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Chapter 306 will I forget when I read B?

Suddenly, he stretched out his hand and slowly pressed it to his chest, then lifted it up, his fingers clean, without any blood.


How can it hurt like this without being hurt.

Gong Ou has been lying on the massage chair. There are pieces of glass on the ground.

Suddenly, Gong Ou opens his eyes and stares straight at the top. He gets up from the massage chair and walks out.

When a servant saw him, he quickly bowed his head, "young master."

Gong Ou ignores, presses the elevator and goes to the first floor, the elevator door opens slowly in front of him, Gong Ou strides toward the kitchen.

"How are you, young master?"

The cook and servant in the kitchen are preparing the ingredients. Seeing Gong Ou suddenly come in, they stand up and bow their heads.

Gong Ou looks like he can't see them at all. He opens the refrigerator, turns things out, smells them and throws them away.

In a moment, the contents of the refrigerator were emptied for him.


The cooks and servants looked at each other, and no one knew what Gong Ou wanted to do.

It doesn't matter if the refrigerator door is so open. Gong Ou goes to the side of the incubator and opens it. When Xiaonian makes dishes, he can't eat them all here for a while.

Not really.

It was empty.

Gong Ou stares at the incubator, then turns around and opens a row of glass cabinets with his hands raised. Turning things inside, the cake should be put here when it is ready.

There is a fresh row of bread and cakes in the cupboard.

Gong Ou takes out a box from inside and opens it.

It's not the taste.

Gong Ou directly throws away the bread and the box, then opens another box, smells it and throws it away.

The kitchen floor was soon in a mess.

"What are you doing, young master?" Feng de comes from the outside, sniffs the wind, tiptoes over the wolf and walks to Gong Ou's side, looking at Gong Ou anxiously.

"Where is Xiaonian's cake? She didn't keep her cake here all the time. Who stole it? "

Gong Ou shouts angrily, continues to turn out the cake box in the cupboard, smells it and then throws it away, and repeats the action.

I didn't mean to do it.

It's not the taste of being a kid.

"Miss Shi's cake?" "Feng de Leng next," when Miss almost has not done a week cake

Don't you all change to miss Mona's food now?

"Impossible! Shi Xiaonian never stopped making things for me! "

Gong Ou glared at him fiercely, turned over all the things in the cupboard, but he couldn't find the cake that Xiao Nian had made. He immediately became angry and rushed to those chefs. He grabbed a chef and held his collar tightly with both hands. "Say! Did you steal the cake Xiaonian made when you ate it? "

"I didn't, I didn't, young master." The cook was so scared that he couldn't speak completely.

"Impossible! There won't be less cakes, will you? Or you? Did you steal it? " Gong Ou grabs another Fat Chef and stares at him with black pupils. The madness in his eyes is like killing people. "Dare you steal my food? It's not going to kill! "

As he said that, Gong Ou beat the man in the stomach, which was the way to kill him.


Feng de stood by and watched in astonishment. The young master would never be angry again before. What's the matter today?

"Mr. Gong?"

Mona also hears the news and comes to the kitchen. After listening for a while, she quickly pulls Gong Ou in front of her and looks at him anxiously with sea blue eyes. "Mr. Gong, don't do this. Can I make a nutritious meal for you right now?"

"Go away!"

Gong Ou pushes Mona away and stares at her fiercely. "Get out of here!"

Mona was pushed to stagger a step, just barely standing on the table, did not fall down, her reaction was quick, not angry, said to Gong Ou gently, "Mr. Gong, I know you are in a bad mood now, but you must know that you and Shi Xiaonian have broken up."

Hearing this, Gong Ou's black eyes lingered.

Break up.

It's already broken up. Yes, it's him who drove her away.

"Mr. Gong, you just can't change your habits for a while. It doesn't matter. I've made all your food this week. Don't you get used to it?" You just need to develop a new habit

Gong ouyin stares at her.

"Mr. Gong, it's useless for you to smash things here. I know you still recognize my professional ability." Mona said, gazing at Gong Ou's handsome face with beautiful blue eyes, "I will help you. When I cure you, you won't suffer so much. Believe me, will you?"


No pain.

These four words are a big temptation for Gong ou. He stares at Mona, and the violence in his eyes gradually dissipates. He goes out and says, "make lunch for me now!"

He is hungry.

When a person is hungry, he will miss shixiaonian crazily, but he knows that he can't be so crazy, he can't be so crazy.

Hearing this, Mona's face smiled, "OK, Mr. Gong, I'll make it for you right away."

Mona immediately rushed to the front of Liuli platform, glanced at the mess on the ground and frowned. She said like a hostess, "Feng De, let them clean up here."

