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Chapter 848 two little guesswork


Gong Yao replied straightforwardly that he never liked sugar.

"It's delicious!" LAN Xiaoqi shoved the sugar into his hand, then sat next to him holding the doll, and swayed with him on the swing chair.

The sun was shining brightly on two small faces.

Gong Yao sat beside her, with a lollipop in his hand, and there was nothing to eat. There was a noisy noise outside. He looked up.

LAN Xiaoqi suddenly twisted her body, and the swing chair began to shake. Gong Yao looked at her, and LAN Xiaoqi was very happy.


Gong Yao did not speak.

"Why don't you eat lollipop? It's really delicious. Litchi is my favorite taste." LAN Xiaoqi said, expecting him to eat the lollipop.

He doesn't like it.

But LAN Xiaoqi saved him and his father. Gong Yao sat there and stared at the lollipop in his hand. "My sister likes to eat sugar. She is not allowed to eat it at ordinary times. Take this to her."

Wen Yan, LAN Xiaoqi said enviously, "it's good to be your sister. Can I also be your sister?"

Before seeing Gong Yao to Gong Kui, she was envious.

"You are older than me."

Gong Yao said how could she be his sister.

"Then I'll be your sister." Lanxiaoqi immediately said, giggling and thinking awkwardly, but also thought it's not good to be a sister, so she held the doll and thought, "don't be a sister, I'll be your bride."

She said briskly.


Gong Yao's long eyelashes quivered and looked at her silently.


He refused.

"Do you know what a bride is?" LAN Xiaoqi thought Gong Yao didn't understand, and excitedly explained to him, "it's just the father and mother of the child. I'm a mother. Are you a father?"

"Not good."

Gong Yao answered straightforwardly, his voice was not as cold as a child should have.

Hearing this, LAN Xiaoqi suddenly cried, "why? Don't I look good? "

"Our family history does not match. If the palace family marries ordinary wives for several generations in a row, it is not good for the development of the palace family." Gong Yao said.

This is what some of his teachers will teach. Although he didn't speak so directly, he understood.

But LAN Xiaoqi couldn't understand. She looked at him like an alien, "what are you talking about?"

What is ordinary? Is he hating her?

"No way."

Said Gong Yao coldly.

LAN Xiaoqi lowered her eyes in disappointment. For a long time, she looked up at him. "But my aunt also said that she would take me home. She is my mother. Do you really want to marry me?"

"She said that?"

Gong Yao has some accidents.

"Yes, she asked me to come home with you." LAN Xiaoqi nods hard, Gong Yao sits on the swing chair, holds the lollipop tightly in his small hand, and then compromises and says, "well, you are my bride."

The bride is the same.

"Really?" LAN Xiaoqi suddenly swept away and looked at him out of the blue, "don't worry, I will be the best mom, you are the most handsome Dad!"

The most childish words of the city, as if they have grown up.

“……” Gong Yao sat there silent. LAN Xiaoqi was so excited that she let go of a small hand to pull him. "Let's play around, shall I cook for you?"


Gong Yao stares at her, frowns, and reluctantly is pulled down by her. LAN Xiaoqi puts the doll into Gong Yao's arms, and starts picking flowers, pretending to eat. "Holy, would you like to help me cook?"

"This flower can't be eaten."

"Pretend." LAN Xiaoqi said.

“……” Gong Yao grabbed her doll and said, "I'll take the doll for you."

"Well, that's our baby. Dad is holding it!"

LAN Xiaoqi happily agrees, the brain hole is wide open.


Gong Yao refuses to speak.

LAN Xiaoqi has been talking like a family. She picks all kinds of flowers and asks Gong Yao to pretend to eat them, and then feeds the doll. Gong Yao doesn't like them very much. They are very annoying.

But she's a lifesaver, mom said.

It's not LAN Xiaoqi. They can't come out.

"Little Qi."

A soft voice came. The two children turned their heads and looked at them. Xiaonian stood not far away and waved to lanxiaoqi, "Xiaoqi, come here."

"Well, here I come."

Lanxiaoqi put the flowers in her hand aside, and ran to shixiaonian. Shixiaonian looked at the innocent child with a bitter smile. She reached out and touched her head. "Do you want to see dad?"


LAN Xiaoqi nods hard.

"How about Auntie take you to see dad? He's back from a business trip. It's a little uncomfortable. "

Asked shixiaonian.

Smell speech, LAN Xiaoqi blinked, the smile on her face was a little stiff, and quickly said, "Auntie, can I have a word with holly's brother again?"


When I was young, I naturally agreed. It's hard for Gong Yao to make friends with LAN Xiaoqi.

