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Chapter 786 I'sll save you


Now to withdraw is to drag Lori and Gong Ou into the water together, and they can't turn back.

Today, I can't save Lori. Gong Ou is really going to bow to Lancaster and become a minister. Lori has become a card that can be played.

"Go away, young master."

Another man began to push him.

Gong Yu stood there, looking at the steaming rice, rice, hot rice and Chinese favorite rice. There must be something wrong.


It's a real trap.

Gong Yu's eyes went deep, and suddenly understood that it was a good trap, but it was true that Lori was locked in the dark door.

"Everyone who can get back to the rockery of zone 6, speed! Don't get too involved with them. "

Gong Yu pressed the earphone and said to his men.

In a short time, many of his subordinates had retreated to the rockery while fighting. Gong Yu had a look at the number of people. Fortunately, they were all there, but some of them were injured.

"Big young master, they don't use guns. Their Kung Fu is under us."

One of the men said.

"Well, from now on, all of us should not be separated. Come in with me to save people and protect the injured in the middle." Gong Yu said.


Gong Yu pulled the black mask on his face, then raised his leg and kicked the door open. He walked in without hesitation, and his men followed.

There is a long passage in the dark door. The light on the arm of the wall dimly shines on this passage. The passage looks like there is no end.

It's still quiet in the passage. It's eerie.

"Be careful. There must be ambush or mechanism here."

Gong Yu said that he was walking in front of him. Seeing this, two of his subordinates hurriedly walked in front of him. Just two steps later, the floor on the ground suddenly emptied a space. The two of his subordinates fell down in a flash. The scream was terrible. "Ah - help!"


Gong Yu's feet stepped on the edge of the blank space, and looked down with low eyes. The whole void was like a vast abyss.

The men stopped there.

Gong Yu's hands were clenched into fists on his side. Without thinking much, he walked around the space and went on. His men looked at each other and understood that Gong Yu would not give up. Then several of his men rushed to Gong Yu's front to stop the disaster.

After a while, several chains suddenly flew out of the wall. They tightly twisted their feet like a walking snake, threw them all to the ground and dragged them inside the wall.

Several people fell down one after another, and screamed as they saw that they were about to be dragged to the wall, "help! Save me! Save me! "


Gong Gu said in a sharp voice, took up the gun and hit at the chain. The men behind him woke up and took out their guns to fight.

Gunshots rang out constantly, and the sound rebounded on the wall could almost deafen their ears. Gong Yu kept shooting until the chain was broken.

Chains lie on the ground like dead vines.

There is no danger in the lives of several of his subordinates, but they have been hit several times in a row, and all of them have bruised their noses and faces.

"I can't go in any more, young master." A wounded man lies on the ground and grabs Gong Yu's trouser leg. He says weakly, "there are obvious traps here. Brothers go in and die. They can't get anyone out. Now exit Maybe we can break through. "

Gong Yu looked down at his bloody hand, then turned his eyes, and everyone's face was written with approval.


This is the most sensible time.

"How's the meeting going? Have you heard from me? "

Gong Yu asked.

"Yes, it's said that Lancaster sent the least favored young master to come here. He's still a little boy. And the lawyer is talking about a settlement agreement. It's greedy enough to ask the second young master to divide N.E into half of them." One of the men replied at once.

Sent the least favored young master.

It's insulting enough.

Gong ou, how can this guy stand it.

"All right, get out of here, no more!"

Gong Yu gave an order. Hearing the words, everyone could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. One after another, they pulled the wounded back and walked back to the door. There were already people in the villa waiting outside. Once out, it was a fight.

Seeing that everyone had gone out, Gong Yu closed the secret door without hesitation.

"What are you doing, young master?"

Someone saw his move and shouted out in shock.

"Go! If you can break through, let's go! " Gong Yu slams the door and watches it close slowly. Suddenly, he remembers the car accident he caused when he was young and angry.

After the accident, too many people died for him, too many housekeepers, servants and bodyguards.

After so many years, he didn't want to be sacrificed for him, even if it was a servant.

After closing the door, Gong Yu did not hesitate to turn around and continue to walk to the depth of the passage, ignoring the movement outside. The more mechanisms he went inside, the more times Gong Yu was almost hit by something flying out.

He used his gun to sweep away the mechanism one by one.

"Pa, PA, Pa."

A burst of clear applause came.

Gong Yu stopped in the middle of the passage, raised his face slightly, and his eyes were cold under his hat.

