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Chapter 753 two sorrows of the corner downstairs

"Don't make any noise."

Gong Ou told her that.

"What if I do it?" He asked tentatively.

"I must cure your disease. If you don't let me cure you this time, I'll play harder next time. I won't let him live well. I'll go to the doctor all over the world. If I can't find him, I'll tie him up and cut his flesh one knife at a time until he is willing to cure you."


"He is willing and I don't believe him. I will definitely find some women to be duplicants. If they don't have your heart disease, I will force them to have..."

"Well, stop it." When Xiaonian embraces him, he interrupts him softly.

Stop it.

Stop scaring her.

"Don't think I'm scaring you. I can say it and do it. The whole Borg island has been taken by me. What else can I do that Gong Ou dare not do? " Gong Ou said in her ear that the tone was so evil that it was terrible, cold and cruel.

Shixiaonian leans on him. To put it bluntly, he just won't let her sabotage his plan.

"Then can you hold on?"

She asked.

"It's not worth mentioning to me what can hold up." Gong Ou said scornfully, reached out and let her go, and took her out.

When they came out of the restroom, Xiaonian's face was complicated. Gong Ou's face was a little pale, and the face behind the lens was a touch of gentle from the weak.

"How about coming out?" Lori came from a distance and handed him a medicine box and a water glass.

"Nothing. My stomach is always bad."

Gong Ou is a light tunnel.

"At first glance, you are devoting all your energy to taking care of someone and neglecting yourself." Lori said, "come on, take this medicine."


Shixiaonian stands aside. She has become someone now.

Lori's hostility to her is really growing.

"Thank you."

Gong Ou plays a very different person from his real character, takes the water glass and swallows the medicine.

"Let me show you around. There is not only the name of little Chinatown, but also the nickname of Little Venice. You must go boating here."

Said Lori excitedly, with his eyes only fixed on Gong ou.


Gong Ou's eyebrows puckered, and finally he raised his lips and promised to come down.

Then, Lori will take them with him. To be sure, Lori will take Gong ou to take her out for a visit.

The project is a cruise. When Xiaonian knew that Gong Ou was worried about all the risks of low probability, he didn't want to increase his anxiety, so he offered to stay on top.

Under the eaves of a Chinese ancient corner building, bronze bells tinkle in the wind, while Xiaonian stands in front of the guardrail and looks at a boat on the calm lake.

It's a boat bought by Luo lie, and it's also a boat full of ancient flavor. It's like an ancient boat. Gong Ou is sitting on it. He looks at it from a distance or has some evil spirit. Luo lie is sitting in front of him, fiddling with a set of tea sets, and talks to Gong Ou from time to time.

When they are talking about something, Xiaonian can't find out.

She stood on it silently and watched their boat go far, near and far.

The phone vibrated.

When Xiaonian took out her mobile phone, it was a message sent to her by Gong ou.

Don't wait. Go back to rest.

Where can I rest and return to luozhai? Then she might as well stay here.

When Xiaonian leans on the guardrail and looks at the calm water, her mobile phone vibrates again. She takes out her mobile phone, which is the message from Gong ou.

Don't lean against the rail, you'll fall into the water! Leave!

Does he still keep an eye on her every move when he is "associating" with others? When Xiaonian sends back a text message.

I know. I've got a sense. Are you ok?

She clicks to send and looks up at the farther and farther boat on the lake. Gong Ou's message to her is almost a second back. She looks down at it.

This Luo pervert is bored to death. He has been whispering to me about the person he likes. Who's the mother!


Lori really took Gong Ou as a double.

However, it's better to remember the past in front of Gong Ou than to indulge in all kinds of behaviors and talk to Gong ou, which makes her feel awkward.

When Xiaonian looked at the mobile phone in his hand, he stood under the corner tower like this, listening to the bell ringing, and Gong Ou sending messages to each other again and again.

In this way, time is not so hard for both of them.

She looked at the sun in the sky. For the first time, she hoped that the sun would go down, rise, and then go down. In a flash, six days passed.


A voice of doubt sounded from above.

When Xiaonian was stunned, he looked up and saw that a window had been pushed open, Gong Yu was standing on it, wearing a mask, without glasses, and a pair of gray eyes looked at her, "how are you here?"

"Lori and Gong Ou come here to visit the lake."

Said Shi Xiaonian honestly.

"So you're a little abandoned pitiful?" Gong Yu smiled and looked up at the lake. Then he said, "come on."


