loving woman.

She can't stand Gong Ou suddenly doesn't love her.

She can't forget, she can't live a good life alone.

Nothing can be done. She is still the weak, the weak. When she was young, Xiaonian had never been strong.


The imperial castle is shrouded in the night, with a fascinating sense of mystery.

Mona walked out of the room, wearing a sexy V-neck Pajama, and her chest was full. She put a long blonde curly hair on one shoulder, and a beautiful face had perfect makeup and delicate red lips.

She went to the elevator, and the bodyguard saw her all the way, and couldn't help looking at her more.