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Chapter What lips do you lick

"You're not a servant. You don't have to do that."

Gong Ou said in a deep voice, her eyes on her face, red.

Smell speech, when small read happily smile, "then what am I?"

“……” Gong Ou looks at her with deep eyes and snorts, "I always admit that you are my fiancee and you are always making trouble."

"Yes, my mistake. What does president Gong say?" When Xiaonian went in, he asked casually, "what did you do when you just opened the door?"

"Take a breath."

Gong Ou's deep tunnel.

"What's the matter? Is there something bothering you? "

When Xiaonian went to the floor window, he took out a small table and put the dishes on the tray one by one.


Today, Gong Ou is the topic terminator.

"Oh." When Xiaonian did not ask again, she turned her eyes and looked at the wall. There was a portrait of Gong OU on the wall. Her eyes warmed. "Is this painting still hanging here?"

Gong Ou looked at it in her eyes and said coldly, "this kind of thing doesn't need to be hung or taken down."


When Xiaonian stood there and bit his lips, he could not be glass heart with Gong ou, or he would be tortured to death in minutes.

She piled the papers and books on her desk to a higher level, and understood that Gong Ou was busy with his office. He said, "I'll go out first, and you can go to sleep after supper."

She was well prepared to leave.

"Wait." Gong Ou's voice rang behind her.

When Xiaonian looked back, he saw Gong Ou sitting down in front of the small table, black eyes looking at her, eyes deep, "come here, I have something to ask you."

"What is it?"

When small read puzzled ground to ask a way, walk to sit down on the carpet beside him.

"You said last time that you wanted to have a hologram of the other party on the phone. Let's talk about it more specifically." Gong Ou's deep tunnel.


It turns out to be asking her about these things. Is it only at work when he speaks well?

When Xiaonian sat there and thought, "I just don't want to. If I can have a hologram of the other person standing in front of me when I call, it's just like chatting with me face to face, isn't it good?"

"What's good?"

Gong Ou coldly interrupts her words, "do you know how long it took for all the functions of human beings to be included in a small mobile phone from the invention of computers to today's rampant technology?"


When Xiaonian looked at him in a daze, did it have anything to do with what they were talking about?

"There is a degree for anyone to develop things. In the era of holography, office is the focus. Do you know how hard it is for you to make a holography call now? It is a very large independent system. How? How to add it to make the call and network run smoothly? How to make a small mobile phone carry so much? How to ensure the success of the application, and how to ensure that it will be popularized? Do you know how much manpower and material resources you need to put in to make this thing, especially if it's like money smashing into the water, you can't even hear a sound. "

Gong Ou said, sitting at the small table, with a magnetic voice.


When Xiaonian sat there, listening to his words, she felt as if she had been bombarded by a series of guns, her ears were buzzing, and she could not help licking her lips.

"What lips do you lick?"

Gong Ou stared at her lips with black eyes.

He is talking to her now. What do she mean by licking her lips? Do you want to tempt him?

Thinking, Gong Ou feels upset again. He doesn't like this kind of himself very much.

"I......" When Xiaonian felt a sense of suffocation in her heart, she looked at Gong ou and said weakly, "I just said an idea casually, I don't know how hard it is to realize, so don't do it well."

"Don't do it?" Gong Ou stares at her. "You put forward a suggestion. If you don't do it, you don't do it?"

"That suggestion can also be denied."

When Xiaonian is stared at by his cold eyes, he doesn't know where he is wrong.

"I'm the president, I didn't deny who would deny it?" Gong Ou looked at her coldly. "How can you give up so easily? Just give me a suggestion and run!"

How can you give up so easily.

When Xiaonian was stunned, he said this again, and she suddenly remembered that when he said this before, he always stared straight, especially fierce, and now it is very cold.

looks different, but the tone is exactly the same.

Sure enough, the things in the bones haven't changed completely, have they?

"Gong ou." When Xiaonian looked at him, his eyes were full of adoration. "Maybe it's really hard, but if you really want to do it, I believe you can do it."


Gong Ou purses her lips and converges her eyes.

"If you can't do it, I'm sure no one can." Shi Xiaonian said earnestly.

She believes that he is omnipotent, he is talented, and his talents in the field of science and technology are unparalleled in today's society.

She sat there and looked at his eyes with admiration, which could melt any man's vanity. Her long hair was slightly messy, her face was flushed, and she was particularly charming in the light.