When Xiaonian didn't refuse, he pushed open the door and walked inside. The copper bell outside the house rang inside. It sounded like a song. When Xiaonian walked up the wooden stairs.

It's a big place, with carpets, quilts, suitcases, a square table by the window, some fried vegetables and stewed soup on the table.

Mr palace, covered with scars, stood by and looked down at her. "Master, you are here."


When small read a nod, then look toward that suitcase, can't help but say, "elder brother, did you sleep here last night?"

This is a scenic spot, not a hotel.


Gong Yu took off the mask from his face.

"How can I sleep comfortably?" When small read Cu eyebrow, way, "why don't you go to the hotel to live?"

"Where is the hotel room good? I can still hear the bell ring and the sound of water flow when I sleep here at night. It's wonderful." Gong Yu sat down at the dinner table. "I just ordered a hotel meal. Would you like some?"

"No more."

When small read shakes her head, where does she come from now what appetite, return to still want to pretend to eat a bit in front of palace ou.

"Why, unhappy?" Gong Yu looked at her and said, "you let him go and make a fool of himself. It's a little psychological supplement for him."

"But I don't need his compensation at all."

When Xiaonian sat down at the window, he could still see the boat on the lake. I don't know where Lori talked to Gong Ou again.

"He needs compensation." Gong Yu said, and then smiled at Shi Xiaonian, "don't think so much about it. Lori didn't ask for anything more than Gong Ou's company for six days. What else can Gong Ou lose for a big man?"

Why not lose it.

How about the loss.

When Xiaonian thought to himself, Gong Yu seemed to see through what she thought and said with a smile, "are you worried about Gong Ou's loss?"

"Brother, this joke is not funny."

When Xiaonian really can't laugh.

"Good." Gong Yu's fingers tap on the table and said, "I know that you are afraid that Gong ou can't bear it psychologically, but you also need to believe him. As long as you are here, what can't he survive? It's only six days. It's over in a blink of an eye. "

Gong Yu and Gong Ou really deserve to be brothers. They both said the same thing.

When small read blinked several times, then looked outside, looked, six days did not blink past.

Gong Yu was amused by her, took a sip of the glass in front of her, and said, "I was in a bad mood, so it would be better to see you."

When small read some stunned to look at him, "elder brother, what's the matter with you?"

What's the matter with him.

Hearing this, Gong Yu picked up a eyebrow. "They all said that the best way to comfort a person is to be miserable, to say that she is even worse than her, and she will be happy."


There's no theory here.

"After Xi Yu left, I stayed here for a while and spent the most difficult time." Gong Yu's face suddenly came down, and his eyes were full of gloom.

After a second, Xiao Nian realized that he was talking about Xi Yu's death.

Gong Yu looked out of the window at one side of the blue sky and said, "at that time, I also stayed here every day, listening to the sound of the water and the bell of the corner tower."


"I stand at this window every day and look down at the lake. I wonder if Xi Yu is in great pain when she is in the water? Is that feeling of falling from a high place particularly desperate? " Gong Yu said, in a low voice, with a bad face.

Hearing Gong Yu mention his brother again, Xiaonian can't help but think of the suffocating pain in her heart when Xi Yu died.

It was the first time she felt the presence of her brother.

"It's not easy to put it down now. Gong Oula has come here again. I can't help coming here." Gong Yu said, pour another glass of wine and drink it up.

When small read gently frown, sad look at him, "elder brother, you don't need to stay waiting for us, you go back first."

This is the place where Xi Yu came after his death. All the memories he recalled are painful.

"No way." Gong shook his head and pointed out to the window. "Lowe is a strange doctor. I have some kind of friendship with him. If you want to show up or argue with Luo lie, I will mediate from it."


"Nothing." Gong Yu interrupts her words with a light smile. "Xiaonian, I'm not young, I'm very mature, and I won't let myself indulge in pessimism all the time."


Asked shixiaonian.

"It's true, of course. Would a brother cheat you?" Gong Gu said with a smile, reaching out to pour the wine.

When Xiaonian directly took the bottle and exposed him, "if you are not addicted, why do you want to go back to this corner building? Why don't hotels sleep here? "

And one drink after another.

Hearing this, Gong Yu pressed his eyebrows and looked at her with some tears and smiles. "Xiaonian, I'm your brother, anyway. Don't hit me so directly, OK?"

He was exposed so directly.