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Chapter 276 analyzes two possibilities

Therefore, in the early morning of the next day, Xiao Nian asked Feng de about it.

Feng De's answer is, "naturally, there is no problem with Miss Shi's taste. Maybe for Miss Mona, she hasn't tasted anything burnt, so she is curious about what the young master has done."

I haven't tasted it, so I think it's good.

Is that what it means?

In the room, when Xiaonian stood alone in front of the floor to ceiling window, he was bathing in the soft sunshine, holding his mobile phone, and chatting with the editor Xia Yu.

"Fuck, Xiaonian, are you sure you told me everything objectively?" Xia Bian asked excitedly at that end.

"Well, I think I'm objective, Xia Bian. Do you think I'm too careful and careful?"

Asked shixiaonian.

She told Xia Yu about her recent stay with Mona.

Mona is cheerful, generous and friendly, but she doesn't know why she just can't get close to her. Subconsciously, she even has a sense of resistance consciously or unconsciously.

"Well..." Xia Bian bit apple on the other end of the phone, pretending to speak meaningfully, "listen to you, I analyzed two possibilities."

"Which two?"

When Xiaonian went to the piano and sat down, he asked nervously.

"The first is that this woman is very deep, a character with a high number of paragraphs. She is intentionally or unconsciously infiltrating into your life." Xia Bian said, biting the apple.

"Yes? After she was a noble, she was also a talented student who had studied psychology for many years. Did she come to us on purpose? " When small read holds mobile phone, one hand is propped on piano cover, some doubt ground says.

Don't nobles always have their own value?

Just like Madame Gong, who is noble and high above, doesn't care to do something beyond the bottom line.

"Well, there's only a second possibility."

"What is it?"

When small read's body cannot help but sit straight.

"Second, this woman is really friendly and kind-hearted. It's the threshold that you can't get past that she was the marriage object of Mr. Gong, so you should be prepared for her." Xia Bian said vaguely, biting the apple.


Well, asking is not asking.

When small read very helplessly sits in front of the piano, the tooth grinds to grind the lip, really she thought too much.

Xia Bian swallowed the apple and then said, "I'll help you analyze it. Mona has no other special action except going down the mountain and being close to Mr. Gong in the kitchen. Instead, she broke her leg for you and did nothing to hurt you. Instead, she agreed with you very closely."


When small read a light answer.

"But as Mr. Gong said, is she in love with you? She is only a brother to Mr. Gong, so she is close to him?" Xia Bian imagines, "otherwise, if she comes for Mr. Gong, how could she be so kind to you?"

"I'm sure Mona is not gay. Well, forget it. I'll adjust myself. Maybe I'm too sensitive. "

When small read light said, and then to hang up, Xia Bian anxiously shouted over there, "remember today's signing! Sign up meeting! Don't forget! "

When Xiaonian was a girl cartoonist, her identity had been exposed. After she was with Gong ou, her image went up all the way.

The manga president, who was already selling hot, was paranoid and hot. The sales doubled and doubled all the way, making Xia Bian, the CEO, earn more.

So there was a sign off.

"I see."

Said Shi Xiaonian, then hung up and sat alone in front of the piano.

Talking with Xia Bian for so long is mostly nonsense, but Xia Bian has a very reasonable sentence: if Mona is aimed at Gong ou, how can she be so good to her?

It is impossible for a noble lady to be full.

It makes sense that she is suspicious.


When Xiaonian patted her head, she hated such a cranky self. It must be because she was pregnant that she thought so much.

"Miss Shi."

Feng De's voice rang out.

"Come in, please."

Shi Xiaonian stands up from the piano and shouts. Feng de comes in from the outside, holding a transparent glass vase in a spiral shape. The bottom of the vase is covered with something like red clay. There is water on it, and some beautiful flowers are floating in the water.

There is a white flower in the bottle.

It's black plum.

"Where is this, Miss Shi?" Asked Feng de politely.

"Give it to me."

When Xiaonian's voice was low, he took the vase from his hand and held it in the spiral part. His eyes fell on the white flower, which was a blessing flower that Mona exchanged for her life.

When Xiaonian looked around, he put the vase on a cabinet in the corner, looked at the flower, and touched the petals with his fingertips.

You can't go on like this.

I've tried my best to get you a flower. You not only haven't thanked me well, but also doubted everywhere.

Are you suffering from persecution delusion?

"Exhale --"

when Xiaonian takes a deep breath, he turns to go outside.

"Miss Shi, about the clothes for today's signing meeting..." When Feng de met before he had finished asking, Xiao Nian had already left quickly.


