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Chapter 486 I decided to be with qianchu

The flute cried as he spoke.

Shixiaonian stares at her. If she didn't know that Shidi did some disgusting things, she's really easy to cheat people.

"Then you won't say it?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"I don't know what to say, sister, do you think I'm unhappy? You can give me a good beating. I'm sorry. I apologize to you. I'm sorry."

When the flute cried, tears were pouring out of his eyes.

The more she said it, the more excited she was, the more she would sit up from the bed. When Xiaonian looked at her coldly, he did not stop her, so he saw her sitting up.

When the flute is no longer the former publicity, sitting on the bed trembling and dare not resist, directly kneeling on the bed and bowing to her, a strong and inexplicable apology.

"Shidi, you don't have to do this with me."

When small read cold tunnel.

"Sister, please let me go." The flute cried.

"Why should I let you go? How many times have you hurt me. " When Xiaonian put down the gun and looked at her with his eyes sarcastically, "now, I have nothing left, and I have to look at you every day. I can't stand it."


When Di looks at her in horror.

"I've decided to be with qianchu." Xiaonian throws a heavy bomb.

As soon as the body of Shi Di shakes, he looks at Shi Xiaonian incredulously, "what do you say? You don't love... "

"I have nothing left. Shidi, his parents are both dead. Gong Ou's whereabouts are unknown. To go back is to wait for Gong family to deal with me. It's the best choice for me to stay here." When Xiaonian interrupts her words, stands up from the bed, looks at her coldly, "you should also know that what qianchu loves is me, he would like me to stay."


When the flute full of tears in the eyes of jealousy.

"But you are a superfluous one. I look at you so badly that when I see you, I can think of you occupying the whole six years of qianchu!" When Xiaonian went to the bedside, grabbed her long hair and grabbed it, staring at her viciously. "Don't think I don't know what you spit in my water glass. Tell me what you did behind me. I'll make you die faster!"

When the flute's body trembled even more, he was forced to raise his head, and his eyes looked at him in fear. "I, I, you killed me. Qianchu won't be happy."

Qianchu said that he felt pity for her.

He said it.

"What if I'm not happy? This is the Baisha islands. It's my parents' legacy. I kill someone here. Who will take care of me? Even at the beginning of a thousand years, he will only try his best to cover it up for me. " When small read sneers a, clench her hair forcibly, abhorrent ground looks at her.

When Di looked at her fearfully, "no, qianchu won't leave me. He said he won't give up on me again."

"So, isn't that what I'm going to do first?"

When small read cold tunnel, one hand grasps her hair, one hand pats her face, "my good sister, you have been pestering for six thousand years, now I decide to be with him, will not let you pester again."

"Sister." When Di looked at her pitifully, her soft and weak appearance was extremely sad. "I don't ask for anything, I won't hinder you. As long as I can stay around qianchu, I can be a servant."

She can't leave qianchu.

Since she was a child, she liked to pay attention to her sister's qianchu all day. Later, she thought that her life was completely destroyed and she lived in hell every day. As a result, qianchu sent people to rescue her.

She can't leave qianchu.

"Leave a sister who will spit in my cup? Sorry, I don't need it. " When Xiaonian let go of her long hair and pushed her hard on the back of the bed, "besides, I also hate that you read Xiyu's newspaper to my mother, and my mother would spit blood. I hate you!"

When the whistle hit hard.

The time of purgatory in a foreign country had long made her unable to resist.

When small reads to finish saying, picked up the pistol again to aim at the time flute.

When the flute collapsed on the bed, his face burned red, and his eyes looked at her in horror, "no, sister, No."

"Don't be afraid, just one shot, it's over. Since you call me sister, don't be your sister and the mixed footstone on qianchu road. " Shi Xiaonian said that the tone should be as fierce as it is. She held the pistol in her hands and slowly pointed the muzzle of the pistol in the direction of Shi Di.

When the flute looked at the black muzzle of the gun, the tears and sweat on his face had been mixed together and could not be distinguished clearly.


Endless fear.

After killing her, Xiaonian and qianchu have been together for a long time. No, No.

"Goodbye, sister."

When small read cruelly said, a black coat wrapped her body, let her like a soul messenger.

She slowly pulled the trigger off.

"It's Chiu Chu who killed your father!" When the flute closed his eyes and shouted out.


When Xiao Nian stood rigidly in place.

The answer is not surprising.

But at that moment, shixiaonian felt that the gun had been shot in her heart. She looked at Shidi and said coldly, "death is coming and starts to bite. Don't you love qianchu, even he does?"

