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Chapter 99 kisses her

The alley at night is very quiet. There are only two of them in the long passage.

The atmosphere is an unspeakable depression.

"Mu qianchu, in fact, I understand that your feelings with Shidi for so many years are not that you can let them go, but that they are entangled, not black or white." When Xiaonian stood there, his eyes looked at him seriously, and his voice was indifferent. "I know all these things, so I didn't ask you to stand in line with me."

That day, he said that when we jumped out of the game together, she admitted that she yearned for it.

But she knew it was unlikely.

"What on earth do you want to say?"

Mu qianchu stood in front of her and stared at her with low eyes.

When Xiaonian leaned against the wall, he said indifferently, "I'm very grateful to you for helping me before. I'm also very grateful to you for saying that you will continue to help me, but no longer, I will solve my own problems."

Mu qianchu explained, "do you think I'm doing a family dinner just to have a better relationship with Shidi? I didn't mean to be quiet. My relationship with her has long been Mingcun... "

"It's none of your business what you do with her, it's none of my business." "Shi Xiaonian said," and how can I take the Shidi? It's my business, and I won't involve you. "

When Di hurt her like that three years ago, she won't give up so easily.

Moqian looks at her at first.

Her meaning is obvious. She does her, he does his, she doesn't care about him, doesn't ask him, doesn't need to have any relationship with him

"I have something else to do. Go ahead."

As he said this, Xiaonian turned around and walked away. The voice of Mu qianchu sounded behind her. "Except for a time flute in the middle, there is no relationship between us. That's what you think?"

Smell speech, when small read pause step, tone some indifference, "isn't it?"

Do they have anything else to do with them but the flute.

He can't even be her brother-in-law. She has been expelled from her family.

"Of course not." Mu qianchu's tone increased, "do you forget what you have done over the years? Aren't you just because I am mu qianchu? Is it because of the flute? "

Over the years, she pestered him again and again, no matter how much he hated her.

Now, she says they have nothing to do with each other but the flute.

This sentence is the most painful place to read.

By drinking, shixiaonian looks back angrily and stares at qianchu. "I said, I've given up. You never cared before. What's the need to mention now?"

"You said to give up? What if I don't agree? "

Mu qianchu looked at her deeply.

When Xiaonian sneered, "it's my business. How can you answer Well "

before she finished her words, mu qianchu suddenly rushed to her. He put her on the wall, lowered his head and kissed her lips. The tall figure covered all the light in front of her eyes.

So he suddenly kissed.

I didn't expect that. When Xiaonian opened his eyes in astonishment, his body was as stiff as a stone, and his mind was blank.

Mu qianchu I kissed her.

Mu Qian regretted the moment he kissed her. He kept telling himself that he would go to see her again if he wanted to recover his innocence. As a result, he couldn't stand her saying "give up".

How could he allow her to give up.


Mu qianchu presses her on the wall, and her lips stick to her for two seconds. The faint fragrance on her body blows over the tip of his nose, making his nerves tense.

He moved his lips to deepen the kiss.

When "pa"

Xiao Nian suddenly pushes him away with force, and then slaps him hard.

Muqianchu didn't fight back. His face was beaten to the past. The fingerprints on his white face were deep, and his eyes were dark and astringent.

When he looked at it, Xiaonian said, "Xiaonian, I......"

"Mu qianchu, do you know that you are a man with a family?" When small read almost hate to stare at him.

She did not expect that mu qianchu would suddenly kiss her.

What was he thinking?

"I'm not married to her." Mu qianchu said that in the legal sense, he is single.

"Your wedding has been seen all over the world!" Shixiaonian said angrily, "it's your business to whitewash peace when you are cheated by Shidi, but don't involve me in your fake marriage."

She is not a piece he plays with.

Mu qianchu realized that she was frightened by his actions and said softly, "little Nian, I didn't want to bring you in."

He was trying to pull her out of the game.

"I know that I have been pestering you shamelessly all these years, which makes you think I am frivolous. But I just want you to remember. " Shixiaonian stares at him and says, "if you think you can play between Shidi and me, you are wrong."


He never felt that she was frivolous.

"Mu qianchu, I hate you so much for the first time! Hate is that your soul dominates this body, so that the real adoration cannot come back... " When small read hate to see him one eye, turn around to go, head also does not return to leave.


Mu qianchu didn't catch up in the alley. He suddenly hit the wall with a fist. The back of his hand was broken and the blood oozed.

He is too impulsive.

Frighten her like this.

