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Chapter 984 let me try

When Xiaonian let go of her hand, grabbed a stack of paper and slowly stood up from the ground. She knelt for too long. Her knees hurt and her head was dizzy. She shook twice.

Gong Ou holds her and frowns. "Are you ok?"


When Xiaonian shook her head and tried to smile, but she couldn't. She collected all the documents in her hand and put them in the black folder. She treated them carefully like precious jewelry.

"You'll stay at home these days. Don't go anywhere. I'll go with you at the police station." Gong Ou's tone is absolutely strong.

What he said naturally refers to Mu qianchu. Even if Mu qianchu becomes a vegetable, he still cares.

When small read too clear white house Europe's idea, he endured these three days has been very difficult, she will carry the black folder into her arms, whispered, "then can I personally send the victim's wishes to their home, for their monument?"

"It's useless for you to go, but you will be in danger. Fengde will send someone to do these things." Gong Ou once again refused.

She didn't think of any role, she just wanted to do her part, that's all.

"I see. I'll go out first."

When Xiaonian walked out with the folder in her arms, she held the folder tightly with her fingers. She felt sad and guilty for the dead.

She can do nothing for them.

When she came to the door, Gong Ou's voice rang behind her. "I was wondering if you had anything to eat. Let the kitchen do it at noon. You don't want to cook for the moment."

She was very sad, it was the consolation he could think of.


When Xiaonian nodded, she raised her feet and walked out. Not far away, she saw Lori standing there with his back against a pillar to wipe his glasses. The sun was shining on his face, but it could not wipe the heavy.

"Dr lo."

When Xiaonian moves forward.

"Mrs. Gong, I have something to say to you." Lori took his glasses back, looking serious. "I want to make a monument for those brothers who died. They refused. They say that I am responsible for you first."

Can't even Lori leave?

When Xiaonian lowered her eyes and didn't know what to say, she went forward, and Lori came up with him and said, "Mrs. Gong, I'm not not responsible for your health, and I won't put myself in danger, but I need to do something for those brothers. It's human way. I need to get out of the door."

Wen Yan, when small read more tightly in the hands of the folder, "monument this kind of thing my father will arrange."

Her voice sounded hollow, inexplicably hollow.

"I know that anyone can do such a thing as erecting a monument, but I always want to express my mind. Everyone has been together under the eaves for so long." Lori was a little angry. "I heard that we will be transferred soon, but I will not set up a monument to do it? Mrs. Gong, can you talk to Mr. Gong... "

In the middle of the conversation, when Lori saw Xiaonian's face getting paler, he understood what was going on. He put out his hand and beat a wall with hatred, saying, "Mr. Gong is the most extreme person I have ever met. He can do anything for you, even dignity and life can be avoided, but he is too cold-blooded for people except you!"


I wish I could embed the black folder in my body and bury it in my body forever.

"Mrs. Gong, I think you should do something. If you go on like this, Hill incident and S City explosion will happen again and again. It doesn't matter to him, but our conscience will pay for all these life debts!" Lori said angrily.

"He can't help it. In this fight with Lancaster, he's just protecting himself." He said in a low voice, which was very difficult to say.

Lori didn't expect that Shixiao would speak for Gong Ou at this time. All of them became chess pieces passively. No one asked their opinions. He thought she could see the most clearly in this killing.

"Come on, I'll talk to Mr. Gong."

The big deal is to be beaten. Gong Ou is not going to kill him now. He needs to keep his life.

When Lori said that he was about to leave, Xiaonian grabbed his sleeve and frowned, "don't go. He's tired. He's under a lot of pressure. He has to deal with everything."

Don't bother him any more.

Lori looked at her discontentedly. "You think about him. What about him? OK, I don't care. How about you? What have you been forced into? How many times can you persist in such a mental state and be regarded as the fate of chess pieces? How many times can you persist in seeing the people around you disappear one by one? "

“……” When Xiaonian holds his hand stiff.

"Mr. Mu is already lying there. It's impossible for him to guide you every day!" Lori stared at her and said sternly, "he's lying there for you. If you can't walk out, can you afford him?"


If she can, it's her who would rather lie there.

When Lori turns around and wants to go, Xiaonian grabs his sleeve again, and Lori becomes more angry. "Mrs. Gong, can you stand those brothers who have lived and died for you? You can't even set up a monument for them. You won't let me do it! "

"Let me talk."