A man with a cane came out from the side and stood three meters away.

It's Lancaster's secretary.

"Where is Lori?"

Gong Yu asked word for word, not in a hurry, maintaining the elegance he should have.

"Now people only know that Gong Ou doesn't know Gong Yu. I didn't expect that the young master Gong is so powerful. He really has the courage to come here, or to go on his own." The Secretary leaned on his cane and sneered, "but have you ever thought that there is no return?"

"Where is Lori?"

Gong Yu asked again.

The Secretary said to himself as if he hadn't heard it. "You think your plan is very powerful. Our husband guessed that you would come to rescue people when meeting. The villa has been arranged for a long time. Catch a Lori and then trap a young master Gong. I think Gong Ou is in a hurry to jump now. Ha ha, do you regret now? "

Words fall, Gong Yu raised the gun in his hand, the muzzle of the gun aimed at the direction of the secretary.


The Secretary's face darkened, "master Gong, if I were you, I would not do such a stupid thing."

"I know Lori's here. Take me."

Gong Yu held up his gun.

"It's just a trap."

"It's also a real trap, or do you like rice?" Gong Yu asked coldly. Hearing this, the secretary looked at him admiringly. "I see. No wonder that Gong would rush in without hesitation, because of a bowl of rice?"


Gong Yu walked into him step by step with a gun in his hand.

"Lori burned all his medical records. He was very angry. He asked him to write down something more useful. I didn't expect to know his relationship with you at this time. Sir told me not to let him die." The secretary is a person who has gone through a lot of storms. There is no nervousness on his face. "So I have to choose what he likes to eat as a gift. Unexpectedly, you can see it."

"Take me to him, or I'll kill you."

Gong Yu said coldly, black eyes are sinister.

The Secretary shook his head with a smile and spread out his hands. "Since it's a trap, how can you think that I can be threatened by you?"

As soon as he finished speaking, the walls on both sides began to move, leaving a large area open. There were dense bodyguards on both sides. All of them stood with their hands in their hands, with guns attached to their waists. The people in the front row held guns and aimed them at Gong Yu.

A bullet would kill him.

"It's a pity, young master Gong. You should leave when your men ask you to leave. Why do you send them to your door?" The Secretary smiled and said, "let me think about it. With the trump card, Gong ou should promise all the conditions of our family."


Gong Yu cold tunnel.

"We'll know if we laugh or not." The Secretary said, "by the way, you're here to save Lori. Somebody, give him a look."

When a bodyguard went to press the mechanism, the wall behind the Secretary began to move, slowly revealing a prison like room, while Lori stood there in a mess, his clothes were messy, his forehead was covered with blood, and his eyes were staring at Gong Yu.

It's really alive.

It's alive.

Gong Yu breathed a sigh of relief at the moment. The tight strings on his body relaxed, and his shoulders dropped slightly.

Lori stood behind the railings, watching Gong Yu standing in the distance. He was alone, but he was surrounded by Lancaster people.

Across the crowd, the two face each other.

Suddenly, Lori reached out his hand and grabbed the railing, stared at Gong Yu and shouted hoarsely, "do you know what you are doing, Gong Yu?"

"I'll help you."

Gong Yu has only these four words. His tone is calm.


Lori's chest shook fiercely and looked at him stupidly. "Who wants you to save it? Gong Yu, don't forget that we have already broken up!"


Get out of here!

The secretary looked at Gong Yu, looked back at Luo lie, and interrupted them with a smile. "Gong, I've let you see, just a little distance, to see if you have the ability to pass by. Don't worry, we won't hurt you, so as not to negotiate with Gong ou."

The Secretary said as he retreated behind the crowd.

The group also slowly collected the pistols and walked towards Gong Yu.


Luo lie was trapped there, unable to do anything but grasp the railing firmly, hoping to break it.

He heard all the words just now. Gong Yuming knows that this is a trap and rushes down. Is he afraid of death if he rushes in alone?

Without any hesitation, Gong Yu raised his gun and started towards the secretary. The Secretary quickly dodged and disappeared behind the crowd.

A group of bodyguards rushed at Gong Yu.

"Bang, bang."

Gong Yu fired several shots. The bodyguards retreated and moved forward. Until the gun in Gong Yu's hand was empty of bullets. They didn't give him any time to add bullets. Everyone rushed to catch Gong Yu alive.

Gong Yu grabs the gun in his hand and smashes it hard on a bodyguard's head, then goes towards Lori's direction.