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Chapter 1094 was wrong from the beginning

Before walking out of the woods, she turned her head and looked to the direction of the theatre. It was too far away for her to see anything, only to see a vague figure running towards this side recklessly

Gong ou, come to save people.

Someone pushed her hard, and Xiaonian was forced to walk forward. Before she could sit down, someone was forced into a car, and then a cold muzzle stuck on her face. "Mrs. Gong, Mrs. Gong Er Shao, are you going to hand in your own things, or are we going to strip away your clothes?"

"I don't know what you're talking about. Where are you taking me? What to do? Who is behind you? "

When Xiaonian sat there and spoke coldly, her hands were as cold as her voice.

A man in black sat next to her, sneered, reached out and patted her on the head, then forcibly took out the invisible earphone from her ear, "want to wait for Gong Ou's help with this? It's naive, ma'am. "


When Xiaonian closed his mouth and didn't speak, he turned to look out of the window and saw a light mist, one by one, her protectors fell to the ground.

The car started slowly forward.

The figure in the distance also becomes more and more far, more and more far

"When I read it!"

Gong Ou rushes forward recklessly, taking off his coat and throwing it to the ground as he runs. When he rushes to the edge of the forest, the car has completely disappeared in his sight and nothing can be seen.

He stood there, staring at the direction of the disappearance of the car, his forehead was tight, sweat came out a layer, and his side hand was holding his fist.

Something happened.

Or something happened!

Gong ouxie gave a roar at the bottom of his heart, raised his leg and kicked it hard at the tree. The yellow leaves fell down, but he still couldn't relieve the anger in Gong Ou's heart.

The bodyguards behind have quickly followed up, and they have gone to pull up the comrades lying on the ground. The leader goes to Gong Ou's side, frowns and asks, "second young master, which direction are we going to pursue now?"

They are slow to catch up, only Gong ou can see it.

"Over there! Come here, Dutchman! " Gong Ou points in a direction and roars angrily. In the instant of the bodyguard, he bites his teeth. "Wait!"

The other side's layout is very thoughtful. When they circle in the huge Lancaster manor, they can still leave him a direction?

Now it's a waste of manpower to follow the other side's direction.

"Tell Fengde to bring me the map!" Gong Ou roared, "let's see when the police arrive! Make a scene for me. The more police come, the better! "

As long as it makes a big noise, he doesn't believe who dares to move him!

Who is it?

No reason, no reason, no one dares to oppose him, no one dares to touch his woman

Who is it? Who is it?

Gong Ou turns around abruptly and stares ferociously at the forest ahead. His eyes turn scarlet little by little, like a wild animal that is going crazy.

The bodyguards looked at him, looked at each other, and saw a trace of fear in each other's eyes.

This kind of Gong Ou is frightening.

"Second, second young master......"

"Shut up!" Gong Ou roars loudly. His handsome face is totally twisted. Who is it? Who dares to hurt me?

He's done it, obviously he's done it!

When someone comes to touch me, I don't want to die! Impossible! It's impossible!

"Second young master......" The bodyguard, who was the leader, said yes, but wanted to talk, but he took two steps back from the forbidden area for fear of being affected by Gong Ou's anger.

As soon as he stepped back, he stepped on something and picked up the invisible earphone that Xiaonian was wearing.

It's been thrown away now.

Gong Ou stares at the earphone and reaches for his head. His head aches faintly. Her ears are full of the last sounds. She is asking who the other party is and who is behind it.

Yes, who is it?

Who hasn't figured it out yet? Who else is going to deal with shixiaonian? Why is he so stupid? Why can't he be counted? Why can Shi Xiaonian be caught? Why! Why?

The bodyguard watched Gong Ou's mood become more and more unstable. He didn't look like a person who presided over the overall situation, so he quickly said, "second young master, the Butler Feng just received a call and left in a hurry."

Smell speech, Gong Ou's eye is one Lin, grabbed his collar to take him to the front of the body, "what do you say?"

"Did you forget what manager Feng told you?"


Gong Ou just remembered that when he came out of the theatre, everyone was immersed in the joy of success. When Feng de answered the phone, his face changed greatly. He said to him to leave and then called and left.

So far, it has not returned.

Gong Ou turns his eyes and sees the group of people who follow him, in addition to bodyguards or bodyguards, who are not familiar with his faces, "where's my brother?"

"I've seen him before. Before he left the theatre, he ran away without knowing what he saw." A bodyguard came out and said.


