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Chapter 702 the first stop of honeymoon

"Young master, no, Mr palace is gone!"

This is the first stop of Gong Ou's honeymoon with Shi Xiaonian. It's so quiet after the cruise night.

in England, the ancient castle is reflected on the clear lake, just like two ancient castles linked together. It's a magnificent spectacle, with birds singing in the woods.

The sun flowed across the lake, swaying the leaves, through the window into the gorgeous and classical room, on the bed, gently caressing the people on the bed.

A slim figure is lying on the bed and sleeping soundly. The gray quilt covers the body. A long black hair is plated with light luster by the sun. Half of the face is exposed under the black hair. It is white and beautiful. The lips are soft and pink. The nose is small. A pair of eyes are closed tightly and sleeping soundly. The eyelashes are long.

Her hand was slowly pulled up and held on one hand. When Xiaonian was lying on the bed, she opened her eyes in a daze, and the sun was shining everything white, especially unreal.

In the sight, Mr palace of silver body stands beside her bed, holding her in a light hand, then squats down slowly, kneels on one knee, and lowers his head to show the next kiss on the back of her hand.

"Well." When Xiaonian looked at him vaguely and smiled, "Mr palace, I'm too tired. I want to sleep for a while and get jet lag. Do you have enough electricity? Go and charge it. "

"Master, I'm leaving."

R palace stood there, glanced at her face, carefully put her hand back, covered her quilt, and then turned away.

When small read eyes to see it leave the figure slowly dissipate in the sun, like an illusion, she thought she was really too tired, or is doing a dream.

She dreamed of Mr palace.

Once again, Xiaonian sleeps in a daze.

Suddenly, her back was heavy.

When Xiaonian was lying there, his eyebrows were frowning and he was so sleepy that he didn't open his eyes. Suddenly, he was covered with a touch of warm heat on his lips, provoking her lips. The hot tongue skillfully penetrated into her lips and flirted wildly.

There was a hot breath on her face.

When Xiaonian was a little conflicted, but the whole person was turned over with the quilt. The kiss was so wild that she was deeply involved. Some claws wandered on her wantonly, which made her unable to sleep at ease.

"Well." When small read light Yin, palm pushed the person on the body, "Gong ou, you don't make good."

"Get up, we have something important to do today, darling."

A low, sexy voice sounded in her ear, bewitching her to wake up.

"But I'm really sleepy."

When Xiaonian wants to open his eyes, his eyelids seem to be glued together. He can't open them.

"Well, you sleep, I do mine."

The voice on the top of the head is sexy with a touch of evil. Then, the kiss falls down closely, kissing her face and eyes.


What do you mean I sleep with him?

When Xiaonian sleeps in a daze, before she reacts, the quilt on her body is lifted, and a cool feeling rushes in. The next second, her hand is grabbed by others, and a soft tongue rolls over her fingertips.

Like an electric shock, the electric current suddenly paralyzed into her body from her fingertips, which made her unable to control herself.

All of a sudden, the sleepers ran away.

When Xiaonian suddenly opened his eyes in amazement, he saw a handsome face near her, Gong Ou fell on her, grabbed her hand, bit her fingers one by one, and stared at her with black eyes.


"Willing to wake up?"

Gong Ou stared at her and said in a dumb voice, rather dissatisfied that she woke up so soon.

"What are you doing?" Xiaonian pulled back his hand, yawned and said, "I want to sleep."

From the cruise ship, Gong Ou brought her to the UK nonstop. It was three o'clock in the middle of the night when she arrived in the UK. She was really sleepy, so she would still be sleeping.

They came by plane together. How could he not be sleepy at all? What's the matter with those dark eyes?

"What to sleep? It's nine o'clock. Get up. We have something else to do." Gong Ou urges her to get up and sit up like a child. Her long fingers are pulling her black hair. She is domineering and says, "change clothes."

"What's the matter?"

When I was a little sleepy, I was a little confused.

Hearing this, junpang of Gong Ou suddenly cools down, "what's the matter? What do you mean? I announced that we were married, but we didn't even register! "


Oh yes, they are registered to come to England.

When Xiaonian grabs her hair, Gong Ou's face suddenly forces her in front of her, and her black eyes glare at her fiercely, "shixiaonian, don't tell me that you have forgotten this!"

"No, No." When Xiaonian shook his head repeatedly, "how can I, but it's still early now. Don't worry. We can register in the afternoon."

She really wants to sleep.

"You're not in a hurry, I'm in a hurry!"

Gong Ou saw that she was drowsy, so she simply lifted her whole body up, walked into the bathroom with her, put her on the edge of the bathtub and sat, "sit for me, don't fall down!"