Her voice was as low as if she had not said it.

Luo lie looks at her in surprise, when Xiaonian lowers his head, "don't use my name to tell Gong ou that he is proud of his character and can't accept it. Let me go."

These words can't be told by the third party.

"Don't you understand him verbally?" Lori's tone eased. "Can you really do that? He does everything for you. Can you blame such a man for you? "

If she can do it, she blamed Gong Ou in the hill incident at the beginning, but she didn't do it from the beginning to the end, and kept her mind in her heart.

It's just because he doesn't want to go to Gong ou to challenge his authority and make him upset.

"Let me try."

Shi Xiaonian said, with persistence.

"Well, you don't have too much psychological burden. You really need to have a good chat with him, say what you think in your heart, and don't be an absolute dominator." Lori sighed and turned away.

I hope Xiaonian can really talk about it instead of pleading for perfection.


The sun is warm. There are fewer pedestrians and vehicles on the roads of s city than usual.

Police are on duty on all lines.

A line of luxury cars drove through the center of s city to the police station. Along the way, police cars helped to open the road. As soon as the car stopped, the police and bodyguards surrounded the car in the form of a human wall.

Gong Ou opens the door for shixiaonian himself. As soon as shixiaonian gets out of the car, he hugs him into his arms and enters the police station under the protection of the public.

The police arranged for her to take notes at the first time.

Gong Ou doesn't like to use the interrogation room to tie her down, which makes her under psychological pressure. So she arranged the brightest meeting room. When Xiaonian just sat down, he was not facing the aggressive police, but a cup of steaming milk and a smiling policewoman.

"Thank you."

When small read light thanks, reach out to take the cup, Gong Ou's hand pressed her, immediately a bodyguard will take the milk, Feng de changed a glass of milk and handed it to her.

The policewoman's expression was immediately embarrassed. "Mrs. Gong, today is just a record, which is convenient for us to investigate. Can you tell us the story of the 910 bombing?"

"Good." Xiaonian nodded and replayed the pictures of that day in front of him one by one. All the bloody and terrible pictures appeared.

She said it slowly, as if she had experienced it again, and her body became cold little by little.

Gong Ou hugs her. His fingers are warm, which eases her cold. Suddenly, Xiaonian remembers that she hasn't felt the warmth of Gong ou for a long time.

The policewoman took out several photos to show her and asked her to identify some of the people who shot at her. It can be seen that these photos were selected again and again, but some of them still could not avoid bloody.

"This, this, this is what we met in the underground garage." When Xiaonian took the photos one by one to identify the past, his fingers came across a bloody photo.

Her body is slightly stiff, and Gong Ou overturns the photo before she reacts. Gong Ou takes a picture and stares at the policewoman. "Who will allow you to take such a picture?"

In the face of Gong Ou's wrath, the policewoman stood up and bowed her head. "I'm sorry, maybe there's something wrong with the archives. Mrs. Gong, I'm really sorry, I'm sorry!"

When Xiaonian's head was a little dizzy, he stood up from his chair and said, "excuse me, I'll go to the bathroom."

"I'll be with you!"

Gong Ou said at once and followed her all the way.

When Xiaonian's heart was shocked, if only he had been willing to say this to her, but she knew that the company would not last for a few days.

When Xiaonian entered the bathroom, Fengde sent someone in to check the inside and outside of the bathroom thoroughly. Even if there were bodyguards outside the window, she was put in.

"I'll go in with you?" Gong Ou stared at her.

"This is the women's room. It's OK." When Xiaonian went in, she stood in front of the sink and washed her face. The pictures of the shooting appeared in front of her eyes.

She looked in the mirror and saw the drops of water falling from her face. There was nothing in her eyes.

She has to face it and press down those pictures, or she won't come out.

But when it's down, can she come out?

After a long time in the bathroom, when Gong Ou impatiently smashed the door, Xiao Nian forced himself to go out. As soon as he went out, he ran into a policeman who was in a hurry holding the information.


A pile of information in the police's arms snowed down.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." When small read hurriedly apologizes, wants to lower body to pick up by palace Ou one to pull, she subconsciously goes to see those data on the ground.

It's all about the bomb.

It turns out that many innocent passers-by were injured in the explosion, and some photos also fell out. Each one was bloody. It was the bodyguards who died for her, recording their last faces from various scenes.

Blood all over the ground.

Full of holes.