"I'm telling the truth!" When the flute some excitedly said, opens the eyes to look at her, "the thousand beginning is your indirect father murderer enemy, is causes your family to perish the original murderer, how can you be together with him."

"Oh." I don't believe it

She believes.

With the time flute's brain now, we can only think of such small means as spitting. How can we arrange such words to kill father and foe.

Qianchu, it's really qianchu, it's really him.

"It's true, I didn't cheat you. I gave my aunt a newspaper to read, which was ordered by qianchu. Qianchu asked me to keep an eye on her and coax her to evacuate all the palace's bodyguards from the island." Shi Di said that she didn't care about anything else. She looked at Shi Xiaonian straight. "In fact, at first I didn't know what Qian Chu was thinking. Later, I overheard him talking to his assistant, and I knew that everything at the table was arranged by Qian Chu."


When Xiaonian looked at her coldly.

When Di thought that she still didn't believe it, she said more urgently, "sister, you believe me. When I overheard that my uncle was being locked up, I asked him to hand over his rights. My uncle refused. My uncle didn't live well in the secret prison for the last time."

It's not good. What does that mean?

Suffering from torture?

When Xiaonian's face turned pale, she could no longer maintain the indifference on her face. She turned her head and her eyes were full of pain.

But she couldn't shed tears.

She dare not imagine how her father spent his last days.

"Miller is just a ghost for the dead. The goal of the millennium is to take the power of the Xi family." Said the flute eagerly.

She thought, in this way, shixiaonian would not be with qianchu.

"Nonsense!" When Xiaonian turned his eyes and stared at her hatefully, "I don't allow you to insult qianchu. I don't believe that he will do such a thing! He also promised to help me find Gong Ou! "

"Gong, Gong ou."

Up to now, when the flute mentioned Gong ou, he was frightened and trembled. "I, I heard qianchu."

"What did you say?" When Xiaonian's eyes are deep, he takes two quick steps towards Shidi, and his eyes are pressing on Shidi. "Say it!"


Shi Di looks at Shi Xiaonian with some consternation. Is she really ready to be with qianchu? Why is it more like knowing about Gong Ou?

"Say it!"

When small read stare when flute way.

Tell her all about Gong ou, and tell her whether Gong Ou has captured it in qianchu!


The flute doesn't work.

When Xiaonian raised his gun to her temple, he had no patience to go on with her again, "say it! What did qianchu tell you! Is it Gong ou that he captured

When the flute trembled with fear, said weakly, "I don't know if qianchu took it. I just mentioned Mr. Gong. Qianchu said that some people would never get in the way again."


When Xiaonian's gun fell off and hit the floor.

Never get in the way again, what do you mean never?

What is forever.

It's impossible.

How can mu qianchu capture Gong Ou from the opposite side of N.E building for disposal? Gong ou can't get on the train so easily, and Gong ou can't be disposed and killed so easily.

No, it won't.

It's impossible, it's impossible.

"Is there anything else?" When Xiaonian heard himself ask when the flute.

Shi Di shook his head. "I don't know. I only know that Qian Chu is working at the table now. He is becoming more and more ruthless. I think Mr. Gong is no longer there."

"Shut up!"

He shouted at her.

Gong Ou won't die. He won't.


When the whistle closed its mouth in fright.

When Xiaonian's mobile phone suddenly vibrated, she picked up her mobile phone, which was a call from Fengde.

She pressed it off.

She doesn't want to hear anyone's voice now. She doesn't want to hear anything.

She is going to find Gong ou. She has to find Gong ou.

When Xiaonian's head looked like a mess, she bent down to pick up the pistol on the ground, and her cell phone rang again. This time it was a text message.

She bit her lip, or looked down on the screen of her mobile phone, which was sent to her by Fengde.

Miss Xi, it's urgent. I just heard mu qianchu's assistant report to him, saying that the body has been handled perfectly, and I can't let you know. The words are all hinting that the body is a young master. Please check carefully to see what's going on.

Perfect handling.

A perfect deal.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at the information on the mobile screen.

At last the water came out.

At last everything was answered.

Good, isn't it? She finally got all the answers.

"Sister, you won't be with qianchu now, will you? Hurry up and don't stay here. " When the flute looked at it, Xiaonian said.



No hurry, she's not in a hurry now.

When Xiaonian turned around with a gun, she suddenly heard footsteps outside the door from far to near. Her eyelashes quivered and she didn't think much. She grabbed the handle of the gun and smashed it at the time flute.

When the flute did not have any defense, he was knocked out on the bed immediately.

At the same time, the knock on the door covered up the dull sound of the smash.