LAN Xiaoqi turns back to Gong Yao and touches the doll in his arms. She says, "holy, this doll is for you. You are a father. Take good care of our baby."


Gong Yao didn't catch a cold at all for such words, so he replied perfunctorily.

"You must take good care of the baby."

LAN Xiaoqi is uneasy to exhort again.

"I see."

Gong Yao has no expression.

"Then I'll see my father." LAN Xiaoqi waved to him, turned around and walked to Xiaonian, and followed her to leave.

When Xiaonian took lanxiaoqi's hand, it was extremely cold. She looked down and said softly, "Xiaoqi, Auntie and uncle are ready to leave. I'll let someone clean your clothes and go home with us."

"What about dad?"

LAN Xiaoqi asked in ignorance.

Lanting? He can't stand the turbulence. It's impossible to leave with them. It's just going to kill him.

"Go to see Dad first."

When Xiaonian didn't answer, he smiled reluctantly and led lanxiaoqi to the door of a room. The door was open, and the voice of Fengde came from inside.

"As soon as our people went to check the bombs, those people couldn't help it. They wanted to detonate them in advance, and all caught them. There was no omission."

"I see." This is Gong Ou's voice, "tie those people in and give them to Lanting."

"Yes, sir."

Feng de came out from the inside, looked at Shi Xiaonian and looked down at LAN Xiaoqi's childlike face. He couldn't help sighing.

The child will be fatherless and fatherless.

LAN Xiaoqi blinks, when Xiaonian pulls her into the room, decorates the fresh and warm bedroom, Lanting lies on the bed, covers the quilt, the blood on his face has been washed away, but how can that pale cover up, still hanging some drops.

"Thank you, Mr. Gong."

Lanting talks with the last energy and apologizes to Gong ou.

Gong ou should hate him, but now he is willing to give the murderer to his own disposal, which is extremely tolerant, and has fulfilled his dream in these years.

Gong Ou is sitting on a white chair in front of the window, leaning back, his long legs overlapping, his fingers crossed under his chin, his black eyes glaring at him coldly, and his voice has no emotion. "My woman is soft hearted, and you are dying..."

In the middle of the conversation, Gong Ou notices that Xiao Nian is holding LAN Xiaoqi's hand and comes in. He stops the sound, releases his hand and stands up from the chair, pulls Xiao Nian out of the way.

"Little Qi, you're here with dad."

When Xiaonian released lanxiaoqi's hand, she went out with Gong ou and closed the door for a moment. She saw lanxiaoqi walking towards Lanting and asked with concern, "Dad, are you uncomfortable?"

No matter how many times Lanting has beaten LAN Xiaoqi, LAN Xiaoqi still regards him as his closest father, or wants to be close.

The palace's bodyguards are cleaning up the mess and preparing to leave the island.

Gong Ou reaches out his hand and presses his chest. When Xiaonian looks at him anxiously, "how about that? Is the wound painful? You need a good rest. "

"Go back and rest." Gong Ou said, black eyes staring at her deeply, her white face slightly locked willow eyebrows, it is easy to see her ideas.

She was very upset.

Gong Ou reaches out his hand and pinches her face. "I'm going to leave soon. I haven't taken you to several places. You should have a look at the cross flower fields and Wanshui statues of langhuayu."

When Xiaonian looked at him, he didn't hide his thoughts. "Gong ou, I'm not in the mood. Let's sit here for a while."

Her injury, his injury, LAN Jia's entanglement with Lancaster, she can't mention the interest of going to play.


Gong Ou answers, hugs her and sits down on the sofa beside him. As soon as he sits down, Gong Ou frowns tightly. His injury is very serious. Today, it's all hard support.

"I'll call my adoptive father." When I see it, I have to stand up.

Gong Ou stretched out his hand and pulled her down. He stared at her and said, "you are better than any medicine!"


When Xiaonian had to sit down obediently, support him to lean on the back of the sofa and let him rest. Gong Ou was really tired. He looked up, slowly closed his eyes, grasped her hand and wrapped it firmly.

She sat quietly.

For a long time, she heard Gong Ou say, "shixiaonian, is honeymoon against us? Why can't I take you to have a good time?"

If he could have a good time, he would rather not have any economic secrets of Lancaster.

"Because we inevitably step into other people's stories." When I was young, I smiled bitterly. Since my honeymoon, the stories of my adoptive father, Lori and Lanting have stepped into the stories of others and shared all kinds of ups and downs.

"The next time we go to a place where there are no people, it's just the two of us."

Gong Ou made a domineering decision.

"Take care of the injury first."

Shi Xiaonian said, raising his hand, fingertips depicting the deep outline of Gong ou, eyes soft like water.