Gong oding looked at her, when Xiaonian lifted the lid of the soup on the table and said, "well, let's have supper first, and work slowly."

"I seem to have an idea."

Gong Ou suddenly stood up at the desk, walked towards the desk, picked up the books and began to turn them desperately.


Don't eat at night?

When Xiaonian covered the cover again, he went to Gong Ou's side and watched him turn the book over there. If he didn't turn it over, he would lose it. The book was flying in the air. He seemed to think of something to take back and press it on the table.

Shixiaonian felt a little strange about his action.

She stood aside and watched him turn the book for a while, and began to tap quickly on the keyboard. She knocked on the things she couldn't understand.

When Xiaonian looked at the dishes on the table, he didn't remind him to eat.

It's the same with her painting. Once she's involved, she won't listen to anyone. She can draw whatever she wants.

When I was young, I couldn't understand what was on the computer screen. I looked down at Gong ou. He was sitting there, his clothes were well pressed, his face was handsome, his facial features were a little mixed race, and his dark eyes were staring at the computer screen without looking at the keyboard.

The men who work are really attractive.

When small read low eye gaze at him, the eyebrow color of Gong Ou is very deep, eyelash is very long, how long is it, must exceed 1.5cm? I really want to measure it with a ruler.

Looking at it, Xiaonian felt that her body was hot and her mouth was dry. She felt her face and it was as hot as it was going to be.

Is the temperature of the study high?

She is so cold that she can feel the heat now.

When Xiaonian licked his lips, he decided to leave to drink water without disturbing Gong ou. When Xiaonian went out in a low voice, he heard Gong Ou's deep voice just two steps away. "Take a chair and sit beside me."


She is thirsty and wants to drink water.

When small read to turn to look at him.

Gong Ou sits there and taps on the keyboard at a high speed without raising his head


Why did the things in his mind follow her?

When Xiaonian looked at him inexplicably, but he moved a chair and sat down beside him, quietly watching him work.

But his work was beyond her comprehension.

So Xiaonian sat there more and more boring, the more boring she was, the more dry her mouth was, so she licked her lips.

Late at night, the study was so quiet that I could hear a pin drop on the ground.

It's hard.

It's hot.

I don't know if it's because of the wine, but it's just two glasses of red wine. When Xiaonian reached out and took off his coat and put it on the back of the chair, he continued to sit there quietly.

Little by little time passes.

Half an hour later, the food was cold. Gong Ou was still working. He didn't mean to stop working.

When Xiaonian could only sit, how could she feel so hot when she took off her coat? She felt her neck, and it seemed to burn from neck to face.

Shixiaonian wanted to rush back to take a cold bath, but he couldn't.

She looked down at her clothes. She was afraid of the cold, so she wore two or three sweaters folded and exaggerated.

When Xiaonian silently takes off the outermost sweater, which is a little more comfortable.

But soon, shixiaonian felt uncomfortable again. He was too hot to bear. His mouth didn't work properly and his heart was beating very fast.

It's a familiar feeling.

She remembered that she had been drugged by her adoptive mother a few years ago. She felt a little similar, but what was different was that she didn't feel confused, she just felt that her body was too hot.

She couldn't tell if she was really drugged.


She sat there, breathing deeply, one breath at a time, to relieve the heat in her body. She reached for her heart and jumped too fast to jump out of her throat.

Gong Ou sat there, typed out a paragraph of content, and when he looked back, Xiao Nian sat beside him, wearing only a thin sweater, the white sweater outlines the curve of her body, while her cheeks are bright red, her eyes are blurred, her hands are still raising her hair, which looks pure and seductive.

Gong Ou thought he was wrong and fixed his eyes for a moment.

When small read some embarrassed to take down own hand.

"Are you hot?"

Gong Ou asked, isn't she afraid of the cold?

"Yes, yes. Maybe the air conditioning temperature is too high. " When Xiaonian holds her face, she must be as red as a drunkard. It's so ugly.

"I didn't turn on the air conditioner."

Gong Ou directly exposes the excuse of her poor skills.


When I was sitting there, I didn't know what to say. I lowered my head.

"What's the matter with you?" Gong Ou asked coldly, "have you been given an aphrodisiac?"

One word breaks the sky.

"How can it be? Who will give it to me?"

When Xiaonian immediately denied, she suddenly thought of the red wine Fengde gave her. She seemed to remember that when Fengde brought it, the cork of the bottle had been opened.

No way.

The adoptive father will not be so disrespectful.