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Chapter 530 trying to bring the former Gong ou back

It's beautiful there. It's perfect for sketching.

Smell speech, Gong Ou turns Mou to look at her deeply, didn't say anything, turn direction to drive directly.

Gong Ou is still very busy on the bus. When I was on the way to Beibu Gulf, Xiao Nian silently counted it in his heart. Gong Ou made a total of ten phone calls, all for business.

He is very busy.

It's really busy.

The car slowly drove into the Beibu Gulf, and saw a white sand beach from afar. The sea was flowing peacefully, and a lot of special buildings made the palace anemone exclaim.

"I like it here!"

It's easy for sunflower to like many things.


When Xiaonian nodded, pushed open the door and came down. A cold wind blew in the winter. She quickly hugged her tight coat, and then went to hug Gong Kui and Gong Yao.

Gong Ou comes down and starts to call again.

The photographer and his team picked up the machine and began to debug it to find the location.

Shi Xiaonian takes out the easel and other things from the trunk and carries them on his back. He looks around to find a place suitable for sketching. The twins follow her to a place with relatively small wind. She takes the easel out of the bag and begins to assemble it.

"There is still a problem with the holographic era plan, and the online time is temporarily put on hold. In addition, that plan... "

Gong Ou stood aside with her mobile phone and said, turning her eyes, there was a white beach in her sight. The sea breeze was slow. When Xiao Nian bent over to assemble the easel, two children stood beside her. The sun fell on the beach in a golden color. Her long hair fluttered in the wind and was plated with a light golden color, which made her skin very white.

He suddenly lost his voice and looked at the picture in front of him.

Don't know what palace Kui said, when small read suddenly smile, a pair of eyes are full of light, teeth clean white dazzling.


Gong Ou stood there quietly and suddenly felt something empty in his chest.

He turned his eyes and saw that the photographer was adjusting the machine. Gong Ou stretched out his hand and pulled the photographer to his side.

The photographer gave him a dull look and went to adjust the machine.

Gong Ou pulls him again.

The cameraman again turned his head to the machine.

Gong Ou put away his mobile phone, held out his hand and read the photographer's lens on time, then left with a cold face.


The photographer was dazed.


What happened?

Gong Ou goes towards them, while Xiaonian is collecting the screws, Gong Ou turns his eyebrows, "I'll come."

When Xiaonian looks up at him.

"Will you assemble it? The easel is crooked."

Gong Ou came over, took off her watch and handed it to her naturally, then began to assemble the easel.

When Xiaonian took over the watch and was stunned for a few seconds, he stood and watched him work. Gong Ou's ability to do manual work was not bad. The easel was quickly assembled by her. Gong Kui didn't like to play with the sand while he was running.

"Hiss --"

Gong Ou snorts suddenly.

When Xiaonian hurriedly looked at the past, he saw that Gong Ou's fingertip was punctured, showing a little red blood bead with a little wooden thorn in it.

When Xiaonian put his watch away, he immediately went to grab his hand. "How can I get a wooden thorn?"

"Not careful."

Gongou cold tunnel.

"Do you have a medicine box?"

When Xiaonian looks up at him.

Her worried eyes went straight into his eyes. Gong Ou's throat was tight and cold, "who comes out to sketch and takes the medicine box?"

"You don't want your adoptive father with you. You're not ready for anything." When small read Cu eyebrow, turn eyebrow to see to the bodyguards of one side, say, "you help me look at twins, we go to come."


The bodyguards nodded.

"Follow me."

When Xiaonian takes Gong Ou's hand and leaves.


It's just a little hurt.

Gong Ou wants to draw his hand back, and then stops, leaving her to lead him forward.

The more blood beads he had on his hands, the more he felt.

While walking, Xiaonian carefully took out the wooden thorn, pressed the wound with a paper towel, and walked up the stairs step by step holding one of his fingers in one hand.

"Where to?"

Asked Gong Ou in a low voice.

"I know where the medicine box is. Let's go."

When Xiaonian took his hand and walked up, the sea birds flew by, leaving a string of clear calls.

Gong Ou stares at her back and lets her pull him away.

When small read palace Europe to their new room here, "you sit on the sofa, I go to get the medicine box."

The new house is big and a little empty.

Gong Ou raised his hand, and his black eyes glanced around him. As he watched, Xiao Nian came to a cabinet and took out the medicine. He immediately took back his eyes, sat down on the sofa, and lifted his legs. He was lazy and arrogant.

"This little wound doesn't need special dressing. It's unnecessary. It's a waste of time."

Gong Ou said indifferently.