When Xiaonian looked at him speechless.

It's just a registration. Don't worry about it. Can they be separated.

Gong ou, like playing with a doll, carefully released her hand. After she was sure that she would not fall down, she turned around and walked aside, squeezed toothpaste, and came to her with a water cup. "Open your mouth."

"You're not going to brush my teeth, are you?"

"That's it." Gong Ou said, "drink saliva, spit on the ground directly, let the servant clean up."

It seems that Gong Ou must take her to register.

All right, all right.

No more sleep.

When Xiaonian rubs his eyes, closes and opens them, and then closes and opens them. He tries to make his thoughts clearer. Then he looks at Gong ou and says, "I'll brush it myself."

"Open your mouth."

"I'm not sleepy. I'll do it myself."

"Open your mouth!"

Gong Ou's face is not very good-looking, so Xiao Nian has to walk down from the bathtub and go to the hand wash basin. He grabs a handful of water and splashes it on his face to sober himself up. Then he opens his mouth. Gong Ou's service is in place, and puts the toothbrush into her mouth to brush her teeth.

"You see how good your men are to you. Several men in the world can do this!" Gong Ou said wildly as she brushed her teeth, sticking gold on her face.


"Shixiaonian, look at you. I'll worry about everything. If it wasn't for your beauty, I wouldn't have done it! "


"I'd better take good care of you!"

"Well, Gong ou, you brush my gums." As for taking care of people, let's forget it. Gong Yao is better at taking care of people.



"Brush yourself!" Gong Ou places the toothbrush cup heavily on the washing table, then turns around and walks to the door. Gong Ou stops again, staring at her with black eyes, a heavy voice. "When I was young, did you think I was in a mess in my life?"

When Xiaonian holds his toothbrush and looks at him puzzledly, "how can I say this all of a sudden?"

"Old man Fengde asked me to give him all these chores. He said it with great respect and hypocrisy. I think he satirized me on the side!" Gongou cold tunnel.

"When did the adoptive father say that?"

"When I want to make breakfast."

Why does he want to fire Feng de so much.



He still wants to make breakfast? When Xiaonian's nose has automatically smelled the burning smell, it's not not that he's not moved, but it's really I can't be moved.

She smiled and thought about it and said to Gong ou, "Gong ou, you don't need to live more. In daily life, cooking, cooking, washing and washing clothes are just small things. It's enough to have me and an adoptive father."

If you can, shixiaonian just wants to kneel down and beg the president of Gongda to let go of the kitchen.

She really doesn't understand that a person can be so flexible in dealing with the complicated and horrible data in the computer, but she can't do anything about a bowl of fried rice with eggs.

"Are you satirizing me, too?" Gong Ou snorts and stares at her with black eyes.

Hurt his fragile self-esteem again?

"No, I just think you have more important things to do. You don't have to come to this small thing in person. Besides, Mr palace is your incarnation. Its IQ is passed on to you. Can you let it cook?" He said in a soft way.

This made Gong Ou useful. He nodded his noble head and said proudly, "this is the whole procedure of Mr palace. It can make more dishes than you and Feng de."

It doesn't matter if he doesn't make a living. The robot he made can take care of Xiaonian, which is the same as when he takes care of Xiaonian.


"Yes, President Gong is invincible."

As long as he doesn't cook fried rice, she still loves him.

"Then change your clothes quickly." Gong Ou said, black eyes glared at her, "come down early, we will register after breakfast."


When Xiaonian nods hard, and then continues to brush his teeth.

The gums hurt so much that Xiao Nian frowned with pain.

I changed a women's lace shirt and black trousers. When Xiaonian randomly knitted a little hair from a long hair and pulled the hair from the forehead, I was clean and slim.

After looking in the mirror, shixiaonian went downstairs.

In the hall, Gong Yao and Gong Kui are kneeling on the carpet outside the door, meditating under the guidance of the teacher. Gong Kui is restless, blinking and scratching for a while, and refuses to meditate at all.

When Xiaonian looked at them, he wanted to laugh.

After registration, she and Gong ou are going on their honeymoon, so they bring Gong Yao and Gong Kui to Luo Qi's care.

When Xiaonian watched the two children for a while, she turned her eyes and saw no Gong ou. She went to the wall and took out the remote control to turn on the TV. As a result, she changed several TV stations to talk about Gong ou.

"N.E. president Gong Ou has released his wedding news recently, and Xiao Nian, a lover who has been involved for four years, has been married in a low-key way, which has been recognized by the elders of the palace family."