"Yes, Miss Mona."

Feng de nodded respectfully, but his face was still somewhat handsome.

It seems that the young master didn't completely let go of the young lady. Then why do you say that breaking up means breaking up? What's going on? Is there another reason here?

Mona put on her apron and began to cook.

Before, she was told that the Lancaster lady would cook for a man herself, and she would never believe it.

But now, as long as she can capture Gong Ouxin, she will try everything.

When Xiaonian has gone, Gong Ou's heart will be hers sooner or later.

Gong Ou wants this person, this heart, and so does she!

Mona did a good job of cooking. The servant helped put the plate on the plate and was about to take it away. Mona looked at the servant discontentedly. Her voice was cold and her posture was arrogant. "No, I'll take it myself."

She won't let go of any details that will warm up to a man.

"Yes, Miss Mona."

The servant retreated in silence.

Mona took off her apron and walked out with her plate and into the dining room.

In the restaurant, Gong Ou sits at the white dining table, his back is straight, a handsome face has no expression, his black eyes are gloomy, covering up many emotions, and his thin lips are tight.

There was an air of indifference in him.

"Mr. Gong." Mona walked towards him, her voice was gentle, and she brought the dishes out of her hands and put them in front of Gong ou.

Gong Ou stares at the dishes coldly, picks up the knife and fork, cuts the steak and puts a piece into his mouth.

It tastes like chewing wax.

It's awful.

Habits need to be changed, otherwise he will always suffer. His illness makes his emotions extremely extreme. Anger is extreme anger, and pain is also extreme pain.

Gong Ou chewed the steak and swallowed it forcefully. He felt that the beef in his mouth was like a blade. He cut his throat all the way to his stomach.

The whole body seemed to be bleeding, and his fingers almost trembled with pain.

"When can I be cured of this disease?"

Asked Gong Ou gloomily.

He never cares whether his paranoid personality disorder can be cured, but now he cares, he doesn't want this kind of overwhelming pain, absolutely not!


Mona sat to his left, her blue eyes fixed on him, "as long as you are willing to cure and cooperate, it will be cured soon."

"Specific time."

Gong Ou said, chewing the steak in his mouth, with a sharp voice.

"It's not good to talk about specific time, but I can tell you something else." Mona sat beside him, turning her eyes to look at Feng De.

Feng De, who had been standing there, received his eyes, retreated wisely and closed the door of the restaurant.

Only Mona and Gong ou are left in the restaurant.

Gong Ou looked at her coldly and said, "go on."

He needs to know when he will not be so miserable.

"Mr. Gong, I know the real reason why you broke up with shixiaonian, so I also know how painful you are, but please believe me, this pain will not last for long." Mona said seriously.


Gong Ou listened coldly, holding the knife and fork with his long hands and cutting the steak.

"To be honest, although I give you the excuse of emotional pet, it is certain that there is a possibility." Mona said.

Gong ou can't separate from Shi Xiaonian at first, and finally listens to her advice.

Let Shi Xiaonian think that he is going to get better soon, so the demand for emotional pets is less, and then he will break up. In addition, she and Gong ou are deliberately close, so of course, Shi Xiaonian is defeated and runs away.

Smell speech, the knife in Gong Ou's hand mercilessly cuts the surface of the plate, a pair of black eyes stare at her coldly, "what do you say?"

"Er?" Mona was confused.

What did she say.

"What is a certain possibility?" Gong Ou stared at her and asked coldly.

"Oh, it's like this. I have studied it carefully. I think your feelings for shixiaonian are indeed feelings for emotional pets. I didn't fake this, so shixiaonian would fully believe it." Mona said.

When I was young, I thought that paranoia would be cured easily. In fact, it was not so fast and took a lot of time.

"You're in the middle of nowhere?"

Gong Ou said almost gnashing his teeth.

How could his feelings for shixiaonian be feelings for emotional pets!

"Mr. Gong, you don't have to argue with one of my psychiatrists. I've had love experience. I can tell you that normal people's love is not as extreme as you are." Mona said professionally.


Gong Ou holds the knife and fork firmly.

"Although your disease has not been completely cured, as long as you continue to treat it, the weight of Xiaonian in your heart will become lighter and lighter, and you will not suffer for her, or even think of her again." Mona comforted him and looked down at the steak on his plate. "Just like food, can't you accept the food I cook now?"

No longer just accept small read.

His habits are changing. Everything about him will change.

“……” Gong Ou stares at her fiercely, "are you sure that as long as my illness is cured, I will forget about shixiaonian?"