"I know it's a waste of time for you to come out and play today, so I don't care to waste any more time in this kind of time."

When Xiaonian sat down beside him with the medicine box, took out a bottle of alcohol cotton, opened the bottle cap, and a pungent smell came out.

She picked up the tweezers, picked up the cotton wool and carefully wiped it on his wound. "Does it hurt?"

"No pain."

Gong Ou looks down at her, not even frowning.

When Xiaonian concentrated on treating the wound for her, he opened his lips and blew it gently. Then he picked up the band aid and pasted it for him. He asked, "is it too tight?"

"Why are you so nice to me?"

Gong Ou's deep voice rang in her ear.


When Xiaonian looked up at him, his face was close to her, and she could feel his breath.

"Don't you just think about the past Gong Ou? How can you bandage the wound for my cold face again and again?" Asked Gong ou, with black eyes fixed on her.

The phone vibrated.

Gong Ou takes up his mobile phone and glances at it. His face suddenly sinks.

When small read hang Mou, light tunnel, "bandage good."

She stood up to go.

"Don't even want to talk to me more?"

Gong Ou's voice suddenly cooled.

Who is not willing to speak.

Many times, she looked at his back.

When Xiaonian sipped her lips, plucked her hair with her fingers, sat down beside him, and looked at him with clear black and white eyes, "how have you spent these four years?"

She never knew the answer.

"In your eyes, are we two? Me and my past self. "

Gong Ou suddenly asked, with a cold voice and deep black eyes.

When small read stupefied, lips slightly open, unable to speak.

"If I have nothing to say, I guess it right." Gong Ou put his hand on his knee and looked at her with black eyes.

When Xiaonian bit his lips and stood up from the sofa, "yes, in my eyes, you are like two different people, one warm and one calm and introverted."

These are two extremes.

Gong Ou said coldly, "that's how you like that paranoid?"

Isn't it the question she asked first? How can it become that she wants to answer.

When Xiaonian looked at his black eyes and nodded, "yes, I knew he was paranoid when I fell in love with him."

Gong Ou sits on the sofa, his chest is filled with strange things.

"He hurt you." He said in a deep voice, like a teacher who was teaching his students, "most of my memory is to see your shocked and frightened eyes, which you always look at me with."

When hearing this, Xiao Nian looks at him stupidly.

Most of his memory is her eyes like this?

So when he left, was it all her shock and fear in his mind?

"I'm just worried."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"If you sit here today or in the past, you will still be shocked and scared." Gong Ou's deep tunnel.

"I won't."

Shi Xiaonian said.

"Even if he stabs another fruit knife in the palm of someone's hand?"


When Xiaonian's fingertips quivered.

Gong Ou sits there and looks down at his fingers. For a while, he looks up at her slightly uneasy face and says, "what do you like about him? He tortured you? Surround you tightly, and don't give you any private space? Don't you hate being free. He focuses all his attention on you, does not have the energy to distribute to the rest of the place, so that someone bullies you, he can not protect you, he is a coward, he does not even have the ability to protect himself. "


Xiaonian looks at him in shock.

"I don't have any of his weaknesses. With me, you can live under my wings forever. The wind can't reach you." "If you are smart enough, you should know how to choose," said Gong

When Xiaonian looked at him in disbelief, he had no idea that he would say such a thing.

"Is that what Mona told you? She told you how cowardly you used to be?" When Xiaonian suddenly realized whether Mona had moved her hands and feet in the middle. "Gong ou, it's not like this. You shouldn't have asked Mona for treatment at the beginning."

It must be Mona who did something to make him so cold.

"You think a Mona can play with me?" Gong Ou said coldly, "this is self judgment."


When small read to stay.

"No matter the former or the present, they all agree that the former No, he should be gone. " Gong Ou said coldly.

"Not so!"

When Xiaonian said it excitedly.

Gong Ou stands up from the sofa, black eyes look at her deeply, "Xi Xiaonian, stop making trouble, let's get married."

His voice is very calm.

So calm that there is no emotion.

When small read Zheng ground to look at him, don't understand why topic suddenly jumped to get married again.

Gong Ou walked towards her step by step. When Xiao Nian subconsciously backed away, all the way back to the post and pasted it on his back.

He raised his hand and casually placed it over her head, stared at her with low eyes and deep voice. "I know you're trying to get Gong ou back now."


When small read to lift a Mou to look at him a little startled.

Did he finally know?

She just needs a little bit of him back.

"I just received the news that you had an appointment with a psychologist in the afternoon. The appointment was about the success and failure of the treatment of paranoid personality disorder." Gong Ou looks down at her. "What do you want to do is clear at a glance."