In other words, shixiaonian, Gongyu and Fengde Tongtong are all gone.

As soon as Luo Qi came out, she took her two children back to the east area. Thinking of this, Gong Ou's hands were cold and his arms were down. "Find two people to pick up my mother and three children from the east area."

"Just two?" The bodyguard is confused.

"Two is enough."

The expression on Gong Ou's face is completely frozen, and his voice is almost numb. If he doesn't guess wrong, his mother and children have disappeared.

The other side didn't come here for Chong Shixiao Nian, but for him.

Important people around him All gone, all disappeared in an instant.

It's the man.

No one can do it except that one!

"Find someone!" Gong Ou's voice changed from numbness to hoarseness again, "bring me all the people you can tune in! Even if we turn Lancaster manor upside down, we will find people for me! "

Wait for him!

"Yes, second young master!"

The bodyguards answered.


Lancaster manor was completely disordered. After the gunshot, the guests were too busy to find a safe place. The reporters were frantic. The bodyguards were unable to maintain order. The police arrived at the scene as soon as possible.

Once brilliant and infinite manor now seems to be a large amusement park, everyone is entering, everyone is making, without a trace of dignity in the past.

When Xiaonian was pushed forward, the blindfold on her eyes was pulled down hard, causing skin pain on her face.

She slowly opened her eyes, only to see some weak light, several seconds later to adapt.

It's a magnificent hall, but it's empty. There's no furniture to fill it. There's only a retro European sofa on the side.

The big chandelier in the center is dazzling.

When Xiaonian looked back, she was full of people in black behind her and couldn't run out at all.

Is it time for her to show up?

When Xiaonian thought about it, he heard the sound of feet. It was very heavy and heavy. Every time he stepped on the ground, he took a deliberately slow rhythm, which made people panic.

This step sounds familiar.

When small read slowly turn around, follow the direction of sound to look, eyes suddenly stare big.

She walked towards her slowly in a suit and dress. She was noble, with a huge sapphire ring on her hand, a golden gentleman with short hair and a wrinkled face. Her eyes were blue from the deep sea, with deep eyes, which were so insidious and unsettling that he lifted the corner of his mouth slightly and smiled.

The man in front of us is not George and who he is.

When Xiaonian looked at the man in front of him stupidly, "you are not dead?"

He didn't die.

"Let you down." George stopped in front of her and smiled. Even his blue eyes reflected cold brilliance. "Gong Ou is conceited and smart. He thought he could see through everything. He must not have thought that the whole anniversary ceremony was specially set for him."

He spoke elegantly, like a professor on stage.

When Xiaonian stared at him in amazement, "do you mean that we have been invited to the anniversary ceremony since the beginning?"

How is this possible?

How can he be sure that Gong ou will come to the anniversary ceremony? How can we make sure that the palace European Union is working step by step?

"You mean him?"

George sneered again. He took out a black remote control from his pocket. When he pushed it into the air, he saw a hologram in the center of the hall. It was the disguised image before Gong Yu.

When small read in the heart of a sink, "you already know Gong Ou's eldest brother in the manor?"

So he knew that once the invitation for the anniversary ceremony arrived, Gong Ou would come.

Gong ou Fooled.

When Xiao Nian pursed his lips, if George had planned everything from the beginning, would Gong Ou's later steps be in his calculation?

What about Gong Ou now? Is he OK?

"It seems that you are very anxious. We have plenty of time. I can explain it to you slowly." George said gracefully, turning to the sofa, and sat down on it.

A bodyguard holds the remote control and presses it. Next to George, there immediately appears Mona's hologram. She sits there beautiful and charming, smiling and looking forward, just like a living one.

George looked at his daughter and said, "I have to say that Gong Ou really has a talent in technology. Without him, I would never have seen such a fresh daughter."

Holography is a great technology.

"What on earth do you want to do?" Shixiaonian asked, "did you catch me to threaten Gong Ou? Don't dream! "

"Shhh --"

George suddenly raised a finger at her and frowned, "shixiaonian, what qualification do you have to shout in front of my daughter now?"

"George "Ah."

When Xiaonian was about to speak, her leg was kicked severely from behind. She fell forward and knelt in front of Mona's hologram.

When small read immediately to stand up, the back of the brain on top of a cold thing.

That's the muzzle, she knows.

When Xiaonian looked at George in front of him, he could only kneel down. Anyway, she wanted to keep her life and save her in Gong ou.