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Chapter 613 Gong Yao's plan fails

That man doesn't know.

I will like it.

Gong Yao thought.


Under the sun, Gong Kui performed a flat fall on the spot, and the whole person fell to the ground, throwing out the gift bag in his hand.

Alisha and Gong Yao pull her up. Gong Kui cries eagerly, "my gift!"

Gong Yao goes up to pick up the gift bag. An adult's hand has picked up the gift bag on the ground first. He looks up. A tall and slender woman stands there in a blue gray leather suit. Her long blonde hair is dazzling in the sun. She is wearing a hat and a mask, only showing her eyes.

Blue eyes.

That blue is like the color of the ocean. It's beautiful.

Gong Yao looks up at her, her face expressionless.

"Give it back to you."

The woman smiled and handed the present to Gong Kui. Gong Kui hurriedly took it over and said gratefully, "thank you, aunt."

"You're welcome."

Said the woman.

Gong Yao has been staring at her.

"Holly, let's go." After thanking, Gong Kui held the gift bag to go. Suddenly, she heard a scream. She turned around quickly. She saw the aunt squatting on the ground, her hands covering her stomach, and her eyebrows were frowned tightly.

"Aunt, what's the matter with you?"

Gong Kui hurriedly walked over and asked with concern.


Gong Yao stood there watching.

"My aunt has a stomachache." The woman squatted there and said painfully.

"You have a stomachache and want to see a doctor," said Gong Kui, with a small askew face

"But aunt can't walk." The woman looked at Gong Kui with a pair of blue eyes asking, "little baby, can I take your car to the hospital?"

Alisha hurriedly refused, but before she spoke, Gong Kui nodded innocently and kindly, "OK, OK, we drove three cars out."

With that, Gong Kui handed Gong Yao the gift bag and reached out to help Alisha.

"Thank you, baby. You're such an angel."

The woman stood up gratefully, followed Gong Kui to the other side of the car. Before the door opened, a small figure jumped in front of the woman.

The woman bowed her head and saw Gong Yao standing in front of her with a big smile. "Beautiful aunt, please take this car with me."

With that, Gong Yao takes the woman to another car and pushes her to sit in it.

Palace Kui also wants to sit up after seeing the appearance. As a result, Gong Yao pulls the door with both hands and closes it hard, shutting her at the door.

"Holly is a big lecher. When you see a beautiful aunt, you don't want a sister! Hate hate hate hate

Gong Kui stood outside the car and made a face at the window, then hurried to another car.

As soon as Gong Yao got in the car, he looked at the woman with a smile. His face was childish and lovely.

The woman is Mona, who is already infamous. Like a drowning dog, she wanted to escape the storm and go home, but now it's too late to go back to her husband or her family.

To go back is to face more pain than death.

She has no way to go. Gong Ou gave her all these things. She wants Gong ou to have a taste of the price. The image data is gone. She has no cards.

However, it doesn't matter. Let her find out that a pair of twins of Gong Ou always sneak out these days. The servants around are all women, so they have no combat effectiveness.

He wants her not to live. Even if she dies, he also wants him to taste the pain of loss.

Mona sits beside Gong Yao and slowly takes out a head from the waist behind her. Before she takes it out, Gong Yao smiles at her with a brilliant face. "Beautiful aunt, look at your eyes. I like blue eyes."

"Is it?"

Mona smiles.

Mona and Gong Yao have only met once, and they don't know Gong Yao at all. Hearing this, they can't help thinking that he is much better than his father's aesthetic.

"Yes." Gong Yao said innocuously, putting her hands on her knees, "aunt, do you still have stomachache now?"

"A little."

"Then will you come home with me? There are many doctors in my family who can cure you. " Gong Yao said, with a big smile on his small face, "and my dad and mom are getting married today. Our family will be very busy."


Mona froze as she touched her head behind her.

It turns out that the wedding of Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian is today. They make her infamous and helpless, but they want to marry happily.


Mona's blue eyes were filled with hatred.

"Auntie, will you come home with me?" Gong Yao warmly invited him.

Hearing this, Mona slowly put her head back, looked at Gong Yao with low eyes, and said with a smile, "well, since you invite me so sincerely, how can I not go?"

Married, right?

Anyway, she doesn't have half a way to live, so it's better to play a little bit more. Mona changed her mind in a flash.

She's dead, no one wants to live!


Gong Yao looks at her innocently, leans upside down and leans into her arms, and holds her tightly with her small hands.

Mona looked down at the child in her arms and asked, "you don't see me, you know I look good?"

"You look good, you look good."