He's not going to step on two boats. He's back.

The real mu qianchu has come back She can't see it. How can a fool be so stupid.

When I was young, I didn't know how I got back to tianzhigang. I was very confused.

Sitting on the sofa, she felt her lips and her eyes were sore.

When she was young, she also imagined what the first kiss with mu qianchu would be like. She was waiting for his initiative

But I didn't expect that the amnesia, married moqianchu will suddenly kiss her.

It made her feel ironic and ridiculous.

"Miss Shi, are you ok?" The maid brought her a glass of juice, looked at her pale face and asked anxiously, "have some juice to solve the bar, have you had a drink?"


Shi Xiaonian says it's OK. He picks up the wet tissue and wipes his lips hard. He wipes them again and again.

When she was forced to kiss by Gong ou, she didn't feel so disgusted.

The image of muqianchu in her heart is so beautiful. The gentle, silent and dependent youth is so beautiful. He has lost his memory. He can not fall in love with her, but he can not tease her like this in that pair of leather bags.

When Xiaonian took the juice and poured it down.

All of a sudden, Gong Ou's bullying voice came to his ear, "what are you doing, shixiaonian?"

Gong ou.

When Xiaonian turned on the microphone, reached out and pressed the earphone on his ear, the voice was faint and said, "nothing, in the house."

Wearing headphones for a long time makes her ears ache at the touch of it.

She took off her headphones and switched back to her cell phone.

"Where did you go out tonight?" Asked Gong ou, with a deep magnetic voice.

He knew she had gone out.

At that time, Xiaonian looked at the two maids who were cleaning and said, "I went to see if there is a suitable gift, but I didn't choose one."

"It's not about hanging out?" Gong Ou's voice is suddenly cold, "what kind of gangster?"

When Xiaonian's heart stagnated, he suddenly appeared in the lane, and mu qianchu rushed to her.

In front of Gong ou, she has always been pure and aboveboard. This is the first time she heard him doubt her. She choked

It's not her problem what she's feeling guilty about.

Even if Gong Ou knew that she was nothing to be afraid of.

"It's not a gangster. How can you choose a gift to drink?" Asked Gong Ou coldly.

It turned out that she knew about drinking.

Whether these two maids should report everything in such a big way or not,

Xiaonian smelled the wine on her body and said lightly, "well, I drank a little wine."

"With whom? Men or women? " Asked Gong ou.

"I drank alone." He's had another bout of paranoia.

"You didn't drink when you were alone." Gong Ou said coldly, "to be honest, who did you drink with at night?"

"I drink alone."

When Xiaonian explained in vain.

"When Xiaonian, do you have a ghost in your heart, and you won't even say who you are drinking with? I won't take you if it's a woman! " Gong Ou said coldly, giving her the last chance to confess.


When Xiaonian felt headache, he stroked his forehead. A string in his head was tight, and it would break at any time.

Her silence made Gong Ou totally unhappy and depressed his anger. "Don't pretend to be silent for me, or next time you go out, I will send someone to follow you all the time!"


"When I'm not in China, I'm going to drink and fool around. When I think about it, you're getting braver and braver!" Gong Ou is furious on the phone.

"Gong ou, you have enough!" When small read suddenly stand up from the sofa and shout at the cell phone.

Gong Ou was yelled for two seconds in the UK, unbelievably, "when Xiaonian was mad, did you dare to yell at me?"

Does this woman dare to shout at him when she goes out to fool around?

She's not going to die.

"How about I yell at you?" When Xiaonian said loudly, he let out all the grievances he had received in the past few days, "what do you want to do? How much do you want to push me? You sent two maids to watch me when you went abroad, and kept on talking 24 hours a day. You've controlled me like this. What else do you worry about? "

"How dare you roar? You're on dynamite. " Gong Ou is on the other side of the ocean.

"You took the wrong medicine. Why do you doubt me? Why do you want to bear your unreasonable guess? Why should I be controlled by your paranoid paranoia! " When Xiaonian shouted angrily, "I said I was drinking alone! It's a person! Do you believe it or not! You come back and kill me! I'm fed up with you! "

She roared so loudly that she wished she could roar all her organs out.

The two maids were shocked and opened their eyes. Unexpectedly, Miss Shi was so thin and explosive, and dared to shout at Mr. Gong.

The two men quietly moved their positions for cleaning.

When Xiaonian finished shouting recklessly, Gong Ou's side was completely silent, just as nobody was there, and there was no sound at all.

Just after roaring, Xiaonian breathed heavily.