When Xiaonian endured the pain of pregnancy and vomiting, he cooked a rich breakfast in person, then put it on the plate and walked to Mona's room.

The door of the room is closed.

When Xiaonian reaches out and knocks on the door, "Dong Dong."

"Come in, please."

From Mona's voice, her voice is sweet, clear and refreshing.

When Xiaonian pushed the door in, she saw Mona sitting in a wheelchair wearing a skirt, her injured feet were raised high, her hands were shaking, shaking and doing sports.

"Why are you in a wheelchair?"

When Xiaonian looked at her with some consternation and went in with her plate.

"Oh, the housekeeper said that my wound is deeper, but it's better to leave less ground. I went to the ground last night, and the wound is deeper." Mona said with some forgiveness, shrugged her shoulders, and looked at the dinner plate in her hand with beautiful blue eyes. "How can you deliver breakfast for me, baby

"I made it myself. I don't know if it suits your taste." Xiaonian said with a plate and thanks in her eyes, "it's my heart. Thank you for picking the plum blossom for me."

"You did it yourself?"

Mona sat in her wheelchair and covered her lips with her hands in amazement. "God, Xiaonian, thank you. I love you so much!"

Mona is like a child who gets good food. She is very happy.

When Xiaonian looked around for a week, looked at the room, smiled and said, "it's not easy to eat here. Go to the restaurant outside. I'll have someone push you."

Two people sat in the dining room, Mona ate a large meal, and said, "Xiaonian, you are so delicious."

"Just like it."

Xiaonian said with a smile.

The servants came up with the nutritious meal specially made for her by the cook and put it in front of Xiaonian.

When Xiaonian picked up his fork and rolled it into his mouth, and talked with Mona while eating.

The two women had a good chat.

Mona, with the appearance of meeting her late, vomited to her all kinds of bitterness when she was in England.

I listened with a smile.


Suddenly a heavy object was slapped on the table.

When Xiaonian looked up, he saw Gong Ou standing there, putting the vase with the plum blossom on the dining table. He was dressed in a straight suit, handsome and heroic, but his handsome face was full of displeasure. "Who put the vase in the room?"

"It's me. What's the matter?"

When Xiaonian looked at him doubtfully.

"You put it?" Gong Ou leers at her, the black eyes are deep, and then says, "that's OK, Feng De, take out the flowers and put them anywhere."

"Yes, sir."

Feng de came to take the vase.

"Why can't you put the bedroom?" Asked shixiaonian in bewilderment.

"Nonsense! Destroy the whole pattern! " Gong Ou said in a cold voice, taking it for granted.


Well, he's paranoid. It turns out that even that bedroom is perfectly set up, and there can't be any error.

When small read to turn a Mou some apologetic ground to see to Mona.

"It's OK. Paranoia will do something like this. It'll be OK when it's cured." Mona clearly understood what she meant, smiled generously, bowed her head and went back to her breakfast.

Gong Ou didn't even look at Mona. He turned around and sat beside Xiaonian, hugging her and staring at her with black eyes. "What about my breakfast?"

"Servants should be coming."

When Xiaonian glanced at Gong Ou's decent and handsome clothes and asked, "do you really want to sign with me? I'm afraid your presence will cause a stir. "

"What are you afraid of? When you are a bodyguard, you have nothing to eat?"

Gong Ou groans, reaches for her hand, and stares at her with black eyes, looking at her face.

"What's the matter? I have something on my face? "

When Xiaonian was not at ease, she reached out and touched her face.

"No, I'll be in the background when you sign. I can't see you for two hours! I'll see more now! " Gong Ou stares at her urgently.

"It's only two hours. It's supposed to be four hours. It's been pressed by you."

"Or another hour?"

"No one signs for an hour." Xiaonian smiled helplessly, raised his face and pecked at his thin lips. "Well, it's only two hours. It'll pass soon."

"No one can do this, that doesn't mean they can't!" Gong Ou dominates the tunnel, fingertips touch the lips, and then discontentedly cuddle with Xiao Nian and nibble twice.


When Xiaonian panders to his kiss.

Gong Ou doesn't bully her to stop her career. He sticks to her, but he doesn't have much male chauvinism, which Xiaonian likes very much.

They sat at the table and kissed each other.

Mona sat a little further away from them and ate breakfast. Her blue eyes were shining at the two sweet people. Her smile was deep, but the speed of eating slowly.


The city's largest high-level shopping mall was chartered for a whole day, with a large number of bodyguards and security guards maintaining order.

Shi Xiaonian is led by Gong Oula to walk through the VIP passage. Coming out of the elevator is a long red carpet. The employees of the shopping mall lead them forward.