Gong Yao's voice is childish.

The servant in front of the car smelt the words and got goose bumps. He was curious. He had never heard master holy talk like this before. He knew how beautiful he was when he was so young?

"Is it? Who is better looking than your mother? " Asked Mona.

"Auntie looks good. Mom doesn't have blue eyes." Gong Yao fell into her arms and said, "Tongyan Tongyu.".

Hearing this, Mona couldn't help but raise her lips and touch her fingers on his little face. "You are a lovely child."

If only Gong Ou had his son's wit.

Why do you have to take a fancy to Xiaonian at that time? For the sake of that woman, she abused her, regretted her marriage, let her face clean up, and now let her have a family to go back to.

Her whole life was ruined, and the culprit was happily married today.

He won't make them happy. Nobody wants to be happy.


The car slowly drove into the palace, led by the young master of the palace, Mona was easily taken into the palace.

There was a joyful scene. The fruits were all paved along the road. The children of the servants jumped to get the fruits to eat. The flower balls were everywhere. Almost every inch of the air showed Mona how happy Gong Ouhe was.

Here she is.

They won't be happy.

Looking at the scenes arranged for the wedding, there was a moment when these should belong to her, and even the children should belong to her and Gong ou.

But now, she has changed from a lady of nobility to a depressed person who can't return home.

Thinking of these, Mona squeezed Gong Yao's small hand hard, hoping to break it.

"Auntie, you hurt me." Gong Yao said that a small face in the sun is especially cute and cute. "Come, auntie, the wedding hasn't started yet. You go to the study with me first. I have a lot of books and toys."

"Is it? That's good. "

Mona smiled and followed Gong Yao.

"Wait for me, wait for me!" Gong Kui came up from behind and ran to Gong Yao. "I want to play with you, too, holy. I want to play with you."

"Who wants to play with you."

Gong Yao gave Gong Kui a cold look.

"I'm going to play together. I'm going to play with holly and my aunt." The sunflower sticks on again.

See, Gong Yao breaks Mona's hand, stretches out his hand and pushes Gong Kui to the ground fiercely, impatiently says, "you're so tired. You've been following me all the time. If I want to play with my aunt, I won't take you!"

Gong Kui was pushed to sit on the ground. She was stunned at the moment when she had never been assailed by Gong Yao. She looked at him stupidly and could not react.

"Auntie, let's go."

Gong Yao takes Mona and leaves.

Gong Kui was picked up by the maid, and looked at Gong Yao foolishly. All the grievances and anger that she had never felt attacked her. Pointing to Gong Yao, she shouted, "Gong Yao, you little wolf! You want a beautiful aunt! I don't want to play with you anymore! I hate you! Whoa... "

Gong Kui stood there crying, and couldn't stop.

Looking at the quarrel between Gong Ou's two children, Mona felt happy. She followed Gong Yao into his study, ready to figure out what to do next.

As soon as he entered the study, Gong Yao closed the door and smiled at Mona. "Auntie, sit down."

Mona took a look at some bookshelves beside the wall and said, "you really have a lot of books."

"Yes." Gong Yao rubs close to Mona, holding her hand to show her a children's book.

Mona perfunctorily asked, "when does your parents' wedding begin?"

"It's only a few hours away." Gong Yao sticks to her, looks at her and says, "Auntie, are you thirsty? Shall I pour you some water? "

"No more."

"If you want water, I'll pour it for your aunt."

Gong Yao looked courteous, and saw Mona's smile. She reached for a book from the short bookshelf.

As soon as Gong Yao turned around, the smile on his small face cooled down, and a pair of big black eyes showed some satisfaction.


Bad woman.

He caught om's nasty bad guy.

As soon as he went out and called for someone to catch the bad woman.

Gong Yao's eyes glistened with cunning light. He stretched out his small hand to pull the door. Behind him, there was a sudden rush of footsteps. As soon as he opened the door, he was forced to close it from behind.


Mona stood beside him, looking down at her.

"What's the matter with aunt?"

Gong Yao raised his small face and looked at her innocently.

"I was almost cheated by you, a little kid. Did you cheat me in on purpose?" Mona wore a mask on her face, put one hand on the door, and grasped the book in her hand.

It's a story book, but there are several printed papers in the middle, all about her information. There are several pictures of her on it, very clear pictures.

"How can a child as young as you look up my information?"

Mona asked that these materials could only be the child's. Gong Ouhe and shixiaonian would not put the checked materials in a children's story book.

The child's mind is terrible.

Collect her information and recognize her with one pair of eyes.